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Arabahmet district nicosia betting

Rice Market Lane police station yesterday, noon received a police clerk, said the store being robbed. Welcome to the broad masses to actively provide clues to the suspects. Commitment to public security organs, will give valuable clues to the providers to be commended or rewarded. Police said the case is under further investigation.

If you are looking to be a real rock star at this year's Halloween party They are some of the most recognizable rock star costumes available and they are sure to be a big hit at any Halloween bash. So how do you make sure that your KISS costume looks as authentic as possible? Well there are a few very important elements that will make your costume stand out among the rest.

All of the members of the rock band KISS were known for their jet black hair and varying hair styles. Of course Many costume shops sell KISS wigs with this type of costume. No costume of these popular rock stars would be complete without the signature black and white make-up.

In days past, to get this look But today What could be easier then that? Then of course there are the clothes. The most recognizable stage costume for the band was the tight black body suits studded with rhinestones and the knee high black leather boots. To mimic this look without buying a real costume would be difficult and time consuming.

But not to worry So feed your inner demon and "rock and roll all night" as one of these legendary rockers! You'll be glad you did. Swallow my colleagues said: She always wanted a place, but also at night to Caixing. I said: What place? Swallow shook his head and said: on in the city. I laughed: this place, want to go. She shook her head, said: Sometimes, the idea may be simple because it is difficult to achieve simple. Swallow said: Do you have time? I said: I've given you a good holiday ahead of her husband.

Swallow smile said: Well, we went with several colleagues, without family, right? We clap agree. Although the right place not far from us Swallow, but we have never been to, or full of hope in his heart. Early summer, the wind was very comfortable.

Motors for nearly two hours, we are. Swallow said: eat first, then a walk, we go home later. Naturally, we followed her arrangements. I have lived here for three years, also ran into the kids when the parents of her son Liu Yun. We better get along, and later became friends. In three days of her child, the Liu family emigrated to Canada cloud.

We have not contacted, but I know she like it here, like the scenery here. Swallow said that learning of her son, the son of the results. At this time, we all thought of our children, our subject more, the issue of his parents, the children are all interlinked. Here, she tries to pay for his son was. Late at night, we walked a few people Shiji Li Road, in the open road, we sing, we said thing of the past, the future of things, work things, the distance to each other near. Some have even sang a song, like a group of a madman.

For such a place, not eating, not the boss of enthusiasm, but a kind of beauty, like the environment, slowly chat, our conscious mind does not close, and then close. Then, apart there has been sweltering. Such a place, can see the progress of their children, That namely for of the new implementation of Google Instant.

Google Instant can greatly more and more the time you cost aboard searches by instantly showing you results for you type. This tin save you ashore average seconds per quest. Reporter Zhang Hanyu yesterday, ten days over 5 Master Long Hui Shan tanzhesi outside, show the hand pulling six cars of the effort. Dragon Master Hui was born in Kaifeng, Henan Province in , martial arts since childhood to worship the boxer Swordsman. Songshan Shaolin Temple became a lay disciple, and employed in the International Wushu Institute in the Shaolin disciples coach.

Last year, ordained in the Temple in Henan Province, after phase, to tanzhesi martial arts Xiufo, insist on martial arts for two hours every night. With a roar, Hui Dragon Mage hands pulling rope back slowly recede. Scene three young tourists, trying to pull together when six cars, failed. Master Long Hui of Yesterday, she was performing in the parking lot tanzhesi trailer kung fu hand. Zhou Xiaodong She reporter yesterday, tanzhesi mountains outside the door, ten days over 5 Master Hui Long before hand pulling six cars over the line site visitors together to pull a cart to fail.

Her outgoing and treats others with generosity by foreign students are affectionately known as. Recently, a defendant found guilty of robbery to Yuanling County People's Court of Hunan Province, was sentenced to one year, Due to some family difficulties, lack of family warmth and shelter, not finish fourth grade will drop out of school at home, combined with adverse social factors in the invasion.

He indulged in the network, the Internet apart from other minors with whom they stress the common implementation of theft, robbery crime. Lin After a long pause before the wake. Lin has been reported to the police. Yesterday, this gang of crooks is Ryan prosecutors to prosecute.

People That noted, credit card fraud in June to buy gold, gold is still around yuan per gram. Gold jewelry store gold and now has risen to yuan a gram or so. Such a calculation, Was surprised: Some people even start to dream prevention amounts.

It is understood, air chair wounding explosion have occurred in other areas, 2 annuals ago, Shanghai has been pressure for a chair and injured people, hemorrhagic shock, blood detriment over ml. After a thorough exam, the results are shocking: the injured seriously anorectal injury, small bowel, 5 cm wound debridement, a total of more than 20 debris removal, including spring cable, foam, wood, screws cap and a steel bar.

Steel bars with finger thickness, length of 16 cm, dull pate shot from inside, the whole basis of steel bars entirely injected into the body, watched at the time of the explosion was very powerful. Seat in the northwest edge of the injured, The seat cushion 40 cm square, the centre has a diameter of 5 cm breach, the seat bottom of a diversity of wood materials has blown separately, the center rod pressure space was bombed to chips, ground foam, plastic pieces everywhere.

After debridement and anti-inflammatory treatment, is inspected treatment. If the pressure off, but the quality bar, the human sitting one got up and directly seal cracks, rods may be rinsed out, the air pressure inside the mighty explosion can occur by any time. In counting, some of the pressure rod under the action of foreign bodies in the gas, would cause harm to humans. The incident in which the accident chair, maximum possible because the upper cylinder end crown was not strong ample, the compression rod is pushed to the bottom of the pressure, the gas up its compel, power further the limits of cover can bear the ultimate guide to breakdown cover, cylinder explosion.

Yesterday, the reporter consulted on the publish of Nanjing, a physics specialist. The response is: The problem lies in the pressure rod. First, the pressure among the filling wand is nitrogen, if gas naturalness is not enough, or inside, or other substances mixed with the oxygen in the high-temperature surroundings or in the case of frequent friction, may burst. In that case, might as well for a wooden chair, do not have to anxiety approximately exploded.

Chair, even the wooden floor through the chief axis of the. This is deserving to recoil the explosion, that blast was not small. The cardinal buyer group is the office, always types of companies. This accident occurred, the digit of employees taken aback and lay: did not expect to sit beneath your butt pneumatic chair harmed feminine white-collar lunch break Zhang of the company in charge of a person, the woman was bleeding buttocks, evidently not too serious, they temporarily do not understand the characteristic circumstances.

This chair is six or seven years ago from a furniture cache to buy west, and relatively low, bought more than once, with no problems all these years has been, but immediately it suddenly hurt. Press the afternoon go to the hospital to find, also late, The woman was dressing a pair of trousers, some debris stuck on the base, there is blood, wording of pain. At this period, ambulance personnel arrived, sent her to a handy hospital for handling. The explosion of a steel bar chair, sticking a physical phenomenon, because there should be a cylinder in a chair lift for the convenience of the spring appliance.

Instantaneous collapse cover spring skip, have a lusty momentum, high-pressure gas and the dual role of the spring, increasing the strength of steel bars launched into the people body. Production of this chair lift manufacturers ought be inside the cylinder with a buffer appliance, but unfortunately, numerous manufacturers do not take this into account. Bacheng Nanjing office chair using pressure. Are designers builders?

And who is Microsoft or any software vendor to make a decision? And now the 'Jack of all tradesmen' can have the right tools for the job," McLaws posted on April 3. Workplace permits you to deliver the results how, when, and wherever you choose, letting you receive factors from a Computer, the internet, and even a smartphone. Office basically anyplace: Laptop, phone, browser With Microsoft Workplace , it is easy to overview and do small modifying on Phrase, So that you stay productive when around the go.

Workplace saves you time and money by assisting you deploy and control Office around the Laptop, the smartphone, as well as Internet, all from within just familiar Microsoft Model Middle tools. Therefore you can broadcast your presentation to everyone having a browser, regardless of whether they really don't have PowerPoint.

OneNote pulls with each other all the things from everyday gross sales figures to digital photographs, You are able to also design side notes that stay in your display screen when you move among completely different applications, so that you can preserve your ideas organized when you multi-task. This assists you stay organized although saving you time.

Excel allows for equipment for enhanced data visualization, which may give you crucial insights into company processes and tailor messaging and programs to most desirable meet customer requirements. Entire developments could be conveyed in the single cell with Sparklines. Co-authoring allows numerous everyday people to perform about the exact document concurrently, these kinds of as an RFP, With Office , Workplace aids your persons help save money and time by supplying one-click communication through unified communications technological know-how, and real-time document sharing from in Phrase, PowerPoint, and Excel lacking the really need to switch applications.

This makes virtual conferences a great deal more useful so staff members can get much more finished without being from the exact same place. Hold spontaneous meetings with prospects and partners with PowerPoint Broadcast Slideshow permits you to present a slideshow entirely by using a World wide web browser—no make any difference where by your audience is at. No need to have to your prospects to possess a third-party conferencing device, or maybe PowerPoint.

All they've to undertake is click on the website link plus a browser window opens along with your slides. It is understood that the police will follow if the illegal distribution of obscene or child pornography direction of investigation. Some netizens said that awareness of sex and the film's three male and female, and said three were all under 16 years of age. Windows eight is going to be the major impact Win to company? Is Windows8 is actually a 21st century Windows?

Microsoft then launched after the preferred business end users Windows favorite,couple of customers use within their personal machine to put in this technique,ten a long time later on, Windows7 highly effective,enveloped in the aura of panic,or his possession for quite a few decades,fortunately, While released from Win8 nevertheless early,however the curiosity of the industry but will not be altered.

A French internet site Ma-Config technologies has long been the author with the Win8 researchers a few of the prospective perform, and that attention Win8 cloud computing, virtualization,attaches excellent importance to company. This really is also supported by Microsoft technologies and protection chief BetnardOurghanlian France confirmed,Hyper-V3. Analysts mentioned that Microsoft is probably to also follow Windows, get the street of commercialization.

Acne Fact 1 Creams, A kitchen ingredient such as baking soda is more likely to help you than a topical solution prescribed by a dermatologist. They kill the bacteria that form acne in the last phase of acne formation. Antibiotics also kill the good bacteria in your stomach which help with the fight against acne.

This entails you to get worse acne had you not taken the antibiotics in the first place. Acne Fact 3 Vitamin B5 is not a cure for acne. High doses will create an imbalance of the other Vitamin B types which will cause you to suffer from various symptoms like headaches etc. Acne Fact 4 Herbs work, They can clear acne fast, Free radicals do not cause acne. Acne Fact 6 Avoid Accutane, which is prescribed by doctors and dermatologists.

Acne Fact 7 Overwashing and underwashing your face can be just as detrimental. Overwashing your face can cause the skin to become too dry and you could age prematurely. Underwashing could lead to more acne-forming bacteria to form on the face. In proper skin care, Acne Fact 8 Acne is not about genetics.

It is not normal, Fix the route cause instead of the acne itself, and your skin care efforts will be rewarded. The acne will disappear. Acne Fact 9 Celebrity endorsed acne skin care cleansing and herbal systems are just as ineffective. They are both superficial and do not fix the root of the problem. Acne Fact 10 Greedy acne skin care treatment companies do not want you to know the root cause of acne, So what is the cause of acne?

Google spiders a trillion internet sites every month. On most searches for the keyword phrases, you compete with million other web pages to obtain for the top rated. At the best is exactly where you should be. At Webmarketing our sole mission in Windows is finding you towards the major of your search engines like yahoo. The conclude outcome: a dramatic maximize in traffic, brand-building, leads and income. How Seo Works Search Engine Optimization Seo may be a plan that requires rigorous implementation and ongoing maintenance to remain on major with the ever-changing solutions and fierce levels of competition.

Which makes it happen is some other thing. It all commences with comprehending search engines like yahoo. How Search engines like google Think Google could be the fundamental search engine, but dependent on your enterprise, there are various people that give worth these types of as Yahoo, Bing, and Request. The complicated and confidential algorithms that make Google and other search engines like yahoo prosperous are also what ensure it is complex for corporations to entirely fully understand easy methods to optimize their online site.

Even when no search engine discloses the exact elements of their formula, which change always, we analysis and analyze them extensively to find out which parts have high priority and just how to preferred utilize this knowledge to obtain you on the high. Best Practices The most effective Windows methods effort in harmony with search engines like yahoo and operate within just their parameters. Keep in brain you will find two important areas to Windows: choosing and converting.

The fantastic news is usually that the days of composing your webpage only for the major search engines and diluting your concept as a way to enhance your rankings are over. The various search engines now reward you the two for making sense on your website and for ones relevance. With our enable, you control the two. Conversions — We put into practice usability recommendations to boost conversions.

Phase Three — Ongoing Optimization Because search engines frequently switch their algorithms and your competitive landscape changes, you ought to optimize your site in response towards the changes in search engine ranking criteria. As a search engine marketing Web optimization company located in California, Contact us for a free quote. According to the judge introduced, Chongqing Li Boqing man's wife to take his daughter to work in Chengdu, and he always wanted his wife back home with his parents, his wife quit their jobs because of several requirements, with her daughter to return home.

Hit bottom, the Li Boqing to his own diesel fuel out riding bikes down on the sofa in the room, beds, furniture, and her daughter to bed ignited, intends to die. The wife's mother several times to stop him with a cigarette lighter ignited bed sheets, but the elderly and frail, Jinniu District Court held that the defendant intentionally set fire to the citizens of Li Boqing property, endanger public safety, The purpose of Tobago is to provide the neighborhood that has a properly designed set of person interface components depending on JSF.

Websh is versatile and handles everything from HTML generation to data-base driven one-to-one page customization. Websh may be run in CGI environments and as Apache module. Droids makes it very easy to extend existing robots or write a new one particular from scratch, which can instantly seek out related over the internet data depending on the user's specifications. Shopping Cart: your cart is empty, Subsequently, the police immediately rushed to the jewelry organization processing shop, and according to Interpol, the suspect back to the examination of the Second Squadron, carry their bags in the review found a large number of gold necklaces, rings, www.

Windows Server HPC Server Websites and solutions This informative article won't cite any references or sources. Make sure you guide enrich this informative article by including citations to trusted resources. Unsourced substance might possibly be challenged and eliminated.

December Windows Server is known as a brand title for any group of server operating methods released by Microsoft Corporation. All are portion of Microsoft Servers. Lately, a foreign media documented that several Pc producers around the world have received a detect of Microsoft,mentioned Windows XP OEM model is only supplied for the finish of this year, Microsoft's OEM division, Occasions,Microsoft felt in years and for two factors in time for you to stop supplying OEM Xp method behavior, A person's drive may come real around straightforward manner by using Houston Flat Locators.

We certainly have the best this normally requires a inconveniences away from your flat camping. Houston Flat Locators endows by using most effective reserving, holiday accommodation prospects around Houston and also its particular location vicinity. Houston Flat Locators offer top-quality plus thoroughly specific sale listings inside of a substantial different lease condos beside Houston Florida. Inside of a tiny we will get within remaining a long list of Houston condos this coordinate a person's flat lifestyle demands.

All of our Houston Flat Locators pros are prompted to make a fretting hand, discovering a person's fantastic flat. Houston Flat Locators is actually a trained Florida housing brokerage service plus has been around business enterprise to get through 5 ages. Small children a flat lease field. Most people will be helpful youin how to find the flat, apartment, township dwelling, attic room and also great escalate you wish around Houston Florida.

You may limit the majority of all the way down in advance of sometimes abandoning the home. Prevent driving a vehicle everywhere seeking a loft apartment around Houston, spending time frame plus capital. Houston Flat Locators currently have amounts of options that is useful to obtain flat information and facts internet.

We're also listed here so that you can respond to your complete problems plus help you while in the perfect track. Just simply, take action while in the perfect track now. There are studies that a fresh early make of Microsoft's Workplace fifteen have escaped the Redmond halls. Much more exciting than the mere existence of these pre-alpha make, in spite of this, is one additional point out of a new application that could turned out to be a part of Microsoft's future -generation Office suite.

Nonetheless, it even now seems like there's a new Workplace 15 app coming. Go through on Could it be some kind of business-intelligence-related app? Believe that about this Possible simply because they had been currently being re-architected into an Azure-based next-gen real-time collaboration platform. Enter and confirm a password. Click OK, and then close and reopen the database.

A more robust way to shield your VBA code is to convert the database to an. Casino9online is your premier resource for that leading on line casinos accepting USA gamers. For those who have any unique concerns about our casinos choice, come to feel at no cost to click around the stay chat tab and we'll be accessible to assist you shortly. Don't forget gamble responsibly - When you've got a gambling condition, make sure you watch our recommended list of accountable gambling portals.

Global Personals is often a white-label dating internet platform that organizations and people can use to put in place their own dating internet sites and earn money by doing so. It is used by websites such as Dateline. About ninety for each cent of our partners are folks who work in IT.

Williams explained that the important to making a successful web page would be to determine a specialized niche and offer solutions which might be clearly differentiated from people provided by various websites. The World-wide Personals website and Whitelabeldating.

Fitness shoe pad should be thick in order to reduce the impact with the ground caused by the foot shock. Women should note the following points 1 wear a bra when doing exercises to a strong supporting force for good. Exercise training base even if the female, during which also need to consult their doctors to decide whether to continue aerobics training. The SharePoint blog has a pretty extensive write up detailing the innovations in SharePoint Our approach is to unlock data and enable collaboration on the analysis to help everyone in the organization get richer insights.

Excel Services is one of the popular features of SharePoint as people like the ease of creating models in Excel and publishing them to server for broad access while maintaining central control and one version of the truth. We are expanding on this SharePoint with new visualization, navigation and BI features.

The top five investment areas Excel Services — Excel rendering and interactivity in SharePoint gets better with richer pivoting, slicing and visualizations like heatmaps and sparklines. New REST support makes it easier to add server-based calculations and charts to web pages and mash-ups. We are exposing these interfaces and working with other BI vendors so they can plug in their solutions as well. Imagine an Excel spreadsheet rendered in the client or browser with million rows and you get the idea.

Visio Services — As with Excel, users love the flexibility of creating rich diagrams in Visio. In , we have added web rendering with interactivity and data binding including mashups from SharePoint with support for rendering Visio diagrams in a browser. We also added SharePoint workflow design support in Visio. On the Office Web Apps: We made SharePoint a great place to host the new Office Web Apps so you can view and update content from within a browser and include Office content as part of your web site e.

The Office Web Apps provide a familiar user experience, high fidelity viewing and essential editing without loss of data or formatting. The OneNote client and Web App support is one of the coolest features of the release to enable multiple people to collaborate on a rich canvas online or offline. For more SharePoint resources, check out this post. At-a-glance Ashley index.

They rent tuxes, buy corsages and they are ready to go. Girls, on the other hand, spend much more time preparing. Getting hair and nails done seems like an easy task in comparison to dress shopping; especially if you are like me and do not like shopping in the first place. To my surprise, finding the perfect dress was a lot easier than I thought.

I stuck to some advice from my co-workers who had told me to find something that matched my personality and that I would feel comfortable wearing. I know I am no fashion expert, but I know what I like. In deciding what color dress to purchase According to the Discovery Health website, girls should match their dress color according to their skin tone.

Red heads and brunettes… look best in oranges Should a girl go for the classic Cinderella ball gown or the simple elegant long dress? While shopping I could choose a short, long or medium dress, a dress with pockets, or a dress with an intricate back. According to shopyourshape. If she has a straight body shape Girls who have larger features should find dresses that are properly fitted to flatter their curves.

In terms of budget, I found my dress to be very inexpensive. Many girls think that the more expensive the dress I can vouch for the girls who do not have much money to spend and say that is not true at all. If one has a problem with finding a store at which to shop, one should check out the mall. The most important thing to remember is the importance of shopping around before you buy because doing so will help you find the best price, fit and feel of the dress.

As I talk about dresses with my classmates, I have come to the conclusion that everyone has a different opinion of what he or she thinks is best. If a huge ball gown that is difficult to move in or a dress with the midsection half cut out is what a girl dreams her prom dress to be, then one should not judge.

For a dress I am most likely only going to wear once Personally, however, I found a dress that was in my budget, matched my semi-eclectic personality and will be the only one like it on the dance floor. Ashley index. Ma also said that Taobao will probably be charged.

But Ma mentioned when referring to Taobao , Taobao had charge of three decades , three many years later when the encounter to expenses announced 5-year financial crisis isn't so Costs. But Ma stressed that Taobao is going to be fees, Taobao Ma admitted that the Japanese market may be the touchstone with the sea. Ma pointed out the Japanese market has the depth , She is very sharp to have a baby, In , AP British women aged 66 28 Elizabeth Adeney birth to a healthy baby boy, appropriate Britain's maximum progressive maternal age.

The rest are placed in the back garden of a two-tier underground storage room. The Happy Gardener UK will tell you: as long as the fun to find work, even mowing dry days a year to live will not feel bored. His secret: He had sets of different mower. He now has lawn mower, the oldest one can even be traced back to midth century.

Now he can replace a lawn mower to use a different, fresh feeling every day. China Daily. Edit: I've attached a file at the bottom of this blog that contains spreadsheets of the examples discussed in this post. This blog outlines reasons to use one option or another. Just by looking at the table, we see that only house3 and house4 satisfy all conditions and the average of their prices is , Here is a functions based The elements of the set that fulfill all conditions are listed in the resulting PivotTable.

PivotTables have a lot of flexibility: the ease of use offered by the new UI allows for a very quick detailed analysis of different available options. Nested layers in a PivotTable offer added results visualization. Several different approaches are possible: one can construct different PivotTables that answer the same question above.

The result updates immediately when adding rows to the source table, while PivotTables need to be refreshed. For example, in the formula above, one could replace The image below shows a corresponding PivotTable filter: The last field will not accept formulas, only numbers. Formulas take little space and are easy to move around in a sheet. Note that in both cases you can use the wildcard characters to define criteria.

Also both solutions deal in a similar manner with missing data or errors in the range. I don't know if I can be fully objective on this question because I'm more of a formula person myself. If I've missed a reason you should pick one approach over another, feel free to let me know the reason you use formulas or PivotTables for summarizing data by leaving a comment.

When William Henry Harrison was elected President in , his inaugural address the longest ever clocked in at 1 hour and 45 minutes. Don't follow his example. Keep your presentations short and sweet with PowerPoint. Update: Yep. It;s official. And www. Microsoft;s first Pink phones are set to become unveiled officially today April The phones have been a badly kept secret for some time.

The final name, however, has been a secret right up until today. The Pink phones are expected to be manufactured by Sharp, but to carry the Microsoft logo. So much for Microsoft execs; repeated claims there wouldn;t be a Microsoft phone. Verizon and Vodafone are expected to get the first Pink carriers and the Pink phones — unlike their Windows Phone 7 counterparts — are widely expected to ship before this month is out.

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It may get these potential customers to vacation at as often as needed precisely as it definitely will meet up with his or her's desires in any impressive mode. And after that typically the adviser probably will make back-links to showcase the online market place articles and other content.

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Ensure you habits the right researching previously acquiring any kind of these products. This is the second BPOS outage reported in the past month. The previous one hit on August 23, and like today;s, was attributed to an unspecified networking issue.

Microsoft is working to update the BPOS bundle with the latest versions of these various point products, something that will happen over the next few months. Microsoft touts service level agreement SLA guarantees of We identified a network issue as the source, and the issue was resolved roughly 90 minutes later.

The spokesperson also said that Huckaby;s hour-plus reported downtime was specific to his account and escalated prior to my inquiry. Update: Huckaby confirmed his account was fixed as of September 3. But Microsoft and its competitors are pitching services like BPOS as ready for prime-time in the enterprise. Any other BPOS users out there hit by today;s glitch? In an e-mail message sent to residents of your state of Washington, PokerStars spells out the unfortunate news.

At that time, the Washington state legislature passed a bill led by Representative Margarita Prentice and signed by Governor Christine Gregoire that outlawed using the web gaming and poker. The statute upped its punishment for violation from a misdemeanor to a Class C felony.

This put playing poker online around the same level as child molestation and designed it punishable by up to a year in jail. The new law also put strict regulations towards advertising for using the web gaming. In essence, the Washington legislation applied evenhandedly to in-state and out-of-state interests, so it would stand.

The decision rendered yesterday by PokerStars has drawn extensive commentary through the concept boards at the TwoPlusTwo and PocketFives. PokerStars points out that it welcomes regulation inside e-mail sent to Washington gamers.

Follow PokerNewsDaily on Twitter. Last week we outlined improvements to the Access macro designer, parameter support, and IntelliSense. These improvements build upon Access macro improvements of macro sandbox, embedded macros, TempVars, debugging, and support for error handling.

The natural next step in macros is to provide a model for business rules. This means you write logic in one place and all forms and code that updates those tables inherit that logic. Here are a few data macro scenarios you might find in a typical Donations Management database: Validate that a contributor doesnt have outstanding donations before accepting a new donation. Keep a history of any changes to a donation record. Maintain a de-normalized total of all donations and last donation date on a contributors table to increase database performance.

A demo of creating a data macro is available here. There were three primary design goals for data macros: Robust programming model that focuses on data centric scenarios. Reduce developer errors and increase code maintainability through centralized logic. You can create what we call Named macros that are associated with a table. They can be called from other data macros or UI macros.

Named macros are essential for code reuse. A key concept about data macros is they dont have any UI. You can call Named data macros passing parameters from a UI macro but data macro cant open a form or invoke a message box. They return errors that UI macros can catch and display to the user. These errors are also logged to the UsysApplicationLog table.

This is a special table that keeps a history of data macro failures and other useful debug information you choose to write to it. You can look at old and new values in the current record and after Beta1 compare them with a record in other tables using LookupRecord. They can prevent a record from being saved and raise custom error messages to the UI layer.

Because they are designed to be fast and light-weightyou cant iterate over a collection of records. Macros invoked from these events can look at and modify other records in the table or other tables. Old and updated values are available. Data macros are limited to 10 levels of recursion, but we've provided an Updated "FieldName" function that returns True or False to help you trap any recursion manually by only reacting to changes in fields you care about more details are below in the FAQ.

Finally, data macros cannot process multi-valued or attachment data-types. FAQ Link Tables. SQL Server. Data macros are not upsized to SQL Server. You might see third party tools fill this gap. VBA Support. You cannot call VBA from a data macrothis would not support the goal of portability to other platforms.

However, you can call a named data macro from VBA--including one with parameters. Transactions Support. Data macros do not support transactions this release. Each operation is atomic. Backwards compatibility. We made changes to Access SP1 so that it can read but not write data in tables with data macros.

Power Tips Where is the log table? You can get to the USysApplicationLog table through right click in the navigation pane. Choose Navigation Options. Check Show System Objects. It is available in the status bar and Backstage in beta 2. Old and Updated syntax. Here is a simple example how you would log that inventory has changed: If Old.

FieldName Products. InventoryCount Old. Yes, I do read what you publish in your blogs, despite the fact that I don't always chime in. I've started compiling bits of blogosphere chatter about the good folks of Microsoft Recruiting and the way in which we do business so that my team and hopefully, senior leadership can read about all of our successes as well the areas in which we need to improve. But why keep it to myself?

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This landmark ruling had important consequences for all EU citizens who owned disputed land in Cyprus. Relying on Loizidou, they claimed that the IPC was invalid as the TRNC is unrecognised, and therefore any legal institution within it could not be recognised. Further, they argued that Greek Cypriots should not be forced to apply to a regime they do not recognise or to rely on mechanisms exercised in the occupied territory.

A crucial part of the judgement addressed petitions that require the eviction of existing occupants. Previously, third party rights had not been considered, but in this landmark ruling, a blanket right for restitution was ruled out compensation was deemed a valid remedy too. It is worth noting the relevant clause Para. The Court also addressed the emotional attachment Greek Cypriots have to their former homes, which is a fundamental part of their demands for restitution Para.

On the interpretation of the notion of home, the ECHR emphasised that the issue must respect not only the intentions of the authors of the Convention, but also common sense: it is not enough for an applicant to claim that a particular place or property is a home ; he or she must show that they enjoy concrete and persisting links with the property concerned ongoing or recent occupation of a particular property is usually the most significant element in the determination of the existence of a home in cases before the Court.

However, where home is claimed in respect of property in which there has never been any, or hardly any, occupation by the applicant or where there has been no occupation for some considerable time, it may be that the links to that property are so attenuated as to cease to raise any, or any separate, issue under Article 8.

Nor can the term home be interpreted as synonymous with the notion of family roots, which is a vague and emotive concept In this regard, the Court is making clear that the lapse of time can affect the right of refugees to return to their former properties and emotional attachment for those absent from their homes for over 40 years have little or no right to view it any longer as their home.

Greek Cypriots were given a choice to apply to the IPC or wait for a political solution. The principles established in Demopoulos were challenged and reasserted in several other cases, including Asproftas and Petrakidou. However, the ruling has not yet been tested on the Orams case; it is likely that if another similar case arises in the EU, the respondent now has a valid defence that the Orams decision should not be followed.

For Turkish Cypriots seeking their property rights, the Guardian system has been found wanting in many aspects. Land has been developed without the prior consent of Turkish Cypriot owners, rent has not been properly collected, and Turkish Cypriots face many obstacles when trying to regain ownership of their property. The RoC agreed to an out of court settlement with Mrs Sofi. It conceded there is no effective domestic remedy for Turkish Cypriot claims and agreed to revise its laws.

In , they were forced by Greek Cypriots to evacuate their village under duress, and their homes and village were razed to the ground. Today the derelict village has been left to the wilderness and attempts to recover it have been steadfastly refused by the authorities in the South. A test case involving a few of the residents was heard at the ECHR. However, the court ruled against the claimants because they had not exhausted all legal avenues in the South.

Pointing to the Sofi case, the ECHR judges claimed the changes made since would make it easier for their claims to be processed locally. To date, the nine have still not been able to recover ownership of their property or receive any compensation. All judges are Greek Cypriot, and so neither impartial nor independent of the Republic of Cyprus. Mustafa compares this to the IPC in North Cyprus, where four of a panel of seven ruling on disputed cases are non-cypriot legal experts from Europe.

He argues that as a result, the South still does not offer an effective legal remedy to Turkish Cypriot refugees seeking their property rights. The census for the town showed 6, Greek Cypriots living there, along with Turkish Cypriots, and 43 Maronites.

Many of the surrounding villages were also predominantly Greek Cypriot. The numbers have risen since then, as has development in the area, including the expansion of universities, a major new hospital, and new homes for the area s growing population.

Under these earlier plans, Turkish Cypriots would move out to make way for Greek Cypriot refugees, who would have all land and property they had lost during returned to them. Turkish Cypriots were to have alternative new accommodation provided in areas under Turkish control and, where appropriate, compensation paid for their losses.

But there is now fierce resistance to these plans in the Turkish North. Unlike Greek Cypriots, Turkish Cypriots have no desire to return to their former homes, and it seems they will no longer tolerate being uprooted. The town s current residents are supported by European Law. The ECHR s Demopoulos judgement of made it clear it would not correct an old injustice by creating a new one, and that the Court would not impose the forcible eviction and rehousing of potentially large numbers of men, women and children Para.

These details seem to be falling on deaf ears in the South, and possibly at the Talks too. The town s fate will have a major bearing on Cyprus property and territory issues. Once a holiday resort famed for attracting British and Hollywood stars, Varosha became a ghost town after the War.

Located on the island s east and currently within the TRNC s borders, the town is popularly and erroneously believed to be solely owned by Greek Cypriots. A perception deliberately cultivated by those in the South. Under the High Level Agreement, the future resettlement of the town has priority status.

The UN and European Parliament have passed resolutions demanding Varosha is returned to its lawful inhabitants, while Greek Cypriot politicians regularly propose their citizens be allowed back to their properties as a confidence-building measure that builds towards a final settlement.

But this masks the truth about who actually owns Varosha. Property records for the town, which is 2. Until recently the Trust s property rights in Varosha, as well as elsewhere on the island, had been totally ignored. Historically, Cyprus Islamic Trust dates back to conquest of the island by the Ottomans in Soon after, the Sultan passed an edict to establish Evkaf. This enabled Muslims in Cyprus to bequeath property and assets to Evkaf for the benefit of the island s Muslim community.

The edict expressly states that the rights governing Trust property are irrevocable, perpetual and inalienable ; should the Trust ever be deprived of any of its assets, it must be fully compensated for its losses. Evidence shows that under British rule, Evkaf land was illegally transferred to others. Britain had prised the island away from the weakened Ottomans in , and during the First World War, Cyprus status changed from a British Protectorate to being under occupation, before becoming a Crown colony in Evkaf s role, rights and assets remained intact, as set out in Article 60 of the Treaty of Lausanne, which stated that any trusts created under the Ottomans would be maintained under British rule.

This same principle was also included in the Republic of Cyprus Constitution of Article , which stated that no legislative, executive or other act whatsoever shall contravene or override or interfere with such Laws or Principles of Vakfs. Under Annexe E of the Treaty of the Establishment of the Republic of Cyprus, it also states that all legal liabilities and obligations incurred by the government of the Colony of Cyprus are passed on to the new Cypriot Government.

Evkaf asserts it is the island s largest private landowner. A special computer programme was designed for this task at London University. The computer analysis took three years to complete, with the data available in The findings lead Evkaf s new chair Prof. However, no such sale ever took place. Indeed, during Britain s occupation, the Trust regularly challenged the unlawful transfer of its property in the law courts and won.

Key law suits where Evkaf ownership rights were upheld include the Arabahmet Aqueduct case in Nicosia in , and the Tersefan Farmland action in Larnaca in These and many other similar cases during this period demonstrate that the laws protecting Evkaf s rights were valid and operational under British rule. Although the Republic of Cyprus was bound by law to uphold Evkaf s property rights, these were quickly disregarded.

Following the outbreak of the conflict in December , Evkaf land, like other Turkish Cypriot property, was seized and re-allocated to Greek Cypriots. Over the years, these new occupants have mistakenly come to view Evkaf property as theirs, backed by the Greek Cypriot authorities. Following the War and Cyprus partition, all land formerly owned by Evkaf in the North was restored to the Trust.

However, it has been unable to recover its property in the closed off town of Varosha and those located in the southern part of the island. This was to ensure the Turkish side presented its property claims en masse at the negotiating table as part of a global property solution. However, the Xenides-Arestis case of proved to be a turning point. Evkaf was not a party to the Arestis case heard at the ECHR, which ruled that a local body be created to find legal remedies for the claimant and other property cases involving Greek Cypriot refugees.

Copies of transactions dated September , October and February show the unlawful transfer of Evkaf land, which also failed to record either the amount or the purpose of the exchange. So in addition to being constitutionally estopped, the contracts were also illegal as there was no consideration payment.

However, the TRNC s Constitutional Court ruled that it was important to determine the lawful owners of property before compensation, restitution or exchange could be agreed. İbrahim Benter and colleague Dr. Under the British, that fell to 0. For years, the Trust has been inspecting land registry archives, reviewing and cross-checking thousands of record books and 8 million documents as part of its Cyprus Trust Property Research and Review project co-ordinated by Dr. Through these, the Trust identified it owned 2, different Muslim assets across the island, including mosques, schools, and other public sites.

These have all been confirmed and their locations mapped. Most mosques were situated in South Cyprus. However, the total number of mosques had fallen to under the British. During the conference, which was widely covered in Turkish Cypriot media, Prof. Benter also announced that the Trust was starting a new phase where it would be seeking to reclaim its property rights through the Cyprus and international law courts.

Benter said: When it comes to property at the negotiations, and when they asked for Evkaf s inventory, we need to be ready. For it to be a fair agreement, we need to prove our ownership of Trust property using evidence that meets international legal standards. By changing its stance from passive bystander post , to pro-actively defending its real estate, Evkaf is a major game changer in the Cyprus Problem.

Its property rights, as enshrined in Cyprus law and international treaties, require compensation in land of equivalent scope and value. Benter has demanded that Evkaf property rights are championed at the negotiations. Given the significance of its assets in the South, there are huge implications for how much compensation the Greek Cypriot side owes, as well as the overall calculations of property and territory the two sides could swap.

Germany after the Second World War, and again after reunification, along with current events in Israel, and even the EU, Britain and Brexit all offer important lessons. For communities emerging from a conflict, a crucial part of the healing and reconciliation process is addressing the violations committed against them. Building a peaceful future requires righting the wrongs of the past. How this can be achieved changes with the passage of time, but many victims of conflict and injustice have benefited from a programme of compensation and reparations.

This was the case for victims of Nazi Germany: those trying to flee the persecution across Europe were often forced to sell their homes under duress. Subsequently, the victims or their descendents were allowed to claim restitution and compensation for their losses, backed by international law. This form of restorative justice has also been applied in the post Cold War era, and after other armed conflicts including Bosnia. Parallels exist with the plight of Turkish Cypriots, who as refugees during the s were also forced out of their homes and in some cases, off the island itself.

Many were obliged to sell their homes at very low prices to fund their survival, or to try and escape abroad. In these circumstances, they too should have the right to seek compensation for receiving below market prices for their property. The case of German reunification in is an example of not to underestimate the massive costs involved in bringing together two disparate states.

During the restructuring process, it became apparent that neither East nor West Germany could afford to pay the full cost of property compensation if these were calculated using current market prices. Much of the burden fell on West Germany s shoulders and the country s economy stalled severely. To improve the situation, Germany changed legislation and introduced the Law of Impediments Hemmnisbeseitigungsgesetz.

This gave priority to investors who could demonstrate continuation and further improvement of the business based on a particular piece of land, over the right of the original owner and restitution. Under such circumstances, the original owners were compensated financially. This practical approach reflects one of the key tenets of the Demopoulos case: land has a financial value and compensation for lost land reflects this; there is no overriding need to return the real estate to its former owner.

Cyprus future wellbeing also depends on a successful economy that can support both communities. Essential to this is the confidence that business and industry have in reunification. For that to happen, they need to have certainty over the continuity of ownership of land and property their enterprises are based on.

So long as doubts exist about ownership of these vital assets, investment will not be made or worse, it may result in the diminution of existing investment. For these reasons, it is important to avoid scenarios where legal battles between former and current owners are allowed to take place, which could last for years or even decades.

Clarity and swift decisions are necessary to business development. And it s not just businesses, but ordinary citizens who also need certainty and state support. A settlement will invariably mean the dislocation of people and the state needs to be prepared to accommodate the immense human cost, helping people to bear the social, economic and emotional impact of the move.

In newly reunified Germany, newspapers carried reports of suicides prompted by the strains of original owners or their heirs demanding their former homes back. Another area of concern is during a fragile peace, how to prevent one community from further colonisation of territory, especially when this is fed by religious nationalism.

Cyprus near neighbour Israel amply illustrates this problem. The country is awash with illegal settlements built on Palestinian land. If Special Zones are permitted in North Cyprus with large numbers of Greek Cypriots living in mixed towns that is co-managed by both authorities, what is to stop West Bank-style settlements being built there too, especially given that influential actors promote the idea that the whole island is Greek?

A very real consequence of this could be the outbreak of new inter-communal disputes and fighting. Even without illegal settlements, the prospect of vast numbers of people speaking a different language and practicing a different faith moving into existing communities can be extremely unsettling. We ve seen this across Europe: refugees fleeing war-town Syria, Iraq, Africa and Afghanistan have received a hostile reception in many communities.

Even European migrants, whose lifestyles and values are more similar to their hosts, have not been tolerated in some EU countries. In Britain for example, by the number of EU migrants had grown to 2. Whether actual or perceived, many Britons feel the rapid influx of migrants have added huge pressure on their public services, undermined British workers and the British way of life.

If speculation around the Cyprus Talks is to be believed, Turkish Cypriots could find Greek Cypriots equal to a third of their entire population move into North Cyprus in a short space of time. Given the limited contact both sides have had with each other for over fifty years, this will present serious challenges. Adding fuel to the fire will be the demand for the mass dislocation of Turkish Cypriots from their current homes, to make way for Greek Cypriot refugees.

The prospect of trouble under these circumstances must be very high. Estimates on numbers vary from several hundred thousand to a half-a-million people. Most were born and raised British, but over the past decade, as EU citizens many Cyprus-born individuals have also migrated to the UK.

This large Cypriot community includes former refugees, and thousands of Turkish Cypriots who have moved to escape the embargoes. The UK Diaspora has strong links with Cyprus through their family connections, investments in property, and businesses. Many also have dual citizenship. Aside from British Cypriots, Britain maintains its own long and close connection to its former colony through its sovereign military bases.

The island is also a favoured holiday destination for Britons: over 1. A life in the sun has tempted thousands of Brits to make this small Eastern Mediterranean island their permanent home: there are reportedly some 65, British citizens in South Cyprus, and a further 5,, living in the North. The Cyprus Talks have a huge bearing on the future of all these people too.

Yet many British stakeholders feel excluded from the negotiations, and their concerns marginalised. In October , Embargoed! The event was called to address the perceived gap in communication between the sizable Turkish Cypriot Diaspora of Britain and North Cyprus decision makers. The attendees were keen to stress their support for the current Cyprus Talks, but also to share their anxieties about the negotiation process, and were eager to have their views heard so that any arrangement reached would reflect their specific needs too.

Earlier in , a separate seminar in London was staged by Embargoed! This report is informed by contributions made at both these events. Instead applicants must navigate their way through numerous layers of bureaucracy and a complex legal system, which seems, at best, un-cooperative and, for many, to purposely obstruct Turkish Cypriot claims.

One person who left behind six separate houses in a deserted Turkish Cypriot village, spent , on lawyers fees and travelling expenses over an 8-year period, but was still unable to obtain full title-deeds from the Greek Cypriot authorities. Under the guise of due process, the entire land compensation system in the South seems structured to delay and block such applications until there is a final settlement of the Cyprus Problem. In other words, compensation is not granted, but simply deferred, potentially forever.

These grievances have created much mistrust between Turkish Cypriot owners of property in the South and the Greek Cypriot authorities, which is likely to carry over into any new arrangement between the North and South. Deeds which rightly belong to the new owners have not been transferred, and in some cases punitive hidden charges were placed on the new owners, which have caused huge distress to often elderly people who staked their life savings on these property investments.

The problem is so widespread that a British Parliamentary All-Party interest group was established so MPs could support their constituents by lobbying the South Cypriot government on their behalf. Not surprisingly, many expatriates take a dim view of the Cypriot authorities on both sides and are very wary of any claims that their rights will be protected in a future settlement.

British expats discuss likely impact of the Cyprus Talks during Embargoed! There has been no commitment to safeguard the rights of non-cypriot residents, some of whom have lived or owned property on the island for decades. They want to enjoy the same property rights as those afforded to local citizens. Put simply, they should not be allocated a lower priority when it comes to the resolution of disputed properties but, as set out in the Demopoulos Ruling, as current owners they should be legally protected too.

Expats want the two leaders to expressly set out their plans for the rights and entitlements of non- Cypriot residents, and for their legal rights to be captured and enshrined in any future settlement agreement. They see the wider international community, including guarantors Britain, Turkey, and Greece, as well as the EU as key to achieving this. Such an arrangement is not only crucial for the affected foreign residents and investors in Cyprus, but also vital to the local economy.

Expat communities make a significant contribution to the gross domestic product and inter-cultural enrichment of the island, so their continued presence is an important indication of the wellbeing of Cyprus. This will not only end the international isolation of the North, but also mean title deeds issued by the Turkish Cypriot authorities are globally recognised.

The stigma of buying property from this currently unrecognised territory will also be removed, making the land more attractive to foreign buyers and increase the value of the land in line with property prices in the South, which in turn will boost the economy. Turkish Cypriots with land interests in the South believe a solution can generate a faster, more transparent and less biased process for dealing with their property rights.

At the very least, a dedicated body will be created that includes impartial adjudicators. In order to encourage their relocation to new homes, pictures of large new villas with swimming pools were distributed across the district, yet in reality there was no real funding to deliver this. Moreover, there is little sense in promoting a resolution if the necessary funding for the agreed compensation is not available. This would create false expectations which will not be met, creating resentment and anger, and inevitably undermining and destabilising the newly formed Cypriot state.

Racism and nationalism: At both events, attendees also voiced their doubts about whether a peaceful resolution is possible at this time. Those resident in Cyprus point to racist attacks in the South against those from the North. Several people were targeted or knew of others who were. These incidents seem to mainly occur when people are travelling in the South in cars with TRNC number plates, and are subjected to verbal, and in a few cases, physical abuse. Some have had their parked vehicles damaged.

Since the borders opened in , there have been dozens of attacks on Turkish Cypriots in the South, which have dramatically increased over the last three years. The TRNC-plated car was rammed from behind and its path blocked, before the extremists, armed with metal bars, attacked the car and passengers.

In February , cars of Turkish Cypriots staying at a hotel in the Troodos Mountains were vandalised. Even where people have been apprehended, none have ever been successfully prosecuted. Other examples were cited too: a Greek Cypriot potato trader in the South was threatened for doing business with Turkish Cypriots. Separately, a footballer from the South received death threats for signing to a Turkish Cypriot football club, and was forced to go into hiding for his own safety.

These incidents and the lack of action by the Greek Cypriot authorities to combat clear hate crimes have caused serious reservations on the part of both Turkish Cypriots and expats about life in a united Cyprus, and the potential serious consequences of any future attacks. Allowing the equivalent of one third of the existing population to settle within a very short time would create major tensions in any community in any part of the world.

But in a country where people are still plagued by the trauma of conflict, regard each other as the enemy, speak two different languages, practice two different religions, and have different histories and cultures, the likelihood of social problems boiling over is immense. Stoking this fire will be property disputes.

The scale of the disputed territory means that hundreds of thousands of people will be in conflict with one another over land and property. Attendees at Embargoed! Turkish Cypriots attending the seminar were all perplexed about why their side is not arguing for a global exchange solution, whereby people are compensated for their loss of property without destroying many stable and settled communities. The Demopoulos case clearly states people should not be forcibly uprooted it s an important principle both leaders should adhere to.

Population caps: Another major source of anxiety is that Turkish Cypriot citizenship will be capped to ensure the ratio between Greek and Turkish Cypriots remains Many UK based Turkish Cypriots, especially those holding dual nationality, fear they will be stripped of their TRNC citizenship, which in turn will further undermine their property rights. Others who are of Turkish Cypriot heritage and would be normally entitled to citizenship in the TRNC wonder whether this right will be withdrawn completely for them.

Hypocrisy over settlers : The discussion around settlers centred on what some attendees described as the ludicrous objections of the Greek Cypriot authorities to Turkish settlers given the parallel situation of foreigners in South Cyprus. A consistent demand of Greek Cypriots is for the bulk of Turkish settlers to be removed from the island following a political settlement.

Mete Hatay s PRIO study into the demographics of North Cyprus emerged from ongoing allegations that the Turkish Cypriot population was shrinking in light of significant immigration from Turkey. Yet he concluded that this was emphatically not the case. He reported that the population of Turkish Cypriots in was almost , A fresh head count in the TRNC in found the total resident population to be , this included university students, but not the Turkish army.

Of these, TRNC citizens totalled , In the South, the Republic of Cyprus census showed the population in the areas it controls as , Of these, These results mean Greek Cyprus has the second highest percentage of foreign residents in Europe Eurostat The Russian and Georgian immigrants are not even beneficiaries of the EU s normal free movement rules. In recent months, there has even been an application in the Greek Cypriot Republic for the establishment of a Russian political party for 40, Russian Cypriot citizens.

There is no cap on the number of Russians or other nationalities becoming Cyprus citizens. OVERVIEW: British Turkish Cypriots and expats are vocal about the fact no one seems to care about, let alone want to listen to their concerns and needs, yet decisions on property and citizenship will have a huge and lasting impact on their lives too. Communication is vital, especially given that many of the issues raised are also matters of concern for the wider community in North Cyprus.

Their hopes and fears reflect those of many others on the island. They urge the two leaders to be positive yet responsible in their dealings with property and territory, and heed these very real concerns. These recommendations are geared towards ensuring a fair solution for all stakeholders. Some of the measures can be adopted without a comprehensive political settlement, and indeed international pressure should be brought to bear on the authorities to step up their efforts to resolve this longrunning problem and ensure affected parties are not subject to expensive slow action in the courts.

This alternative process to progress land and property issues will ultimately help to improve trust, security and co-operation between the two communities, aiding a potential future political settlement. Each side should: 1. Undertake a comprehensive land ownership audit, both past and present, including taking stock of any development on disputed land, and make these findings available to stakeholders.

A timescale of, say, three years should be agreed for this investigative work. Any such audit must address the Evkaf land claims and not ignore the violation of its rights. Use the audit data to inform plans on the likely costs to resolve the property issue and the impact on Cyprus two economies. This, in turn, will focus minds on the most cost-effective options, particularly exchange. Strengthen local remedies: the Greek Cypriot authorities in particular should end deferment of claims and set up a parallel property commission using European legal experts so Turkish Cypriot refugees have greater confidence in the South s legal system and the impartiality and independence of adjudicators.

The Greek Cypriot authorities should also stop trying to discourage its citizens from seeking their property rights via the North s IPC. In the North, Turkish Cypriots should invest more heavily in human and financial resources, so its IPC can conclude claims even faster. Those awarded restitution should have the right to live in the North, if they so wish. In the event of a political settlement, the workings of these two separate property commissions can be harmonised and merged as part of a new single national body with two branches.

Agree that the criteria on the resolution of disputed property is now based on the ECHR s Demopoulos Ruling, which encompasses the rights of both former and current owners, while minimising elements such as emotional attachment, which should have negligible impact on decisions on property dating back years. Open Varosha, in line with the High Level Agreements. The ghost town should not be used as a bargaining chip. To facilitate this, the real owners should be legally confirmed so compensation or other forms of dispute settlement can be agreed by the affected parties.

Reality-check by preparing their communities for change: for Greek Cypriots this means accepting that the clock cannot be turned back to , and that new injustices cannot be committed to rectify old violations, bi-zonality is a vital component in a re-united Cyprus, and that settlers on both sides are here to stay.

Turkey cannot be relied upon to cover all such costs and individual owners, as well as their community leaders, need to plan ahead: remedies such as exchange and restitution are likely to play a greater part in settling property claims. Prevent people already compensated for their losses through the existing Immovable Property Commission or equivalent remedies in the South from making any further claims.

Stop media speculation, yet undertake regular communication with property owners. There is nothing to be gained by remaining silent and detached from these stakeholders, who need to be reassured about their future.

This includes addressing the Greek Cypriot community s anxieties about their fragile economy being left to shoulder the burden of reunification, and foreign property investors being given cast-iron guarantees their rights will be protected too. Speed up solutions for major private landowners. By resolving property disputes involving Evkaf, the Church, and other major private landowners first, this will create certainty over the future of a large swathe of land across the island. Such certainty can help with territorial adjustments and other provisions needed to resolve the wider Cyprus Problem.

To aid a negotiated comprehensive political settlement, the international community including the EU and Guarantor Powers should work with the two communities to: Vroisha chair Esat Mustafa L and Embargoed! Work on the principle of global, not individual, property solutions, which are vital in conveying to Cyprus diverse property owners precise information about what solutions and actions will take place after a settlement. It is inevitable some property owners will be upset by these outcomes this is true for whatever property proposals the leaders agree upon but the certainty of outcome will boost overall confidence, while a global solution will bring about rapid closure for the affected parties.

Simplify property claims: Any settlement should avoid complicated categories for property claims. The criteria to determine ownership should be based on the Demopoulos Ruling, with a realistic set of options as remedies, so former and past owners receive full satisfaction from the outcome.

This can include part restitution or shared ownership, alternative property exchange, etc. Create a financial pot to assist with property resettlement costs. Whatever commitments the international community, such as the EU, USA, or World Bank make must be communicated clearly, so there is absolute certainty and confidence in the planned solutions and funding behind it. Determine the value of loss and compensation due to each side as a bloc, using realistic market values.

In the interests of swift and equitable outcomes, these may not be exact figures for each individual case, but rather reasonable, fair and just estimates based on the information from the audits. Pay any compensation due via the relevant branch of the property commission.

Ensure individuals avoid direct dealings, thereby minimising the risk of conflict, while ensuring fair settlements are reached using the appropriate criteria. Avoid inflaming tensions by through circumstances such as mass evictions, mass migration within existing communities, and Special Zones where its identity and authority is unclear.

Work towards a long-term vision of Cypriots living freely together, side-by-side in any part of the island they wish. It s an ideal that requires hard work by all stakeholders if it is to become a reality at some point in the future. It starts with the world treating both communities as two political equals and not discriminating against either, helping to normalise life on the ground. In turn, each side must live up to its obligations to the other. For example, taking firm action against the perpetrators of hate crime, protecting the other community s property and heritage sites, and upholding minority rights, which should not be subject to populist interventions and sanctions.

The EU and Guarantor Britain have a vital role to play in this regard. They must deliver on their promises to ease the isolation of North Cyprus, irrespective of the outcome of the negotiations. By continuing to hide behind the Greek and Greek Cypriot veto, the EU in particular has damaged its claims to be an honest broker; instead it needs to re-establish lost credibility as far as the Turkish Cypriots are concerned.

From the start, the terms must clear, just and certain for all stakeholders. Ambiguity creates uncertainty that could hamper support for a settlement plan and undermine confidence in the newly unified state. Property ownership is an emotive subject that needs sensitive handling. Pitting past and present owners against each other by demanding cases are resolved through individual claims is simply unrealistic, reckless and dangerous.

So too is encouraging expectations that can t be met, which could enflame the situation instead of resolving the conflict. The Cyprus Problem, and specifically the property issue, requires significant financing to underwrite the solutions proposed. It is imperative those funds exist at the outset before any promises are made to affected parties.

Should a deal be struck, both parties will be carrying baggage into their new marriage. This momentous occasion would benefit from an extended honeymoon period that eases out existing tensions and builds up trust and confidence. Yet this fragile state of happiness could be snuffed out the minute the settlement is signed if individuals from communities with a history of conflict find themselves at loggerheads over property.

The island s refugees have endured enough delays and difficulties. Now they need their leaders to offer them certainty and closure. Current owners, both Cypriot and foreign, too do not want a situation where their futures are put on hold indefinitely as their largest assets are tied up in lengthy legal and social battlegrounds.

No party stands to gain by turning Cyprus into a lawyer s paradise, which in effect will burden individuals and communities with additional financial and emotional costs. Yet there is no need to re-invent the wheel. Basing Cyprus property solution on the Demopoulos Ruling offers many merits, including those noted below. To ensure its continuity, the Demopoulos judgment should be enshrined into the new Cyprus constitution and receive the protection of primary European legislation.

This would: o Provide a definitive, irrefutable, effective, efficient and pragmatic solution to the two communities to start from a position of certainty. These people have already been waiting for a resolution up to 53 years for a resolution. The proposals that are presented to both communities and those who may not vote, but will surely be affected by them if adopted, must be viable and rooted in today s realities.

They must bring about fast and fair remedies. If it is not possible for the two leaders to achieve a comprehensive political settlement for Cyprus, the shape of the property solution has already been laid down by the European courts. It s time for all parties to work with these common sense verdicts, and finally put this property issue to bed. Full list of mistakes and omissions of the English Version of the Hungarian draft- Constitution This document contains the full list of mistakes and omissions of the draft-constitution English version.

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Principles in Collision: Labor Union rights v. Most of you may agree. Changing the shape of British retirement Free Phone 33 66 About us Welcome to Homewise Like many people, you may have spent years looking forward to a dream retirement lifestyle, perhaps wanting. With infringement proceedings, rulings by the European Court of Justice ECJ and the ongoing lack of online gambling regulation at EU level, it is important to understand the extent to which member states.


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