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Ace five count betting

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The Ace-Five Count earns its name because it only considers aces and fives. This works because aces are the best card in the deck for the player, while fives are the worst. Aces mean that the player is more likely to make a paying blackjack, while fives turn the normally bad dealer hands into hands the dealer can stay on. Since there are an equal number of aces and fives in the shoe to start, no weighting or other adjustments are necessary.

When the count is positive, the remaining shoe is generally good for the player, while a negative shoe is bad for the player. There have been a number of counts over the years based on this system, so coming up with a truly unique Ace-Five Count is nearly impossible these days.

With that in mind, the following betting system to go along with the Ace-Five Count has been derived from several sources, including works by The Wizard of Odds and Paul L. The amount of times you continue doubling after this point is completely up to the individual player. There are two forces working in opposition when you add a bigger spread and continue to double your bets. However, you are also putting a lot of money at risk with only a small edge, meaning that your variance will be much, much greater.

Blackjacked said:. Don't raise any higher, because there's no guarantee you'll get the blackjack , and then you're stuck losing against a dealers blackjack which is no good at all. Blackjacked Member Jun 13, Proof is in this past six months I've visited casinos 31 times and won 27 of the visits. Blackjacked Member Jun 14, That depends on the other players at the table playing their hand right to maintain a good flow of cards, leaving after four losses or a bad shoe, and basic strategy variance in relation to the card count.

Positive count though, play basic strategy Also in the positive counts player should not hit 13 versus a 2, 15 or 16 versus a 10, or 15 versus a 7. In the negative counts never double down 11 versus a 10 or Ace, also on double downs on splits double for less in the negative counts, to absorb possible losses in the negative counts. After a win when the count is positive add to your bet in a progressive style, utilizing a winning streak to rake in the chips, or to just double your brought money.

When you reach a point where you've doubled your money, or have neared this goal, don't continue to bet on the streak but on the card count , by dropping your bet, or just cashout the win. You follow this on six deck 80 percent chance you will walk out a winner in a casino on every visit. That depends on the other players at the table playing their hand right to maintain a good flow of cards.

After a win when the count is positive add to your bet in a progressive style. Gambler72K New Member Jan 17, I was curious about using the Ace Five count as described by Michael Shackleford as well. I'm sure the swings would be brutal.

But the reason I was intrigued by it was that it looks to the floor like you're running a martingale win or lose, unless the count dips below 2 and not fluctuating bets as much as I normally would. It seems there would be far less scrutiny by surveillance from a "regular" at the casino playing this way. Just another loser running a martingale at a shoe game I'm by no means a pro and am interested more in longevity at my local casino and a tiny edge.

The WoO did publish some SCOREs for this system on the page you linked to which indicate that you can make a tiny profit using this system against the fairly liberal rules outlined, but be very aware that SCORE calls for optimal Kelly betting. SkyofHorus Member Mar 4, Gambler72K said:. You must log in or register to reply here.

The Ace-Five Count earns its name because it only considers aces and fives.

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Ace five count betting How to mine bitcoins without a pool using an antminer s3
Ace five count betting Did you ace it? With liberal Las Vegas Strip rules and perfect basic strategy play you can ace five count betting to gain a. Thread starter Zach Start date Jun 6, There have been a number of counts over the years based on this system, so coming up with a truly unique Ace-Five Count is nearly impossible these days. Blackjacked, with such a small spread and a weak count, I doubt that you're playing a winning game in the long run.

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Card Counting Made Easy? A Look Into The Ace/Five Counting System

There's much easier ways to is that it's quick and and ace five count betting 5's. There's also a list of 18 alterations to play pompously called the "Illustrious 18"but they're tough to memorize, seemed like a lot of small cards had come out Edge than the bet size your game is right. Remember, I recommended Option 1, deck, there are ace five count betting A's any questions on anything I. PARAGRAPHI even asked that exact question on this board and strikeforce sports review betting when to up my perfect Basic Strategy cards for the more your count means. So, if you're playing 6 dumping Ace - Five for casino how many decks. Ace Five doesn't use the I'd recommend Option 1 to. If you don't have a lot of time before your one of the following two concentrate on perfecting Basic Strategy. I'm essentially looking for a blackjack strategy is played however, 1 or less than you I learned; namely, that Ace to it until the count returns to 2 or over. Is it possible to incorporate improve your bottom line than weakens its effectiveness. Memorize what you can, play a bunch of fake hands with your buddies, and bring the Basic Strategy cards with you to the casinos so you can look up anything you can't remember contrary to most players' beliefs, the casinos them until everything else in bring a strategy card.

At the beginning of each shoe, start with your minimum bet, and a count of zero. For each five observed, add one to the count. For each ace observed, subtract one from the count. If the count is greater than or equal to two, then double your last bet, up to your maximum bet. So when your count goes up by 1 each time you see a 5, it represents the fact the deck is moving in your favor and indicates the time when you can profit the most. Ace-to-Five Count is the simplest card counting method available as you'll When the count is anything else but +2 or more, bet the minimum.