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Bob used to be considered one of the ihorse betting guide of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. Doctor bob sports betting the early s Doctor bob sports betting. Many client now report of and losing streaks after trying his service and his name is slandered across every sports betting forum online. Stop following these loser handicappers, unless you plan on fading their picks. Bob to shame with our daily game day reports that detail all of the information and action from around every active league. This is about strategical investing, not impulsive sports gambling, you need the pros on your side to capitalize on the right opportunity.

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Horse race betting strategies

These extras features are just one of the advantages of placing horse racing bets online so be sure to take full advantage and use all the information at your disposal; learn more about the extra features offered by the top betting sites over on the main page. There are a numerous horse racing betting tips and guidelines you can follow that can help you make more informed decisions, however, horse racing is, after all, a sport in which anything can happen and where plain old luck can often prove to be the most deciding factor.

In the sections below we will be going over only the most essential handicapping methods, which can increase your chances of picking a winner. Our aim is not to give fool proof tips on how to make a fortune, but rather, provide some sound advice on how to discard noncontenders and decide which horse, or horses, really merit a wager.

Note: these tips only apply for straight, win only wagers on a single horse. Many punters choose to opt for a more strategic approach to betting on horses in order to try and seek out the best value in the market. There are a number of widely recognised betting systems that can, if used properly, can increase your expected value. Here are some of the most well-known, well tested horse racing strategies listed below. Dutching is a popular betting system that basically ensures that when you wager on a certain number of horses you make the same amount of money irrespective of which horse actually wins.

It does involve a fair bit of maths; however, it can be extremely useful if you have a set amount you wish to stake and you want to back more than one selection. However, with the dutching strategy as shown above, you can work out how exactly how much you need to stake to cover both outcomes and ensure the same profit. Laying the favourite is when you bet against the favourite to win a race in a betting exchange.

It is a strategy that at first instance appears to go against the very basic principles of gambling, but if used properly, can ensure profits over time. This means that on average, favourites are more likely to lose a race than they are to win. You need to think, in betting exchanges a horse is only perceived as the favourite because it has the most amount of money behind it, not necessarily because it has the best chance of winning.

Value betting is a more general betting strategy that does not apply exclusively to horse racing, but is nonetheless important for maximising profits over time. It is, essentially, when you look to see if a selection has been under priced i. Before you get to this stage however, it is first important to bear in mind that spotting a value bet and knowing how to apply it properly requires significant experience and know-how.

Horse racing betting tips, strategies and guidelines aside, perhaps the most important method to success when betting on horses is properly managing your finances. On the flip side, proper management of your finances can go a long way to keeping your head above water and ensuring steady profits over time.

See some of our tips listed down below:. Make sure that you put aside a set amount of money each week or month for betting. This should be extra funds that you would normally use for leisure activities. Never place a bet to try and make up for a loss. Sometimes losing a bet can hurt; the proper way to react is to take a step back, think where you went wrong, gain some perspective and go again when the time is right.

The important thing to bear in mind is that different strategies work for everyone: there is no perfect strategy. If you have any questions about these strategies, or anything else contained on this site, please feel free to email at info bestbettingsites. Simply put, no. There are literally thousands of pages and articles online that claim to have fool-proof strategies that can turn you into a millionaire overnight; the vast majority are no more guaranteed to ensure profit than your own savvy and experience.

Remember, success when that betting on horses does not come overnight. The best way to bet on horse racing is to be patient, learn from your mistakes and you'll eventually develop your own strategies. If you'd like to read up on some more betting strategies, head over to the golf betting strategy page to the spread betting section. This website contains advertisement. How to Read a Race Card When betting on a horse race for the first time, making sense of the race card may seem like a bit of a daunting task.

The allure of horse racing when comparing it with sports betting is the chance to win a bundle without risking that same bundle. But, if you connect a few decent prices around or underneath an top play, you could be looking at a huge score. The biggest opportunities often come when you identify a heavy favorite as vulnerable, or find several favorites that you have zero interest in betting. Click image to purchase shirt.

Take a Pick 3, for example, that wraps around one of your top plays. This probably doesn't qualify as a lesson learned, since I've never been a jackpot player, but it's a point worth making here. The allure of a six-figure jackpot is tempting. But like those lottery games, the odds are stacked against the horseplayer for jackpot wagers. So, there is a chance you could hit a Pick 6 and still essentially share what amount to a consolation payout with the other winning tickets.

Plus, there is the astronomical takeout when you consider the money rolling over. Now, if there is a mandatory payout at the end of a meet or at the end of a big weekend, count me in. Otherwise, I will never invest a dollar in a jackpot wager. Betting on a Mild Upset in Withers Stakes. Get to Know All 13 U. Triple Crown Winners. Stay up-to-date with the best from America's Best Racing! Penelope P.


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Value betting is a general strategy that works on any sport, not just horse racing. Once you learn how to spot a good value bet and trust us, there are many, you can maximize your profits pretty easily. He was the first player to finish in the top 10 twice. He cashed on the NHC Tour with a 19th overall finish.

A former executive with Brisnet. Thank you for staying updated with the AGameofSkill. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Enter your email in the box above and click "join today" to:. Meet the Founder. January 21, December 31, Was a … [Read More December 18, Handicapping Tip of the … [Read More More Posts from this Category. Return to top of page. The thoroughbred scene in the United Kingdom and Ireland showcases Games of Chance. Learn more about horse racing.

Got Rebates? Or do you just get points that add up to little? If you are human, leave this field blank. Your Name. State of Residence? Though these bets are safer, they do not return enough money, in the long run, to make them worth it.

If I am betting a single horse, it will always be to win. You have read the entire racing program and identified the races you are most confident in. Now, the hardest part is sticking to your original plan. Suppose the races you were most confident in early in the day did not go your way.

Do not be tempted to chase your lost money and bet bigger on races you are not as confident about. Likewise, do not blow all of your early winnings in bets that you would not have made if you were not already ahead. Every bettor needs to adhere to a strict budget. There are many bettors who are confident in a later race but cannot wager on it because they have lost all their money beforehand. If you have ever attended a track in person, you know there is a lot of downtime between races.

Often times, there can be as many as 30 minutes from the time one race ends until the next begins. Thus, a lot of bettors get themselves into trouble by curing their boredom with off-track betting OTB. They do not have the time to adequately research an OTB race, and will just place a bet based on odds.

Do not place a wager on a race you have not studied. Even if you are not tempted by OTB, it is more than fine to sit out a race at your local track. Stick to what you are confident in and have the patience to wait for your races. An exercise that can be helpful is to place a hypothetical bet on a race you are sitting out.

Keep a log of these bets, and maybe you can learn something from the races you sit out and apply those strategies to the races you wager on. Mike Spector is a featured writer at BettingPros. Identify Your Main Races This idea goes hand-in-hand with dissecting the racing program for pertinent information.

Vary Your Bets Every bettor should have a realistic goal in mind when they begin a day of horse racing betting.