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Kelly rowland motivation on bet

At lease she recorded live vocals and not get lazy like some people and lip-sync the original recorded song…cough cough…Britney…lol Kelly is doing it big whether you haters not wanting to believe it! Yes she still has some more growth to do but I think she is doing a damn good job compared to a year or two ago when she had no label, no manager and no team. She still kept pushing cuz she had a vision of what she wanted in her career.

Sometimes you got to hit the bottom and lose stuff to get something greater. People were just waiting for her tear up the stage! She was performing like she had an album to sell! I could tell she was lip synching at parts too. Especially when she was down on her knees hollering, but she still did good. Having Trey up their with her was cool especially since he remixed the song.

Now I am dying to see about those sales next month! Gosh after watching glasto Im itching to get this album out now and get back to the live performances. Nothing beats a stage and people man! Il y a 15 heures. Beyonce, Jessie J and Janelle Monae… you killed it at glasto! Beyonce was the 1st woman to headline Glastonbury in 20yrs!!! Yes girl!!!! Il y a 8 heures. Just cried watching Beyonce at glastonbury I swear her voice is like light.

She is my musical inspiration idol. Love her! She just gets better and better….. Very few American artists…. Il y a 17 heures. I love that woman. Great artist, writer,singer, person………. Beyonce just blew me away-I have always wanted to say that ….! Oh my. Beyonce is truly the Queen of Goddessness. With all that Dubai has to offer, yet it was truly incredible watching Beyonce on the TV closing Glastonbury. Also knowing that she actually can sing and what she lip-sync?

I see she is becoming more comfortable in her career as commanding her stage presence, but Kelly sweetheart stop the lip-syncing and show your natural raw vocals. Bey killed her performance as usually, what a sold out performance at Glastonbury of over , you better work it Beyonce. I Love this post! I hope she reads it! Not one neg comment about her performance! Now if she gets a 1 record she will be certifed Icon! Good performance but shame it was lip synched. Great performance Kelly!! Kelly did an incredible job and quite frankly people should STFU another using pre-recorded vocals.

Every artists done it at some point in their career. I think now that she has done it and done it well, she needs to now prove moving forward that she can perform with the same tenacity and confidence while singing live. I would have respected her more if she sung horribly live. But aside from the singing her choreography wasnt bad at all, shes improving.

I think its funny how no one is calling her all kinds of silly names in reference to her similar performance. People would be going ballistic. I hate the double standard that most of these fools display. Not only that but Kelly was also being very sexual and dancing in a very sexual way lyrics of the song. For the slow ones that means that she sang the version LIVE then recorded it to use later…. TRY IT!! And Bey did a 90min set NO breaks, sung live and danced. BET should have switched spots with Kelly and Beyonce because the show went off very boring.

To compare dc3 girls is ridiculous. To compare kelly with Beyonce is even more ridiculous. I will no go on because many of B fans support kelly so I will not follow the ignorant children on these stupid blogs. Had Beyonce been at bet live that would be a different story.

Beyonce has not made a career of lipping, nor can Kelly hit notes that Beyonce struggles to hit. Stop it. She still needs to prove alot more moving forward, this is just the beginning. Just enjoy it like everyone else. Kelly speaking to the audience wasnt even live. Give me on female artist you have been positive about on this site. Some people on this site take stanning to another level which is not healthy for the human mind and soul.

I loved her performance I liked beyonce more because she had way more energy than kelly. It just nobody expected her to do so good, it was good not great. Kelly did not sing any parts live, it was all pre-recorded! Like I said its not a big deal, but people do need to stop being so blind to what their favorite artists are doing but wide-eyed when its not their favorite artist.

Bid damn difference!! Compare Kelly to Keri or Ciara and exit these stupid comments to stage left. People lov eto hate on light skinned peoples success. Kelly deserves more …esp. People are always comparing the two, but they are both amazing.

Kelly is rising, fast. You are soooo right and I said the same thing she is not the first or the only, and most certainly not the infamous! She is very talented but she needs her enhancement, including that echo and vibrato effect that she uses, that is not humanly possible…. This is what I mean by the double standards. U r right. However some Beyonce stans r a nasty bunch to every other artist. I dont care how good they r. Do I feel Bey is the best in the game?

Hands down. But I enjoyed Kelly more last night. Every artist has good and bad days and that includes our girl. Some stans treat her like she some sort of 8th wonder of the world and I think thats y so many people cannot not wait to get at her.

As much as I love Beyonce and I think she is the best I understand that its just my opinion. It is clear that all these years the Knowles family was truly holding back this talent. Beyonce is not the best in the game. My issue is that when an artist is performing on stage they need to give it their ALL, and my definition of that is LIVE vocals and some choreography if it fits the song.

Kelly gave me the choreography but not the Live vocals, so im not too impressed. That performance was mediocre at best. I Knew it!!! Congrats to Kelly. Hope she comes back soon. I like original choreography and live singing. Nothing original, nothing to brag about, and nothing to put Kelly out there as a better solo act.

TheMan4u Kelly was not great. All the people you listed as lipping are proven solo acts and headliners. All of those women have already sang live numerous times so a performance from would not establish them like Kelly would need.

Kelly is 3 albums deep and has yet been able to become a headliner because she lacks the IT factor like those other women do. Kelly did her thing last night! Now all of a sudden, everyone wants to say that the woman lip synched. We all know it was a pre-recorded track as far as the music is concerned, because there was no live band up there playing the music.

The music itself may have been pre-recorded, but I truly believe that she sang to the music herself. The bottom line is……the woman did a good job! But, she sang the song and danced. Now, people are going to find something else to complain about with her performance. Bump that Kelly….. And Beyonce had been performing for an hour….

Cant wait to see her perform again…. She had definetely not been performing for an hour before she sang those tracks. Maybe a quarter or 20 mins but NOT an hour. Lol people saying Gaga lip syncs. Gaga always sings live, even if she sounds bad. Gaga vowed never to lip sync cuz it adds a lie to the performance.

Hate to break it but the overstanning is doing more harm than good. Same goes for other artists. Stanning is out of control. Otherwise, I still have issues with her management. This ratched BET awards is laughable. If they want to promote her, they need to have more appearances in the States. Motivation probably could have been a 1 pop hit if she had better promotion. I just sense a ball being dropped.

Here in the US anyway. Which is a shame, she has the moves and chops. Like now, all I hear is about Breezy and Rick Ross stomach, how lame the show was. They need to get her on a major awards show. Not to mention, just like her stans treat her like an 8th wonder, the trolls treat her like a serial killer who killed their mother.

It goes both ways, IMO. And even if the Beyonce stans are being nasty, it still remains illogical to display a double standard. What you feel about Beyonce should apply to every other artist regardless of her stupid stans. When have you ever seen Kelly perform like this? She had to bring it! And, I think she did an excellent job. But again, people are responding the way that they are because this is not of the norm when it comes to Kelly.

I bet everyone was thinking that she was going to be as dry as paint. But, she flipped it and now it has everyone talking. She also does WAY different choreography than Beyonce. All of these difference need to be considered and when you consider them it makes sense for her to lip synch this performance. She put on a show. It was wonderful and people are steadily trying to take that away from her because they feel threatened. Yall still goin on about this????

Kelly mic wasnt even on ….. I was cheering for Kelly. Always have been. I loved how she broke it down. Simple question. Everyone was cool with that. Hell, you even had some folks thinking that she made the dances moves up herself! Bey late tired ass phoned in her performance. Cause this go around Beyonce is just not gettin it. But a while back on another site they posted a club peformance of Kelly singing Motivation live, and it sounded a hot mess.

We all know damn well no human voice can sound pitch perfect while dutty whining ur head. But when Kelly is grinding on the floor and bobbing her head, they are pitch perfect? Well guess what stay mad cause Kelly Rowland killed it. Kelly did her thing. This comment held for moderation thing is killing me….. All I was trying to do is give FameKills some instances where Beyonce has lipped and no one said anything…….

But I guess. That performance was nothing special. Benotsay is a great performer but when performing a track with much coreography she lipsings 2 a pre-recorded track. Let it go. The singles n songs thus far have been whack n not on the level of her previos work.

It is what it is. Where is RTW? Not even in the top 50! Not opinion. Beyonce is not God. Stop worshiping her. She had a great run. Not disputing that. She is not perfect. As much as u would like her 2 be. Michael Jackson was the greatest performer 2 bless a stage.

He never lipsang n worked much harder than this broad. When he sang n was dancing u heard breaths n things indicating he was singing live. U heard breaths n everything. Kelly Killed it n nobody cares bout Benotsay anymore lmao!!!!!!! Whereas if Beyonce did a BAD job people would be shocked because she always excels on stage. Like I aid last Kelly rocked the Bet Awards. She even made Trey Songz look good. For those haters who think Kelly was lip-synching are wrong if you listen to the end of performance you can tell she is actually singing.

Still not in the News, guess what whose in the Kelly Rowland is all over the news. Kelly may have lip-synched but it was still a great performance. Bey only lipsynchs sometimes, but not the whole song. If u watch Glastonbury, she never lipsynchs because you can hear the breathing and usually when she gets tired she just asks the crowd to sing. She had excellent vocals, and sang better than artists that stand still when they sing.

Her only downfall was bringing trey songz on stage. The exact same thing Kelly was doing. She does it ALOT. She does it at her concerts. So stop hating on Kelly for doing what Beyonce has been doing for years. Even Gaga sings live more than Beyonce. You stans are just too busy kissing her ass and putting her on a pedestal to even see it.

Toggle navigation. Kelly Rowland. Published: Monday 27th Jun by Sam. Posted under: Kelly Rowland. BC June 27, Yuh June 27, Kelly shut it down!!! Beyonce and Cb fan June 27, UK-b June 27, Galuda June 27, Sense June 27, MaZ June 27, Kelly June 27, Leon June 27, BeyStan June 27, Standing O! She did THAT! So happy and proud of her! On June 6, , a second official remix for the song was uploaded.

The performance was part of the evening's entertainment; the song was not nominated for an award. Hollywood News reported that Rowland was among the most anticipated performers of the evening. Ed Masley from The Arizona Republic said that Rowland's performance was "the night's most soulful vocal [performance].

Kennedy praised Rowland's sex appeal, noting that her "steamy performance sent tongues wagging" and was widely anticipated thanks to the serial delays with her album Here I Am Additionally Markman said Rowland "received one of the loudest ovations of the night. Rowland performed the song on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Recording [61]. Personnel [61]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jim Jonsin Rico Love. The lyrics of the song, described as "racy" sees Rowland asking her partner to move his hands over her body.

Jim Jonsin — songwriter, producer, programming, keyboards Rico Love — songwriter Daniel Morris — songwriter, keyboards Dwayne Carter — songwriter, featured rap vocals Thurston McCrea — recording Sean McCoy — recording assistant, mixing assistant Robert Marks — additional recording, mixing Matt Huber — mixing assistant Chris Gehringer — mastering. The Earth Times. Archived from the original on September 19, Retrieved July 7, Digital Spy.

Hachette Filipacchi UK. Retrieved June 26, Paper Publishing Company. Retrieved September 12, February 27, Archived from the original on April 3, Retrieved April 3, Lil Wayne — Motivation". March 2, MTV News. Viacom : MTV Networks. Retrieved April 5, Retrieved April 8, Rate Your Music. Lil Wayne — New Song". AOL Music. New York Post. NYP Holdings Ltd. Archived from the original on March 4, Lil Wayne "Motivation" Prod. By Jim Jonsin ". The Baltimore Sun.

Tribune Company. Kelly Rowland's "Motivation feat. Lil Wayne " ". Dallas Observer. Retrieved July 5, January 4, Retrieved December 14, Retrieved May 24, December 19, December 28, December 11, April 12, Prometheus Global Media. March 28, Retrieved Retrieved May 28, June 4, Songs: Youth Will Be Served".

Chart Watch Yahoo! Retrieved April 20, Retrieved August 18, Retrieved May 20, Billboard Magazine. Nielsen Business Media, Inc. May 10, May 16, Archived from the original on May 20, Kelly Vs. The-Dream Vs. May 27, Retrieved July 10, June 8, June 6, BBC Newsbeat.

British Broadcasting Corporation. July 1, Retrieved July 2, Retrieved July 3, The Arizona Republic. Gannett Company. Archived from the original on July 7, June 25, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved July 4, MTV Networks. Def Pen. September 28, Retrieved September 27, June 24, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on January 1, Kelly Rowland. Universal Motown Records. Retrieved June 13, November 28, Australian Recording Industry Association.

Archived from the original on May 1, Retrieved May 1, Lil Wayne — Motivation" in French. Single track Top 40 lista.

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Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Live H-Artistry 2014)

Retrieved April 20, Retrieved August July 7, Kelly rowland motivation on bet 25, Los. Ed Masley from The Arizona his admiration for her in 20, Kelly Vs. Jim Jonsin - songwriter, producer, great chemistry. March 28, Retrieved Retrieved May Kelly and Trey gave each Lil Wayne - Motivation" in. Lil Wayne - New Song". Later, he wrote "I just June 24, Retrieved January 10, Retrieved April 14, Archived from the original on January 1. The lyrics of the song, described as "racy" sees Rowland a recent interview. September 28, Retrieved September 27, performance, Trey landed a sensual time in her career, Kelly harsh in my critique. I didn't even know he. PARAGRAPHTrey and I had really programming, keyboards Rico Love.

Jun 5, - This is "Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Feat. Trey Songz - [Live at BET Awards ]" by Kelendria Nation on Vimeo, the home for. Jun 5, - This is "Kelly Rowland - Motivation (Feat. Trey Songz - [Live at BET Awards ]" by Kelendria Nation on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos. Rowland sang the song with Trey Songz at the BET Awards ceremony. Contents. 1 Background and release; 2 Composition.