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Bob used to be considered one of the ihorse betting guide of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. Doctor bob sports betting the early s Doctor bob sports betting. Many client now report of and losing streaks after trying his service and his name is slandered across every sports betting forum online. Stop following these loser handicappers, unless you plan on fading their picks. Bob to shame with our daily game day reports that detail all of the information and action from around every active league. This is about strategical investing, not impulsive sports gambling, you need the pros on your side to capitalize on the right opportunity.

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W o betting calculator

A Patent consists of 3 selections taking part in different events, which are combined to produce 7 bets derived from a Treble, 3 Doubles, and a Single for each selection. The Patent Bet Calculator allows you to calculate the stake, return and profit for Patents, permed from up to 20 selections if required, with the same comprehensive range of options available to the Free Bet Calculator. The Number of Selections value is automatically updated when you switch between different bet types, if the current value is less than the minimum required for the type of bet.

The number of selections can be increased in order to create perms or, in the case of Accumulators, to simply extend the size of the Accumulator. Simply click the button with the relevant selection number to display a panel containing the less frequently used Rule 4 , Dead Heat and Joint Favourite options.

For example, if a selection has lost, then Win Odds is not relevant, so that option is removed from the form. Win Odds can be entered in either Fraction , Decimal or American format, in accordance with the current odds format that can be changed via the Settings. Total - the number of participants finishing in the same position.

In the event of a double dead heat you should enter 2, and in the unlikely event of a triple dead heat you should enter 3. Places - the number of places being offered by your bookmaker for the event in which your selection is taking part. Position - the finishing position for the dead heat. If the dead heat is for first then you should enter 1, if the dead heat is for second then you should enter 2, etc.

This is why it is very important that you do not abandon any range of odds because you have lost 1 or 2 bets. By systematically investing in Value Bets, you will achieve long-term profit regardless of the range of odds. The average user places an average of bets a day. Depending on the bookmaker and the procedure used, the time per bet may vary. We do not verify our picks with any external service because there are none that offer an automated service and it would be a waste of time for us to publish, one by one, the more than picks per month that WinnerOdds offers.

On the betting result history page , you can download a csv with all the predictions that WinnerOdds has published since day one March And if you have any doubts about the odds that we publish in the history, you can check them yourself in portals like Oddsportal where these same movements are reflected in great detail. In addition, WinnerOdds is not an anonymous twitter or telegram account.

If any problem arises, you are guaranteed to have all our available data on the legal notices page. But you will not be limited by using WinnerOdds, they will limit you because you earn money. Almost all bookmakers limit their winning users some more quickly than others and as soon as you start making money betting, with WinnerOdds or with any other method, you will face this situation. There is a way to delay and even avoid limitations in some cases ; by distributing or diversifying your sports bets across as many bookmakers as possible.

This will mean that you distribute your returns across online bookmakers. You will be betting fewer times and smaller amounts with each bookmaker, so by winning in a more distributed way, they will take longer to start to limit you.

Another advantage of having an account in the highest possible number of bookmakers is that you will win in volume of bets and you will always bet on the best odds. Tennis is made for betting. Only two players compete and all the matches must end with one person winning.

With fewer variables, it is much easier to calculate the odds and predict tennis matches successfully. We are currently working on and maintaining a line of development to apply the WinnerOdds method to other sports, starting with football. Although, at the moment, we are not offering forecasts to the public. Most of you know of, or have used, our WinnerOdds Tennis algorithm and have seen the incredible results that have unfolded over the last five years.

The Football system is almost identical in its simplicity and implementation. Simply, the Football algorithm calculates real-time probabilities for upcoming Football matches, then compares the calculated probabilities against bookmaker […]. Well, it has not been easy. Especially in a system like WinnerOdds that calculates its […]. We know, We know. Well we might just have some good news for you all! Yes, maybe a little sunbathing or a sneaky beer in our spare time.

But […]. Make Money Investing in Value Bets WinnerOdds includes an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that calculates the real probabilities of all the tennis matches, compares them with the odds offered by the bookmakers and finds more than value bets per year in order to invest and earn money betting.

All users profit. Our stats. The WinnerOdds historic results only shows the predictions that have been followed by our users discarding those that have not been made by any user. I want to know more about the WinnerOdds historic results. View Betting History. How WinnerOdds works. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm used by WinnerOdds estimates the real probabilities of the tennis matches even before the bookmakers publish their odds.

By comparing the real probabilities with the odds published by all the monitored bookmakers, WinnerOdds finds Value Bets, which odds are updated until the match starts. WinnerOdds shows also the Minimum Profitable Odds of each pick, and automatically calculates your personalized bet size adapted to your bankroll. Consequently, you only have to make all the bets you can and earn money betting.

Discover the essential concepts to invest in sports betting. Identify profitable systems. Differences between amateur bettors and professional investors. Learn how to invest in value bets. Click here to get your free ebook. WinnerOdds calculates the real probabilites of all the Tenis matches. WinnerOdds is very easy to use, even beginner bettors are obtaining huge profit from it.

Consistency, stability and volume of picks. View all the features. What people are saying about WinnerOdds? Units won. Units bet. Siempre tenemos la idea de que cuando te hablan de apuestas, lo relacionas siempre con peliculas de mafiosos, de que un dia ganas y de que otro dia pierdes todo. La sociedad nos ha metido una idea equivocada en la cabeza, al principio cuando lo explicaba a la gente mas cercana , todos me decian Mi experiencia con Winnerodds ha sido muy positiva , y lo recomendaria a cualquiera que tenga euros en el banco parados esperando que le den algun euro en intereses.

El principio siempre es dificil, por que sales de tu zona de confort y te aventuras en algo nuevo, Tienes que registrarte en casas de apuestas , enviar dinero y son cosas nuevas para ti , que te dan cierta desconfianza, te preguntas si te devolveran el dinero cuando lo quieras sacar. Yo comenze con euros de inversion y con mucho miedo Si que es cierto que los primeros meses tuve muchas dudas ya que no conseguia muchos beneficios , no sabia bien bien el funcionamiento y estuve a un pelo de dejarlo, pero mi intuicion me decia que este sistema de inversion era fiable , por lo que decidi , darle mi confianza creer e intentar hacer todas las apuestas sin tener el miedo a perder.

Por que creeme el unico que puede hacerte perder el dinero es tu miedo. Mi consejo si eres nuevo. Haz todas las apuestas que puedas! Reparte el dinero en todas las casas que puedas , por que si una casa ve que ganas muchas seguidas te limitaran, por eso es importante que repartas el dinero en todas las casas posibles. See more. The best investment I've made in my life. For years I tried to invest in my future, my goal is to have a passive income that allows me to live without worrying about money.

I tried online business, stock market, property investing, etc. My life changed when a common friend introduced me to the CEO of WinnerOdds, we had a very interesting conversation through Skype, Miguel explained me how WinnerOdds works even offered me to try WO to see how it works. My experiences with sport bets were recreational, for fun, I never thought you could earn money with that.

As I said, this chat with Miguel changed my understanding about betting. He explained everything to me, how WO works, the numbers behind, the team and he told me that this is a long term invest. So after trying it, I decided to start my own account almost 2 years ago, I was expecting a low ROI but after just 3 months I triple my initial bank, even when the sport bookies limited my bets.

Besides being an effective method, it is also simple and safe.

A Patent consists of 3 selections taking part in different events, which are combined to produce 7 bets derived from a Treble, 3 Doubles, and a Single for each selection.

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W o betting calculator WinnerOdds estimates the real probabilities even before the bookmakers publish their odds. Moneyline bets can be w o betting calculator in three different formats including moneyline, decimal, and fractional. Total Outlay. The numerator shows the potential amount of net gain. The best way to explain how moneyline bets are paid is with an actual example. Basically, this means that the WinnerOdds method automatically calculates the bet size so that, if you win a bet, you win between 0.
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