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Classico cafe nicosia betting

Malindi Beach Bar is the latest addition to the Uptown Square group of restaurants. During the day you can enjoy drinks and snacks on the sunbeds, shaded by beach umbrellas or have a full lunch. Cocktails and other alcoholic drinks are served in the spacious lounges. The bar is family and child friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing.

Meanwhile pout a shot of baileys into one shot glass and blue curacao into another. Place a straw into layered khalua and sambuca and ignite the sambuca. Start drinking and as the drinks are being drunk pour in the baileys and blue curacao at the same time. These are to be drunk through the straw as well mixing all the spirits.

Fashion designers and big brands have been criticized openly many times for enforcing an unrealistic body image for both men and women. But a recent encounter with a fashion designer and artist made me realize there is more to fashion than marketing and image. People were aware of this fact back in when James Gillray. Makariou Avenue. The caricature is called Following the Fashion and it applies just as much today.

There are many things to consider when choosing a garment. The textile is important, of course, but also the pattern vertical versus horizontal lines, monochrome versus polychrome or doted , the way the clothes are stitched, the way they are supposed to run down the body and many other things to consider. Many designers create around a concept, they are trying to express an idea or send a message. For example, one fashion contest in China three years ago revolved around an ecological theme.

Everything that was presented had to either support ecology, or relate somehow to the chosen theme. Have a passion for beauty and a creative flair? Then you should consider a career as a professional makeup artist. I am a professional makeup and hair artist who first started my career upon graduation of the famed and well established Brushstroke Academy at Shepperton Studios based in Surrey England. For over 8 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to work closely with UK make up artists within the film, TV, theatre and fashion industry.

I was lucky enough to receive advanced training in areas including special effects, prosthetics, moulding, sculpting, wig making, hairstyling and beauty and fashion make up. The truth is there is so much that makeup can provide What irritates me the most is when makeup is referred to as a mask; a way of covering up your skin and hiding yourself.

To me, make up is a creative, artistic form of expression It sets our inner artist free and gives us the opportunity to explore ourself; you may say a form of self expression. Similar to fashion, it is a way for us women to demonstrate our sense of style and our individuality. So it is evident that makeup is not jut skin deep I am sure that there are feminists out there believing makeup is a form of oppression on women.

Makeup is. No one is born perfect but everyone has a right to be beautiful! There are many women that suffer from skin disorders be it facial scaring, rosacea or birth marks, there is professional makeup available in the market that is specifically aimed for such skin imperfections.

Therefore women who cannot afford corrective surgery, can opt for a cheaper solution. Make up should be beautiful, should be able to recreate your inner beauty, make you feel more confident and make you climb up to the stars! The biggest makeup trend for this season is barefaced beauty. Apply Revlon Skinlights in Bronze to the cheeks, bridge of nose, and temples for that summerholiday-glow!

Want that all so-sexy-cat-eye look? Falsies are in this summer Become a sex-kitten by applying falsies to your upper and lower lashes, MAC 33 Lashes. Auto The first important purchase of my adult life was the first car. I pondered my options, made a budget, checked websites, asked friends for tips and talked to dealers. I ended up buying a second hand automatic French car from an acquaintance and was so happy to be able to drive down the.

Soon I started noticing things I never paid much attention to before, like gas prices, parking fees and holes in the roads. When going to supermarkets I found a brand new aisle dedicated to personal vehicles. Carpets, cleaning products, air. It was a brand new word of expensive purchasing opening up to me. And since the car I had just bought meant so much to me I wanted to get everything I may ever need to make sure it stays neat and shiny.

At the car wash I was informed about the importance of waxing the car to protect it from the sun. I tried doing it myself, but it turned out to be harder than paying. I was also advised about different products to. I thought to myself that since I have a new companion everywhere I go, I might as well give it a good cleaning indoors as well. I had actually gotten attached to it. So how do you go about choosing a competent person to groom him? It takes lots of careful handling to properly groom a dog.

A dog groomer will be bathing your pet in soapy water, rinsing and drying thoroughly with powerful jet like dryers as well as using dangerous, sharp implements like scissors and electric clippers and ear and eye probes. Here are five basic tips to help you choose a professional pet groomer.

Ask around. Every time a dog leaves the groomer, it is a walking advertisement. If you see a dog on the street with a style you like, stop the owner and ask where the dog was groomed. Avoid Groomers who just shave dogs. This is neither comfortable nor safe for your pets and contrary to popular belief, does not help them during the hot Cyprus summer! Some veterinary offices have policies not to refer clients to any certain groomers since they offer grooming themselves.

Call the groomer you are interested in using. Did you go to grooming school if so where and do you hold accredited certification? How long have you been grooming? Do you have a problem putting poodle feet on a cocker? Or some other non-standard clip? Are you a member of any professional grooming organization? What type of shampoos do you use, are pets put to sleep to groom, are they kennel dried or is it done by hand?

What other service is included in the price i. Ask for proper certification. Some countries require that groomers are licensed and certified, this is not so in Cyprus, so please only trust your pet to Certified Groomers who can show you their certification. Be patient. Keep in mind that groomers are usually on an extremely tight schedule. You should be able to develop a rapport with the potential groomer that will give you an overall impression. Hopefully it will be a good impression.

Trust your intuition. Make sure you use a groomer that does not groom behind closed doors and hidden from public view. Although dogs are better behaved when their owners are out of the room, you should still be able to watch and keep an eye on what the groomer is doing from behind a viewing area. Groomers are usually the first people to see signs of health issues too. If your using a qualified Pet Groomer, put your trust in their abilities and know-how, they are usually the best people to ask for advice regarding food, medication, psychological behaviour and training,.

Nissi Beach Ayia Napa is probably the best party and night life resort in Cyprus. Only 50 kilometres away from the Larnaca airport, Ayia Napa is known for its great parties, restaurants, bars and beautiful beaches. The most popular of these beaches is Nissi beach, which is visited mainly by younger people in the summer and gets quite. Protaras Located at only 10 kilometres away from the famous Ayia Napa, Protaras is a very popular holiday destination that boasts a fabulous selection of beaches and splendid year round weather.

It is only a ten minute drive away from Cape Greco which is considered one of the most beautiful places on the island. Last May I spent four amazing days in this resort enjoying not only the beautiful, clean beaches, but also great accommodation service — very good value for the price. One of the things I found extremely amusing was driving around surrounded by buggies — they are a very popular transportation system for the tourists in this area and a fun way to go exploring the surroundings.

The centre of the resort is filled with bars, restaurants, souvenir and coffee shops. What draws some but not too many families to Ayia Napa particularly Nissi beach is probably the lively atmosphere and the crystal clear water. As in any other country that has made an effort to discover and to preserve its history, in Cyprus there are many archaeological sites that can be visited as well as villages that have endured the passing of time and have remained almost intact architecturally.

There are at least two archaeological sites around Limassol that are important and that offer a lot of information about the ancient cities that were once prospering in these shores. Tourists visiting Limassol can easily reach it by bus since it is situated right at the end of the. It is very interesting to read about the history of this ancient city because it is a very fascinating mixture between archaeological facts and ancient myths and legends. For example it was said in antiquity that the people of Amathus were autochthonous, meaning people sprung from earth itself as opposed to having settled there.

Another interesting fact about Amathus is that it survived until the late 12th century. The stones from the beautiful edifices were brought to Limassol to be used for new constructions after it became deserted. Much later, in , a great number of blocks of stone from Amathus were used for the construction of the Suez Canal.

Kourion is the other archaeological site I was referring to earlier. Fortunately it has been better kept and preserved than Amathus and it is an important tourist attraction. It is believed that the site of Kourion was first inhabited during Neolithic times, with the earliest evidence dating back to BC, but that the town itself was founded in the thirteenth century BC by the Argives. Unlike other sites, a walk through Kourion is like a crash course in history.

At the entrance these is a 3d map of the reconstructed city to give you an idea of what the city used to look like. The information plaques are very useful and give a lot of information on the history of Kourion. And because it was built on a hill, the view of the coast is breath taking.

And if I managed to convince you that Kourion is worth visiting and you decide to go there, you might also consider stopping in Episkopi village which is only a 2 minute drive from the archaeological site. This village can host tourists in hotels and hotel apartments and there are of course many options to drink and eat.

My favourite thing to do when in Episkopi is go to the beach. Because it is separated from the village by the hill upon which the ruins of Kourion lay, this beach seems isolated and wild. It is also very different from other beaches in Cyprus because the absence of breakwaters means higher tides that in other areas. There are a few restaurants right on the beach and you can get a sunbed and umbrella too.

At sunset the view is amazing. How many times has your child caught you off guard? How many times did you have to pretend that you had to make an important call the minute you were hit with the question? I suppose there is no guidebook. This is the challenge of being a parent in the 21st century. Many thanks to all the billboards and other media which display everything to the public and once the child is able to read, the questions increase.

You just need to take action. Most specialists suggest that you should keep. If this is not an age appropriate case, you could explain that you will discuss it in time. Children do not only ask awkward questions; surprisingly, you may find that they can actually provide reasonable solutions to issues by being just the way they are: honest, practical and innocent. They just tell you exactly how things are. So, are children more mature or do we actually listen more closely?

Whatever the case, you should try to have open communication with your children early on. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to learn something from them! Tips for Flying How does someone go travelling when living on an island? By airplane, of course. Nobody cares if you are wearing an expensive watch and jewellery, but everyone will care and they will hate you if it takes 20 minutes to take everything off before going through the metal detector.

And shoes that come off quickly are a huge help to those running late. You can pick your seat, but not the person sitting next to you. Try to be friendly and not make a face if the person next to you needs to get up to use the toilet more than once. Nature calls. Be understanding. Danny sat down beside Julie. He had pointed to the chair right next to her, so he had to sit on that one, he thought.

But now that he is sitting there, he realizes how uncomfortable it is to turn his head to talk to her. He has to somehow shift his whole body towards her, which is incredibly weird. Who says. Maybe the people who bought the chairs and tables were afraid of the chaos separate chairs would create. Can you imagine the horror? It was his idiotic supervisor whose purpose in life was to make everyone who worked for him feel inferior.

He had his usual fake, passive aggressive smile on his face. Wherever we stop you get to make the decisions p 31 Photo contest Do you think you have a good crowd cheering you on? C Publishing Group Tel: E-mail: limassol tagcy. The version of Godzilla is very much anticipated by those who love the franchise and by those who love monster movies. Actor Bryan Cranston said in an interview with Omelete Entrevista that he believes the new version of the movie will erase the memory of the version.

I never think of ice cream shops when I picture nightlife in the city, but there you go. The time-travel element also allowed actors from the original film series and the intended reboot that was X-Men: First Class to appear in the same film together. After nine years of hot summers, crazy Sunday parties and countless live events, the self-entitled Theater of Free Spirited Minds is ready to rock the island as they put it. You will have to look around and see which one seems the most fun to you but make sure they have the basics needed for you to stay motivated and making progress.

Contact www. Many new, trendy coffee shops for youngsters serve it too. The terms refers to the cooking style and recipes of the Greeks in Constantinople or Poli as Greeks call it and it is characterized by many spices, heavy sauces and the importance of rituals surrounding the way everything is served. Today the In summer time the square hosts craft fairs where one can buy handmade jewellery, mosaics, or different household.

Contemporary artists will incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the swing, jazz and big band era such as the works of Django Reinhardt, Cab Cal- loway and Benny Goodman to create new, sometimes more club friendly or more accessible sounds. They have sold out their shows in cities like New York and are planning a tour of North America in Makeup is Professional Makeup and Hair artist not just superficial.. Contact zalansari.

I ended up buying a second hand automatic French car from an acquaintance and was so happy to be able to drive down the roads of Limassol with my newly obtained license. Carpets, cleaning products, air Tagcy magazine fresheners, windshield wipers, wheels grips, colourful and sometimes cartoon themed chair covers were awaiting me. I was also advised about different products to wash the seats and the interior roof of the car.

If your using a qualified Pet Groomer, put your trust in their abilities and know-how, they are usually the best people to ask for advice regarding food, medication, psychological behaviour and training, 28 visit cyprus Nissi Beach Ayia Napa is probably the best party and night life resort in Cyprus. The most popular of these beaches is Nissi beach, which is visited mainly by younger people in the summer and gets quite Protaras Located at only 10 kilometres away from the famous Ayia Napa, Protaras is a very popular holiday destination that boasts a fabulous selection of beaches and splendid year round weather.

Tourists visiting Limassol can easily reach it by bus since it is situated right at the end of the tourist area. Kourion Kourion is the other archaeological site I was referring to earlier. Kat Says… 30 What if we talk less and listen more?

Her frequent special wine dinners are among the more affordable and creative in the area. Chef John Castro runs the staff through its paces guaranteeing that while students are learning their craft, your dinner will ace the test. Open Fri. Reservations suggested. This exciting spot brings a level of fine dining to the suburbs that makes it stand out in the chain-rich environs outside the Watterson.

The menu offers fairly priced Contemporary American bistro fare. Since chef-owner Jayson Lewellyn opened the doors of his sleek, intimate spot in the midst of the NuLu art district, crowds have flowed in, both for the innovative small plates, always-changing menu, and the creative bartenders who practice the art of preProhibition cocktail crafting. Dishes are designed to be shared, so be sure to bring a convivial and hungry group.

In his sophisticated, multi-level, Bardstown Road restaurant he continues to offer clean, simple, elegant dishes that present often startling flavor combinations. His wok-seared salmon has long been a local favorite. With an upscale value dining menu, Avalon continues its tenure as one of the classy joints along the Bardstown Road corridor. We always try to sit on the three-season patio, one of the best in the city.

See listing under Entertainment Dining. Chef Michael Ton brought a new style of Asian fusion cuisine to Louisville, playing entertaining riffs off Vietnamese cooking, with daring choices like caramelized catfish claypot and tamarind-sriracha gelato. Jefferson St. Louisville Marriott , BLU offers upscale Italian Mediterranean cuisine in striking surroundings highlighted by Mexican limestone and Italian marble. For those seeking a relaxing libation and a quicker snack, the Bar at BLU offers a more casual alternative.

Oxmoor Center , Management describes the Ohio-based Bravo! We particularly enjoyed appetizers and first-rate grilled meats. Third St. Riverside Dr. Muhammad Ali Blvd. Sammy Sa, the genial host of the Fuji restaurants in the East End, also pleases downtown diners with this stylish Japanese eatery next door to the Seelbach Hotel. Eat at the sushi bar, choose a comfortable table or reserve the traditional Japanesestyle Tatami Room for your group. The west side of Whiskey Row is filling out just fine.

Center nearby. Oysters from both coasts, raw and fried, fried green tomatoes, pork rinds, shrimp and grits. Dishes such as smoked goat cheese ravioli and buttermilk fried chicken with arugula hoecake show what they have in mind. Watch glass being blown as you dine. The food is competitive in both quality and value. Good times or bad, weeknights or weekends, this Louisville institution — the remnant of a s saloon — is always crowded and buzzing. Stephanie Meeks has taken over from long-time owner Susan Seiler, but the upscale bistro fare, like shrimp and grits and spicy fried oysters, is as good as ever.

Owner John Shanchuck caters to the horseracing crowd. Thirty years of framed Derby programs and winning tickets line the walls. The Porterhouse steak tastes good in the Bob Baffert Room whether or not your horse came in. A magisterial bar features more than 60 Bourbons, and the menu offers traditional Kentucky fare. If you can melt it and dip things in it, the Melting Pot probably has it on the menu. The large, airy space will serve up lunch to mall browsers, and dinner as well.

Innovative wine-country cuisine, excellent service and fine California-focused wine collection can be found in the stylish quarters of this popular East End restaurant. Known for their hearty and interesting breakfast choices, The North End also satisfies diners at lunch and dinner. The popular E. Market Street restaurant Mozz expands its space in the Cobalt Ventures.

Late Night at NuLu will transform the space into a retro discotheque complete with disco ball and light show. Every time you dine at any Louisville Originals restaurant, show your card and receive one point for every dollar spent. Earn dining reward points in Kansas City, St. Louis, Tucson, St. Points earned out of state may be redeemed in Louisville. Gift Cards Available. This Arizona-based, Chinese themed restaurant offers a loud, happy scene with Chinesestyle dishes.

To its credit, everything is prepared well and service is consistently fine. Mediterranean in focus, with a commitment to using local products as much as possible, the adventurous dishes grilled octopus, bison burgers, beef marrow, sea salt caramel gelato are made with the freshest ingredients. For many years diners have happily driven out to Simpsonville to enjoy both the historic building and the traditional Kentucky menu of this dining institution.

Those in the know order the fried chicken and country ham. Anchoring a hot corner in the Highlands for two decades now, the Uptown continues to be a popular lunch and dining destination, with its excellent bistro fare, and always appealing dessert selections. Chef John Varanese has made even old-timers forget that this stylish venue was once a gas station. With a slate interior waterfall and a front wall that folds open in good weather, the dining room is as interesting as the lively, international seasonal menu.

Live jazz, contemporary art and urban style complete the mood. Understated elegance and creative dishes characterize this NuLu restaurant. Owner Susan Hershberg set the benchmark for fine catering in Louisville with Wiltshire Pantry, which she continues here with her finely crafted small plates menu that changes weekly to showcase the best seasonal ingredients. Open Thur. Tony Palombino stretches beyond his gourmet pizza with this new venture in Westport Village. Embassy Suites , An eclectic bistro atmosphere in the heart of the hotel.

Specials run from their popular crab cakes and array of pasta dishes to a Reuben sandwich or fruit pie. Take particular note of an impressive beer list to go with your meal. Bowman Field , This art deco spot makes stylish use of an historic s airport building to present elegant modern French cuisine. Interesting wines and a short bistro-style menu make it a welcome suburban alternative. This popular spot wins critical raves and packs in crowds. Owner-Chef Clay Wallace is comfortable with his international bill of fare and laissez les bon temps rouler mood.

A second location in the Douglass Loop is drawing equally-pleased crowds. Washington St. A popular hangout since its opening, this Euro-style gastropub features French country cooking and house-made sausages and charcuterie in a casual but sophisticated atmosphere in a lateth century building in Butchertown. This informally whimsical Highlands space masks the work of classically trained owner-chefs Dominic Serratore and Frank Yang.

Sure, take note of the fanciful artwork adorning the exposed brick walls and the gargoyles in the ceiling. Actually, this Crescent Hill favorite is both, and the bill of fare is wellmatched with the excellence of its libations. In a carriage house behind the building that houses the corporate offices of Creation Gardens, a French bistro, run by French Canadian chocolatiers who are expanding their Indiana patisseries into restaurants and Kentucky.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving grilled baguettes, croque monsieurs, panini, quiches, soups, salads, and fine chocolates. Two veterans of the upscale kitchens along Bardstown Road have taken over the old Swan Dive space, and patrons of the previous vegan haunt are quickly becoming fans.

Vegetarian selections such as crispy mushroom medley and veggie tacos join interesting oddities like duck sliders and bacon plantain croquetas. Also pulled pork and brisket, crab cakes, and a reasonable beer selection. First St. The owners of the Louisville Beer Store have converted a former church to a beer pub and restaurant.

Twenty taps offer a rotating choice of international brews, and an eclectic menu offers Belgian fritjes, pretzels and beer cheese, tacos and crostini. The basement space at Glassworks that formerly housed The Jazz Factory is bopping again with regularly scheduled live jazz performances Thurs.

The fruit of the vine takes center stage in a vast, fairly priced wine list and imposing Cruvinet dispenser, with more than 80 wines available by the glass. Comfortable atmosphere and excellent bistro fare with a creative twist add to the draw. At the bar, find a short, well-selected wine list and ambitious beer list with more than 50 craft and import choices.

And, 55 Bourbons have earned them inclusion on the Urban Bourbon Trail. His newest venture, in a St. Matthews space that has been problematic for others, offers a Mediterranean-American menu. The wine bar serves small plates, and focuses on American wines and an eclectic list from unusual locations — Lebanon, Israel, Greece and the Balkans.

This suburban Alley Cat is a cozy and bright little place, and the lunch-only menu is affordable and appealing. In the kitchen of the new gastropub is Dave Clancy, who spearheaded the revival of downtown New Albany dining with the Bistro New Albany a few years back. His American bistro style food will be available from lunch to late night. Notable on the menu are bison dishes — burger, nachos house-made chips with bison chili topping and skirt steak.

The beating bohemian heart of the Highlands. Ramsi Kamar brings a wonderfully eclectic spirit to the environment and to his menu. Middle Eastern. Moderate prices, a weekend brunch and late night hours add to the draw. A nice beer wine and spirits selection, to go with the fish flautas, catfish brandade and charcuterie.

Their honest, straightforward wines and well-crafted appetizer style menu have been drawing appreciative crowds. The food will be southern country-style with sophisticated nuances. Up front is a deli and gourmet grocery. Behind the circular bar is the serene dining room, with a central hearth, and beyond that, a large enclosed patio. In the heart of Anchorage at the old train station, this two-level Euro-village inspired concept hit the ground running.

Warmer weather is drawing crowds again to the Roost, on the upper level, a French bistro a la Moulin Rouge, with its outdoor terrace. Downstairs, at The Sea Hag, the ambience is a British pub. The hearty upscale comfort food-style menu is served lunch and 62 Fall 1 www. Serving breakfast and lunch, with daily specials. Grab a bite before hitting the casino. Sandwiches, salads, sides, cold beverages and coffee will fuel you for a night of entertainment.

Still a popular breakfast and lunch spot as well as an artisanal bakery, producing hearty European-style breads that can be found on restaurant tables and in better grocery stores around town. But on Thursday through Saturdays nights, owners Kit Garrett and Bobby Hancock have started tapas service, many small plates featuring pork cured by Hancock from his own heritage pigs see the blurb at Red Hog Tapas.

Offering breakfasts and lunch to local Hoosiers and travelers who take exit 7 off I Full breakfasts, omelets, and breakfast sandwiches. A full range of standard lunch sandwiches, with Reubens, Philly steak and cheese, and daily specials. Homemade soups and salads, too. The appetizing aromas emanating from the big BBQ smoker out front have been drawing drive-by diners as well as bicyclists in to this somewhat unlikely, but nevertheless appealing bike shopcum-restaurant.

This informal spot will sell you a first-rate sandwich, soup or salad or a tire for your bike — or the whole darn bike! Lunch served year-round in the dining area adjacent to the Derby Museum with such regional favorites as meaty burgoo, and the Hot Brown. Vegetarians and vegans can find a lot to love here in the sandwich, salad and soup sections of the menu, but they will have to co-exist with carnivores.

Fourth Ave. These popular bakeries attract crowds looking for an enjoyable soup and sandwich lunch highlighted by French-style breads and pastries. This breakfast and lunch place provides breakfasts and lunches mainly to the denizens of the Watterson Towers office complex. Home-style cooking, daily specials meatloaf, pastas and quick service keep the wheels of business rolling. Pick up some frozen appetizers for your next cocktail party. Broadway, , Bardstown Rd.

Preston St. The Creekside Outpost warps customers back into the days of general stores and maintains every bit of old fashioned charm. Serving up buffalo, elk and surprisingly good burgers. You can order breakfast anytime at this Highlands space, with an eclectic menu that also encompasses brunch, burgers, soul food, Southern dishes and vegetarian fare as well.

Tucked in among St. Matthews sidestreets is one of the best sandwich places in Louisville. The tuna salad, Portobello mushroom Reuben, fish, chicken and hamburger — all are innovative and all come with some of the best fries in town. This little lunch spot occupies a cozy old house in St. Service is competent and polite, the place is sparkling clean, and the luncheon-style fare is consistently fine.

A selection of appetizing breakfast items rounds out a tasty mix. The breakfast room and bar of the Sheraton Riverside. Breakfast served until a. Unwind at the bar at night. English Station Rd. Specialty omelets, the everything muffin, spicy egg salad sandwiches — these dishes and more have made Wild Eggs a wildly popular breakfast and lunch spot.

Bearing the name of the celebrity Austrian chef, this downtown lunch spot in the corner of the convention center offers tasty wraps, sandwiches and soups. Warnock St. Offering yet another quick and comforting lunch option near U of L, this family-owned spot features warming soups and filling sandwiches.

Lunch is offered year-round, with a dinner menu added from April through September. With a menu featuring many vegetarian and vegan options, this pleasant neighborhood eatery attracts loyal crowds with excellent fare and a cozy setting that brings you back for more. Norton Commons welcomes another eatery, a breakfast and lunch spot open early morning till mid-afternoon, serving breakfast and lunch at any of those hours.

The owners of the ambitious little Highlands Italian eatery Le Gallo Rosso have expanding their reach downtown, but with a different concept. The emphasis is on an eclectic range of soups and sandwiches. An upper Highlands outlet that has been delighting the neighborhood with fish tacos, fried and broiled cod, and homemade buttermilk pie. All dishes cooked to order — nothing hangs around under heat lamps.

Hopes are high for an aquatic take on their falafel and hummus staples. This franchise concept from the Floridabased Outback Steakhouse chain offers impressive seafood in a comfortable setting. Add Bonefish to your short list of suburban chain eateries that do the job right. The menu is simple — fried fish and fried seafood, served on paper trays — but it is consistently excellent and affordable.

Seafood is the specialty. Fishermen will enjoy their stocked pay-to-fish lake. Louisville is as overflowing as a well-stocked lake with fish-sandwich houses, and The Fish House is right up there with the best. Crisp breading laced with black pepper is the signature of Green River fried fish from Western Kentucky.

Hill St. The menu focuses on high end steaks, well prepared seafood and seasonal specials. Joe Jackson, year veteran of locallyfamed Clarksville Seafood, serves up fried, broiled or blackened fish, and rolled oysters. See listing under Fine Dining. The setting on the edge of Riverfront Park is bright, noisy and fun, with a wraparound deck providing a panoramic river view. Fried fish in a family dining setting has made this local chain a popular favorite for many years. Two of its properties — upper River Road and Riverside Drive — boast river views.

Out of season — Nov. The decor of this upscale eatery evokes the feeling of a large fish market, with an open kitchen that offers views of chefs at work. If you are looking for an honest fish sandwich and a cold beer or two, with no frills, this southside tavern is just the ticket. Belly up, place your order, and be sure to have cash — no credit cards accepted here. Family owned and family style dining with a wide net of seafood dinners and appetizers. Lunch and dinner menus also include such delicacies as frog legs, shrimp and alligator.

Loyal Louisville beefeaters continue to fill up this 28year-old St. Matthews steakhouse, with its brick walls and beamed ceilings. Any red meat enthusiast would know to order the filet or Porterhouse, but only regulars know the glories of something called green phunque. The sumptuous renovation of the space at the corner of Fourth and Muhammad Ali has resulted in one of the largest dining spaces in town.

The Ft. Wayne-based small chain with big ambitions. This Cincinnati restaurateur has made an impact in Louisville with his outstanding steaks, glittery bar, urban vibe and top-notch service. The rooms have Churchill Downs themes. The steaks take the rail with seafood and sushi coming up fast on the outside. With more than properties in 17 states, this Nashville-based chain parlays peanut shells on the floor and steaks on the table into a popular formula. This belowground temple to the red meat gods is elegant and masculine, full of wood paneling, brass rails and leather booths.

Louisville reveres its home-grown restaurants but has welcomed this Chicago-based chain with open mouths. The name suggests Australia, and so does the shtick at this popular national chain, but the food is pretty much familiar American, and the fare goes beyond just steak to take in chicken, seafood and pasta. A local favorite for fifty years and as traditional as a steakhouse gets, Pat Francis, like his father before him, cuts the meats himself.

Its combination of quality beef and hospitality rank it among the best steak houses in town. Be sure to bring cash: No credit cards accepted. Preston Hwy. Family-style dining with the ranch theme kept alive with the open flame from the grills. An extensive buffet with hot and cold foods, salads and desserts is also available. It serves an excellent steak in an atmosphere of elegance that will make you feel pampered, at a price to match.

This North Carolina-based chain offers family dining with good variety: Its diverse and extensive buffet features more than items. This steak and BBQ joint at the corner of Shelbyville and Hurstbourne smokes brisket and ribs out back, and offers a covered, heated patio. They take their name from the method of stacking the meat while cooking as well as the old Stax Recording Studio in Memphis. It draws big crowds with its memorable steaks and trimmings, with extra points for friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere.

The spirit of the West sets the theme for this popular steak house. Salads, vegetables and breads with hearty side dishes round out your meal options. This is family-style dining, with no tray sliding — service at your table. All specialize in simple, down-home breakfast and lunch at affordable prices. This Southern California chain arrived east of the Mississippi, including a large and imposing brewhouse at Oxmoor Center.

A full range of made-in-Nevada craft beers is dispensed, along with upscale-casual pub grub. Four women restaurateurs have partnered to offer a gourmet burger concept. Choose your burger — grass-fed Kentucky beef or bison, tuna or veggie or grilled chicken, cheese steak or franks — and then head for the topping bar. The Brickhouse Girls, wearing tight black baby Ts and denim minis, serve typical bar food, beer and ale and cocktails, and encourage patrons to play beer pong. The deck of the riverfront location in Jeffersonville, with its view across the river, is a great place for a lazy summer meal, when the familiarity of all-American fare like meat loaf, pot pies, steak or ribs and a couple of cold ones is all you want.

The big square bars in all three locations, with multiple TV screens, make for excellent sports viewing as well. New delivery and catering operations extends the brand beyond the three locations. This little Highlands made-to-order gourmet hamburger shop concocts quality burgers with a range of standard and oddball toppings.

End place that has just opened a second location is a gem offering an eclectic range of quick comfort foods: chicken gizzard baskets, pizza rolls, cheese steaks, burgers and subs. Galt House , You want food too? Holiday Inn , Clarksville, IN. Known by locals for its Saturday night buffet of New York strip, ribeye and prime rib. Salads, sandwiches, soups and a kidfriendly menu round out the selection. More than just a place to chow down on baby back ribs, this national chain has a wide selection including fajitas, burgers, sandwiches and veggies.

The two-handed mezzalunas rock steady as the line cooks chop up lettuce, vegetables and meats into hearty salads or wraps. Mostly a to-go place with limited seating, the steady lunchtime crowds attest that office workers see a need for fresh light lunch fare. The restored year-old building has a classic bar on one side and an upscale white-tablecloth dining room on the other side. Quality fast food and friendly service make this chain a popular new East End arrival.

Named after the Roman goddess of gourmet foods, this banquet and events space also offers a Sunday brunch buffet to the public. At first a curious culinary combination — steak and lemonade — but this little near-West. Since , serving up rolled oysters, German comfort food and fried chicken to Germantown residents and fans from far and wide.

Where else can you find limburger and braunsweiger with onions on rye and Warsteiner on draft? The much anticipated new venture from Michael Paley of Proof, housed in a former service station in NuLu, will serve up draft and bottled craft beers, Bourbons, seasonal cocktails and wine, pizzas from a woodfired brick oven and Southern specialties, with an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients. Seventh St. This family-owned eatery has been around for decades.

Standard casual American cuisine adds a few Russian-style specialties such as homemade borsht soup and beef Stroganoff. Daily lunch specials include lots of fresh vegetable dishes. The familiar IHOP franchise across the river has now been joined by another outlet along the franchise restaurant row on Hurstbourne. Excellent barbecue is a specialty, and so is ice-cold beer.

This family-owned tavern has been a popular neighborhood pit stop since The hot and cold short orders are served up with riverboat hospitality, but in a Las Vegas atmosphere. A well stocked bar and a live stage welcome the best of regional and visiting national acts. And everyone loves the fried green tomato BLT. Salads, sandwiches, burgers, flatbread pizzas, honey-miso glazed salmon, Hot Browns, kabobs and a full bar.

This California chain, a subsidiary of Bob Evans, goes urban and upscale where farmer Bob is folksy and country. This new East End location is drawing crowds, building its reputation on those familiar with the chain from other places. A popular spot in the urban neighborhood where the Highlands meet Germantown, The Monkey Wrench offers comfort food with a stylish spin, top flight music, a relaxed ambience and welcoming service. A rooftop patio packs them in on warm evenings.

On a visit to Peru, the Cuban owners learned how to make pollo a la brasa, a brined, spiced and long-roasted Andean specialty. The beer list now includes BBC craft beers and Irish imports. A family owned and operated outpost up the road a piece, long known for their warm and welcoming, down-home atmosphere. The local cognoscenti know they can also find excellent pastas, steaks, seafood, and salads. Homemade soups are created daily and coffee and desserts are always freshly made. Breakfast served until 2 p.

Seelbach Hilton Hotel , Bubbly Paula extends her food empire to Horseshoe Casino. Modeled after her restaurants, the motif is based on the architecture of Savannah, Ga. The casual-dining facility in the Hyatt Regency offers a full dinner menu for hotel guests and outside visitors as well. Here, catty-corner from the Billy Hertz Gallery on South Preston, you will find a corner location selling fried chicken and fish.

Wings are the thing, and you can get them in quantity if you want. Also, breaded and fried whitefish and jack salmon. This full-service, casual dining establishment has a hearty menu. Specialties like Red Alfredo Pasta showcase the gourmet offerings along with some of the largest and most creative salad combinations in town.

Despite a full bar, it reportedly attracts hordes of happy youngsters. This Columbusbased wings-and-brews chain conquered Ohio and is now spreading its franchise wings across the Eastern U. Its first three Louisville properties have gained popularity for a lively sports bar setting and oversize wings. Oak St. Sam Anderson has been running his popular Southern Indiana institution for over 17 years now, feeding an army of happy diners. Another pleasant spot for lunch or take-home dinner for shoppers and workers along the Shelbyville Road-Hurstbourne Parkway nexus.

Choose from an interesting selection of huge salad bowls Asian shrimp, tuna Nicosia, chicken Caesar or piled-high crepe wraps Philly cheese steak, vegetarian, Hawaiian chicken, chicken and Brie for eat-in or take-away. A growing chain located mostly in the West and the South reaches out to its first Kentucky location serving made-to-order Angus beef burgers. One of the oldest fast-food chains in the U.

It now boasts outlets in 19 states but still sticks to the basics: quality steak burgers and hand-dipped shakes served, if you dine in, on real china. Located near WalMart and I Or, fuel up on Philly cheesesteaks, cheese chicken sandwiches, or a quarter-pound chili dog. The original place to loosen the tie and congregate after the whistle blows.

TGIF carries on its party atmosphere tradition with American bistro dining and libations. A franchise restaurant, notable for its skimpily plaidclad servers as much as its pub-style food. Pizza and a short beer list are also available.

This local breakfast and lunch favorite has gained a loyal following and tremendous word-of-mouth, opened a second outlet across the river, and will be moving out of the funky, cavernous old theater building to the former Artemisia a few doors west before the summer is out. Hyatt Regency , It may be in the country, and you may feel far from the big city, until the. Another new wings emporium situated to catch the fancy of U of L fans, Wing Zone excels with jumbo wings in 25 flavors, including traditional Buffalo-style wings that range from Mild to Nuclear.

Honest grub, honestly priced, in a rootsy atmosphere. Broadway, A different main course is featured daily, all home-cooked food, including such goodies as baked chicken, smothered pork chops, meat loaf, catfish … and fried chicken every day.

The Old Louisville corner place with the great fenced-in patio has reopened with the same name, but new owners, with a focus on soul food. Or pork chops, applesauce and limas. Burnett Ave. You can whiff a scent of Louisville history coming off the old walls of this quintessential Germantown saloon, along with years of frying grease.

The chili and the bean soup are particularly recommended. The parking lot of this white frame building in rural Indiana is packed on weekend nights as families from throughout the area wait on delectable fried chicken. This is the very heart of American comfort food, including green beans, dumplings, and mashed potatoes.

Spicy, crunchy and sizzling hot fried chicken is the primary draw on a short, affordable menu. This nostalgic old house in the countryside offers a taste of Kentucky-style cookery in an array of lunch specials that range from homemade soups and sandwiches to the traditional Hot Brown. Longtime neighborhood fixture Cottage Inn has a bright new look, and continues happily doling out the kind of excellent down-home food it has served for more than 70 years.

Dirt-cheap blue-plate specials and hearty breakfasts bring droves to the counters and booths of this classic greasy spoon. Look for smothered pork chops, collard greens, fried chicken, fried catfish and fruit cobbler. The word on the street, though, is simple: Go for the pancakes. Buffet style family dining — one price, all you can eat. Steaks are served beginning at 4 p. Standard short orders cooked with lots of character and a low price.

This chain serves up nostalgic dishes, casseroles, meats and desserts that allow you to set an all-American supper table with the all-you-can eat price tag. Broadway, , W. Crispy fried chicken and fried catfish, as well as daily Asian specialties. Chestnut St. Queenie has been cooking for her 13 siblings since she was a teenager. Finally she is getting paid to do it.

She and her son serve breakfast, lunch and dinner: chicken and waffles, meatloaf, a soul burrito, chicken fried, smothered or baked and daily specials. This Smoketown institution draws hungry locals as well as celebrities in town hungry for the soul food of their youth. BBQ ribs, and hot-water cornbread cooked in a cast iron skillets.

The chicken is fried while you wait, the way the customers like it. A track-side institution that has as much history as the nearby Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. This bustling eatery is cafeteria style dining done well. They serve up the standard steam table meat-and-three menu items as good as any.

This little spot has earned terrific word-of-mouth buzz since it opened last year. Soups, sandwiches, salads, pastas are the mainstay of the menu, with a four-item lunch buffet that changes weekly. National City Tower , This thrifty deli offers a variety of build-your-own sandwiches, a soup-andsalad bar, and specialty bars featuring baked potatoes, and a monthly ethnic creation.

When you want home-style cooking, you will want it like it is served here. Breakfast all day, lunch and dinner too. The regulars like the meatloaf and the chicken fried steak. This year-old family-owned restaurant knows how to cook for folks missing their home table.

Count on an attentive staff and fresh southern fare. The owner of this little Portland storefront eatery, Ali Ali, cooks chicken on a grate over a hot flame, in full view of the eight seats. Though the chicken is the thing here, Papa will grill up burgers too, and beef, lamb, and chicken gyros with house-made tzatziki , Philly cheesesteaks and Italian beef sandwiches.

A favorite Hoosier pizza and sandwich stop. Insist on getting the Deluxe. On the ground floor a seat restaurant and 30seat lounge. There is food and beverage service, but it is not a dinner theater. The menu is no joke at this downtown club. Chow down on well-grilled steaks, fresh seafood and ribs that rank with the best in the city before the nationally-known comedy acts start. Some of the produce is grown on the premises in season. Talk about a nostalgia trip: My Old Kentucky Dinner Train offers a four-course meal during a two-hour voyage along scenic Kentucky railroad tracks near Bardstown in vintage s-era dining cars.

Reservations are strongly recommended. Fresh produce is available in the big shed a few steps away, and that fresh produce shows up on the tables here in mammoth portions. The local favorite is the steak hoagie, dripping with pizza sauce, pickles and onions. This small Buechel eatery attracts a friendly neighborhood crowd with hefty subs and quality pizzas, along with cold beer. This handsome space at the corner of Frankfort and Cannons Lane is another idiosyncratic link in the Boombozz chain.

The taphouse-style menu of pastas and sandwiches along with award-winning pies carves its own niche with bottled beer exclusively. Boombozz wins praise for exceptionally high quality pizza and other quick Italian-style fare. Matthews finally has a new tenant, serving pizza by the slice, as well as a mammoth inch pie. Also grilled sandwiches, salads, wings, and queso sticks, and a good selection of domestic and import beers, including some BBC brews. Manslick Rd. This friendly neighborhood nook offers a cold mug of beer and a hot slice of pizza, along with sub sandwiches, pasta dishes and salads.

The Lyndon spot lures a friendly biker crowd. Pasta dishes, hoagies, stromboli and cold beer are available, and so is the one-of-a-kind Bacon Cheeseburger pizza. The Boombozz Pizza empire has expanded in concept, and the menu now extends into appetizers, sandwiches and pasta, and 21 craft beers on tap.

Serving up old-school thin-crust pizzas to chowhounds south of the Gene Snyder. California pizza became a trend when famous chefs gave this simple Italian fare a multi-ethnic spin with non-traditional Pacific Rim toppings. CPK successfully translates this trend for the mass market.

The coal-fired oven bakes at degrees F, charring and crisping the crust in 4 minutes. The dough rises for three days, making for a lighter, more developed crust. Topping are fresh, regionallysourced, with specialty concepts.

Look for local craft beers and house-made soups and salads in addition to pizzas. Shelby St. Indiana Ave. Pleasant family-run-for-family-fun establishments. Pizza, pasta, salads and subs served for lunch and dinner seven days a week. This Austin-based chain was one of the first national pizzerias to reach Louisville in the s, and quality ingredients — plus Gattiland playgrounds for the kids — have made its crisp, thin-crust pizzas a popular draw for nearly 30 years.

The New Orleans carry-out and delivery chain backed by billionaire Mark Cuban has staked out the Louisville area for expansion. The menu also offers a gluten-free crust and all-natural soy cheese. This growing chain specializes in both thick Chicago-style and thin traditional pizza, plus an imposing list of beers from around the world.

After satisfying Highlands customers with his crispy-crust New York-style pizzas — specializing in premium, made in-house toppings — former restaurant chef turned pizza guy Allan Rosenberg has opened a second store, near U of L.

The college trade can share his inch pies, scarf down an oversized slice for a snack, or make a meal from the calzones, breadsticks and short list of salads and desserts. This locally-owned pizzeria, widely known for their massive pizza by the slice, has expanded into St. Matthews, and now downtown too, at the former Down to Lunch space. All four locations are open until 5 a.

Owner Steve Baldwin serves up Chicagostyle pie, calzones and other tipico Italiano fare, with a performance stage ready for pro performers or karaoke. Friendly service and sizzling pies make this neighborhood pizzeria a favorite under any name. Those lucky Hoosiers will now be able to partake of a generation of pizza-making experience. Look for big pies with fresh sauces and toppings. A little neighborhood pizza pub on the edge of Germantown has been serving up its signature pies to neighbors and commuters who pick up pies before they get on nearby I to head home.

The pies are straightforward, made with ample toppings. Located in the old Slice of NY space off S. Hurstbourne Parkway, Perfetto carries on the New York style tradition: pies by the slice, just like on Flatbush Avenue. Hand-tossed crust, all kinds of toppings, plus Italian sausage and meatball sandwiches. Stuffed Chicago-style and crispy thin-crust pizzas offer whichever option a pizza lover desires.

The pizza at Pizza King is baked in a sturdy, clay stone oven and hand-tossed with thinner crust where the ingredients go all the way to the edge. No animals were harmed in the making of the tasty alternative sandwiches and other dishes at this neat little deli attached to a spiffy local organic-foods grocery.

A small but growing pizza chain based in Indianapolis opens its first Louisville property on Shelbyville Road. Go to enjoy a pizza, some baked ziti or chicken parmigiana, and some hoppy draft as you contemplate the Louisville skyline. Or call in for delivery to Jeffersonville, Clarksville or Louisville. Ready for takeout or eat-in, this downtown storefront offers good, standard not Sicilian pizza and other familiar Italian-American dishes.

If you want to buy a car, go to a car dealer. To buy a carpet, patronize a carpet shop. The open flame at this counter-service diner provides the next best thing to a family cookout. Sandwiches, fresh salads, fruit cobblers and oldfashioned hand-dipped milkshakes enhance the nostalgic theme.

Sublime subs — fast and fresh. Brook, For a real slice of Louisville life, this weathered greasy spoon at the corner of Brook and Burnett is the real thing. Neighborhood denizens drink coffee and chow down on burgers and breakfast until the wee hours the joint is open 24 hours. This fully staffed meat store in Prospect offers custom-cut beef, lamb, pork, bison, chicken and veal, plus a well-stocked deli and specialty foods, with skilled butcher Jimmy Mike at the helm.

Serving lunch to workers in the Dupont area five days a week. What would the Baxter Ave. Highlands corridor be without a lunchtime and late night walk-up hot dog window? Hot Diggity Dog takes over from Derby City dogs, offering steamed hot dogs, Polish sausage, nachos and Blue Bell ice cream during lunch and again throughout the evening.

The name of this cozy downtown deli in the PNC Bank building might warrant a double-take, but its feline theme and kitty cartoons earn a smile. Open for breakfast and lunch, it offers a good selection of sandwiches, panini and wraps at budget prices. East Coast-style sub shop with local faves that includes cheese, ham, prosciuttini, capicola, salami, pepperoni and fixings.

Gyros, of course, and substantial ones, traditional beef and lamb, chicken, BBQ chicken and even vegetarian. But Philly steak sandwiches too, and catfish sandwiches, Chicago style hot dogs and burgers. Chicken wings, hummus, Greek salads as well. And, they deliver.

Just a few tables turn this takeout nook into a sit-in breakfast and lunch spot for a handful of diners at a time. This stylish deli offers another lunch and dinner option downtown. Catherine St. This neighborhood eatery is an institution. This convenient deli specializes in bagels, as the name implies.

Breakfast means fresh bagels with an array of cream cheese, sausage, eggs and coffee. At lunchtime lines form for sandwiches — subs, panini, wraps, hot melts and cold cuts. The grilled salmon burger is worth the visit, as well as the Triple Crown wrap with three meats or a fresh veggie wrap. Soups, desserts top off the lunch-only schedule. This Oldham County shop offers Italian-style deli sandwiches and pizza, plus home-style Italian hot dishes from lasagna to baked ziti.

This small but growing local chain, founded Steve and Jill Mazzoni and their friend Jason McCune, specializes in health and nutrition supplements and vitamins. This national sandwichshop chain offers a wide selection of over stuffed subs that benefit from fresh quality ingredients.

But what sets them apart from the rest is their value — and they deliver. Near the government center in the lower Highlands, this popular sandwich shop features healthful choices for lunch. Another semi-national chain, covering mostly the South and Midwest, brings a selection of familiar subs, sandwiches and salads to Louisville diners eager for more standardized semifast food.

Every city needs a postage-stamp-sized spot that knows how to fry potatoes and grill up a burger. In New Albany, the place is Little Chef. Biscuits and gravy, fried eggs, and burgers, in a joint that seems like a throwback to the heartland of America, circa Matthews Ave. A Louisville pioneer in gourmet cheeses, oils, dips, hummus and, of course, pasta.

They are mainly an eclectic specialty-food store but fans stand threedeep at the sandwich counter every afternoon. And next door is a comfortable place to have coffee and pastry or to eat your sandwich. This outfit prepares its share of the soups, salads and sandwiches that the downtown workforce needs to re-energize.

Smack dab in the middle of the Main Street historic district, this fashionable deli lures the savvy business midday crowd. Floyd St. U of L , , Outer Loop, Emphasizing quality customer service, this delicatessen ladles up such soups as gumbo and chicken tortilla along with cutting board favorites. They have a special way with a tumbler of sweet iced tea. Second St. YMCA building , A second location is now open in the YMCA downtown. A friendly and casual neighborhood gathering spot.

Offerings include soups, snacks, coffee drinks and bagels made on the premises to its own rather idiosyncratic formula. A little piece of fast-food history remains on an urban street corner in Old Louisville. Oversize burgers with a spicy, homemade flavor are just as good as ever. Oxmoor Mall , , Dutchmans Ln. Hurstbourne Ln. Warm breads finish-baked on the premises make a tasty base for a variety of sandwiches. Deli sandwiches and salads are available takeout only. Billed as the East Coast Sub Headquarters, this sandwich kitchen does a brisk business here in the Louisville area.

Fresh soups are available daily, from chili to chowder; so are salads and desserts. Take away, or sit at one of the nine stools lining the little building and watch the passing parade. Now this national chain vends a full selection of deli-style fare, with one significant improvement on the traditional deli: the servers are invariably polite.

In the soup kettles you will find such classics as cheesy potato, bean and ham, broccoli and cheese, chicken and dumplings and more. The hardy No. An array of sandwiches, salad sides and desserts fill out an appetizing lunch menu. At the back of the Felice Plaza east of downtown, the Bodega combines a small specialty-food market, wine-and-beer shop and deli under one compact roof. This locally owned and operated eatery looks a lot like the national Fuddruckers chain, but the local boys do a better job, with huge burgers on magisterial home-baked buns and a Metropolitan Museum of toppings.

Offering New York style with Kentucky flair, this busy downtown deli will serve in-house diners or take orders for deliveries. Ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket, served up as sandwiches, wraps or platters. Also, smoked baloney and chicken, smoked turkey and sirloin tips, and plenty of side choices. Carry out and catering only.

Featuring hickory-smoked Tennessee-style barbecue sandwiches and filling, affordable dinners. Ribs and rib tips, chicken wings, hamburgers, pulled pork and chicken, milk shakes, and soft serve cones. This franchise chain operation may be based in the twin cities, but it looks like a Georgia gas station with its exuberant, if tongue-in-cheek faux country decor.

The important thing, though,. Fire fighters, it is said, eat heartily and well. The burgoo and the baked beans rank as some of the best in the city and the pulled pork by the pound is value worth taking home. A menu specialty: smoked chicken white chili. This South End barbecue shack, an outpost of a popular spot in Corydon, IN, offers a fine range of barbecue meats skillfully smoked on the premises, with sauce served on the side as it should be.

Highly recommended. This familiar old local brand, long a downtown fixture, now offers its smoky Texas barbecue in an East End industrial park just off the Gene Snyder Freeway and Old Henry Road. Ribs, pork, chicken a la carte and dinners. The small East End venue moves a lot of pizzas and salads as well. Holly Rd. House specialty is hickory-grilled steaks on Friday and Saturday nights.

A new smokery on Bardstown Road just past Hurstbourne offers baby back and spare ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken and burgers, along with home-cooked sides like collard greens, sweet potato fries and onion loaf. Finish off with a coconut cream pie or chocolate cobbler. Ribs are juicy and smoky; the pinto beans and the Blue Bunny ice cream from Texas are not to be missed. A small, neighborhood place just off I in Crestwood pleases fans with standard barbecue fare — pulled pork, brisket and ribs — as well as smoked sausage, chicken and boneless chops.

Cinnamon apples join the usual side selection of green beans, slaw and mac and cheese. Also salads, sandwiches and burgers. Restaurant owner and namesake Keith Brown used to host neighborhood gatherings in a shed at his home. Now he brings the same sociable concept to his pub and eatery. A game room for kids, and plenty of wings, shrimp, burgers and beer. Another popular option at the striking new downtown Marriott, Champions provides a fun, casual dining alternative with a Kentucky sports theme — and a gallery of big-screen televisions to keep the sports action flowing as freely as the libations and upscale pub grub.

At this growing chain, you can get your wings doused in an array of sauces, from honey barbecue to spicy garlic barbecue to sweet Thai chili to inferno — a habanero-based sauce that has a legit name. Also breaded and grilled tenders, chicken sandwiches, appetizers and salads. This Douglass Loop spot features craft brews on tap, a tasteful selection of wine, and reasonably priced food, including the signature Zip Burger and ribbon fries.

Twenty-four craft beers on tap to wash down the traditional pub grub of tacos, ribs and — these days — sushi. Gourmet pizzas, hoagies, and an enormous beer selection draw Highlands folks to this cozy neighborhood pub. Steam-table service featuring spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna and chicken attract a hungry lunch crowd at this casual spot, and brunch specialties are just as popular. A popular St. Matthews neighborhood tavern since Although dining is secondary to booze and sports here, the food goes well beyond mere pub grub.

A longtime gathering place for U of L students, faculty and fans, this sturdy redbrick tavern just north of the university campus offers a good variety of bar munchies, sandwiches and simple grilled fare plus pizza. Hilton , Located in the Louisville International Airport Hilton. In addition to its full bar and beer garden,.

The name says it all: sports, casual dining and good things to drink all find their natural meeting place at this friendly neighborhood spot where hot wings and hoops reign supreme. Quality, affordable fare that goes well beyond pub grub to include an awesome smokehouse burger and barbecued ribs so tender, they say, that you can just tap the end of the bone on your plate, and the meat falls off.

This lighthouse has been a beacon of casual, home cooking and tavern environment for years. Daily specials, appetizers, chicken and fish baskets, salads and desserts round out the menu. This full service restaurant and bar has accommodated hardy thirsts and appetites for a couple of generations. Despite the Irish appeal, the food is American and lots of it. A tavern that serves a full breakfast — eggs, bacon, hotcakes. Breakfast or lunch served anytime.

Loud music and cheap beer with a vaguely medical environment theme seems the modus operandi at this Clifton bar, once the home of KY BBQ Company. The first entry of the Buffalo-based chain to open in the area. Along with wraps and salads, the regulars like the deep-fried burger.

Do you think you have a good crowd cheering you on?

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Thin rolled pasta filled with spinach, parmesan, and ricotta cheese, baked in our oven with a dash of tomato and a creamy cheese sauce. Baked rigatoni with sliced chicken breast, pancetta, cream, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, cherry tomato, pesto and rocket with parmesan shavings.

Pan fried served with hollandaise sauce, roast potatoes and crisp salad leaves. King prawns in garlic, white wine and butter served with spaghetti aglio, olio e pepperoncino. Served on a bed of marinated peppers, olives walnuts and mixed leaves, rocket pine kernels, sun dried tomatoes with balsamic vinaigrette. Chargrilled fresh tuna served medium on a classic Nicosia salad with French beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, new potatoes, egg, mixed leaves and red onion. Vanilla ice cream, fresh double cream topped with cherries roasted chopped almonds.

Vanilla ice cream, luscious peach in heavy syrup. Fresh double cream and raspberry sauce. A creation of 'Par Excellence' a leaning tower of Pisa that can be eaten as well as seen. Selection of homemade Italian cakes and desserts please ask for today's selection.

Vanilla ice cream, Malibu, Blue Bols, whipped cream, pineapple chunks and chocolate flake. Absolut vanilla vodka, Kahlua, a shot of espresso and sugar shaken, and served in a chilled martini glass. Absolut Vodka, Chambord liqueur and pineapple juice shaken, served in a chilled martini glass.

Always very stylish! Amaretto Cherry Herring shaken with egg white, lemon juice, Angostura bitters and sugar. Absolut Citron, Cointreau, fresh lime juice and cranberry, shaken and garnished with an orange twist, served in a chilled martini glass. Outstanding quality, mellow ripe red fruit with soft spicy notes, a blend produced in Italy especially for Quattrozero. Selection Central Valley Chile. Deep very soft morello and blackcurrant, so easy. Puglia Italy.

Bright ruby red in color, with good fruit and dry flavor, just what a Chianti should be. Aresti Reserve Curico Vally Chile. From the Rio Claro region the best grapes are used to show intense character and exceptional quality.

Ruby in colour, pronounced grapey aroma, dry and well balanced from Piedmont. Single vineyard, matured in oak casks. Intense colour a true classic. Deep ruby red, intense flavour, slightly tannic with perfect roundness and velvety consistency. Our Favourite. Known for its alcoholic quality, is enormously rich, full bodied.

Intense Tawny red wine Rich smooth full flavoured and perfectly balanced tannins. Ruby to garnet red in colour with notes of cherry jam and leather on the nose, elegant and slightly acidic on the palate. Veneto Italy. Outstanding quality, fresh and vibrant fruit. With a harmonious finish, a blend produced In italy especially for Quattrozero.

Central Valley Chile. Zesty with ripe fruit character, long delicious flavor. South East Australian. Melon, peach and lime combined in a rich creamy style. Marlborough New Zealand. Super fresh gooseberry nose, the palate is packed full of fruit. Campagnia Italy. Pale Straw in color characteristic perfumes on the nose and an intense, long, fruity taste. Villa Matilda Campagna Italy. Intense and persistent, appealing and complex with well Integrated, distinct notes of white peach, sweet almonds And minerals, excellent structure on the palate with good Complexity, Fresh, characterful but not aggressive.

Costamolino Sardinia Italy. Sardinia's foremost winemaking family, ripe tropical fruit Nose followed by layers of aromatic Rich clean flavors, stunning! Sicily Italy. Is the result of a careful selection of Grecanico and Inzolia grape, pale yellow color, the ethereal floral, scent and is dry, young and lively.

Elegant and beautifully balanced this is a must for any occasion. Perrier Jouet Blason Rose Brut Champagne shows hints of strawberry and red fruits on the nose and a rich long plate. A really nice venue with a very helpful and friendly waitress.

Excellent night out food was very good and service excellent it was my birthday next again day and they gave me a free glass of prosseco recommend this restaurant. Service was a little slow on arrival, but improved during our visit. The food was good, and the menu has good choices for a variety of tastes. I enjoyed Ed the food great size portions and all ingredients were fresh.

It is more cafe style than restraint so dinning is casual and service a bit slow but it was busy and only two people covering all the tables. That apart I would go again. Everything was very stodgy. Lumps of dough. Not appetising at all. Great value and good service. Great pizza and calzone. A must if you are in West End. Food excellent and service was friendly. The hard surfaces around mean that there is a lot of noise especially if there are children around.

Quick,friendly service. Food was tasty and great value. Food was good at reasonable prices. Ambiance was simple and clean. Great food and fantastic service. Just what I required the night before the Edinburgh Marathon. Great value and fabulous food, and really good service. Fabulous Italian food in really modern classy surroundings. It feels like you;re on holiday when you step in the door. Staff are welcoming and efficient. Oh, and the ice cream is out of this world!

Had a super meal here a couple of months ago so went back next time we were in Edinburgh. However this time the meal was not so good Cheese in Calzone was not fully melted and a little cold could still see where it had been grated and a large corner of the pasta in the callenoni was burned black and hidden under the cheese topping. Unfortunately this took the shine of what was otherwise a good meal.

First visit to Quattro Zero on recommendation from a friend. I was not disappointed. There is a nice drinks menu with cocktail choices. The food is amazing and definitely worth the cost. Portion sizes are very generous and the standard of the food is a joy. I will definately be back for more! Yes, you can generally book this restaurant by choosing the date, time and party size on OpenTable.

Due to local restrictions, this restaurant may not be accepting reservations at the moment. Skip to Main Content. Sign up Sign in. Restaurants are struggling due to Covid. Full List of Metros. Overview Photos Menu Reviews. Quattro Zero. Top Tags : Casual. Comfort Food. Situated in the centre of Edinburgh at 40 Queensferry Street, Quattro Zero is an Italian restaurant that serves traditional fare prepared with only the freshest ingredients.

The menu offers a variety of home-made pasta, pizza from a wood-fired oven and succulent risottos. The restaurant boasts an assortment of home-made desserts, a comprehensive wine list and the steak and seafood dishes are also not to be missed. The trendy restaurant is owned and run by the same group as Grand Cru and Caciopepe and they have, once again, risen up to meet their previously set high standards.

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Listing Category: CAFETERIAS & COFFEE SHOPS. Location: NICOSIA. Address: 13, Ilia Papakyriakou Str., Eggomi, NICOSIA, CYPRUS. Phone: Work. University of Nicosia. Computer Science · Nicosia, Cyprus. Education. Kykkos B' Lyceum. Nicosia, Cyprus. Current City and Hometown. No places to show. To connect with John, sign up for Facebook today. Log In. or. Sign Up · About John Katsiamis. Education. Πανεπιστήμιο Κύπρου | University Of Cyprus. Nicosia​.