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Xtracraft mod 1-3 2-4 betting system

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These add a few alternatives. Works with Edb Prepare Carefully. This is essentially just an XML mod. If you add your own, you will need to make Created by Drgn! Note: I recently started a new job and I'm still adjusting. Updates and responses could be delayed. More Scenario Options - Research.

Created by rensen1. Adds more research related options for the scenario editor. More Sculpture. Created by [KOR]Bichang. More Than Capable. Pawns are More Than Capable! Colonists will do work even if they hate it This is a fork from Pawns are Capable by Rainbeau Flambe. More carpet and leather floors. Created by Zylleon. Mortar Accuracy. Created by Hob Took.

Incompatible with Combat Extended mod! Tired of never using those Antigrain war Mod remade due to some arbitrary rules that are not being stated. No Burn Metal. Created by NPC. NPC Bonus Continued. No Carried Food. Created by JBloodthorn. Stops pawns from wanting to carry food around in their pockets. They will still carry food to train animals or load caravans, but will no longer carry a meal around to eat later.

So they will have to walk all the way back to base to get their food need Annoyed by constant "reminders" to buy expansions? Well not anymore. This mod removes all mentions of expansions you haven't bought Non uno Pinata. Downed and killed pawns don't burst in a bunch of loot all over the place. More tools to deal with corpse inventory. Nopower Comms Simplified. Communicate with other factions via Bird Post.

Created by Mehni. Adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is, or to assign gear optimally. Created by Ogre. Mod for customizing stack sizes. As well as the ability to target specific items.

Improvements for v1. Old Difficulty. Pawn Name Variety. Did you know that a large portion of the pawns in your game have predefined names and backstories? This mod makes every pawn truly random, breaks up those predefined names into first, last, and nick names, inserting them into the random name pool to add th Opened Doors Don't Block Light.

Created by mlph. Light can pass through the opened doors. This mod uses Harmony. It can be added to existing save data. Removing this mod outputs error, but it seems no problems. Optional Icons for Architect Icons. Created by Proxyer. Pawn Badge Fan Fork. The fan fork of the mod "Pawn Badge" by Rangel Real which allows adding up to 2 informative badges to the colonist bar.

Now compatible with versions 1. Any badge mods made for the original mod will be compati Pawn Rules - Food policies and more. Tired of feeding your prisoners Lavish Meals? Need your animal handlers to stop bonding with livestock? Want a colonist to avoid getting a new lover? Have a worker on construction duty but shouldn't be building artistic furniture?

Pawn Rule Created by Jellypowered. Updated for 1. Primitive Storage. Created by velcroboy Primitive Storage adds several new structures for keeping your goods. Pep In Your Step. Put a little pep in your step! Makes happy pawns move and work faster, and slows down sad pawns. Non-Steam download available here. Plant Growth Sync. Synchronize your crop fields over time, so as to eventually force them to mature at the same time. Growth sync only applies to crops in your growing zones.

Includes a mod settings menu to customize your experience. Sorry, but I'm no longer maint Power Indicators. Enables a little indicator on build designators if power is needed or if it's refuelable. Should work with every mod. Thanks to Shinzy for the cover. Prisoner Recreation. Created by oBerry. Updated to be more compatible, thanks to Ragepyre's awesome work!

Thanks man. Progress Renderer. Created by Neptimus7. Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts. Created by respawn. This mod allow your pawns with bionic arms and legs continue wearing any gear for feet and hands. Does not require new save game. Can be removed any time.

This mod does not change body par Quality Cooldown. Makes it so that quality affects melee and ranged With QualityBuilder all buildings that have quality beds, tables etc will only be build by the best builder to ensure the best outgoing quality. Every other constructor will be able to bring in the materials, but only the best one will build it. If yo Raise The Roof 1. Created by Machine. Build a variety of thick roofs for protection against drop pods, mortars and tornadoes.

Roof types: Steel Requires 50 steel Solar Requires research, 50 steel and 1 component and provides 50 watts power Transparent Requires research, 50 steel and Remove Tutorial Button. Removes the tutorial button from the main menu so it never gets accidentally clicked on.

Replace Stuff. Place buildings anywhere , on top of existing things, and the game will handle it - Replace the stuff that the building is made from replace a wooden wall with slate wall - Upgrade things: like doors to autodoors, beds to bigger beds, workben Smooth painless research This is a fork of ResearchTree by Fluffy.

Main difference is when the tree is generated and the tree layout. The tree is generated when RimWorld is loading, you won't get interrupted by the tab. The denser layout helps with the Retextured Sculptures. Created by Tenthwit. Higher resolution textures for all 18 base game sculptures. Sculptures are not included in the fantastic Vanilla Textures Expanded , hence: this. Reworked Temperature Extreme Events [1.

Created by O Negative. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect pane which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alternatively the HUD can a separate floating RimPy Mod Manager Database. Created by Paladin. Quickly access the desired save thanks to previews image and meta data. No more mess with your multiple c Rolling Table.

Can make smokeleaf joints in x1, x5, or x10 quantity. Room Food. Prefer to get food from the dining room. Colonists will get food from the nearest room with a table, before checking elsewhere. This includes lower quality food and nutrient paste dispensers even if Room Size Tolerance.

Have you ever asked yourself, "Self, why do my colonists have such big expectations when it comes to room size? Aren't they trying to colonize this place? They obviously understand survival is far more important than how much room for activities they have, Salted Meat. This mod will allow you to keep them safe from rotting by introducing a popular technique from the 18th century.

Keep your meat fresh Run and Hide Continued. Your colonists can never be a true Rambo if they cannot gun while they are running. Therefore, this mod adds a mode that, when enabled, allows drafted colonists and NPC pawns to shoot while moving at the cost of an accuracy and movement penalty.

SF Grim Reality. Created by SheiFoxy. Yeah it's rough, and sometimes it sucks, but at the end of the day, there are two kinds of people: Survivors, and hats Search and Destroy. Tired of pawns lounging about during the heat of the battle after their first kill? Or got an easy raid and don't want to micromanage everything?

Toggle Search and Destroy to let the AI take control over your pawns while you sit back and enjoy the slaughte Settlement Descriptions. I started a heavily-modded playthrough and was annoyed at how tedious it was to check which faction controlled a specific base, given that the base game only shows a randomly-generated name which often conflicts, given modders reuse base game name generat Seeds for your immersion pleasure.

Created by Shadow. I'm not a professional modder, so please report any bugs and I'll try my best to fix it. If you have request for seeds missing on specific mods, leave a comment and I'll take a look. Selectable Sculpture Graphic[1. Created by tammybee. You can change sculpture graphic. Set Owner for Prisoner Beds. Settlement Inventory.

Created by GimmeYoCookiez. Share The Load. Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint at the same time. Share The Load tracks what is needed and doesn't deliver too much. Multiple people also clear things out of the way for construction as well. Would you believe trees in the wa This update should also support version 1. NOTE: Shoo! Per the developer of Harmony, it should not be used with mods that use Harmony 1.

If you're running an older version of RimWorld and Show Draftees Weapon. Created by Targhetti. Shows a pawn's weapon icon on the colonist bar. When a pawn has been drafted their equipped weapon icon will display under the pawn's avatar on the colonist banner. New mod settings have been added to allow weapons to be shown regardless of a pawn's d Silent Doors Continued.

Simple Chains: Leather. Created by Owlchemist. So, you just butchered up a bear. But do your really want to wear that raw hide, completely unprocessed and with all the gross goopy bits still attached? Aimed for players desiring more challenge in their resource production, this mod introduces a Simple Chains: Lumber. This mod piles on the workload needed to process trees into workable lumber.

The raw, wooden logs that trees drop will have limited, direct usefulness. Instead, it is cut into lumber at the carpenter's trestle. This will yield green lumber, which can be us Smarter Construction. Created by Hultis. Stop your pawns from constantly building themselves into a wall or blocking something that hasn't been built yet. Great for filling sapper tunnels and rebuilding walls.

Currently only affects construction not installing minified structures. Save game Simple Search Bar. Created by gguake. This mod adds simple search bar to below list. Simple sidearms. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked. See forum thread for details. Simply More Bridges Continued. Simply More Bridges - Medieval. The medieval era had stone bridges. Changes the research projects for Simply More Bridges to be medieval, not industrial.

This one has way more stuff: Medieval Patches Skilled Stonecutting. Created by PinoChemicali. Makes stonecutting give crafting skill increases again. Also makes more skilled crafters create blocks more quickly. In earlier versions of RImworld, stonecutting chunks into blocks gave pawns increases in their crafting skill.

As of B18, it gives Stand Your Ground. Created by Oken. What does it do? Makes animals produce fleece from their fur when sheared instead of wool. This fleece is then processed at a tailor's bench into wool. Compatibility This mod is compatible with any animal mod that uses the core game wool Created by balistafreak. Smart Medicine. Doctors can hold and use medicine from their inventory, plus a few more smart things "Alright, that raider base was tough, but we killed them all and we can recover here for a day" "I'm going to rest until healed" "I will patch up that woun Smart Speed.

Created by Sarg Bjornson. Snap Out! Created by Weil. Snowy Trees. Created by Alias. Original mod by Nandonalt [ludeon. Sometimes Raids Go Wrong. Created by Marvin. Ever wished that a raid would just go horribly wrong? This mod allows storytellers to add a random and sometimes hilarious twist to a raid. Random storytellers get a second roll of the dice and take the lowest worst result for the raiders.

Created by Kiame Vivacity. Updated to 1. Original mod author is Sparr. Squad UI Tweaks. Created by drumad. A few minor tweaks to the UI when selecting groups: shows weapon range when the mouse is over the "Attack" button shows the weapon types that are equipped -- clicking the weapon allows for assigning targets to all pawns with that weapon Stuffed Floors. TD Enhancement Pack. A whole bunch of UI enhancements or tiny improvements.

Features that only add a little UI or don't really change how the game works will default on, but features that change how something works will default Timelapse Created by Epicguru. Examples: cost, hitpoints, beauty, etc. It can also be used to provide a guide or information regardi Tradable Stone Blocks. Created by meow. Created by Timmy. This includes: - A Wish list: a configurable list of desired items, when a trader holds any matched items, these items will be clearly highlighted so you won't Tribal Headgear Retexturing.

Retexturization of vanilla tribal headgear. Don't forget to rate! Ugh You Got Me. Pawns will stop social fighting if they're badly hurt or in a lot of pain. Masochists ignore pain when social fighting. Bloodlusties will not stop social fighting until either their opponent gives in, dies, or is downed.

Pawns who are romantic Vanilla Animals Expanded — Temperate Forest. Created by Oskar Potocki. Use Bedrolls. Bedrolls are used from the inventory. When a pawn needs to rest but can't find a bed, he'll place a bedroll from his inventory he can find an uninstalled bed on the ground, or in some other inventory Bedrolls are picked back up after sleeping.

VGP Garden Fabrics. Created by dismarzero. Cotton and devilstrand plants produce fibers that can be processed into cloths at the loom. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Arid Shrubland. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Boreal Forest. Vanilla Books Expanded. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Cats and Dogs. Vanilla Brewing Expanded. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Desert.

Vanilla Animals Expanded — Extreme Desert. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Ice Sheet. Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Sushi. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Swamp. Vanilla Factions Expanded - Insectoids. Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tundra. Vanilla Apparel Expanded.

Vanilla Armour Expanded. Vanilla Factions Expanded - Vikings. Vanilla Cooking Expanded. Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Stews. Vanilla Events Expanded. Vanilla Expanded Framework. More info will follow. Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval. Vanilla Fishing Expanded. Vanilla Hair Expanded - Beards. Vanilla Furniture Expanded. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming. Vanilla Storytellers Expanded - Freya Fierce. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Medical Module.

Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Production. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Props and Decor. Created by Beskaren. This mod is mostly finished and I will update it every few months from now on. Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Security. You all have been super Vanilla Hair Expanded.

Vanilla Plants Expanded. Created by PlayIgel. We added packs to every animal that made sense to us, from Core to fourteen mods. Vanilla Textures Expanded. A mod that allows you to see everybody's trousers, for that complete feel! Please use the bugs discussion for reporting bugs. Vanilla Weapons Expanded. Wild Reproduction. Applies the same effect using only patches, no custom defs or classes.

Non-Steam do Various Space Ship Chunk Continued. Where is my weapon? Human re-equip the weapon that equiped before downed when recovering from downed or fully healing. Xenobionic Patcher. Created by SineSwiper. Yayo's Combat 3. Created by YAYO. Created by Dingo. Injects a minimum range to any weapon with an explosive projectile. Affects grenades, launchers, etc. Created by Dametri. Created by FrozenSnowFox.

This mod changes the encounter map spawning settings to enable resources to spawn again. Now you can setup temporary mining camps again at resource nodes and pick up a small amount of resources on the way back home with caravans This mod adds two invisible animal beds which can be placed anywhere including on furniture such as beds.

One is a copy of the animal sleeping spot the other is a copy of the animal bed. The animal bed requires materials and has a quality system. Now you Created by Helixien. Created by jptrrs. I thought it deserved bet So, the brainiac in your colony spent a whole week locked up in his lab and discovered solar power. Now, how exactly does the builder figures out how to actually build the damn solar panels? Or else: your hunter has been using only bow and arrow Have you ever wondered why is it that we just need stone blocks or steel to build a bed, while wool and furs pile up in the warehouse, unused?

Do you get a feeling it would be way more comfortable to lay down on something soft? And what if that cozy bed co Simply visit "Mod Settings" from the game's "Options" menu. You can define the tota It doesn't add new traits to the game, but it will work well with mods that do, as it allows you to configure the minimum and maximum number of traits that pawns will start with. It also adjusts the character disp Removes the bill limit on individual workbenches. It's now a limit of which is near the upper-limit the bit-code allows.

A designated spot for traders to stop at. Trading Spot marker is located in the Architecture menu under Misc This will work in current saves without a problem. To remove the mod, delete the Trading Spot, save, remove the mod, then load Created by Kayedon. Ever think pirates and raiders would try to enhance their army just like you? Ever ponder why your colonists n Created by Nals. This mod displays the following status in the portrait. In addition, the item what they are using in their work is shown in the Created by Ryflamer.

Created by Shotgunfrenzy. It is reccomended that you set your Vanilla Fishing Expanded - Automation. Created by Michieru. Created by Syrchalis. Reworks plant harvest yield and animal gather yield. Adds the ability to neuter animals, preventing reproduction. Doors Expanded Dev. A framework for time-based processing inside objects.

Created by Wemd. Variety Matters. Created by Cozar. Are you looking for a reason to plant something other than corn or hydroponics rice? Do you have mods that add new plants but no reason to grow them? Well, now you have a reason, because variety matters!

A newer version of this mod with an improved, eas Aquarium Continued. Lower in nutrition but last twice as long a Might eventually include an overlay. Locks 2: Lock Them Out! Created by AmusedSaucer. Are you tired of pawns wandering into the reactor room without protective gear? Are you tired of pawns going off to the vacuum in SOS2 without space suits? Are you tired of pawns wandering walking around in toxic fallout?

More Backstories. Created by Rosco. Pick Up And Haul Continued. Rebalanced Deep Storage. This is a mod that balances the different available storage mods that use LWM's Deep Storage's storage system. Storage Mods. Thick Roof Miner. When a thick roof collapses the roof is actually destroyed, but the collapsed rocks left behind are now much more durable and will take serious effort to remove. More Details. Roads of the Rim Continued.

Created by ubergarm. Letter Reorderer. Created by legodude No more accidentally dismissing new notifications! Vanilla Achievements Expanded. Created by Neronix When they match it's good, when they do it automatically with any mod retexture too? It's better. Unlike other embrasures, which usually use the vanilla texture and modify it, these use the wall texture and apply an overlay separately to add the murder hol Created by DimonSever Dubs Apparel Tweaks.

This is a simple mod i made to do a couple of small tweaks to the way apparel works. All options are off by default. Remove Industrial Stuff. Copy link. You are looking at the diagnostics information, not at the crash. Scroll up until you see the line with ' Minecraft Crash Report '!!! Check your configs, you have another mod already using dimension 2, also for the next report please use pastebin to post the Log, this wall of text is quite painfull to read : At least, if you find the other mod, please tell which mod it was, we never got back what the other mod is.

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Mod 2-4 xtracraft system 1-3 betting betting spread definition

SUPER SYSTEM for BLACKJACK?? Testing 1324 Blackjack Betting System

Mass can you tweak recoil. This item has been added 7 Feb pm. Wait for the installer to. The Council of Blood. Other Dungeon and Raid Guides. Video ads are not only. Subscribe to download Mass'sManyItemOverhaul. Run the installer and follow. Automatically gets rid of video. Description Discussions 65 Comments Change.

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