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Powershell return value 1326 betting

StudyImportDatasetTask' at location 'webserver' 26 ene. I attached a dataset file example that got that error, and this have 2 columns names that mapped to target column CausasId, "CaudasId" and "ParticipantId". Please, can you help me to resolve this problem? Everything is reloaded in the new study but the datasets data. Thank you very much! Ive noticed that occasionally The GUI will not display certain information such as scripts, Pop up boxed etc.

I have ensured popups and JavaScript were enabled in my chrome browser, and cookies and Cache were deleted. All labkey servers worked fine except for one. The solution I found was to reset all settings in my chrome browser, however the specific culprit causing the issue was not found. This issue usually occurs when the full text search index file is being used by another process making it unavailable to LabKey. Once you locate the process using that file you can terminate it.

If these steps do not resolve the issue you may consider deleting the index and allowing it to create a new one, but you will likely need to terminate the process holding that. I have migrated labkey and tomcat7 config from standard host to docker image tomcat8 and same config as labkey, however, since moved to docker I cant authenticate to labkey portal.

However it's not working. I've created the sample type as it's shown in the example and pasted the XML code into the XML metadata but it's not generating an automatic 'SampleInLot' number for each new 'Lot' in the table. I don't think I am fully grasping what you are asking but if you take a look at the doc below you may find what you are looking for. It goes over how to create an expression matrix assay design and how to add an annotation set.

Unfortunately, changing the display format in bulk is not something our "Dataset Design Editor" supports. Changing the display format on the folder level is a great idea and should work. I was able to reproduce the error you outlined in your post and I have created a bug for the developer to address. In the meantime you could try using the list webpart that the UI provides.

There are examples for usage in the document linked below. I finally had last week time to review everything again and with your walk through i have found my mistake - I had a space in the primary key column name - rookie mistake as i have found out. Sry for the inconvinience.

Nevertheless, everything is working as it should, i also understand and can setup the XML metadata as i want which solved quiet some problems ;. So thanks again! Another example directly from the server would be when adding a single list module on a labkey page.

There you can select a list and then a second dropdown menue can be selected in order to select from the list of the corresponding list views. Is there a native way through the XML data to set this up or has this to be implemented via for example Javascript? The message was sent out in error to all users. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If a group has been given the reader role, then all users within that group essentially inherit that role as well.

So they should be able to view the table you're referring to. You can get further information about the available components, how to install the package locally, and see some example usages from the Public API doc page. When impersonating a reader for my tables, I'm able to see data within the table. However, users within a group under reader permissions are not able to see data in the tables.

How do I resolve this? A long JSON message attached arrises when people edit add, remove, modify elements of a list that has been integrated into a wiki page the following way:. I ran a static Code Analyzer on the Labkey code and found the following issues that may need reviewing:. Path, not a String. Hi, In study module when I create a new dataset how can I define all fields with type decimal to have a specific number format?

I have a very long list of fields and it impossible to do it manually for all of them. I tried to define the number format of the study folder but it did not solve this issue. Thanks, Karen. Hello, I am trying to set up Labkey as our labs database. Some of the projects include expression matrix data but the assay format is not as I expected. If I understand correctly in the Samples Type the columns are the samples so it is not an annotation file for samples, and the Assay List is the expression matrix but in a list format and not a matrix.

Is there a different way to do it? For now I uploaded the data to a subfolder defined as study, but the genes annotations can't be integrated with the data. Thanks for any advice, Karen. As announced previously , we have finished migrating our source code from SVN to Git. To reflect this, we are updating the "Trunk" project name on TeamCity.

Henceforth, it will be labeled "Develop" to match our Git branch naming. Note: In order to maintain backward compatibility with existing bookmarks and scripts, IDs will not be changed at this time. I tried the XML you sent and it seems to work as expected on my end. Ill walk you through what I have setup and then we can see if there are any discrepancies. When I added your XML with proper columnName changes the view of that query was able to render the lookups correctly.

You should make sure that the fkColumnName is specified properly. If you are on a newer version of LK you could try and setup the lookup via the field editor UI. If you still aren't able to get it to work, send me screenshots of the list design and the query xml and I will try to troubleshoot further. A folder export would be good as well. For Prior releases will remain in SVN and continue to be maintained based upon our Release and Upgrade policy.

Changes and updates to to the source code for If you are building from SVN trunk source please migrate at your earliest convenience. It's sorting properly given that it defaults to a type of text. As far as I know you can't change the field type of participantID, the field is locked both during creation and editing. I have a list with orders. The primary key is Ordernumber Labkey, the query should gives back just the entries with the status on unprocessed to implement it in a dropdown menue elsewhere:.

This gives back the correct list with entries but the look up is not linked to the original list as explained earlier. Is it possible to have the PrticipantId filed to be of type integer? By default it is text, and it does not sort properly when the IDs are numbers. It seems this to be expected behavior, also because the URL to the insert form contains the participant ID as parameter. As far as I know there is no option that needs to be enabled for this.

Your approach is correct, if the lookup doesn't appear automatically you can opt to set up the link through metadata. Would it be possible for you to show me your query and associated metadata. Having this will allow me troubleshoot further. I wanted you to add "CET" as the timezone in your data. My hope there was that the system would just opt to use the timezone specified by the input file.

We think that it may have more to do with how the date is being parsed. Our theory is that perhaps the parsing setting is not set appropriately for the data in the file. For example, if you are testing with files from our tutorials that assume US date parsing while you have Non US parsing set you will likely run into issues.

Be sure to change the setting back when you are done testing. The LabResults file contains a range of future dates that may not be able to be parsed either way like the date in the demographics file. To eliminate this, you could use text files instead. For example, the attached. Could you try this file to see if it gets parsed appropriately?

This usually indicates that a previous start of the server was able to create the database and the core schema, but failed or was stopped prematurely in the process of creating all the tables. Now that you've resolved the other issues preventing startup, I suggest you:. LabKey should automatically create the database, schemas, and tables, and then populate tables with data.

NullPointerException at org. Looking at our PostGres database we see that the LabKey tables have been created, but all tables are empty. So for some reason the tables are not being populated even though we clearly have write access to the database since the tables were created by the startup process. As noted in the error dump, the error occurs at line in ModuleLoader.

The code there reads:. Evidently, the call to ModuleContext on line is returning a null value for coreContext. We assume that is because the database is not populated. I think you need to have detailed auditing on to do that. Check out this doc on setting the audit level per table. I have recently setup some SQL queries for keeping track of our Lab inventory which is also working quite nicely.

However there is a minor thing that keeps bugging me. I checked the documentation and it states that you can easily get this done by applying the lookup through the Metadata properties. Thus, i accordingly changed the column to a lookup from the appropriate underlying column. Nevertheless the resulting table still does not show the appropriate text links.

I am trying to connenct primary keys for your information. When i am referencing from a table where the value is already a lookup it is copying the textlink right away. I'm not sure if this is possible. There is a section property that you can use to disable a section when in card layout. Lets say you have a survey with two sections each containing some questions.

In section 2 you can attach a listener to one of your questions that listens for changes from a question in section 1. So having questions affect other questions across sections is possible but I'm not sure if you could attach a listener to section that listens for change from a question. You should try and play around with that initDisabled property, and I can see if the devs have any suggestions. You can use below to get a grid like output. You can get more information on other kinds of outputs under the help tab in the report builder.

I am still struggling to find a clear prove that a user has deleted a particular entry in a sample set. From your screenshot I can see that Samples were deleted in a particular sample set by chetc. Would it be possible to find information which sample id exactly a row in this sample set was deleted? Merci for your time Chet. As for your question suggestion :"to add "CET" for the timezone in your data", I'm not sure I understand exactly what you want me to do.

I must say I've tried everything possible: even rewritten manually the dates in any possible format, American or French. Please see the Notepad file attached. No change in the outcome. Still CEST timezone is read. Same error msg with our own research data or Labkey demo data. The odd thing is that this Java behaviour with european time zone is not the same from file to file! Maybe in the first, the system is not parsing on date while in the second it does. I'm thinking of abandoning Study feature and try other type of project types like Lists, but it's a pitty as we lose all the UI and prebuilt features for Study type clinical research, cohorts, Would you please let me know if there's another French or Center Europe Labkey customer?

I can maybe try to see how they deal with this specific problem. Hopefuly this bug will be fixed in the coming version. We do have a fix for this that will be available in a newer version of labkey. Originally we thought that the timezone was being specified in the file you were uploading, but after taking a closer look it's not there.

Regardless, CEST which java doesn't like is getting appended to the data at some point causing labkey give you an error. Would it be possible for you to add "CET" for the timezone in your data? In the screenshot attached you will see that I inserted and deleted a record from the "test1" sample type. I just wanted to update you that we resolved this particular issue with Skyline support team. In case you're interested, the fix is to add the Site: Guests user group to the Reader role.

When Skyline is connecting to Panorama server, even though you give provide user account and password in the connection preferences, it doesn't use this information for initial check of the server. Of course, it does use the user log-in credentials to upload to the server. We just set up Community edition Labkey to test Panorama with Skyline. I was able to access it directly through browser, log-in and create project folders and subfolders setup as Panorama.

However, Skyline don't connect to the server and gives error that reads that our server url is not a Panorama server. I'm wondering if it's a setting for the site, or permission? See attached for error message. I believe that message is saying that whatever labkey received couldn't be parsed as a timestamp.

I am still working on a workaround for this to get you unblocked. I will let you know what I find. Bonjour Chet, Thx a lot for your time. I've no doubt that imports go well for you as it was with David's demos with the same files.

The question is why it doesn't work for us?! I tried again and again with other files and encountered the same exception this time with a ViralLoadPCR from David's demo files attached. I wonder what is exactly the meaning of this Labkey msg: "should be of type timestamp" when the field is already of the type datetime. Is this referring to the system date instead? I beleive something involving the date in our system is set in a way different than in yours that doesn't match what is expected by Labkey and generates this timestamp and CEST exception.

Maybe a screenshot of your setting to CET for comparaison could help? Is the file you sent the same as the file from the screenshot? I just tried to reproduce the problem by. As far as I know there isn't really a built in feature for this.

However, Adams suggestion seems like it would do the trick. We encounter a persistent CEST Central Europe Summer Time exception on date fields each time we try to import datasets in a Study type folder time and participant are mandatory fields.

The result is the same on both V Please find attached, the Look and feel setting with the default date format to which I added a "z" to force the system date; the CEST error message, an example of an Excel file generating the exception. I deleted in Study the default CEST date format in case this caused the error but the result is the same. This very first step error prevents us to go further on our Labkey investigation tests. Thanks in advance for your time.

In case i am doing a survey design with a card layout. Is it possible to hide section based on an answer to a question in a different section? I have an R script that queries an external data source through jdbc, not labkey. I want the data to be dynamically loaded - that is, the query runs each time the report is viewed. I'm thinking this should be straightforward, but not quite seeing how to do it.

As I understand the logs in the Experiment events show the deletion of a Sample Derivation Protocol and not a deletion of an entry in the Sample Set. So when e. Moreover if the sample does not have any Sample Derivation Protocols where the deletion is tracked? Yes, we're importing a specimen archive via a file trigger we have a perl process that generates the archive off daily LDMS data, and then places a file on the filesystem to tell labkey to begin its specimen import process.

I'll look into this. Not exactly what you asked for, but you could create a custom pipeline job that invokes the specimen import followed by your custom tasks s. A Script-Based Pipeline gives you a great deal of power to orchestrate multiple pipeline tasks written in a variety of languages.

The answer is likely no, but to confirm, are you trying to import a study specimen archive? Or are you doing something else that happens to contain data about specimens? Project groups are applied to the particular project and the folders beneath it, which explains why you're seeing the group show up in core. Users for the subfolders. I'm not sure if there is a simple way to collect the data you're after in a JSON like format. I can check with the devs to see if they have any ideas.

I poked around in the R API and found that labkey. Would you mind sharing your R script, so I can take a look? Thank you for providing that csv to test with, unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce the issue nor have I heard of something similar before. When I tried it that record seemed to be in place see screenshot. This will make it so the grid will default to using the date column when ordering as opposed to the primary key. A new user of Labkey here. We have just set up our Dev instance.

We are trying to connect to our internal Mascot server to run MS2 pipelines. On the Admin config page we test connection and everything work You should be able to see Audit information for both samplesets and datasets. You should see what you are looking for see screenshots.

Here are some docs that explains what is tracked by category. Let me make sure that I'm understanding this correctly. We'd like to kick off a post-specimen import process that starts when labkey finishes a specimen import pipeline job. Does a feature like this exist in Labkey Server? I've looked through the UI and documentation, and didn't see anything, but wanted to double-check and make sure it doesn't exist.

The changes were required in the browser Javascript code. The methods you describe should be added to the web. And you have to specify xhr. So this works if the user is logged in to the 'remote' web server. I don't know if all browsers support this. Perhaps you have to add "Cookie" to the allowed headers, so the session is recognized for authentication? I will try to set this up locally to test as well.

There is one detail that is confusing to me, as the issue does not happen if CORS is disabled, I can upload and delete files without trouble. I think you are right that having POST allowed, it must be something else. Users table for each folder, however we ran into an issue where if a user is a part of a project group, they will show up in the core.

Users table for every subfolder regardless of whether they actually have access to that subfolder or not. Even if that project group is not added to any folders and has no ability to access anything in that project, the users in that group will still show up in the core.

Users table for every subfolder. Perhaps those need to be added to the "cors. Our labkey instances work fine without CORS but as soon as we enable it, some labkey functionality does not work. As far as we could test, only file deletion stops working, but still is a problem.

The CORS configuration is as follows, although I've tried using just the default values without any luck. Upon trying to delete a file I have just uploaded in the files tab, I get "Failed to delete" message. Firefox devel tools show:. I have not found any log information that states explicitly that a particular user deleted an entry in a dataset. We are having a strange issue when creating a new list imported from CSV file.

The source CSV file is sorted by one of the columns representing the date and time, but that in the created list in some of the rows this sorting is not preserved after import. I attach an screenshot to visualize what I mean. I attach also the example of CSV file with about 85' lines. The file contain some "? Thanks for the reply.

Yes the HTML file does have javascript in it, however the user has been able to upload a few dozen other HTML files with javascript, it's just this one file in particular that LabKey won't let them upload. If so, then the user will need to be either a "Site Admin" or a part of the "Developers" group.

I believe the issue tracker is treated differently than a regular files webpart. Unfortunately, this is not something that we have optimized the UI for. So there really isn't a way to bulk select columns. Thanks Chet. I will upgrade the installation as soon as I get a chance and will let you know.

We will get a revised Community build pushed out soon, unfortunately we don't have a solid timeline just yet. I will get the process started and update this post next week. They will be updated to Generally the answer for modeling this kind of data in a relational DB is to make it a long skinny table. We have a user who has been running into an issue trying to upload a specific HTML file to a files webpart on LabKey version This may be a configuration problem. If I as an admin try to upload the file I am able to successfully, however if I impersonate her account and try I get the same permissions error.

She is able to upload other files to this folder just fine and strangely enough she is able to upload the file to an issue in an issue tracker but just not to a files webpart. Additionally, no other users are reporting issues with uploading files. I was mistaken in my last post. We've addressed the issue, but it's not yet available for public use. I am not positive of when it will be available but I will update this post once we have a date or release.

When customising a grid, I have to manually check each column from other tables to make a new grid view. I have wide tables with approximately columns in each, and I have to click times if I want to select all columns from any of these tables. Is there a way to customise my grid by clicking a single checkbox to select all the columns from any of the wide tables? In the attached screenshot, I have highlighted a checkbox for the whole table but click is disabled for it.

Is there any way to enable this checkbox so a user can select all columns from any table with a single click? This was actually a bug that we recently addressed. It has been fixed in version 1. I believe you should be able to use your existing code with 1. I am trying to upload a large proteomic RMN dataset columns x rows into Labkey Below a subset of the matrix:.

This method does not work because labkey does not accept to import more than columns. See below an extract of the labkey. But now, I don't see how I could import this Assay to my study matching my Sample Set created before. See images attached. Ho I could manage this kind of array into Labkey. Should I do it with an other method?

Thank you for your help. I recently ran into issue when uploading Skyline document with Chromatogram library into a Panorama folder on our Labkey Server. Vagisha pointed me to the Issue SQLException when importing a Skyline document with a chromatogram library, that she recently resolved. Latest v This is likely the result of a partial upgrade, where some but not all of the binaries get upgraded.

To troubleshooting this, please try the following. If you are importing an archive to a folder already containing a previous archive, then you would need to select either replace or merge. No, there isn't an additional step that needs to happen. Simply importing the archive using these instructions should be enough. If the format is correct and it still doesn't populate then click on "completed" after importing. Then send us the import log. There might be something in there that will help us figure this out.

I would like to trigger pipeline jobs on a Therefore, I included the labkey-client-api The server response is a with the message: "You must use the POST method when calling this action. After a manual upgrade to Labkey Server An unexpected error occurred. NoSuchFieldError: labkeyVersion. The welcome page will be loaded when a user loads the site with no action provided i. See view. This loads a view as expected. This could use a bit of clarification, and we can get the doc updates.

This doc lays out the structure of a module. We have created a bug for this issue. Thank you for the quick reply. It's exciting to hear Labkey is investigating performance improvements to the specimen import. We would love to support incremental imports Since most of our clients aren't able to generate incremental archives, we would like to take this a step beyond what you describe. Our hope is to generate an incremental diff by analyzing a full archive against the previously loaded data, then processing that diff to perform the import in a tiny fraction of the time assuming most data doesn't change between imports.

The diff could also be used to provide more meaningful notifications, audit logging, and tracking, by showing exactly what data changed from import to import. We've prototyped this approach, proving that it's viable and fast. We're now talking to clients about turning this concept into a production feature.

I'll reach out via email. We are curious if LabKey supports or plans to support an "incremental" specimen import. This would allow only the specimen event deltas to be specified in the. It would require complicating the interface--for example, a record would need to signify a "deleted" event in contrast to the current behavior, where a deletion is signified by the absence of a previously-seen specimen event. I didn't see anything on the current documentation that suggests an incremental import is supported.

My understanding is that the current behavior merges the new. Thanks a lot for your answer. Could you let me know where to download the You have a security principal that works, so that's good. It looks like you just need to construct and specify a security principal template that produces a security principal in the same form. What is the corresponding email address for user "admin"? Is it admin myorganism. Don't put any settings into labkey.

I imported a new specimens archive and it said it was completed. However, the specimens are not populating in the Specimens Data tab. I noticed when I was importing the archive, there was not an option for "Replace" or "Merge" as the documentation suggested there would be.

But I wasn't sure if that was because this was the first archive import for the study so therefore it's not necessary to replace or merge anything. I think you are running into Issue which should be fixed in Can you upgrade to check if that resolves the issue? We have installed a new version of LabKey, The same scripts were working in the previous version.

The web interface error message is the following: "script error: afterInsert trigger closed the connection, possibly due to constraint violation". The trigger JavaScript script performs some checks in a dataset and tries to insert new rows in two other datasets. The error seems to happen when trying to insert into the second dataset. I would like more information about how we should proceed to customize an alternative welcome page Labkey This is often used to provide a splash screen for guests.

Note: do not include the contextPath in this string. Hi, think there is a bug in v. See attached screenshot. But it's not clear for me to understand how I should configure correctly the LDAP page setting or the labkey. I tried to change the labkey. Thanks for the prompt response. I understand why you cannot share more details, thank you for that information.

As I hope you can appreciate, we aren't sharing details about the exact nature of the vulnerability or potential method of exploit at this point; we want to provide our clients and users of the Community Edition ample opportunity to upgrade their servers first. I can share that the vulnerability was discovered by an expert, responsible security firm that we have engaged.

We are not aware of any real-world exploits of this vulnerability. However, we strongly recommend that every LabKey Server deployment be upgraded to I was just curious if there was any more information about the recent security update that was done in What did the security issue pertain to? Did it affect any other versions of LabKey before To remedy this, you can run.

That's disappointing Pipeline Pilot does something like this in an output panel making that part at least nicely flexible. Do you know if that is still the case? Unfortunately not. It does seem very close, there is a plot but it's just not interactive.

I tried playing around with some other packages like RMarkdown, leaflet, and webshot but still no luck. In We've tried to make this clear in the documentation and the release notes. Hello Chet. I came across the page you suggested before.

Hello, I have installed Labkey I have configured other applications for AD authentication and works when using the sAMAccountName and the full DN so does the test Even when adding the configuration to the labkey. Is there a way to enable verbose logging for LDAP auth attempts? Yes there is. There is no need to enable anything since this is already happening. The labkey. You should be able to sub for anything.

The principal template is used to search through the LDAP global directory and reassociate one value for another. However this forum will become inactive very soon. To follow up on this question or to ask new question please use our new forum. I am still working out a solution for this, but no I don't think that would be helpful for this issue.

Disclosure: I am on an older version of labkey But it'd be helpful to know if you think it should work or not. An error like this usually the result of a partial upgrade, where some but not all of the binaries get upgraded. NoSuchMethodError: org. Could you please send us the labkey. This should be located in your tomcat directory where you have tomcat installed under logs.

What version of Java do you have installed on the server running If you had Please make sure that you have completed the "Clone Core Modules from GitHub" section in the guide properly. Pay close attention to the paths where the cloned repos should go. This production instance is on When running the command "gradlew deployApp" the build fails immediately after the "Task :server:stageModules" starts.

Other configuration information: apache-tomcat Try: Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights. Exception is: org. TaskExecutionException: Execution failed for task ':server:stageModules'. Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 7.

Use '--warning-mode all' to show the individual deprecation warnings. LifecycleException: Error starting the loader]. I've installed the Labkey server in a dedicated server. Tomcat 9. I'm developing a host of transformation scripts in Python, and I've been successful so far getting a couple examples to function. However, now I would like to be able to access more input variables, shall I say metadata, that I'm also storing in the parent LabKey Project folder as a List. I can access what is in the runProperties.

What I'd like to do is validate naming conventions of incoming data columns against a directory of valid names within the transformation script. Of course I could just use the Assay design itself to validate against during the import process, but I need to actually do this within the transformation script for my application. However, placing this data as a transparent and easily accessible LabKey List or some other type of LK object is most desirable.

You can however choose to not have it display, which will populate the date and time for the specific survey entry on the surveys table. Please look at our survey designer reference and you'll see an attribute called "useDefaultLabel" under the start menu.

Hello Dominique, In data grid views we allow you to pull in connected columns through lookups as you describe. That is standard LabKey server grid functionality. During import of assay data we assume that the focus of the user is on the results, not the existing sample characteristics in the system. To that end, we only offer the sample ID. Once the assay data is imported, it can be viewed side-by-side with sample data and any lookup linked data. The same assumption about focus is true regarding import through a sample selection.

I can see it's potential utility. I would be very interested to discuss with you the scenario s in which your users need sample characteristics in the assay import process. What tools are they coming from or what processes are they used to that might leave them wanted more sample context? Expanding our understanding of desired use cases is always good for the product. Is it possible to expose other Sample fields in these interfaces even from Data Classes linked via a Lookup?

It would be nice if that could be extended: more fields, and also in the Excel template. So I was wondering whether it is possible to provide more context in the assay data upload process. We are upgrading our server's which has prompted an upgrade of LabKey. I just grabbed the latest version of LabKey We are still on So before moving to the new server, my strategy would be to upgrade the existing infra, and then take the database dump and restore to the new server once that is up-to-date.

Is there any possibility to automatically fill the question patientid using the 'survey label'? How to access to the survey label field? Downtime is expected to be approximately 30 mins. During the maintenance window the TeamCity build queue will be paused and resumed once the maintenance has been completed. I imported some data to datasets via the assay module.. Wanting to produce a table describing the queries and fields in the schema but found that the datasetcolumns table in the study schema only shows fields created by the user not those created by the assay module..

Kinda odd..? Am I missing something? Don't want to ETL copy of data to another dataset for reporting.. Yes, as of LabKey Server Community Edition will continue to support database authentication; no change there. We added a "Has Password" column to the Site Users table to help administrators who want to migrate users from LDAP authentication to database authentication.

Is it true that LDAP will be a premium feature in version Will database authentication remain in the community edition? When the data source is connected, it gives the ability to view these tables via the built-in queries on the connected schema.

However, I would like all of these views to be available for users of the project by default and not have to go in and manually create a Query Report based on each of the or so queries. We recently found an error in one of our projects that has multiple group assignments to users.

It appears as if the group ids are being interpreted as a string instead of integer values when there are multiple. One of the errors codes we got is 45B01R.. It generally says it cannot cannot convert the group ids to integer. We have two server implementations same version this one is the only one that shows the error..

I would like to join tables from data sets across sub-folders within a project. The below link describes a folder filter option when selecting the Grid option on a data set to customize a grid with a table from another folder, but I'm not seeing that option when I open any of my grids.

Is that feature only available in certain folder types or for select data sets? I was able to get all containers programmatically, but now I need to create them. Edward, I would advise against making direct updates to the back-end postgresql LabKey tables. As you mentioned there are several tables that reference the visit RowId that may be affected by a change to this table.

I was able to reproduce the behavior you are seeing locally using my Demo visit based study. As you are seeing, we return the visit RowIds by default for these selectRows query response. There is a parameter that you can pass to the labkey. This will add in a column for the visit label. Here is an example from my Demo Study:. I am querying each sub-study individually as there are different users for each of the sub-study and these users should be able to query only their own study.

At the back-end in postgresql, in tables "visit" and "participantvisit", I changed the "row id" number to values representing my actual visits and now when I query the sub-studies, I get the updated visits. However, it is strange that labkey. Edward, I have a couple of quick questions that might help us to figure out what is causing the visit RowIds to be returned from your query instead of the Sequence Numbers.

By closely examining different study tables in the database, where visits are defined, I found out that somehow labkey is fetching values from the "Row Id" from the visits tables. This I think is the bug. Perhaps it could be addressed by changing the "Row Id" in each table wherever there are visits defined to the actual numeric values of the visits? However, for this I will need to find out all the tables where visits are associated row id with other tables so that the tables' relationships in my database do not break.

I have already found that "visit" and "participantvisit" are two tables that are associated and the row ids need to be change in both of them. What do you suggest in this case? Is it possible to create a dataset in a study with 2 or more Additional Key Columns.

I have a home folder where in I have five different sub-studies. In each of the sub-study, the visits starts from 1. When I try to retrieve rows from the tables in each of the study, only the first study returns correct sequences, i. Other sub-studies, return integer values such or When I tried to import the visit map through the following code, I found out that actually these returned integers are Rows Id and not the sequence number or the visit label.

Can you kindly fix this issue? As of r in trunk, the gradlePluginsVersion has been updated to v1. This version brings some exciting to a build-geek changes , including:. Because of these jar changes, once you pull in this change, you will want to do a cleanBuild. Without this, you'll have stale schema jars in your build directory and you will likely end up with two copies of some of the JSP jars, which could make for confusing behavior.

With this plugin version and going forward with LabKey You shouldn't need to make any changes in your current build as a result of this unless you had explicitly been referencing artifacts using 'org. We are, however, still auditing these dependency declarations to make sure they capture everything they should and there will likely be refinements of this in the future.

To enable the publishing of the module dependencies, the use of the property moduleDependencies in the module. See more information on how to do this here. I have negative timepoints on my study and 1 day duration and these are not ideal for our study settings. Therefore, I changed the start Date of the overall project and also change the Default Timepoint Duration to I didn't receive any error message so I didn't know what went wrong.

I hope you can shed some light on this problem. I am using some pictures from a camping trip as dummy files. In the toolbar and grid settings I've checked those properties to be sortable. When working in the file repository I can not sort by the custom properties. When I try and sort by the property is just sorts by the file name instead.

My goal is to make a system where a user can sort and filter these files and download the results in bulk. I'll worry about more advanced features later. I'm new to LabKey and attempting to reload a study but I'm not sure on the steps in between the export and import of the reload. I exported the existing study to the pipeline and I have three excels that are reloads of the existing datasets that I need to import.

How do I map them to the study? Do they need to be saved somewhere specific so they are captured in the reload process and in a certain file type? I have reviewed the Export, Import, and Reload Study documentation pages but still cannot quite connect the steps. I was advised to submit support tickets by developers for the following items at the LabKey user conference, but I am unable to do this as I am a community user. I will post them here instead and hope they reach the right people.

How does your company handle other Tomcat applications that connect to resources? If credentials are decrypted on the fly, then how do web applications get that decryption key? Best practice from the Tomcat team is to properly secure your configuration files. Our company does not allow us to store plain text passwords in files. Credentials must be always encrypted and then decrypted on the fly.

Does LabKey support encrypted credentials? The blog post talks about I use a database of a study which I have always been able to log in to enter data all this time. I have attached the screen shot of how it looks when I try to open the database link. It doesn't seem to be described in the documentation.. No there is not. However, this will still not enable multiple LabKey servers running concurrently.

That configuration is completely untested and unsupported. We have had customers successfully deploy LabKey in to a cluster in a fail-over configuration only one LabKey active at a time. However, we do not support multiple instances of LabKey running against the same database server concurrently.

As you guessed this is primarily due to aggressive caching in-memory caching. Is it possible to dynamically create a project through the Python API? I couldn't find much information in the documentation. If not, are there any other tools I can use to programmatically create projects?

Do you have any information that can assist us in getting a clustered environment to work? We have 2 nodes and in order for changes to appear on the 2nd Tomcat node, we need to restart. We recently deployed Labkey When we make changes ie. Hi, I am trying to write the.

It works, thank you very much. Anyway, look up on thread-local storage. You could make a singleton config object that is thread-local. I have a service layer that references business manager objects. In essence on the service call, I want to retrieve the provider type a custom enum in my code and the connection string from the web. For some reason, the code is unable to find the settings in my project web.

How do I override this. It is extremely frustrating. As you can see from the snippet the setting AND the connection string name exist, but the code never picks it up. But I'd like to change the pattern from ""SFr. Any suggestions how I could do that? Here is the code: Thanks in advance! UI-Thread and UpdateThread hate working at the same time! Although there are some typos, etc. Further info, I was following the tutorial in your documentation.

Here's my security: Here's my config settings for UserBundle and oAuthBundle: I was following this guide: Any help or point in the right direction, would be hugely appreciated! Appears to be a far cleaner solution. And if I send a web request which asks for some database data to be displayed on the webpage For the first one or two times, the server responds rightly and data are retrieved and displayed.

However, when the same request is sent repeatedly Just by refreshing the browser by hand to resend the request , Hibernate will not respond anything. And it is choked there! Also the log message stays at the ""opening hibernate session"" line shown by SessionFactoryUtils class in Spring Any solution??

No worries! When i start it, i see black view. This black view is shown before app's first view. And it looks really awful. Can i set here preview picture? Where am I going wrong here? You can't free something unless it was allocated with malloc or calloc. It's likely corrupting the heap and causing the crash.

When using the Layered Nav widget I would like to display the thumbnails corresponding to the selected filter. So if the users selects the 'gold' attribute in the widget, the gold thumbnails should display in the archive. Using ACF I added image fields to the main product for thumbnails and modified the action in my functions. I am trying to write a function that will retrieve the right thumbnail for the currently viewed filter but I cant find a way to check the active attribute for the page.

Any help will be hugely appreciated! Sometimes I use this tool: And I found an excellent article about the screen sizes and densities: I hope it will be useful for you! Seriously, if you have a well-known ID at the top of your structure, you don't need to ID everything else It happens in firefox, not IE. I don't know why its only the side-panel that it happens to. Its not really a big deal but its extremely annoying to me, is there any way to stop it?

If you want to check it out, the site is t;neutral;How did you get the name of the temporary table that the alter command creates? It works in my case. At this size I'd be more worried about the confusion likely to be caused by a 4D array than the size it is taking! As others have said, if it fully populated, arrays are ok. If it has gaps, an ArrayList or similar would be better. If the Strings are just IDs, why not store an enum or even Integers instead of a string?

No need to go overboard and cry for regexes at the slightest provocation -- Bash has plenty of power! Thank you very much. If you'd like some brownie points, please submit it as an answer and I'll mark it as the correct answer. That said, excellent question! I managed to select some most elements withtheir id with the command but i'm unable to find some elements that do not have an tag. I tried these following lines without result, as i have have an a mix of the two aboce alt and src in xpath and cssSelector This element HTML code is If somebody could help me, that would be very nice : Thanks, and have a good day!

I'm going to check it out! NET without having to resort to the regex hammer. This will also be more reliable than a regular expression based solution. I'd suggest that you take a look at. I want to move the camera, but I can't at all, whatsoever. Why doesn't this work? If, for some bizarre reason, you would need to do multiple types, this is valid though awful :" t;positive; Bakuriu, thanks for your answer! Now, for work, I was asked to code in Grails and although I first had some objections, I now think it's a very decent framework.

One thing that really impressed me in Grails are Taglibs because they make frontend modularity so much easier. I would really like to do something with Rails. Is there anything like Taglibs for Rails? If not, what are the best practices for accomplishing this kind of view modularity and, in essence, making my life easier? So now whenever URL is it's looking for in. Everything works very fine! But I'm having two kind of projects in this directories.

I want to ""rewrite DocumentRoot"" to if this directory exists and I want to use it's. Is this possible with some? Below is my code and what I am trying to do is align the inputs with the labels. Is there a rule that you use to help remember when coding forms? Configuring these filters can be very time consuming but they're working fine : Thank's for all your help! It can turn out to be quite a pain! Then someone suggested I make the plugin calls a function, then call the function after creating the Response data attributes.

I have no idea why it works, but it does. It would be absolutely horrible for bandwidth and memory usage, and of course no audio, but it would somewhat simulate video being played. Each row has additional information. Ideally, when a user taps on each row, a new layer will display, covering the whole screen, that provides more information for each row.

The layer can be closeable by tapping on the new layer itself. Is this something I can do with a to begin with? Or do these rows need to be divs instead? Please if someone could push me along, that would be excellent! Incredibly annoying. I added it res. Happy New Year. Thank again you so much. Note that if this doesn't work, then you may be compiling with wrong flags. To be sure, take the flags by running: For more information, see t;positive;Check this thread on Joel of Software forum: Lots of excellent free icons packs!

I could do it manually but that would be very painful. How can I automate this task? As a workaround, you can replace categories with inheritance this may be very painful. You can test for the index y respectively Hope that helped, Cheers!

Alex t;neutral;Links are fixed. Informix unfortunately : : : t;positive;Oh! Worked like a charm! When is it appropriate and when not? However, I'm looking for one more feature: is it possible to eager load last subordinate record before a specific date?

This is needed so that my users can browse a history a song's votes with links to previous and next days. If this works, why spend the time and effort? If you really hate it that much, write a function that encapsulates that bit of logic. See ejs, or jade for example. If you are using Express nodejs framework, then it is very comfortable to use jade.

NET t;neutral;I'm trying this Some solution? This is a little concerning. Does anyone know at what point the SSL encryption takes place? This I assume would mean that any software that is installed on your machine could potentially get access to this post data. Very scary. Use a CSS declaration instead. This is the way to do it. Thanks so much for explaining. Excellent explanation! But you're right - it doesn't make any difference one way or the other. Nice library by the way - extremely useful!

The code below is not finished and is being used for testing purposes, hence the button does not actually call a different script yet. I get this TypeError in the Traceback: I have tried deleting many different things from my code to determine what these arguments might be but to no avail. It is incredibly frustrating as I am sure it is the most simple problem. That's abuse! I had downloaded Automapper, but wasn't sure how to use it on anything more than the simplest object mappings.

I love how some of the concepts shown help keep the code DRY. This works really great! A range-based away subscript is a type for performance reasons. It does not copy the indicated sub-array, instead it just points to the range defined by the you provide to the subscript. So you would work with it just like with XmlDocument: t;positive;been trying to save my data from my while loop to script variables but no success. Did an example if how I want to save my php data to script variables.

This doesn't work for me. Anyone have any idea? Don't want to save all data manually. Very greatful for answers! Ask if you don't understand : t;positive;excellent - thanks everyone! Does anyone know of a written or video tutorial that will explain how to create a list and list instance in MOSS Preferably a method that focuses on the CAML xml , and explains in detail the theory, and demonstrates how it is done.

Sad fact! Text if you want to use StringBuilder. So what is the name of the default settings? Because I want to change it back to the standard. In your case, I'd run a cronjob every day that removes the rows that got made longer then 48h! I think that this would be enough. All hugely ugly in T-SQL. Far easier to do it in a language that's more general purpose.

Excellent point! I don't know why I didn't see that before. That solves the issue with np. No need for another thread. Thanks again! When i launch ""Instruments"" in Allocations mode, i see every image of my app adding to ""Living"". I really don't understand how it could be possible I have found a solution it's terrible, be warned! Open Unity and load your solution in MonoDevelop 4. Change the line ""TargetFrameworkVersion"" v3.

Even if its really painful. What languages will you accept? It gave me the background for the way an MVC application is designed, and enough to start making my own applications and research to fill in the blanks. Highly recommend this tutorial. Make sure to read through all of the and check out this code below referenced from : t;neutral;this doesn't work. I still can't quite understand the question though. Could you include the output? AKA, declare it in a public header: and define it within your compilation ""unit"" - but outside any.

As a little bonus.. NET Handler which collect the information and then insert the comment, but I am afraid that any one could use it , am I wrong!? Unforunately Xcode doesn't use CodeSense for editing files outside a project, which is incredibly frustrating. My attempt was: t;negative;Oh God, I remember this, it was absolutely horrible.

Worse, I can't remember how to fix it offhand. Can these two systems work seamlessly together? I have worked on projects where 2 teams used separate issue-tracking systems and keeping them in sync was a major headache. I'm coming from a lot of front end JavaScript and I use console. I'm wondering how to console. Any suggestions would be really awesome! If I delete all bin and obj folders from projects, I can open aspx and ascx View page. But it crashes again after compiling.

It started to crash after I moved strong typed model to different project. I got stuck and cannot go further, really frustrated! I'm using Visual staudio Sp1. MVC 2. NET 3. Anyone can help? Will try it soon. But it should work i guess. Am posting the index. JS GitHub is here for the file Thanks Loads Shei t;positive;I'm trying to open a different ajax modal for each table row clicked. So I did this: That, however doesn't work - while this does: If anyone could please point me in the right direction I would be extremely happy : Thanks everyone!

Weka is not covering that functionality. If it is possible, where can I find a really excellent example code and hopefully a working form to view? Also, are there any tips you have for implementing this? I'm new to XForms, and only know the basics so far Thanks so much! So, my file is under public directory: My filter: Finally my pattern: If I try to access the rule does not work.

I can see whole contents of file. If I try to acess the filter works great. Because there is no file which named under the directory. Any help would be really great! Thanks a ton! For example on the bottom of the layout it might say ""Q6"". Currently the layout only shows the questions, possible answers and a next button.

Would I need to change the java class and the layout? Any suggestions would be really great! Thank you!! Here is the question class:" t;negative;fails horribly for, e. Best of luck, hope that helps! Maybe I can just don't install it, and leave the hell to user. Loader unless you feel extremely masochistic.

The Land of Big Pain lies down that road. Here's the code: David Wasser you are extremely helpful, thanks! This is one of those questions I feel others must have encountered, , none of the supposed solutions work for me so I must be doing something wrong I have an extremely simple app setup.

There is some textual data in test. I set both and at the appropriate time after stuff has loaded. At first I tried loading terms. So I opted to try. Surely, it is possible to load local textual assets with JQ on DroidGap? I keep getting this SQL. Exception : Too few parameters. Expected 1 error on the last remaining bugs in this program.

Little background on the db: It has 3 tables A player table 11 columns , a team table 3 columns , and an Opponent table 6 columns. These are both of the functions and I am fairly certain the problem lies in here somewhere or this function t;negative;Is search and replace the only way to rename as asp control in the code behind file? I find this extremely annoying, but it is the only way I can find. I'll have to go in the code behind files and search and replace.

I get annoyed Are there any better ways - preferably that would not touch a similarly named variable in another scope in the project. I'm on VS with resharper -- does VS address this perhaps? That filter in web. I'm not familiar with that format, I'm afraid : t;neutral;I want to compare columns on the basis of parameter e.

Any suggestions? Extend the TextView component class In the constructor of the subclass, fire off the code Also I have completed a Computer Architecture course and really loved it. Otherwise if you don't keep them synchronized, these branches will diverge and merging them back on trunk will be a really pain. SVN merge's are ok if you do them early and often.

I use PeepOpen, so it's incredibly annoying to cd back to my project directory every time I want to edit a new file. When I was done I didn't really hate it though, because it allowed me to free-up the UIPageViewController and all of it's child UIPageViewControllers and all of their resources when the user wasn't actively using the tab. I hate these types of questions! Any such log would have to be programmed into the database, so no worries, you don't have to disable it since it doesn't exist by default!

I got it working with your help. Database type? They will only create compiler warnings, not errors. Also, this analysis is pretty slow on large projects. However, I'm hoping this technology will evolve and eventually be integrated into the language itself. It's incredibly promising!

Invalidate the timer when your view disappears. When i hover over a text i simply want a div. It works. But it's just if i spam the text-trigger with hover and un-hoverring really quickly and then stop the animation begin to give a blinking effect. It just kind of loops, really annoying! It has a lot of good packages. I found these packages to help you with zip files for example: The NPM registry is really amazing : t;positive; Alex: Great : Happy further coding!

I'll make it as answer, that you can hopefully accept with a lovely big green tick :- t;positive;Excellent workaround..! Any help would be hugely appreciated : t;negative;" ceejayoz I use svn for development, but I really hate the idea of having many "". You should document that as an answer and accept it so many more people can solve this with a google search on 'single line of text' : t;neutral;will give you what you want, I think.

Windows allows you to assign shortcut keys to an icon on the desktop, but it limits them to the function keys or to combinations containing both Alt and Ctrl. Right-click on a desktop icon and go to Properties, and look for the field marked ""Shortcut key"". I would not allow such a thing to survive a code review.

FileManager uses the FancyUpload3 script that is soon to be released for good-looking file uploads. And, it can be easily integrated with TinyMCE as well. I'm trying to add some commas "","" in between them. Ideally i need a single comma added to every 4th word but this is beyond my modest jQuery skills. This is my code: Really hope you can help! The fixed code should simply be: t;neutral;Simply use.

It will point out all your memory allocation mistakes with excruciating preciseness. Name to declare a variable, not having much luck with books online. Any ideas where I can find this? Thanks t;positive;Excellent information, thanks!

If you are desperate to get this working you could force Chrome to redraw the element on window resize, maybe? I knew I had forgotten about something important. It works like a charm. Try to do it with inlineEditSupport. Consider visiting Following Links. This is DVD based presentation, so everything is being loaded Local.

NET Framework for an already built project? My json is. How it is achieved. Working on a project that is stored on a mapped network drive. Whenever I go to close the solution it takes several minutes for Visual Studio to close. It does eventually close, but very painful waiting for it to finish. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? But this is really painful :- Does there any way to deploy app without restarting Tomcat?

Is there any settings in ccnet. I clicked on the little button on the top right of this t;negative;Im maintaining a site where I need to 'click' a link with javascript. The href is inline javascript, not a url so I cant just navigate to that url instead. Im expect this is bad practice the rest of the site is terrible! Im using jQuery. I know this question has been asked before but it seems normally people are trying to follow the link, which I am not. Take a global variable Use timer i.

Then set. Then remove timer optional but better. But this makes future integration from the trunk extremely painful. Basically, you have two different use cases, so it makes sense to have two different implementations. It's pretty awesome:! Think of it as a bookshelf. Sometimes I can have as many as books. I've added shadow to the with code that is this: When I add the shadow code, as seen above, scrolling performance is just totally killed and becomes choppy.

Each image has a different so the shadow has to be created for each item as it scrolls. Anyone have any tips on how to add shadows to my images on a without having this issue? I really hate javascript popups Internally the data is always stored as TEXT, so even if you create table with , SQLite is going to follow the rules of data type t;neutral;You could also use property for this: t;positive;Excellent!

Tank you so much, much appreciated. Will read it in detail shortly t;positive; mludd: excellent! Can you elaborate? It's so very horrible. But JQuery is here to the rescue, as always: t;neutral;I have a composite control, I need to get the address of page hosting it. I'd really hate to have to reinvent the wheel to do this.

It's just a matter of getting the right connection string in your code. Check out this very excellent reference -- scroll down for SQL Express tips. The following webpage provides an excellent example of this: Good luck! Sometimes this piece of code [.. So it works randomly??? Thanks t;neutral;With PHP you can use method to run you.

Pass the name of the script via post data, but be very very careful, user can modify the param to execute malicious code on your machine! How can I do it? It is so terrible for my database!!!! Does anyone meet this? I used it with great success yesterday! How to do this? I'm able to change the content ""live"" absolutely fine as you'll see here: I'm not able to get this working with the css method using the same principles though: Thanks!

Here is a useful video to help you re-design you page: Also, this is useful for comparing when each positioning method is best used: And finally a general website that will be extremely useful for you in the near future may be! If you do post it I will likely contribute I think it's not isnt'?

There are 3 values possible for this. And ""Banned"" as apposed to ""1"" and ""Temp-Banned"" as apposed to ""3""? I am using a table for this. All help is incredibly appreciated : " t;negative;I think this'll be what I'm going to go with. I really hate dealing with XML files. But whatever you do, do NOT resort to Application. ProcessMessages it will only cause you grief! You could explicitly specify the but that would be ugly, awful code.

Much better to use as Iselzer suggests. I need to crawl data from youtube channel using the offline access tokens of our users but the problem is we have 20K of that and having 1 request at a time is really painful and is taking lot of time. And now I'm worried I'm not on the right track with opening a document so I can read and write cells.

Better spare the tester this tedious stuff, so he can concentrate on the nasty testing. I don't remember the exact rule, but it's a very simple modification that tends to 'densify' the population of cells But we have had very good results with Nevron. Their support is excellent as well. Another good option is TeeCharts. The site uses master pages - I don't know if that is a consideration.

Master Page snippet: Page snippet from : What is more, if I run the page through the , it complains about I've already got a workaround in place, but it's annoying the hell out of me, so I'm determined to find a resolution! I learn a new very useful information about DirectShow :- t;positive;I am pretty sure this can help! While it is easy to debug the Java side of things and ensure the Velocity Context is populated correctly, it would be extremely valuable to be able to step through the parsing of the VTL on the merge step, set breakpoints, etc.

I am not a designer, but I need to build a prototype for a project, and if I do it myself it'll certainly be awful Do you know where I could find that ASP. NET specific? Loved it. This should be the selected answer. URL:" t;neutral;The skeleton-pair mechanism mentioned in the post preamble is quite general and is built-in to emacs -- no need to fetch wrap-region for new emacs installs or worry about wrap-region's compatibility.

That's not generally desirable. Use the Win32 API. There is an dating back to , and many free libraries and examples on the web to get you started. NET option will be much easier. Also we have a hardware splitter with a switch so we can monitor traffic to our application via a cable back to another port. Windows allows you access to the serial port via CreateFile. That gives you a handle and from there you can configure access. I look forward to hearing an answer. For Apache, have a look at.

This returns, according to the Python docs: a tuple containing its pid and exit status indication: a bit number, whose low byte is the signal number that killed the process, and whose high byte is the exit status if the signal number is zero ; the high bit of the low byte is set if a core file was produced.

How do I decode the exit status indication which is an integer to obtain the high and low byte? To be specific, how do I implement the decode function used in the following code snippet:" t;neutral;"I'm trying to customize some TFS work items via the VS xml editor, but every time I open a work item xml file it jumps to the graphical designer. All that gives me is a ""View XML"" button that doesn't let you edit the xml directly. Be careful about having some alternative method of killing the grab though, it's very annoying to have to go somewhere to into your own box just to kill that process That way, you could also control it in any number of other ways you haven't thought of yet.

Apologize to those who clicked quickly and saw the garbage. For example, I understand that the following code will allocate two strings on the heap. However, how many strings does the following line allocate on the heap My official reason for leaving Actuate? Microsoft understood the need for basic things like enumerated types since added to Java but it took way too long and excellent Windows UI support and Actuate had no interest in building.

NET products. I have a function that needs to set the bg color of two tables. Only the first table in the function is being affected. Is only one for loop allowed in a function? I can pretty much work around this by creating multiple functions but I really want to understand why this behaves the way it does! Here is my simplified code: t;neutral;"If you worry about the cost of Throwable. I personnally never had to move a MFC-app into using the Qt framework, but here is something which might be of some interest for you : It's part of Qt-Solutions, so this means you'll have to buy a Qt license along with a Qt-Solutions license.

Not only does WSS2 use an old, pre-release version of WS-Addressing, it adds propritery elements to the soap header e. What a crock. What approaches should I consider? What benefits do I gain from writing software this way? How do I get started with this practice? I personally use Windows 7 for dev. You spend way less time debugging the OS, and more time coding.

This makes management much happier! PHP developer mostly t;neutral;"To add something to this cause I found it while searching on this problem, and my solution involved slightly more If you don't have a ""Browse with You can remove the file afterward. Also, if you edit the default in VS you won't have to worry about getting the schema right, so the work-around dummy file is probably the easiest way.

See in your JavaMail distribution for more details. For example,. Similarly, use to send emails via Gmail. Again, read for more details. It is an excellent tool for doing just what you're describing It not free, but it works well. Any help would be greatly appreciated: t;positive;Fantastic! Traditionally, I'd have a pointer to left and a pointer to right, but manual memory management typically ends in tears.

Which leads me to my question AutoHotkey is an excellent solution when you need to do something that you just can't do using an existing API. It has many safeguards that can be used to ensure that the correct program is targeted. There are many possibilities. The answer that is marked as an answer, isn't an answer. It just an obvious statement which is the reason the question was asked in the first place. I would suggest anyone marking down this answer should first look into AutoHotkey and learn what it can do.

It should be built into windows. Is it possible for an instance of a class to be created before its unit's initialization section has run? In other words could an instance of TMyObject try to use FLogger before it's been set in the initialization section? Apart from the ones included in the latest release of Asp. Net Mvc which one do you use?

How much you can reuse them in different projects and are they linked only to html generation or did you put some custom logic inside? The only thing that should be obfuscated would be the class and member names. In addition, many tools Dotfuscator is one create a map file to tell you what obfuscated construct name maps back to which original name - this can make it a pain to figure out exactly where the log messages come from, but nowhere near impossible.

Is this Experts Exchange or some other pr0n site? So the only advantage to not using an is saving one object allocation, which is unlikely ever to be a big deal. Garbage collection is typically the least of your worries.

It is about as well thought out as HTML. What I need is for the scrollviewer in my control to scroll to the top or bottom depending on where the latest item has been added to the list. It'll always be either the beginning or the end of the list, I don't need to worry about middle of list insertions. In WPF i'd just use the DataContextChanged event to start listening to the viewmodel, but in silverlight that event is internal.

Any ideas on how to tackle this? I'd love something like this! This moment I'm passing username and password to the webservice as arguments, but I fear that this approach is highly insecure. I was told that ssl could solve my problem, but I want more alternatives. Most of the free, public hosting sights will insist that you license your code with an OSS license and, possibly, your documentation.

That's potentially a different thing that you're talking about backups. For just backups, you may want to try a for-pay service or even something like. No offense, but that is the most annoying and useless 'feature' ever! It will silently fail for floats. It also lacks parentheses. Are you sure you load the. Are you sure it is in the right path? IIRC, the. Although I might be terribly wrong. I found a solution and used it with great success. However I need to add extra conditions to it, it should only be done if certain other columns are equal too.

Any advice on Culerity in general or specifically as compared to Selenium? In other words, the image if smaller than the dimensions allotted on the design surface will be anchored to the top left corner, not in the center. My report will know the URL of the image at runtime, and I need to be able to center this image if it is smaller than the dimensions specified in my designer. But I haven't had great success using Vista.

So I'm modding you up. I'd like to see a reliable answer myself. In my experience, the timer is horribly inaccurate in a lot of situations. By inaccurate, I mean the actual delay time seems to vary by ms more or less. Are there any tricks that can be done to ensure that performs accurately without resorting to an external API or is this a lost cause? For example, I have this referenced in my App.

Is there anyway to centralize these references and use the prefix defined here? The possibility of each control having a different prefix is also worrisome. In asp. Net application. It would be incredibly helpful if the toolset was usable via ASP. Net version 2. It should be compatible at a minimum with Internet Explorer, but would be better if browser independence were an option.

Jeff's point, while not very encouraging, does accurately reflect how extremely difficult is to get anywhere with this. What are the most common scenarios you have found where you need to clone an object? Is there anyway to post to the public queue that is on the domain from the machine in the DMZ?

I could use a webservice to post but this is a extra component to maintain. The database table is the alternative solution but again it is not the ideal. Since his site uses to do syntax highlighting, and it uses syntaxes, he needs a Delphi syntax for TextMate.

Does anyone know where I might find one that has already been updated for Delphi? NET Tab on the properties of the process. It will show all the. NET performance counters for that particular process. Awesome tool! They're much easier to work with. With SAX you have to worry about saving state between the callbacks.

My eyes hurt! I suggest you learn jQuery or another javascript library and avoid using UpdatePanels all together. You can do the same for files already created. This of course would require that you know the total in the end. This would probably only be okay if this you're not too worried about server load.

Markus Olsson gave an excellent example , but I don't see how to apply it to generics. Carried to it's logical conclusion, a complete wrapper for all aspects of an operating system becomes an entire virtual runtime.

You might as well make your own programming language. String operation. A utility class might be in order, but it would be extension method abuse to use an extension method here. If someone has a way of making that work, please provide solution. The Javadocs specifically say that calling cloneNode on a Document is implementation-specific. I've tried passing the Document through a no-op Transformer, but the resulting Node has no owner Document. I could create a new Document and import the nodes from the old one, but I'm afraid there might be bits of Document metadata that get lost.

Same thing with writing the Document to a string and parsing it back in. Any ideas? By the way, I'm stuck at Java 1. The new javascript-based UIs I think work on a node-style event loop so I don't think the ui thread is even an issue. For all its many many faults, Microsoft does deserve some credit for how its dev tools have evolved. NET came out, the company provided J as a way to move those devs and their code, unchanged, to. Today, starting out, there is no reason to use J.

The by of , creators of LiveJournal, are also excellent case studies. Check out first. StackOverflow is really amazing By the way: I just love the badge ""Works on my machine"" you have in your profile I think I'll borrow this! This is the canonical function for moving, resizing and setting z-order in Windows. Look at VS. I have not tried this on a window belonging to another process, but it is probably worth a try.

A PowerShell script would be idea. Hope someone can help! Cheers, Zi" t;neutral;Side note: some people hate that menu. Just take a look at all the Greasemonkey scripts that get rid of it. Where TF did you people learn to read?

Is this intentional? The notation would only switch between setting the attributes by constructor to setting them by accessor. I'm afraid, this will not change anything. Can anybody help? In practice I think TDD often has some very negative effects on the code base crappy design, procedural code, no encapsulation, production code littered with test code, interfaces everywhere, hard to refactor production code because everything is tightly coupled to many tests etc.

The one that worries me the most is that it deteriorates the architecture. Martin and James Coplien where they touch on this subject. Steve's findings are that his Squid proxy didn't cache the querystring URL - which is the exact opposite of ""require filename changes in order to break the cache"".

My understanding is that iron ruby is not quite ready yet. If you are looking for a good book my current favorite over pickaxe is by matz and flanagan, the book is very concise well written paragraphs and they provide great examples in 1. I'll accept Brians' answer. However, using lots of instanceof suggests a design issue.

Note: you don't need instanceof for final classes.


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Hi Kiran, yes, to generate restore scripts for all databases you just leave the database parameter blank. Thanks, Paul. Just trying out your script for the first time, it is awesome — but I do have a problem I cannot solve. Hi Adrian, if you query the table msdb. Appreciate your reply.

I looked in the msdb. Not sure yet how these got there as we only do backups to disk. Might be a good idea to incorporate some linked server functionality for centralized management compatibility. When a new database file is created after the latest full backup, the restore script generated will not work when specifying with move.

This is because the script tries to move the new file, which did not exist in the backup. I think to fix this you can add this condition on line AND b. That should filter out files that were created after the last full backup. I think failing at the log backup restore is better than failing at the full backup restore, though.

After some further poking, it looks like to get this to work you would need to find what log backup the file was created in, and append a MOVE for the file to that restore command. Thanks for looking at it, cheers Paul. I think there is an issue with the condition on line I have run into a case where an extra log backup is trying to apply. I think this is due to the following time table:. However, since only the start dates are being compared, it is included in the script.

Thanks very much Paul. I tried to set my query options at larger numbers but still no luck. Please advise. Is there a parm that I can set in the proc maybe? I have this problem at work too. Hi Paul, Your quick response is much appreciated. I added the parameters but errored out on the SupressWithMove parameter. It took the PivotWithMove parameter. Not sure why the restores are taking this long either? SQL Fairy automirror handles this by performing a second pass after the initial restore is done and calculating which additional logs to restore.

Is there a parm I can supply to the proc so it will give me all twenty backup files? No, sorry, RestoreGene supports a maximum of 10 striped backup files it automatically detects them Regards Paul. Hi Paul, Is there a limit on the number of databases that we can pass to the databases variable. It seems to be stopping at 60? Thanks and best wishes, Paul. Thanks Bob. The variable containing database names has been increased in length, in V6. Regarding the restore performance stats, the sqlhelp hashtag on Twitter might get you a better answer than I can give to be honest.

Hi Paul, thanks for the latest update 6. By design? Thanks again for the script, the updates and continued support. Can you tell which of the queries is hanging? Are you supplying a database name parameter or are you passing null to generate restore scripts for all user databases? Does the restore wizard work? Do you have a lot of databases and backup history? You might need to tidy backup history! Yes the wizard works, but takes like 2 min to appear now We have 4 databases with full backups every 1 week, diff backups every 1 day and log backups every 15 min, keeping 2 weeks.

So there are a several thousands backups files in total for all databases. Any idea? Hi Sebastian, someone in Italy sent me a new version of the procedure which is apparently much faster. The problem sounds like a bad query plan has need generated, if there is a lot of backup history for many database this could be the problem. Hi Sebastien, V6. The change is to filter the databases more carefully at the start to avoid unnecessary work.

Nice, but I have the same problem with the new version. How can I debug this? Fabulous script! Thank you for taking the time to create and maintain this. I have a question about Availability Group databases. I have a full weekly, a differential daily and 15 min transaction log backups.

For simplicity, I have two servers S1 and S2. S1 is primary, then failover occurs and S2 becomes primary. When I run restoregene on S1, I get the following backup chain: Full, 1 diff, logs stops when failover occurred. When I run restoregene on S2, I get nothing for databases in the AG, which I suspect is because the backup chain is broken, even though there are subsequent differential and log backups; I can see in the msdb that the backup info is being recorded.

Hi Laurisa, Restore Genie relies on finding a full backup in the local instances msdb history, because that occurred on S1, it returns nothing on S2. That was what I suspected based on my testing and reading through the code, but I wanted to confirm. Thank you for your response. Happy Holidays. I really love this stored procedure! However in a SQL environment v.

Hi Paul, Sorry for the late response. The script v6. Thanks for the modification! Kind regards, Erwin. Your suggestion makes 3 fixes needed which is my notional new release threshold trigger, will try and do it all this coming weekend. First issue is that the original mdf and log files are appended even though I have specified the path in the parameters. Do I need to specify some other parameter? Third issue is why the procedure is not running the restore command automatically and is only returning the sql text?

It generates restore statements to be used by another process or yourself manually. I think this is probably due to nothing changing in any of the log backups, making them unnecessary. However, I by restoring them anyways it gives me more insight into the amount of time behind the current time the last backup was. If mirrored backups existed or more than 1 log file and WithMove was specified there were problems, both also resolved in V6.

Hi Stephen, I sent Ola Hallengren an email and asked if I minded me reusing some code in his maintenance procedures, he very kindly said OK. That code has been added here in Version 5. Thanks for the suggestion Stephen and also to Ola for permission to reuse a bit of his code.

This looks like a fantastic script and I hope to use it in the future. One thing I am looking for and could not find in the documentation is an option to specify more than one user databases, say like a csv list and get the restore script only for those databases? Do you have any suggestions for that? Thanks for the awesome script! Alternatively, you would need to call it multiple times and pass database name on each call. Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that my migration from SQL to SQL was a success, and this script performed spectacularly.

It made the process so much easier to script, and allowed me to focus my attention on the other important details. Thanks again to you Paul and to all contributors! Thanks very much for the suggestions you made for improving the script Bob, and for this comment. Best wishes, Paul. Version 5. Hi Kiran, I can do that no problem, it involves a change to change to the PoSh driver script too. Will get it done over the weekend and let you know when complete.

Just tried this parameter , works like a charm, thanks for considering it, it would be beneficial if we can split this into a separate variable which will allow to move FileStream Files to a separate drive helpfull to manage disk space on non-prod servers while restoring the databases. This makes the filenames unique so the restore can be on the same instance using the same folders. The credentials used to take the backup can be supplied as a new parameter.

Two new parameters — one for a string scan and one for replace that can optionally be applied to the restore script. With regards to the parameter TargetDatabase — when I supply a new database name, the script generated does provide that new database name, however, it does not rename the data and log files, so the restore when attempted on the same server fails because those file names are in use. Also I notice in the case of databases with more than one file multiple ndf , no script is generated to restore those.

Only the mdf and log files are supported with your script. Hi Margaret, there are fixes for both the issues you mention, and Azure Url backups, in the next release. June 11th when I get back from holiday and have Internet access again. Thanks and best wishes. I had thought the procedure was done and dusted but since Brent published the link there have been thousands of views and really good suggestions.

I think you might like the part to include the datafile size in MB on the same line as the MOVE statement, it makes moving things around easy. Have you considered releasing this under any license like Apache 2. Regards Tiran.

You can specify any value and, as long as backup history exists for that period, you should be fine. Hi Paul, that works great — thanks. I was using V3. However, V4. In V3. In V4. Can you tell me why this is happening? At present I have a database for which I am doing a full backup daily and log backups hourly and retaining these for 8 days. My dilemma is that when I run your script I get commands generated to restore only the most recent full backup plus all subsequent logs or log backups up to a point in time — which is fine.

However, what if I need to restore to a point prior to the most recent full backup? Is there a way, using your script, I could select the full backup from say 3 days ago then all the subsequent log backups up to a point in time before the next full backup?

New release 3. When a fork exists the restore script will follow the new path for subsequent differential and log backups taken after the forking point. Where no fork, exists the script continues to perform as before. Great work! The generated code uses the database name as part of a variable name, which cannot contain a hyphen. Version 3. Easier for me to just use v1. The msg and Raiserrors just looks messy. Is there any possibility that this script could include support for databases with more than 10 backup files.

It would physically quadruple the size of the script for what must be fringe cases. Best wishes. Nice script, really useful. I was running some tests and got some unusual results. We have several data files spread on several drives and when running it I got repeated lines with same information. Is there a possibility to include a list of files and their new paths? Seems no from what I see. I already took into consideration Peter concern, creating restore script from existing backup files, comes handy to restore older backups, not last ones, including dif and trn.

Working on this possibility to create MOVE statements for different files and paths. You can move all data files to a new folder during the restore via the WithMoveDataFiles parameter, only to one new folder though. I landed here seeking for different approaches on how to handle the MOVE statement for different files on several locations. I already handle same case as yours, moving to a different folder, but all files on same one.

Paul i love your script! Many thanks and best wishes Paul. Archive List of Legacy Documents. Aviso legal. These product versions have reached the end of their lifecycle. For details about product lifecycle support, see the Product Matrix. The development, release and timing of any features or functionality described in the Preview documentation remains at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice or consultation.

The documentation is for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, promise or legal obligation to deliver any material, code or functionality and should not be relied upon in making Citrix product purchase decisions. Legacy Documentation. This content has been machine translated dynamically. Give feedback here. Thank you for the feedback.

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Ok, we can execute the specified command text as if it is a PowerShell command. But we still have the exit code problem, only 0 or 1 is returned. What we do is specify to the host the exit code we would like to use, and then just exit, all in the simplest utility function. Ok, this fulfills all our holy grail dreams! This is even simpler!

And now the conclusions after this long long story, that took a lot of time to find out and to read for you :. Nice post, but why haven't you used the file switch instead of the command switch? Actually, you can specify arguments, at least in v2 PowerShell. Thanks for sharing. Amazing post.

Hey there! I just wish to offer you a big thumbs up for your excellent info you've got right here on this post. I will be returning to your site for more soon. Toggle navigation Microsoft Serge van den Oever [Macaw]. But what if we call the script directly, instead of through the PowerShell command?

We change exit. If we use the same trick as in calling from a batch script, that worked before? Lets try something completely different. Highly descriptive post, I loved that bit. But in Windows PowerShell, this is not entirely true…. In this article, we will look at how to return values from PowerShell functions using the Return command.

In traditional programming languages, functions usually return a single value of a particular type, but in Windows PowerShell, the results of the function are sent to the output stream. If you run this function with a parameter 5 TestReturn 5 in a classical programming language, such construction should return 10 integer value. It is not necessary to specify a Return command in a PowerShell function.

The value of any variable or object that is displayed directly in the body of the function will be available as the function output. The value returned by the function is of type System.