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Pierre cesar labouchere betting

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Pierre de Labouchere TobaccoTactics. Labouchere nearby systems Map Legend. System Information. X:Y Coordinates, Caroline Labouchere carolinelabouchere Instagram photos. Henry Du Pre Labouchere, British politician, publicist, and noted wit who gained journalistic fame with his dispatches from Paris for the Daily. Labouchere, Henry Du Pre The Labouchere betting system is a negative progression system.

It is based on outside wagers that pay even money — red black, odd even or high low bets. A Note on Labouchere Sequences. Part of it is based on Labouchere cancellation system. Labouchere system is frequently used by the roulette players wishing to win big as they hope it will help them to get better results when playing.

Han, Wang Expectation of the largest bet size in the Labouchere. Speaker, athlete, writer, optimalist. The Labouchere strategy is meant to work with even bets only. This means that it can be used when you are betting on red and black, even and. Details: individual politician statesman British Male. Life dates: CasinoRoule Labouchere system of placing bets.

Labouchere betting system for roulette: A beginners guide. The Labouchere system is a negative progression, which means that it is based on the theory that the player should increase their bets after losing, and reducing it. Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. In general this is a remix of chess, checkers and corners. The game develops imagination, concentration, teaches how to solve tasks, plan their own actions and of course to think logically.

It does not matter how much pieces you have, the main thing is how they are placement! Cookies remember you so we can give you a better online experience. Check your IP address. Convert case online. Share: Facebook Twitter Publication Date: google-wiki. Add an external link to your content for free. Users also searched: Labouchere, labouchere,. David Labouchere Home Facebook. Labouchere System Baccarat System. Labouchere Definition of Labouchere by Oxford Dictionary on.

Free and no ads no need to download or install Pino - logical board game which is based on tactics and strategy. Feedback Check your IP address Convert case online about us contact us privacy policy term of use. Encyclopedic dictionary. Send David Labouchere Home Facebook. What is the Labouchere staking system Betting Strategy Pinnacle. Labouchere system roulette Mathematics Stack Exchange. Caroline Labouchere Archives Vamp.

Labouchere system pedia. This is the way the typical person plays, scattering chips all over the layout, playing favorite numbers based on his birthday, lucky number or just plain randomly. While it is possible to win playing this way, any winnings would have to be attributed to luck. A second approach to is to apply a mechanical system to the game. There have been more systems devised for roulette than for any other casino table game as the roulette layout lends itself to almost endless combinations of wagering.

Some of the roulette systems have exotic sounding names such as Martingale, Labouchere, d'Alembert and Ascot. Sizable winnings have been attributed to some of these mechanical approaches. A third approach looks for biased wheels. Since it is impossible to make a physically perfect roulette. We will explore both the mechanical systems and the wheel clocking approaches in this book.

Both approaches contain gems of wisdom which can be used to our advantage. The objective of this book, however, is not to just present an overview of roulette but rather to demonstrate a powerful and effective way of playing and beating the game on a consistent basis.

The background information is presented so that you, the reader, will gain better insight and understanding of the game so that you may apply what you have learned to become a consistent winner in roulette. Casinos don't give money away. To beat them we must target a specific set of objectives and using the right tools, with the right game, beat the casinos at their own game. To this end, you will find Target Roulette most admirable. The American version is fairly fast with the dealer spinning the wheel from 80 to times per hour.

The French version of the game is more leisurely with only 30 or 40 spins per hour. The bets are basically the same in the French and American versions of the game, with the principal difference being that the American wheel has both a zero and a double-zero on it. The French wheel has numbers 1 to 35 plus a zero. It is the zero that accounts for the house edge of 2. This percentage is cut in half on the even-money wagers in European casinos, where these bets are placed en prison when a zero shows up.

They remain on the table "in prison" until the next spin. For even-money wagers that win, the bets are returned; for those that lose, the casino takes the wager. A second option is also offered, that of le partage sharing. With this option, when a zero comes up, a player with an even-money bet keeps half his wager and gives up half. In Britain no choice is allowed, only le partage is allowed. With the en prison and le partage rules in force, the house edge is reduced to about 1.

The American wheel, with the addition of the double-zero, offers the same payoffs on wagers, but the extra zero increases the house edge to 5. When a zero or double-zero occurs, all wagers lose, including all even-money bets. The game is played with a wheel containing 37 numbers in the European version plus zero and 38 numbers in the United States version plus zero and double-zero. The numbers are printed on spaces marked on a wheel and separated by metal dividers called frets.

The numbers do not run consecutively and there are different layouts for the French and American wheels. The American tables are much smaller than the French ones, and the players can usually reach the portion of the layout on which they wish to wager and therefore place their own wagers. In the French version, the table is much larger, and the croupiers.

In either game, the croupier or dealer will assist a player wishing to make a wager. The casino allows you to bet all of the numbers, including the 0 and If you bet any of the numbers "straight up" and your number comes up on the next spin of the wheel, you will be paid 35 to 1 you will have your original wager roulette, plus chips equal to 35 times your wager. You can also bet different combinations of wagers, including two, three, four, five and six number bets, as well as dozens, columns, red or black, odd or even and high or low.

The players make their wagers by placing chips on the spaces of the layout in any manner allowed by the rules. The dealer starts the wheel spinning roulette, then flips the ball on the bowl's back so that it travels in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel.

Players may continue to place bets while the ball and wheel are still in motion until the dealer announces "no more bets. Bets placed on the layout after this announcement are not valid and will be returned to the player. When the balls comes to rest, it marks the winning number, the winning color and any other combination bet made. The dealer announces the winning number.

On the first spin the dealer has no fixed point from which to spin the wheel or ball. Thereafter he will spin both from the position of the winning pocket of the preceding spin. The various bets are shown in the table below, as well as the payouts, and typical American maximum wagers for each bet gambling. The diagrams on the opposite page show how to place the wagers. A single number bet is made by placing a chip on the number itself without touching any lines.

Bets on two numbers are placed on the line between numbers. Three number wagers are made on the outside line of the layout. Four number bets go on the intersection of four numbers. A five number wager is made on the American wheel and covers 1, 2, 3, 0 and This wager is placed on the line separating the 1,2 ,3 from the 0 and 00 spaces at a corner intersection.

This becomes a four number wager on the French wheel. Incidentally, the five number American wheel wager has the distinction of giving the house an edge of 7. A six number bet is made by placing the chip at the intersection of the side line and the line between two rows of numbers.

Bets on columns are made by placing chips on one of the three spaces on the bottom of the layout, under the columns of numbers. Dozens are wagered by placing the wager in the appropriate box. On the French table, 12P, 12M and 12D correspond to 1st, 2nd and 3rd 12s.

Bets on adjacent columns or dozens are placed on the line between the two columns or dozens. Bets on even-money chances are made by placing the wager inside the box corresponding to the wager. For instance, a wager on red is made by placing the bet in the red box on the outside of the layout. In the American version of the game, each player is issued a different colored chip, so that no two players play with the same color chips.

Typical colors used are: white, yellow, brown, red, green and purple. These chips themselves have no value as a player determines the value of the chips when he buys in. The dealer "marks" the value of each color chip with a button. A player using the colored roulette chips should never leave the table with the colored chips, as they may not be cashed in or used in any other casino game.

When you are ready to leave the table, ask the dealer for color and he will change the roulette chips for regular casino chips. In the French game, chips represent fixed amounts, such as five francs, twenty five francs and so on. You need to watch your own wagers like a hawk as there is no difference in color to differentiate your wager from anyone else's. Consequently, there are many more disputes in the French game, and more than once another player has tried to grab my winnings.

I have found that it pays to stand firm in these matters and that if the dispute can be resolved in no other way, the house will pay both players. Because of the size of the French table, you will require the croupier's assistance if playing many of your wagers.

An experienced croupier will remember your wager especially if you tip after winning a large payoff and can be your ally when these disputes arise. Charles Wells, an Englishman, arrived at the casino at Monte Carlo in July, , with 10, francs. Within a few days he had won over a million. He retired for a few months to relish his accomplishment, then returned and proceeded to win another. He returned the next year and lost it all. Later he resorted to illegal shenanigans, was imprisoned and eventually died in poverty.

But his play give Monte Carlo and roulette worldwide fame. Many studied his play and tried to emulate him. He finally confessed before he died that he had no system. His winnings were attributable to an amazing run of luck! While it is possible for anyone to win relying on pure luck, roulette is an ideal game for systems.

The object of most betting systems is not to anticipate what the next spin of the wheel will produce but to provide a betting plan to take advantage of typical, or in some cases atypical, spins of the wheel. Many mechanical systems share the characteristic that two players betting on opposite wagers such as red and black can both win a given session, so long as lengthy adverse sequences do not appear. Betting systems do not have to be complicated to be effective.

Two essential ingredients of mechanical systems are practicing the system before trying it in a casino and controlling the amount of capital used with the system. Martingale and Grand Martingale Martingale is the system in which bets are doubled after each loss, which will assure, whenever a wager wins, a profit equal to the amount of the first wager.

A certified public accountant friend of mine, and a fellow gambling enthusiast, once recounted to me an amazing system that he had developed. He had gone to Las Vegas two consecutive trips playing craps and had won both trips. He was fairly certain that his risk of loss was extremely small and planned to continue using his system.

He pointed out that he would have to lose nine times in a row to lose the betting series, and he just didn't think that was possible. I pointed out to him that the possibility of this happening, while remote, was not impossible, and that the losing sequence of nine straight pass line decisions remember, he was wagering don't pass would occur about every decisions, or, on the average, once every eight or nine hours at the table roulette.

He must have thought about this quite a bit, because I don't think he ever used this system again. The casinos are well aware of Martingale, and they know that the easiest way to counter the system is to narrow the spread between the minimum and maximum wagers allowed. In other words, the minimum wager must be high enough and the maximum wager low enough that no more than seven or eight doubling can be made. But remember my friend.

Would you want to take this kind of risk? To counter the poor risk-reward ratio of traditional Martingale, Grand Martingale was devised. With Grand Martingale, additional chips are added to each increased wager, so that when the series finally wins, the amount won will be greater than just the amount of the first wager. A typical Grand Martingale series would be: 5 15 35 Martingale in all forms risks a lot to win a little gamble. When the losses come, they will wipe out hours of profits.

If you want to try Martingale, use it on a limited basis. If you are playing and notice that at least four of the same even-money bets have occurred in a row, you may wish to bet a short Martingale series against the possibility of this continuing.

For instance, assume that red has shown on the last four spins. On the next spin, start wagering black using a limited Martingale series. I would recommend that you use no more than four wagers in your series, such as 5 10 20 40 or 5 12 25 50 so that your risk is limited.

You may have some success with such a system on a spot basis, but of course, there is no guarantee of success gamble. Playing Martingale in reverse is called "Anti-Martingale. If you are betting red, your series may be 5 10 20 40, and you will let your winnings stand each time a red occurs until you have won the final wager of Each time you lose, you will revert to your original wager of 5.

While Martingale produces many small profits with an occasional large loss, Anti-Martingale generates strings of small losses with a large win occasionally. With Labouchere, also known as the Cancellation System, the player picks a series of numbers which add up to the profit he expects to make each time he wins the series of wagers. In using this series, the player will wager the sum of the two outside wagers. If he wins the wager, he will cancel these numbers and wager the total of the next two inside uncancelled numbers.

Any time he loses a wager, the amount lost is added to the series as a new number. The player will continue to wager until all of the numbers in the series have been canceled. At this point he will have won an amount equal to the sum of the original series, i. This system has some appeal as it appears to be a two for one proposition inasmuch as each win cancels two numbers, while a loss adds only one number to the series.

However, this isn't the case as the player is not paid two for one on even-money wagers. To illustrate this system, assume a betting series of 1 2 3 4, which when won will produce a profit of If this wager also wins, the player would have canceled all of the numbers and won the target amount of Unfortunately, a series of losses can rapidly escalate the amount of the required wager.

In testing this system, I have had bets escalate to wagers of several hundred dollars. This is probably the most fascinating and dangerous of the old time roulette systems. It is said to have been responsible for more suicides on the French Riviera than any other. It's steady stream of small wins lulls the player into believing that the system can't lose. Eventually, the wagers called for will become larger than the house limit, and the series is ended with the player suffering a substantial loss.

The system can also be played in reverse, known as Reverse Labouchere. With Reverse Labouchere, the amount of each win is added to the series, and the two outside numbers are canceled whenever a loss occurs. Each wager is still the total of the two outside numbers. This system entails the acceptance of many small losses in exchange for an occasional win averaging over 1, times the amount at risk.

Norman Leigh theorized that the reason so many players lose with Labouchere was that they run into the house limits, or lose their playing capital and are unable to recoup losses. In using the reverse strategy, Leigh reasoned that his approach would more resemble the bank's: He would wait out the small losses until a large win occurred.

Leigh spent months training his team and his travails make for fascinating reading. I believe that one of the roulette reasons he was eventually successful in beating the bank at Monte Carlo was that his starting wagers were fairly low and the house maximums large in comparison. Consequently, he was able to keep his losses fairly low while.

I don't believe that this system could be used successfully now, as the spread between minimum and maximum wagers is not large enough in most casinos. The losses generated while waiting for the large win would be enormous, and the house limits on maximum wagers would limit the size of the "kill" when the table finally turned in favor of the player. D'Alembert Another popular betting system for even-money chances, the d'Alembert entails adding one unit after every losing wager and subtracting one after each win.

Every time your wager becomes 1 unit and that unit wins, you will have a profit on the betting series. But the system, like Labouchere, is open-ended in that a succession of losing wagers will cause you to wager ever larger amounts. The premise underlying the system is that betting on evenmoney propositions, such as red and black, the number of wins and losses will be about equal.

Since wagers would have been raised after losses, the eventual wins would more than compensate for losing wagers and therefore produce a profit. It is not at all unusual to win only ten of the first thirty wagers in an even-money betting proposition. The d'Alembert can carry the player to higher and higher wagers until he reaches the stage where he must risk ten to twenty percent of his capital on each wager, or exceed the house maximum wager.

The d'Alembert can be a fairly successful roulette system when it is modified to include no more than nine or ten bets in a series of wagers, so that potential losses are limited. An additional modification to improve the system is to space the bets so that the. A series which accomplishes this is 1 2 3 4 7 11 With this series, a player would drop back to the lowest bet after winning two consecutive wagers, such as 7 and 4.

This system can be fairly successful if used by partners betting opposite on even money wagers in roulette. An Ascot series can be from seven to eleven numbers. A typical series is: 2 3 5 8 13 20 The player's first wager would be a middle number such as 8. If this wager wins, the next wager is 13, then with another win, 20, and so on. The series will end when the last wager in the series, in this case 30, is won.

The problem with Ascot is that alternating series of wins and losses among the higher wagers in the series can destroy its profit potential. This can be a serious flaw in any system calling for a large reduction in the amount wagered following a loss. Summing up Mechanical Systems We have just touched on a few of the mechanical systems used at roulette.

Combinations of numbers or numbers and columns can be played. Whole sections of the layout can be covered by placing your wagers correctly. It is not our objective to cover every mechanical system, but rather to present a generalized description of a few systems. Mechanical systems have the advantage of being fairly simple to use and several of the systems produce steady streams of winnings.

The size of the player's capital and the maximum. Mathematicians would argue that none of these systems do anything to overcome the house's mathematical edge against the player and therefore all are destined to eventually lose. In order to beat the wheel, a scientific approach is required where the player can gain a real advantage over the house. Such is the nature of wheel clocking systems as we shall see.

In his business of manufacturing spindles for cotton mills, he had become intrigued with roulette wheels, which are theoretically perfectly balanced and therefore produce purely random results. He had a theory that the wheels might not be as perfectly balanced as they were alleged to be and he had a plan to discover and exploit any imperfections in the wheels. After viewing the renowned casino, the Englishman, Joseph Jaggers, hired six clerks to sit all day long at the six tables in the Beaux-Arts Monte Carlo Casino and record every number shown on every spin on every roulette wheel.

The next week Jaggers spent holed up in his hotel room, analyzing the increasing pages of numbers his clerks were providing. Finally he emerged, satisfied that he was now ready to battle the casinos. Jaggers entered the casino and calmly began to play on the sixth roulette wheel. He started with small wagers and as he won, he gradually increased his wagers.

On the following day, Jaggers returned and began wagering on the same wheel. He continued to win. The inspectors believed that he must be cheating, but they finally discovered a pattern to his betting. Even though he disguised his play by wagering other numbers, he consistently bet Of these numbers, all except are adjacent on the wheel. Finally, an inspector noticed that Jaggers always played at the same wheel. After the casino closed for the evening, casino employees moved all six of the roulette wheels.

Finally he realized something was wrong and having an excellent memory, he recalled a scratch on the side of the original wheel. He found it, in spot number one. The casino was in a state of panic. The casino dispatched a courier to the wheel manufacturer in Paris. The manufacturer discerned that the problem with the sixth wheel was due to the frets the metal walls separating the pockets on the wheel.

The courier returned to Monte Carlo with a whole new set of frets and the casino changed the frets in all the wheels in the wee hours of the morning when the casino was. This, of course, was kept secret from Jaggers and the casino fervently hoped that Jaggers would not notice the change and would be kind enough to lose all of their money back.

Jaggers resumed playing as usual. He never returned to Monte Carlo. The size of Jaggers' winnings are simply staggering when we consider that this sum would be worth over three million dollars today. But the amount is sizable. What Jaggers and others have done is to clock roulette wheels to determine if the wheel is biased enough to allow the player to exploit this bias. As there is no such thing as a physically perfect roulette wheel, the biased wheel player seeks to detect defects by writing down the roulette numbers as they occur to determine whether certain numbers are coming up with greater than expected regularity.

While casinos use and discard cards and dice daily, roulette wheels cost as much as an automobile and so are used for long periods of time. Over time, a minority of wheels will exhibit enough wear and tear such that they no longer produce random results, but rather become biased in favor of certain numbers or. By clocking enough numbers this bias can be detected, and if the bias is strong enough, a player, by wagering the number or numbers with greater probability of occurring, can win substantial amounts of money.

How much of an advantage can be gained by finding a biased wheel? The table below shows the frequency of a given number and the mathematical advantage possible on a biased wheel. Players Percent Advantage This table shows the gamblers percent advantage on a biased wheel, whether American or French, with a payoff of 35 to 1. Percent Frequency Advantage 38 Using the table, we can see that on an ordinary double-zero American wheel with no bias a number will show on an average frequency of every 38 spins, and with the payoff of 35 to 1 which is the same as 36 for 1 , the casino advantage over the gambler is 5.

If we could remove the zeros from both wheels, then our expected frequency of a single number would be 36 and the house would have no advantage. Now, the object of finding a biased wheel is to gain an advantage over the casino.

The table shows the percentage advantage attainable dependent upon the frequency of a number showing. If a number shows on the average every 34 spins, then we have gained a 5. If the frequency is once every 30 spins, our advantage increases to a whooping And if we are fortunate enough to ever find a situation where a number shows with a frequency of once every 20 spins, our advantage in playing this number is There have been a number of players who have found and exploited roulette wheels.

We recall Joseph Jaggers success in In the period from to Dr. Richard W. Obviously, the rewards of finding and exploiting a balanced wheel can be rather extraordinary. But how difficult is it to find such a wheel? The only tried and proven legal way of accomplishing this. Obviously a hand held computer would be very helpful, but such devices are banned in most casinos, and use of a computer or similar device in a casino in Nevada may even earn you jail time.

So the only practical way of identifying a potentially biased wheel is to record and analyze the results of spins. A significant amount of mathematical analysis has been done in determining the minimum number of spins which should be tallied in order to determine if a wheel is truly biased. To be reasonably sure that a wheel is biased you should record a minimum of spins.

In the United States, with an average number of spins of an hour this would take eight hours. At the slower European rate of 40 an hour, accumulating a sample of spins would take twenty hours. After the sample has been made, you will look for a number with a statistically significant number of occurrences.

Based on sound theories propagated by the Belgian gambler and mathematician Pierre Basieux roulette, Die Zahmung des Zufalls, Munich, , the expected frequency of a number, if it is truly random, in spins is If the number occurs more than 33 times, the wheel may be biased. The higher the number of occurrences, the greater the potential bias. If we clock a sample of spins and find that number 6 shows up 34 times, number 13 occurs 35 times and number 16 shows 38 times, we obviously have a much better case for 16 being a biased number than for either 6 or In this situation, the best play would be to start wagering on all three numbers, while continuing to record the spins as they occur.

Since each of these numbers has exceeded our target of 33 occurrences in sample,. How easy is it to apply this wheel clocking approach? We have noted that there have been some celebrated successes in using wheel clocking to identify biased wheels.

Allan N. Wilson, in The Casino Gambler's Guide New York, , recounted his adventure as a young man in trying to beat the wheel. Wilson and a companion, Robert Bowers, sought to emulate other well publicized successes in wheel clocking. In June, , they descended on Harold's Club in Reno to try this approach. On a later trip to Reno in , the two young men found a wheel which showed considerable promise, and they felt confident that they could win a substantial amount of money.

They were enjoying a moderate success wagering on number three when the casino interrupted the game. Wilson describes what happened in his own words: "At this point the pit boss unexpectedly sent a mechanic in to test the wheel. First he laid a carpenter's level across the rim. The bubble didn't show a true horizontal, so he cranked up the feet. Actually, we didn't care a hoot about that because we didn't believe that a slight tilt could affect the success of any number very much.

But then he began feeling the metal slots between the numbers. When he came to [our hot] number 3, he got very excited, and went running off to tell his boss. We played for about an hour with the new stakes, rocking up and down, when suddenly the owner himself appeared on the scene. He stopped the action immediately.

The he picked up the ivory ball and conducted his own little test on the wheel. He ordered a new wheel! It was supposed to be the biggest and most generous club in Nevada. Everyone was astonished: the players, the spectators, the dealers, and even the pit bosses. We were utterly crushed, of course, for all our data-taking became useless.

Just how realistic is wheel counting for the average player? Is there a way to benefit from this knowledge without undergoing the ordeal of Wilson and Bowers? We shall examine this question shortly and the answer will astound you. Mechanical systems offer a number of advantages in roulette play.

First, they are fairly easy to learn and use. Most mechanical systems can be mastered in a very short time period. Mechanical systems, by their nature, have built-in capital protection. Most mechanical systems use a series or a progression of wagers for betting.

If you limit your betting in a game to the total amount required to wager a reasonable progression, then your losses are automatically limited. By limiting losses in a game to the sum of the progression wagers, your bankroll can be divided into several portions, each one being equal to the amount required to play a game. This allows for a player to lose occasionally and still have the wherewithal to mount another assault against the casino.

Mechanical systems can win over very short time periods. If you plan on gambling roulette for a total of thirty minutes, some of the mechanical systems offer excellent prospects of winning. There have been a number of documented successes with mechanical systems.

Their ability to limit losses to predetermined amounts, to win in short periods and their ease of use all present strong arguments in favor of some of the better mechanical systems. In fact, most casinos welcome "system players" as the casinos believe that all system gambler are destined to lose. The disadvantages of mechanical systems are legend.

First, these systems offer no mathematical advantage over the house. If the house edge over the player on a double-zero wheel is 5. Over the long run, the house edge has the tendency to grind down even the best of players. Many mechanical systems produce strings of small consistent winnings with an occasional large loss. And when a large loss occurs, as it inevitably will, the player may be devastated. The nemesis of the mechanical system is the house limit on the size of wagers allowed.

As we saw when discussing the Martingale type systems, where the wager is doubled after each loss, the house limit will ultimately defeat the system, as at some point the casino will not allow the next wager to be doubled. Wheel clocking systems tend to be tedious and require many hours of clocking before meaningful play can begin.

While finding a biased wheel can guarantee long-term success for the player because the house edge is overcome and the player now has the advantage, large samples of numbers must be clocked before the player has any reasonable assurance that the wheel is in fact biased. Biased wheel playing does have a scientific basis while mathematicians scoff at the mechanical systems as doing nothing. As we have seen, biased wheel play has had some modicum of success and thus is considered to be a valid proven system for overcoming the house edge.

A major disadvantage of biased wheel playing is the tremendous time commitment. Wilson and Bowers played for a month with very spotty success and very limited winnings. You may have noticed that every biased wheel playing success recounted involved more than one participant. Because of the time commitment, is it almost imperative for more than one person to be involved in using the biased wheel approach.

As we discussed, at least roulette spins should be recorded in order to determine if the wheel has any bias. It is likely that you will spend the time to clock spins only to find that no biased numbers come up. In this case, your time will have been wasted, at least in the sense of finding that this particular wheel has a meaningful bias. In a case like this, you must simply start over clocking another wheel, and continue the process until a wheel with a playable bias is found.

As we have seen, even finding a biased wheel may not be the answer to wealth. Casinos can and do take countermeasures against winning roulette players. Our friends, Wilson and Bowers played around the clock so that the casino could not switch the wheel on them, only to find that the casino owner, when confronted with potential losses because of a biased wheel, did not hesitate to take the wheel out of play with the befuddled players and dealers observing the whole sordid event.

So we see that while playing the biased wheel has an edge, at least in the scientific justification department, over mechanical systems, it is by no means a sure thing in the winning department. Even though a number may occur more frequently than pure chance would indicate, this does not preclude long time periods when the number does not show at all. In roulette, runs of one hundred, one hundred and fifty and even two hundred spins where a single number does not appear even once are fairly common.

In order to withstand such long strings of losing wagers, the biased wheel player must have a large enough bankroll to carry him through these droughts of losing. An ideal roulette system would combine the simplicity and ability to win in a short time period offered by some of the mechanical systems, with the positive edge over the house available with wheel clocking.

Fortunately, such a system has been developed, as we shall see with the Target roulette approach. Repeating Numbers We have seen that, using a wheel clocking approach, we can determine if any numbers have a tendency to occur more frequently than would be expected if the numbers were occurring purely randomly. This is the long-term approach to playing biased numbers. It might surprise you to learn that in any small number of spins of a roulette wheel, certain numbers will occur numerous times and others will not show at all.

This situation will occur on any roulette wheel, whether it is biased or not. The following table summarizes the results of 38 spins of a double-zero American wheel for three samples. We could have. In this sample, as in each of the other samples, we simply recorded the results of 38 spins of the wheel. But look what happened in our sample 1. Number 3 showed 4 times. Numbers 00, 6, 11, 14, 15, 19, 20, 25, 34 and 36 each showed 2 times.

Numbers 0, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 16, 18, 22, 23, 27, 31, 32 and 35 each showed one time and numbers 1, 5, 7, 12, 13, 17, 21, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30 and 33 did not appear at all. We could summarize this by stating: 1 number occurred 4 times 0 numbers occurred 3 times 10 numbers showed 2 times 14 numbers showed 1 time. Let's look at Sample 2. Out of 38 spins, Numbers 12, 17 and 19 occurred 3 times.

Numbers 1, 22, 23, 24, 26, 28 and 35 each occurred two times. Numbers 00, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 11, 13, 18, 20, 21, 27, 29, 32 and 36 showed one time each. And 0, 4, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 16, 25, 30, 31, 33 and 34 did not appear at all. A distribution for sample 2 is: 3 numbers occurred 3 times 7 numbers occurred 2 times 15 numbers showed 1 time 13 numbers did not show at all.

Sample 3 produces similar results. The numbers 17, 19 and 26 were spun three times. Occurring two times were numbers 00, 6, 15, 22, 32 and Appearing only once were 0, 1, 2, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 16, 20, 21, 23, 28, 29, 30, 31 and Never showing were 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 14, 18, 24, 25, 27, 35 and The distribution for sample 3 is: 3 numbers occurred 3 times 6 numbers showed 2 times 17 numbers showed 1 time 12 numbers never showed. If these results seem abnormal to you, I want to assure you that every time a roulette wheel is spun for a small number of spins, certain numbers will dominate, appearing three, four or even more times, while other numbers will never show at all.

Over a longer period of time of , or even more spins, the distribution of numbers occurring will have a tendency to equalize, but over short time periods of less than spins, the odds are astronomical against numbers appearing in an equal distribution. In the short run, unequal distributions of numbers are the norm and some numbers will repeat several times while others.

Obviously, this information is only valuable if we can find a way to exploit and use it profitably. If we had somehow had the foresight to place wagers only on the numbers which repeated, we could make substantial sums of money.

Exploiting Repeating Numbers While we can never know with certainty what the next spin of the roulette wheel will produce, we do know that once certain numbers within a group of numbers on the wheel start to repeat, that group of numbers is more likely to repeat again, at least on a very short term basis. Unequal distributions of numbers are the rule, rather than the exception, on a short-term basis.

Considerable experimentation was done to determine the best way to use this information profitably. Obviously one way to use it would be to pick out numbers which had repeated, say two times, and start wagering that these numbers would repeat again within a limited number of spins.

Successful systems have been developed using this approach. Another approach is to wager on groups of numbers which are repeating. We utilized the computer to test different combinations of wagering on repeating numbers. We compared results on wagering one number, two number, three number, four and six number combinations. We achieved good results on a short term basis with each combination, but one approach was simply head and shoulders above the rest.

Wagering on the six number combination using repeating numbers proved to be as close to a sure thing as we are likely to find in this life. Let's start by rearranging our earlier samples of 38 spins. The numbers are the same ones obtained in our earlier sample of 38 spins, rearranged to conform to the standard roulette layout.

Looking at sample 1, we notice that the following groups had 4 or more spins within the group: 1 2 3, 13 14 15, 19 20 21 and 34 35 The 28 29 30 group had no numbers show in 38 spins of the wheel! We find the same types of distributions in samples 2 and 3,. Our approach to roulette will be to focus on groups of three or more "hits" within a group of three numbers.

We will target these high producers and ignore the lower producers. Hence the name of the system, Target roulette. In order to track roulette decisions as they come up, we use a special tracking form which helps us group the roulette numbers as they occur. The easiest way to track roulette decisions is to make a hash mark each time a number in a group shows as has been done in the table for the sample 1 numbers. You will notice that the tracking form does not have any boxes for tracking 0 and 00 decisions, as these combinations of numbers will never be wagered.

The first step in applying the Target Roulette approach is to sit down at a roulette wheel and begin tracking decisions. As each number shows you will record it in the appropriate group by making a hash mark.

A specific betting series will be used for making the wagers. Each time a six number wager is made and lost, the next wager will consist of the next higher wager in the series. Wagers will continue to be made in this manner until a wager has been won, or until the entire series of prescribed wagers have been lost.

The betting series used in Target Roulette is: 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 4 4 4 8 8 8 10 12 14 17 The wager total is the amount with which you should begin a game. The total amounts required for each level also represent the maximum amounts which may be lost in a single session of roulette. While these amounts may seem large, the probability of losing this session bankroll is, we shall see, very remote. You should pick the betting level which best conforms to your own comfortable playing level.

We suggest starting to play at a lower level unit value and working your way up as you gain confidence with the system. The betting series is divided into five groups of wagers as: Group 1 1 1 1 1 Group 2 2 2 2 Group 3 4 4 4 Group 4 8 8 8. Each group is equated to the number of wagers to be made on a single six number combination wager game.

We will begin a game by sitting at the table and recording roulette decisions as they occur. Blank roulette tracking forms which you may copy for your use are included in the back of this book. As each number occurs, you will mark it in the appropriate three number group on the tracking form. As soon as any group has three marks in it and a directly adjacent group has at least one mark in it, you will begin wagering using Group 1 wagers, i.

You will continue to track roulette decisions even after you have started wagering. If after making these four wagers you have not won a wager, then you will look for a three number grouping with a higher number of hash marks. If such a group exists, you will begin wagering the Group 2 wagers on this second six number combination wager. If after making the Group 2 wagers 2 2 2 without a win, you will repeat the same process prior to commencing to make Group 3 wagers.

That is, you will review the recorded hashes on the tracking form and choose the six number combination which is higher than the one just wagered on. You will continue this process for all five groups. If you have completed a group of wagers without a win, and there is no six number combination of wagers offering a higher number of marks than the one on which you are wagering, you will continue to wager on the same six number.

If there is another six number combination which is tied in marks with the one you have been wagering, you will switch to the different combination wager. The purpose of dividing the betting series into five groups and switching six number combination wagers after losing a group of wagers is to provide maximum assurance that when a repeat occurs you will have a wager on the right combination. Our experimentation has shown that this switching approach is the best one to use, as the tendency for numbers in combinations to repeat is only for a few spins of the wheel.

If you decide to wager one six number combination and stay with the same wager throughout the entire betting series which we have tested extensively , your winning rate will not equal the full potential of the Target roulette system. The Target Roulette Betting Series is very effective because a win at any level will produce a net win for that particular series of wagers, which we call a "coup.

For our next wager we will begin our series again by betting on the six number combination which has the highest number of hash marks. Many times, the combination wager called for will be the same as the one just completed. You may make this wager with confidence, as the switching aspects of the system will ensure that you will not stay with this combination long if it is not producing.

A game consists of three successful coups. Whenever three coups have been completed, a game is considered over. The average length of time to complete a game on an American wheel is less than twenty minutes. When you have completed a game, it is perfectly acceptable to leave the table and take a break.

However, some games will be completed in less than ten minutes and you may not be ready for a break so soon. In other words, treat the table as a brand new game! Just how effective is this approach to roulette? Based on our results, it is about as good as any system can be. Limiting coups to three per game, our winning rate is The percentage of games won is Target roulette combines the best aspects of the mechanical and clocking systems.

It is simple to use, like most of the mechanical systems. It limits the loss exposure like the better mechanical systems. However, it leaves the other mechanical systems in the dust with the powerful tracking approach, which resembles the elaborate wheel clocking, without the drawbacks of. Many of our games have required tracking only six to fifteen roulette decisions before we spring into action.

And the average length of a game, somewhat less than twenty minutes, includes the time spent tracking decisions. Using Target Roulette you will gain a powerful edge over other systems used. You should experience consistent winnings, infrequent losses and a mastery of the game that few can match. We arrived in Las Vegas early this evening, checked into Bally's and had a causal supper in the coffee shop. We feel relaxed, confident and ready for a tryst with the casino in the roulette pit.

Walking out of the coffee shop, we stroll down the steps, past the rows of glittering and blinking slot machines, past the casino bar to the roulette pit. There is only one other player at the table and the dealer seems bored, putting more of his concentration into watching female patrons stroll by than into his appreciation of the game. We walk up to the table and watch for a minute. Numbers 25, 22 and 24 are spun as we watch. We decide to play for a while and by the time we sit down and change our cash for chips, number 5 has shown.

Sitting down, we pull out the tracking form and record the four numbers we have observed in the short period we have been in the vicinity of the table: 25, 22, 24 and 5. Next to show is 27, followed by At this point our tracking form looks like the form on the next page.

We have noticed that after the 27 shows, the combinations of 22 23 24 and 25 26 27 have two hits each, which signals a possible play on the six number combination wager for these numbers. We know that we must have a least three hits in one row and one in an adjacent one in order to make a wager.

At this point, we have two hashes each in adjacent rows of numbers. With the 25 occurring, our tracking form shows two marks in the 22 23 24 row and three marks in the 25 26 It is time to make a wager. The next number showing is 36, which we record on the tracking form. Next a 5 occurs causing another loss. Our tracking form now is as shown below. Checking the hash marks we see that the 22 23 24 and 25 26 27 combination stills leads so that we make a new wager on this same six number combination.

The table on the next page summarizes our experience with the second coup attempt. Here we lost four wagers before we had a win. We would have switched to a different six number combination after losing the first four wagers, except that the 22 23 24 and 25 26 27 combination was still leading so we kept the same combination wager. We are preparing for a third coup attempt when a friendly hand grabs our shoulder. Joe has a couple of stories he wants to share, so we take a break from roulette.

Normally we would complete three coups before a game is considered completed. However, Target Roulette is flexible enough that you can quit anytime after completing a winning coup. You should always limit the number of coups attempts to only three per game. The rules for using Target Roulette are summarized: 1. Be prepared to play before starting a game. You should have a supply of tracking forms with you, know the betting series you will be using and have the correct session bankroll for the series you will be using.

You can play on either a zero or double-zero wheel. In the United States you will. My experience has shown very little difference in the results playing on either wheel. The difference in the house advantage makes very little difference with the Target Roulette system as the occasional appearance of zeros and double-zeros has very little effect on the short-term repetition of numbers within groups selected.

Began tracking decisions as soon as you have started to play at a table. The key combination to begin a coup attempt is a minimum of 3 hits and 1 hit in adjacent three number groups. You may have noticed in the sample game presented that we began tracking decisions as soon as we approached the table. By the time we sat down, we were almost ready to begin wagering. This procedure is not always possible, as fifteen or even twenty numbers may be necessary before a key combination appears.

In the meantime, the casino usually frowns on someone occupying space at the table without wagering. I usually wager on the even-chance bets of odd-even or red-black making minimum wagers every second or third decision. You will find this diversion amusing, and the casino will not harass you while you record the roulette decisions on your tracking form.

After a key combination has shown, begin a coup attempt. Have the chips for the group of wagers you will be making on the table in front. To help you track where you are in this group, separate these four chips from your other chips before starting to make the group 1 wagers.

In doing this, you will be able to keep track of your wagers. If you lose all four of the first wagers, you will not have to remember to start making group 2 wagers, as you will be out of "wagering chips. Continue to track roulette decisions the whole time you are at the table. You will need this information to make decisions on where to place subsequent wagers. Anytime a group of wagers is lost, you will switch your wagering to the highest combination of marks on the tracking form which meet or exceed the 3 and 1 requirement.

If your current combination wager is still the highest, even after losing a group of wagers, you will continue to wager the same combination. If another combination has tied the one you have been wagering on previously, you will switch to the new combination. The reason you will switch to a new six number combination wager in the event of a tie is that the hits causing the new combination to equal the previous one are more current. In other words these hits have occurred while you were wagering and losing on the previous combination wager.

Because Target Roulette favors wagering on the combination with the most current hits, you will switch wagers to a tied combination wager after losing a group of wagers. Each group of wagers will be made on only one six number combination wager. Therefore, in attempting to complete a coup, it is possible that five different six number combination wagers will be attempted.

The dollar amount of wagers made will be determined by the betting unit selected. After winning a coup, always start at the beginning of the betting series, wagering on the combination wager with the highest number of hits. Use the same rules as described in paragraph 5 above for ties.

A game always consists of a maximum of three winning coups. After completion of three winning coups, if you wish to continue to play, you will start a new tracking form, as if you had just sat down at the table.

Since some games will be completed in as few as ten minutes, you will frequently be presented with the option of continuing to play at the same table. The preferred procedure is to set aside your winnings from the previous game and to begin anew, including making the diversionary even-money wagers until enough.

In the event that you lose all wagers in a betting series, the game is over. Do not, under any circumstances, bring out more money and continue to play. Losses are rare enough that you may not be prepared for one. However, you should expect to lose about one game in twenty, so that when you do have a loss, you should take it in stride and immediately take a break.

Do not under any circumstances change your approach to playing after a loss. Losses bring out the worst type of self destructive behavior in gamble rs. After suffering a loss, I definitely lose my appetite for roulette, at least temporarily. Dependent upon my level of fatigue, I may leave the casino for a while if I am tired, or if I feel fit and rested, I may switch games for an hour or two and play a little craps or video poker.

Whatever you decide to do, don't force yourself or the system beyond reasonable limits. Target roulette is a relaxing, sensible way to win at roulette and you must not let the occasional loss cloud your judgment. Recording the Results of Playing One of the best things you can do to ensure your success with Target Roulette is to treat the endeavor in a business-like manner.

One of the major ingredients in most business successes is careful record keeping. You will want to incorporate record keeping as a key feature of using the Target Roulette approach to winning at roulette. When I play, I like to record where I have played each game, the date played, the session bankroll used, the amount made or lost on each coup attempt, the number of roulette decisions involved, the amount won or lost for the game and my cumulative bankroll after the game.

For recording purposes, I carry a small pocket size notebook, in which I fill in the data, immediately after leaving the table. My wife has often become amused at this procedure, for the first thing I will do after a session at any casino game, is to find a quiet place where I can do my record keeping. Usually, I wander over to a bank of quiet slot machines, grab a seat and spend of couple of minutes counting chips and making the appropriate notations in my note book.

After this has been done, I am available for "whatever" be it a break, another game, a meal or a nap. But the record keeping always comes first. At a rate of about spins per hour, my time investment in these games was about minutes tracking and playing time.

I obviously could have spent more time playing roulette. During this particular group of sessions, I spent most of my time at the craps tables, or simply relaxing. Using the Target Roulette approach, you can play almost as a diversion, which I obviously did on this particular trip, or you can go about making some serious money. You will find either approach highly stimulating and interesting. Many of these games were played in casinos and others were simulated using a sophisticated computer program that performs exactly like casino games.

With a With an overall winning rate of This information can also be used to answer other questions. We know that we will not get into marathon sessions with this system. The longest recorded game consisting of three coups was only 26 minutes long. With an average expected game length of 17 minutes, we can easily budget the amount of time needed to complete a game or two.

Online Gambling Fueled by the explosive growth of the Internet and by a general acceptance of gambling as a legitimate form of entertainment, online gambling is growing at a torrid rate. There are now over 3, online casinos with software provided by at least suppliers. There are millions of people who gamble online:. Games offered on the Internet range from traditional games like video poker and slot machines, to poker, keno, bingo and other games. Here is a list of games offered by just one online casino: baccarat, blackjack, craps, pachinko, the dragon spirit pachinko, victory poker, Caribbean poker, free ride poker, pai gow poker, red dog, roulette, sic bo, slots, gold rush slots, magic hat sportsbook, video poker, deuces wild video poker, jacks or better video poker, joker wild video poker, king of decks, war and battle royal.

Because of the uncertain legal status of Internet gaming in the U. As of January 24, , only Nevada has legalized online gambling. New Jersey is trying to legalize Internet gambling, while California, Oregon and Iowa are seeking an outright ban.

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