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Donglemouse matched betting guide bigtime sports betting

Donglemouse matched betting guide

The value of matched betting can certainly drop over time, even if the offers don't dry up. There are now few matched bet reloads. Traders are far better at syncing odds with exchanges so good matches are a little harder to find. There's not enough cash in it anymore unless you multi-account, and the chances of gubbings are too great for most to place their future on.

That should provide a decent retirement fund. And then put any additional profit into seeding a business, be it ecom, blogging or something else, to fund life until retirement. Reactions: Maifax , homie and Jon. Bugboybill Money Making Megastar! I used to be on a forum called The Gambling Times, and there were a few on there who gave up their jobs to do MB full time. I am still in irregular contact with one of those guys and he is back working as a van driver now and just tops his pay up with MB.

Jon said:. Reactions: Jon. Joined Apr 20, Messages Points Interesting question. Things have certainly changed. MB becoming mainstream has resulted in bookies getting more astute with gubbings, odds offered and making offers less easy than previously. What's changed? Hardly any acca inusrance left, few refund if 2nd horses, no Pricewise guaranteed prices, offers with tougher refund triggers.

I reckon the real value is now in building a bankroll doibg risk free offers, then taking on positive expected value opportunities - no lay each way horses, low risk casino, DDHH, no lay enhanced multiples, no lay Acca insurance etc. Reactions: homie and Jon. Joined Aug 17, Messages 1, Points I do wonder if it's just a mindset thing which goes along with a LOT of earning online where by if something isn't super dooper simple as in a sign up offer then it can be seen in your head as just being too complex to bother with lol.

Reactions: rninja. It is true that you might need to place bets further away from the event and lay nearer to try and get the matches to align a risk depending how the odds move. Joined Oct 16, Messages 2, Points Even the cash cow that is Bet have much tighter odds this year. I've only done a handful of 2ups this season because its so much harder to get a good match. The Reverend The Reverend Staff member. Joined Oct 6, Messages 3, Points Website thereverend.

The Reverend said:. A qualifying loss is still risk free though Every the sign up offer ask you to accept a qualifying loss when doing the initial bet as you will make the money back and then some from the free bet!

Joined Jun 23, Messages 55 Points 98 Age The offers will always e there, it's a case of how hard you want to look for them. I've mentioned this before, but sharbing is still pretty damn lucrative. Especially if you live by multiple shops. I go in to town every morning and hit Bet Fred, he does several horse boosts per day in shop, but also does Best Odds Guaranteed etween 11 and 1 in shop.

I will take as many of these as I can fund if i can get a decent match and always hit a few throughout the week, obviously, I try not to repeat shops when i can help it. Fred also still does his 50 quid acca in shop using the coupon, so doing these can be pretty lucrative too. Hills and Laddies also do loads of offers by mine, but you need the grid card for laddies. Reactions: rninja and Jon. I think people have worked out that the initial MB risk free earning do max out, or massively reduce.

If they didn't, you'd expect people to not be giving up and keep making all the sweet, sweet cash. Does anyone remember Donglemouse from the other place? I think they were making 20k a year through MB before they quit their diary.

Pretty good going. And this was before all the services that do all the hard work for you. Bugboybill said:. The diary Donglemouse wrote was what inspired me to try MB. So glad I did. Was a lifesaver for me! There are some truly awful offers around at the moment though aren't there. The bonus then has wagering too. In short, matched betting is a loophole whereby you take advantage of free bets offered by bookmakers and turn them into real cash that you can spend.

It's not a 'system' but rather a nifty trick which makes use of the fact that the free bet, is well free. There was a huge thread here a while ago. I might look into this further. Intriguing thread is intriguing Sounds interesting, is there a step by step guide anywhere you can reccomend?

Last edited: 24 May Nice - how long has that taken you? Interesting site - kind sits in-between doing it manually via spreadsheets and automated websites. Seems pretty good as a calculator, although you do have to find the matches yourself and have some understanding on what the terms mean - I can see someone opting 'Stake Not Return' and making a nasty mistake, which is the problem of amateurs doing it manually.

Haven't really had much time to concentrate on it, will do after exams. By the way, using sites like FixTheOdds probably limits the amount you make, you can do it manually and try to maximise the amount you get out of each offer. As said in the other thread about making money online the other day, if you spend some time and effort with some coding, you can automate this.

Compound Hitman Joined: 13 Mar Posts: The offers aren't as good anymore and it does take up a lot of time. There are a lot of risks and you must make sure you know exactly what you are doing as o e false click can leave you seriously out of pocket. There is an lot of info on the MSE forums and I would advise you to read through it all, also try to get a spreadsheet which calculates your back and lay prices as it makes it much easier.

Some good money to be had, guy at work cleared 5 grand easily but a lot of that was on the nags and not footie.

Появился minecraft better light 1-3 2-4 betting system собраться..Пивка попить;)

If so, is it as easy as the guide sites seem to make it seem? I'm looking for a bit of extra income, and this seems like a good way of doing it if it all stacks up. Saw this mentioned in another thread a couple of days ago and have done some investigating, and it seems doable, but I'd be interested in some real world tales. Cheers RC. Council Baby 19, posts months. Stevenj 4, posts months. Didn't some guys over at MSE lose out big time on this and end up some s t?

Something to do with losses being able to mount up to significantly more than your original stake?? Or am I thinking of something else entirely? PHuzzy 2, posts months. You basically "earn" the value of the free bet less commission and the spread between the odds at the bookies and the betting exchange. Awesome blog, so useful. I am currently waiting for qualifying bet with coral to come in. Have you not already placed your first lay bet for the qualifying bet?

Once the qualifying bet comes in what do you think my next course of action should be? Thanks a lot for quick reply it is much appreciated. Or have you placed the Man City lay bet with another exchange? I am still very new in this Matched Betting field I have not placed any bet yet but wants to get hold of every facts in it.

My question is, is it a must that when you placed a qualifying bet with a particular team, that in your free bet you must still use that same team. Just like you did in your qualifying bet you selected the sport bet Man U and Watford, then in your free bet you selected thesame Man U and another team.

Hi Dave. Hi Matt, great stuff. I have one question. How can I used them as I have seen that the free bets are use on the other ones eg. Coral not on betfair. Hi Tanis. Is the free bet for use on their Sportsbook or Exchange? Either way, you can place a back bet with them and lay it off at Smarkets. Hi Matt, thanks for the great step-by-step guide. So when I sign up on Betfair and on Coral is it necessary to add money on both websites? Or is it just necessary for one?

I hope that helps. We either win at the bookie and lose at the exchange or lose at the bookie and win at the exchange. Either way we make a profit. As an avid better prior to this I may have wasted my opportunity as I have accounts with near all bookmakers. Is it possible I can do this solely with a Betfair And Coral account and just repeatedly use those two exclusively, backing on coral and laying on betfair.

The welcome offers are just a starting point really. The big earning potential comes from the reload offers for existing customers. I read your very helpful blog and I think I got the hang of it. I want to give it a try but should I wait for the football season or I can claim the free bets now and work with whatever events available?

Hi John. There are still a few World Cup matches left so you could always try a few offers using those. Just take things at your own pace and then come the start of the football season, you should be raring to go! I signed up with bwin today. Having only done a back and lay bet according to the method you explain. So is there a way to lay successfully against a three part bet without it getting really messy and confusing?

Laying multiples is actually pretty straightforward now that Smarkets allow us to build and lay our own accumulators. You can find a walkthrough of how it should be done in my laying multiples guide. Thanks for the insightful article, it really helped! Noted that higher odd bets will require higher liability as well.

Hi Ellan. Free bets are usually required to be placed in full. If your bankroll is limited, there is always the option to place your free bets at lower odds, but be aware that this will eat into your profits a lot more than higher odds. Hi David. The new customer offers are just a starting point. As you rightly suspect, bookmakers run reload offers to keep their customers betting.

Great blog, so insightful and bless you for sharing your knowledge and allowing others to benefit from these offers! Thanks for the kind words. That setting allows you to enter the amount you want to risk, rather than the amount you want to win. Is matched betting applicable for other countries? Thanks for your help. Matched betting is available outside the UK, but it depends on your country of residence.

You would need to check the terms of each offer to see if they accept customers from the Philippines. Even your tutorial leaves me bewildered, and I really need the most elementary advice on what to do step by step on a daily basis, like 1. Go to Smarkets page and view options. Search for favourable free-bet offer.

Use Smarkets calculator for matched betting odds etc. Please tell me if there exists a step by step daily procedure to follow, to help me learn what to do. Hi Brian. Good luck. You can sign up with as many bookmakers as you like Matt. Obviously, the more you sign up with, the greater the earning potential. You can find a list of the current sign up offers on my Free Bets page.

Is this something different? After you have completed this one with Coral, how do you then find odds that are usable on betfair and say ladbrokes or any other websites? Just make sure you place your qualifying bets above the minimum odds stated in the terms of each offer. Hi Matt, one question. When placing your free bet, if you place a back bet at 5. What happens if the odds change quick and the lay bet now stands at 5. How does this effect the outcome?

All the lay bets seem to be higher?? Yes Neil, the lay odds are generally higher than the back odds. Thanks V. Hi Vicky. Hope that helps. However, and this might be a stupid question but is there a way or a website in which you can get your money back quicker? Hi Louise. Once you start to build your pot though, things become a lot easier in that respect. When using the free bet you say high odds are best but is there a limit to this? When we talk about placing free bets at higher odds to maximise our profits, that only applies if the lay odds are relatively close to the back odds.

Odds anywhere between 5. Feel free to take a look at my Free Bet Strategy page for more info. I have made the qualifying bet, and I am about to make the free bet. Or is the source of the profit based on the free bets only? Thanks, Bradley. Hi Brad. Hi Matt, thank you for your guide on matched betting. I was looking to get started by signing up to betfair so I went on to trust pilot to read the reviews.

Betfair gets a 1. Are these reviews genuine or should I disregard them. Will the exchanges pay when you ask to withdraw your money. Thanks J. Firstly can I say what a fountain of knowledge this website is. A question if I may. There are plenty of online bookmakers, including new ones popping up all the time. You very much get out what you put in. For instance, there are advanced methods you can look into beyond the reload offers and there are also shop offers to consider.

My question: do I need to wait for this first bet to settle before placing the free bets or can I just do it as soon as the free bets are available to use? I want to try a qualifying bet and what I got on Coral was 1. On betfair exchange I got 1.

So your calculator says the lay stake required is 4. Alternatively, if the lay bet wins I will lose 5 with coral but gain 4. But when I go to betfair and put 4. We use decimal odds at the bookmaker so that we can easily compare our bookmaker back odds with our exchange lay odds. Bookmakers display decimal odds to two decimal places, but the actual values may differ slightly. Rounding is nothing to worry about though.

Hi Matt. Your blog is one of the simplest to understand. I can see that that the results of the oddsmatcher are sorted by bet rating but can this be changed to sorted to by the highest odds? Also, I only have a Betfair exchange account, so can I filter out the Smarkets lines?

Hi Richard. Alternatively, free bets should generally be placed at odds of 5. Thanks for providing this. After many hours of study, I finally decided to have a go — opened accounts with Coral and Betfair, and deposited some money. Having found what I believed to be a good match, I tried to place my bet with Coral, but got a message that my account had been closed. I then got an email telling me that I had to upload endless documents — passport, credit card both sides, with some numbers edited out , utility bill, picture of myself holding my passport etc.

Bookmakers have to comply with UK gambling regulations and that means sometimes they will request documentation from you in order to verify your identity. The easiest thing to do is keep a copy of your documents so that you can just fire them off if a bookmaker requests them. Thanks for guide and calculator, dipped into this for the first time using your guide at the start of the week. Small but steady steps so far, already cleared my Coral offer.

Is this more or less likely to occur if I leave a bit of money in my coral account do you think? Or is it more straightforward to just empty the account and forget about it, thus moving on to the next business? With regards to bankroll management as a newbie, my advice would be to do what you need to in the early days.

If anything, it might increase your chances. Nice one. Thanks again. No problem Gerry. The back bets are with two separate betting websites free bets not qualifiers however it means that in my Betfair exchange I now have two separate lays on the two different teams in the same game in this case a lay against Burnley and a lay against Brighton. Is there any obvious reason why this should be avoided other than to minimise confusion?

Covering two different teams in the same market actually reduces your overall liability, meaning less funds are required to place your bets. Your liability for a market is always the maximum amount you stand to lose. That means your overall liability would have been limited to whichever team had the largest individual liability.

Hi there mate. One or two bookies are offering generous signup offers for pool bets. With pools betting, all bets are placed into the same pot. Once the result is in, the pot is then split between all bettors who predicted the correct outcome. There are no odds involved, which makes it difficult to place lay bets and cover all outcomes.

Total newbie… Just joined Coral and there is absolutely nowhere on the site that I can see a button or a link to take me to where I can change the odds to decimal, any ideas… its not on the header and its not in my account settings either. However I noticed something this morning when placing a regular bet I have learned the hard way that I need to do this from time to time to avoid being gubbed.

I used your calculator to help me lay the bet to minimise my losses as follows:. Layed the back bet with Smarkets: Lay Odds — 1. Hi there. That can happen with the calculator. The lay odds at the exchanges are rounded to two decimal places. So, although you might be seeing the lay odds displayed as 1. You might want to consider placing your mug bets at odds that are bit higher though. I think the term is gubbed? Is there anything to do or not do in order for accounts to not be closed?

There are plenty of theories out there in terms of what may or may not help your accounts. They make their money by charging us a small commission on winning bets so they love matched bettors. Hi Matt, I just found out about matched betting and I think this guide is very good, but have a question about bonuses. Lets say for example, I join Coral and Betfair, I am eligible for a new user bonus in both, but then I join Bet and use Betfair again, now I can only get a bonus on Bet Will this be profitable?

The betting exchange is simply the place you go to lay against your bookmaker bets, so you can place all of your lay bets at Betfair if you wish. I have just come across your blog. I have never done this before. Would it be possible to make a big profit all at once if I had the bankroll? Many thanks. Your email address will not be published. Follow me on social: 27, Followers 3, Likes. Skip to content 27, Followers 3, Likes Share. Log in Log out.

Get Started What is Matched Betting? Matched Betting Guide. Next Steps Different offers require different methods in order to extract a profit. Learn the key ones here…. Advanced Take your matched betting to the next level and start profiting from a wider range of offers. Matched betting in Australia.

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