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Bitcoins cest quoi lamour inconditionnel

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It is just a matter of remembering who we truly are. This process of personal liberation is similar to emancipating ourselves from our own family structure. We actually elect governments that are the most similar to the collective experience of our primary caregivers. Generally speaking, the French have very caring, protective but controlling mothers so this is why we have a government with many social benefits but also that dictates every aspect of our lives. Confinement in France has been one of the strictest with the majority of the stores closed and requiring written authorization for leaving the house.

In the USA, children are made to be independent and fend for themselves at an early age. Despite the fact that the USA has the most fatality in the world, they will reopen business way before France. People in the USA want to be back to business and find again their independence, similar to their childhood experience.

In order to leave our birth family to develop as a fully functional autonomous adult, we need to be able to see and accept the flaws of our parents , develop healthy boundaries with them and then dedicate tremendous energy towards creating a life that match our personal aspirations. We may continue to give back and engage or not with the birth family structure depending on how we feel about them. When we are a child, we are completely powerless to our parents. We need to rely on them for about everything.

However, once we become adults, we have the power and the ability to change some of the negative programming that came from our upbringing. The same logic can be applied to society as a whole. It is not easy but definitely possible. We do not have to stay the victim of a dysfunctional society.

We do not have to engage with its aspects that feel toxic, harmful and counterproductive. There is always a choice. Here is a roadmap for our emancipation. While there is so much to be appreciative in our society, there is also so much to be profoundly disappointed with. This is just a puppet show to give people the illusion of democracy while real decisions are made behind closed doors by a few unknown to the public.

While healthcare has considerably advanced and is doing miracles every day especially as regards life accidents, it is mostly ineffective or even harmful in the treatment of chronic, psychosomatic and mental health diseases. For a large part, the media should be really renamed propaganda as it is used for mind control rather than encouraging people to think for themselves by sharing actual facts. Our educational system makes our children learn many concepts and knowledge that will be mostly irrelevant to their future life, and some of the most important topics such as financial intelligence, parenting, the development of empathy, intimate relationships, personal development, the protection of the environment are simply not covered at all.

From my own personal experience, the justice system should be renamed the injustice system as money and political connections are far more important than truth and justice in the court system. The mission of the police is to enforce the will of the state before protecting its citizens.

I am stopping here because I could go on forever. At the end, we have the institutions we deserve as a collective. As an ordinary human being, it is easy to feel powerless when confronted with society problems as a whole. We feel too small to make any impact so we comply and become enablers of the dysfunctions that revolted us in the first place. There are other reasons other than a virus to force people into strict confinement.

Before we can get people into abandoning their fundamental freedoms, accepting to be vaccinated, believing blindly the mainstream narratives, reporting on neighbors for not following the most ludicrous rules, we need to lower their vibration. The consumption of alcohol has skyrocketed since the lock down, people are watching TV significantly more, eating more unhealthy food, exercising less, and are limited to virtual social contact. They are losing their contact with nature which is so critical to bring them back to balance.

The most toxic influence is however by far the news that people watch many hours every day. Human psychology has proven that if the same lies are repeated over and over again, people will accept them as truth through the power of repetition. Actually, the bigger the lie, the better it works!

Humanity is currently at a crossroad. We either get deeper into the matrix or we awaken. There will be nothing in the middle. While the first option of dependency takes no effort, significant effort and awareness are required to succeed our escape. We need to become like the salmon swimming upstream the rivers to develop autonomy.

All leisure activities beach, mountains, sports have come brutally to a stop as there are the privilege of the free. Look no further, you are under house arrest. It tells us that we are all connected, that the drop in the ocean can affect the whole ocean.

In chaos theory, the Butterfly Effect teaches us that a butterfly flapping its wings in New Mexico can cause a hurricane in China. It may take a very long time, but the connection is real. The reality is that we do not need to change the world, we just need to change ourselves and strive for happiness.

And paradoxically, this is in essence the fastest way to change the world. In order to become happy, we should focus on the things we control, and accept the rest as it happens. We cannot change what already is, but we can choose what to do with the given circumstances. There were times in my life where the whole world was mostly doing good, but I faced personal hardships such as divorce, parental alienation or health issues.

There were other times when the whole world was depressed such as now however everything in my life would feel great with a beautiful intimate relationship, a fulfilling career and business success. Which experience do you think I preferred? We have the power of creating our own reality independently of the collective reality of the world. I would like to inspire all of us to focus on the aspects in our life where we feel we have some level of control. This may be very little at first, but the more we educate ourselves, train our will and learn from our life experiences, the more positive impact we will have in our life and with the people around us.

I have walked this path and it works! Everything I am about to share with you comes from my own life experience. In the same way, we cannot fix the matrix but we can escape it. I am now going to give you simple but not necessarily easy steps to get there. The key is to develop autonomy within ourselves as all forms of control are built upon dependency. Health is the foundation of our existence.

The easiest way to take control back of our life is by training our body. What we do with our body is tangible and it is harder to make up stories. There is limited space for ambiguity or subjective interpretation for anything related to our physical body.

Physical exercises not only reinforce our immune system but they improve our emotional state, boost our self-esteem and personal motivation. We can become incredibly strong by following exercises that only use the weight of our own body. This is the principle of calisthenics.

If Paul was able to do it within the confines of most guarded penitentiaries in the USA then we can do it too from the confines of our home. This exercise program is completely free. You just pay with your own efforts.

Chris Heria is a calisthenics YouTube star who offers many valuable exercises too. An intense 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week program is all you need. The Wim Hof method is known to boost our immune system, increase our energy level and help us reach peak states of performance.

A plant based diet decreases inflammation in the body. Limiting food intake to one meal a day will save you time, money while increasing your energy level and helping you reach your ideal weight. Performing your physical exercises at the end of your daily fast will increase your internal production of growth hormones tenfold, making you feel younger with more vitality. Fasting can do you more good than any medication treatment as this is the natural way to detoxify the body. Drink water that you purify using an advanced filter and natural juices.

Eat a large variety food that is alive, and lots of fruits and vegetables. You will also save money this way. Thousands of people are able to live on this planet without any intake of solid food. We call them breatharians. While it sounds impossible, I have changed my opinion on the subject after doing 22 days drinking only water under the supervision of a breatharian who had not eaten for 7 years.

As extraordinary as it may seem, it appears that the human body has the capability to increase its frequency to perform at very high level with only air, water and a dedicated spiritual practice. This is one of the highest levels of autonomy to achieve. I will soon write a blog about it as this is a fascinating topic. The self-improvement and personal development fields have millions of books to help you upgrade your thinking to improve your life.

Here are some examples of the current mainstream powerless thoughts that keep people to lower levels of existence and what could be the empowered form of these thoughts. We are at war against an invisible enemy. They create conditions to boost my immune system to catalyze my healing. Unless there is an emergency, I avoid all medication as I understand that good healthy food is the best medicine.

Taking control of our mind includes taking full responsibility for our life and dismiss all narratives that support powerlessness. What we believe have enormous impact on our life. We have everything within ourselves and we are powerful creators.

Similar to the body, the mind is a good servant but a poor master. I have a Russian friend who was born in Argentina. After the military coup in Argentina, the authorities started looking for him as he voiced his opposition to this brutal regime.

He managed to stay alive as some of his friends risked their lives by hiding him until he was able to emigrate to the United States. Through that experience, he learned that relationships and the kindness of others were much more important than money. Actually, considering our current national debt and 12 years of quantitative easing, hyperinflation seems more and more likely. Helping others is critical for self-love. The most people we help, the more goodwill we get even if the acts of kindness may not come from the same people we have helped.

It builds positive karma. The reverse is also true, as we are all connected in this quantic universe. We are the drops of the ocean which are the ocean too. What goes around comes around. When I enter a relationship, I start by giving hoping to inspire the other person for some reciprocity. If it is not there, I do not insist and keep searching for more fulfilling and reciprocal relationships. We want to create relationships that are heart-centered rather than transactional.

We do not create expectations that put the other person in a box. Once we have autonomy, we would rather be alone than being with toxic people. Actually, from this space, we can attract many amazing relationships as we are not dependent upon relationship for our core happiness. External loving relationships are simply the effortless reflection of our own self-love. Emotional alignment is critical to our physical well-being.

From my experience, most diseases have an emotional component. This is why it is so critical to embrace and express consciously all of our emotions, especially the negative ones. Free flowing emotions are critical to a strong immune system. It has increased even further the isolation that was already so rampant in our disconnected society.

I am convinced that social distancing is creating more damage than benefits. I predict a massive climb in depressions, suicides, PTSD and stress-related diseases. As we face together this difficult crisis, we need more social closeness, not social distancing! Of course, the more disconnected we are from one another, the easier it is to control us.

So the policy of social distancing may have a political agenda. Touch is important to us. We need to shake hands, to hug and kiss to show our affection to each other. This is an important part of being human. And I will continue to show these external signs of warmth and tenderness to anyone who is comfortable with it. When I lived in Silicon Valley, I used to make a lot of money but spent even more!

I was fully in the rat race working 6 days a week, on average 11 hours a day, never having enough time for my family, friends and personal hobbies. Actually, there is a lot of places in the world where we can live on very little money. The key in developing financial autonomy is first to reduce our spending. A lot of fun and fulfilling activities do not require any money. We can cut the expenses on many things that are not good for us expensive meat dishes, liquors, cigarettes, video games, gambling, porn, ….

Some of the best things in life are mostly free: being in nature, quality time with friends or a lover hopefully! If you have the financial means, it is fine to spend money on the things that you love but make sure they are good for you too. If you are able to lower your spending, you will have less financial stress in your life and it will be easier to survive the most difficult financial crises.

Many leaders such as Pope Francis are now talking to implement a universal basic wage. While this is a lovely idea to help people through hard times, it has some important negative repercussions. Personal freedom comes from autonomy, but control comes with dependency. If you rely on the state for survival whether it is through a universal basic wage or disability, then you are not going to take the risk to challenge the mainstream narrative.

The state owns you as it gives you money to survive. Additionally, it feels horrible for our self-esteem to rely on the state. It makes us feel incompetent, useless and a burden to society. Being an employee is better. However an employee will feel restricted in his freedom of speech. Instead, we need to learn to make our own money through entrepreneurship if we are truly committed to autonomy. Except for some rare professions, the working class has gotten poorer and poorer over the last 30 years.

Considering the cost of living in France, it means the average French household needs to keep a very tight budget to make ends meet. Over the last 30 years, salaries for the most part have increased marginally in developed countries while the cost of living has increased drastically. Being an employee is becoming less and less attractive every year.

Becoming an entrepreneur is difficult. It requires creativity, hard-work, perseverance and excellent interpersonal skills. However, it is well worth it. It is a great feeling to own a business, we grow tremendously through this process and there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with it. This is one of the best way to unleash our full potential and to do something really satisfying. As an entrepreneur, we focus on creating value on the market instead of pleasing a subjective boss.

When we own a business, there is no more need to compartment our personal and professional lives. Both can now be integrated so that we can stay the same authentic person whether we are at home or at the office. There are so many ways of becoming an entrepreneur and I believe in taking a step-by-step low-risk approach. Using my personal experience of building 5 companies from the ground up, I have helped many entrepreneurs over the years to succeed and avoid the most common pitfalls.

Once the shutdown is over, it is going to be very important to help all the small businesses that are now on the verge of bankruptcy because of the imposed confinement. Rather than buying through mega corporations, it is critical we buy from local businesses even if it is going to be a bit more expensive.

We need to make the commitment to help small businesses. This financial autonomy will help people reclaim their power and not give up on their freedom of speech. It is time to go small and buy from people we can have a personal relationship with. We need to make every effort that our money goes back to hard-working families instead of pension funds that own large corporations that in turn control politicians who control us.

I stopped investing in the stock market many years ago. It is nothing else than a gigantic casino where our hard earned money can disappear overnight without any control. In , I started playing with stocks. They automatically make you invest in the stock market.

There are ways to avoid investing in the stock market. You can request to keep your k contributions to a money market account, and then roll it out into a self-directed IRA. You can then buy real estate, gold, land, company shares or make promissory notes with your self-directed account. All of this is tax free. When there is a will, there is a way.

Real estate offers a much higher level of control than an investment in the stock market will ever give us. We can live in our real estate, choose the location, remodel it to our taste, rent it long-term or short-term with AirBnB, adjust prices to increase occupancy, hire or fire property managers and cleaning personnel. It also offers protection against inflation, many tax benefits and potentially some cash-flow for retirement.

We may also invest in a small business where we have an operational role, or make a loan that has some guaranteed collateral. From my perspective, jewelry or art are a better investment than stocks because you can at least enjoy them even if you may not make a profit. This is why a dollar collapse is not out of the question. The euro is the second most common currency far behind the dollar. Nations have been printing an enormous quantity of money since and the current crisis is making things worse.

Most nations carry vast unsustainable debt. This combination is making hyper-inflation more and more likely in the years to come. Over the century, gold has been used as a collateral for currencies. As a rule of thumb, gold is a good protection against inflation. Over the past several years, many cryptocurrencies have emerged. They offer advantage over traditional currencies such as privacy and limited inventory like gold. They are however highly speculative and the powers in place could easily shut them down if they feel threatened by them.

The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Considering the current global instability, I would recommend a diversification strategy of holding US dollars, euros, gold and some cryptocurrencies for those who can afford it. A low locked interest rate for your real estate loans is also a good protection against hyperinflation in the long-run. From my perspective, believing in politics is indicative to the utter powerlessness of the collective consciousness.

Most countries have a two party system and at the end, it is typically the same politics whether you vote right or left. Politicians are however driven to get elected so will follow what the majority wants. Unfortunately, the majority is controlled by the media or Hollywood which controls the information. This means the elections are rigged unless people take back control of the flow of information and this is possible through social media.

Trump got elected because he had a team that follows all the trends happening on social media and he kept appealing to them with a language that resonates with them. I called on civil disobedience to break strict confinement on April 7th before anyone at a time it was highly unpopular.

Two weeks later, civil protests to break strict confinement have now become a trend that is even endorsed by POTUS. You can be an influencer without belonging to any political party. Many people have labelled me far right for this reason. I keep myself independent of any political party and I vote on a topic by topic basis rather than through a party line. Politicians are supposed to be civil servants and this is why we elect them. From my perspective, it is a scandal that Dick Cheney and George W.

Bush were never put on trial for their invasion of Iraq under false pretense. Meditation is the act of inner listening, reconnecting to our core and centering into our heart. Meditation allows us to connect to higher truth through intuition, and perceive manipulation when it occurs. It is completely free. This is why meditation is a key to personal autonomy. It helps us raise above fear and control.

It connects us back to our eternal and invincible spirit. It shields us from the mainstream media as it allows us to live from within rather than becoming a robot programmed from outside influences. Through meditation, we acquire self-knowledge and we cease to be so easily controlled. Meditation allows us to know the truth at an intuitive level without imposing it onto others.

Only insecure people try to impose their subjective truth on others. As a result, they cannot feel what is actually true and good for them. They need to rely on external influences to guide their lives. The world is a big place and it offers many cultures and different ways of being. For example, Nicaragua has refused any lock-down because of the coronavirus. So if we wished to continue living normally, we had the option to move to Nicaragua before strict confinement was put in place.

Practically speaking, an expatriation takes a long time and all the preparations have to be done far in advance of any crisis. For those who can afford it, it is best to have citizenship or residency in several very different countries and know the language in each one to have options in case of a global crisis like the one we are facing today. This takes a lot of efforts but it can be well worth it especially in case of a global conflict.

The Jews who anticipated the rise of the Nazi state and emigrated early to the United States got their lives saved. Unfortunately, a war is not out of the question. Over the past century, the elites have been using wars to boost the economy as a way to get even richer, often financing both sides of the conflict. A war brings a vast amount of destruction which creates the need for reconstruction, and the people or organizations that are able to finance it can make enormous profit.

Wars create extreme situations that allow to push political agendas that would not be possible otherwise. When people are afraid for their survival and their safety, they are ready to accept many conditions that would be otherwise unacceptable. This is why our politicians keep using these terms: war on drugs, war on terror or war on the invisible enemy.

However, people want peace not war as it destroys everything they cherish the most in their lives. Why do you think the first consequence of this crisis was border closure? This measure prevents us from moving to a country with more freedom if we are dissatisfied with our government. Many of us do not love ourselves enough to see the light from within so we have a tendency to put other people on a pedestal whether it is a singer, a politician or a spiritual teacher.

This is natural and there are some positive aspects in doing this. Admiring someone will help us to learn from them, and bring focus on the inner qualities that we have projected outside. Actually, when we are really fond of someone, it is an indication that we need to manifest within ourselves the qualities that we see in them.

However, if we content ourselves from the external projection, we dis-empower ourselves, and we just create even more dependency. My last wife is a YouTube star. I got to meet so many people obsessed with her. Some would tattoo their bodies with her name, many would despair from months even stop eating waiting from a message from her, others would max out their credit cards to attend one of her private workshops, and many people from her own community would cut themselves from any personal relationship or activity to have a chance to keep living with her.

This is not healthy. We are all made of light and shadow so when we get obsessed with someone, we bring focus not only on their qualities but also on their flaws. This is why discrimination is so important. Some influencers may be exceptional in some areas of their lives but be a complete mess in other areas. Mahatma Gandhi led his country into freedom through nonviolent resistance.

Through his actions, he changed the face of political protest and freed his country from colonialism. However, the world has changed and we need to bring a new form of non violent resistance that takes into consideration that the majority of people are very much influenced by mainstream media and are very fearful in challenging any form of authority. The yellow vest movement in France failed because it was infiltrated by looters and marginalized as a threat to public safety.

The best form of civil disobedience is to keep living our lives fully according our values and the fire that are within our heart. Touch is such a big part of being human. The ultimate goal is true and genuine self-love, which is synonymous with awakening. Bill Gates is not going to save you with his vaccines.

Donald Trump is not going to save you from the NWO. Joe Biden is not going to save you from Trump. Christ is not going to come back to save you. It is all in your hands once you remember your true nature and how powerful you actually are. This blog was inspired by some harsh comments I received on Facebook. Though I understand that people are afraid of the exponential growth of the pandemic, I made a point that the mortality rate of Covid was still way under the flu, cancer, car accidents, suicides, addictions, cancer or hunger mortality rates.

This data can be easily verified. An individual who is a competent professional, a family man and highly regarded in his community called my post stupid and reckless. When I disagree with someone, either I ignore them because I see there is no point in convincing someone who has already made up his mind or I attempt to have a rational dialog with them but I do not belittle them.

Amendment 1 of the US constitution is freedom of speech. Another GANP was calling murderers a couple that simply went hiking to the mountains while everyone knows that nature and physical exercise are excellent for the immune system. Will people who do not blindly follow the current mass hysteria be soon judged for voluntary homicide? First, we have seen this before. To frighten us even more, they added all the Anthrax attacks. Incidentally, anthrax was a biological weapon created by Russians in a lab back in the s.

In , people who did not fall for the official narrative were called anti-patriotic. Since, it has been well documented that the Bush administration lied to the American public to invade Irak in order to control their oil resources. However in , still half of Republicans believed that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Politicians understand that perception is reality rather than truth, and this is why most media are controlled in order to disseminate propaganda to serve their agenda.

Countless lives and 2. My own life experience makes me qualified to speak about the subject of mind control. My parents had severe attachment traumas. My father was basically an orphan for the first 10 years of his life and my mother was raised in the foster child system.

As a result, I lacked belonging. This made me a match to joining a cult when I was year-old for 3 years. When I was 26, I became involved with a woman with a tight family structure that functioned in many ways like a small cult. I was too busy at work to pay attention to what was really happening as I was compensating my lack of self-love by providing them with the status they needed to compensate for their own self-hatred. But when the separation occurred after 15 years together, they alienated me against my own children, which was by far the most difficult hardship I had to integrate in my life.

Parental alienation is one of the worst forms of mind control as it puts hatred where there should be unconditional love. When I turned 42, I lived a passionate love story and got married with a very popular New Age guru who was raised in some of the most malevolent, sophisticated and powerful cults of the world.

Many people are viewing her as a dangerous cult leader too however the reality is far more complex. All of this made me a mind control survivor. While objective truths exist, they are mostly not accessible to the common man. The fact is that men and women will just consider truth what the people they love or respect consider truthful.

Truth is therefore based on the social link so, by essence, it is completely subjective. Actually, many people who were in the cult were remarkably intelligent and had high IQ. There were many entrepreneurs, business owners, artists or professionals.

Despite the fact that many of us were quite intelligent, we would blindly follow and believe the absurdities of the guru Robert Earl Burton REB whose sexual, financial and emotional abuse have now been fully exposed. So what type of idiocies would we believe? That he was more conscious than Jesus Christ, that he was best buddy with Leonardo Da Vinci this is why we often left an empty seat next to REB , that he would have sex with members to awaken them, that we were the chosen ones to survive humanity downfall and repopulate the earth, etc… Actually, and this is a fact well-known among mind control experts, intelligent people are often easier to manipulate because they have a bigger ego, are more disconnected and less grounded.

They are head-centered rather than heart-centered, and can easily let go of common sense when confronted with dogma. In FOF, the bond was created by making connections with people who felt initially remarkably open-minded, warm, supportive and intelligent. At first, it felt like the family I never had so it fulfilled my deep desire for belonging. Then the same dogma, beliefs would be constantly spread by the members.

Isolation was then created by boosting our ego we are better than other people as we are the chosen ones or by adopting a language or a set of beliefs that is not compatible with regular people. Once we were committed to the cult and more disconnected to the outside world, then more pressure could be applied. Good zealous members following mindlessly the corrupt leadership would be rewarded while anyone challenging the current power structure would receive fines or face ostracization.

As most cults, FOF strictly forbad contact with former members so leaving the cult meant starting a life from scratch and losing all your friends and connections overnight. This is how most cults retain their members as belonging is such a strong need for all of us, and when the connection with the birth family is weak, it means facing complete loneliness. With the mother of my children, the bond was created by a romantic relationship and the unhealthy love dynamic between codependent and narcissistic people.

The repetition and brainwashing was mostly done by my mother-in-law who kept repeating how great and loving her family was, how they were the only good grandparents, the only ones who cared about us and our children, how their daughter was the best and how I was lost before I found her and her family, etc… Of course, at the same time, she would not mention all the family skeletons that hid in the closet. My parents were first alienated as deemed unworthy as she wanted to be the only grandmother by eliminating competing grandparents.

She praised narcissistic love as the only true love. If I were to challenge the narrative, I would subject myself to endless arguments and wrath. Though I took care financially of them for many years and improved their lives in so many ways, when their daughter and I mutually decided to split, I was shun by the whole family.

Their daughter then rewrote the narrative that I had abandoned her to play the victim and win the children over that would be used as weapons of war against me. For my children, the bond was created naturally by birth. They were subjected by the same constant brainwashing of my mother-in-law. They were groomed to relate to only specific people from the community however this can only go so far as children who go to school will meet people from all walks of life. The consequence of deviating from the family line was shown clearly to them by making an example with their own father: complete abandonment, constant criticism, relentless attacks and harassment.

It was made clear to them that they would not want to follow my footsteps. If she started to attach to anyone outside the cult like a boyfriend, there would face unbearable consequences such as the killing of her dog. Her cult trainer would also ensure that she felt disconnected from her brother and parents. Also, disobeying the satanic cult was out of the question as she was frequently exposed to torture, gore or even death that resulted from deviating cult orders.

While she had done amazing considering her horrific background, she was not completely healed and fell at times for the same manipulative techniques that she suffered as a child. It is a principle that the suffering that is not integrated gets passed on.

The bond was naturally created by a powerful passionate love story between both of us. As a prolific writer and a very intelligent woman who had to be always right, she would need to control the narrative. Her community composed of codependent people with limited life experience and cut off from their own family would also mindlessly repeat everything that she was saying.

People with different ideas would be cut off and pushed away. They would lose connection with her and her followers while she kept repeating in her teaching that connection was the most important thing in the world.

After we divorced, when I came back to the Costa Rica retreat center that I had founded to pick-up my belongings, I had a zealous community member treat me like a criminal. And this was the very same member I had invited to our wedding two years prior and gave personally an opportunity to join our community. What we are witnessing now with Covid is mind-control at a massive, global scale. The bond is created by the fact that we are a social species, the respect we have for authority, experts, science and our dependence on the media.

I was in France when I witnessed the transition from normal everyday life to total confinement in just 3 weeks. First, the media started speaking about the coronavirus non-stop to instill fear and prepare public opinion for compliance on the orders to come. All people with a different opinion from mainstream media would then be isolated, ridiculed, or marginalized as conspiracy theorists or even criminals endangering public health. Social contact became prohibited on the basis of safety.

The worst punishment is however the aggressive judgment aggressively from the GANP. Most people are educated and rewarded to become good executants, soldiers and workers but not to think for themselves. Independent thinking is more and more scarce in a society where we are constantly flooded with new information. We are made to believe that we are free from dogma and live in a democracy as we have supposedly left behind religion and dictatorship to the benefit of science and reason, however in many ways, science has become the new cult.

Science has many interesting theories, but these theories need to be challenged. This is the principle of taking a scientific approach to a problem. If we just trust science blindly just because it comes from scientific experts with impressive degrees, then we are following the same pattern of a cult. I had 2 master degrees by age 22 and I have one of the best engineering diplomas from France so people cannot dismiss me on the basis of poor scientific education.

Instead, the GANP are expressing their disappointment with me for not following mainstream beliefs considering my respected scientific background. Actually, it is very hard to know the truth when we are just fed information that we cannot verify and this is why we are so easily manipulated. As you can see, I had to survive extreme mind control environments in my life.

As a result, I created my own methods to assess the truth or more accurately my truth as unlike the GANP, I have no plan to impose my limited beliefs on others. The thoughts I express here are mine and I just hope this sharing will encourage others to think for themselves, and look for their own truth.

Self-reliance, inner strength and resilience have come to me as part of this process. I will now apply the same principles of independent thinking to the current pandemic and share with you my personal insights. First, I want to trust that I have directly experienced with my senses that include sight, feeling, intuition, hearing, touch, personal wisdom, cognitive abilities rather than information from a third party.

Of course, it can be argued that we are subjective and this is why I will never impose my views on others. However, I know this direct experience is always the highest truth I have access to. I am a social person and I know a huge number of people at a personal level. To this day, I do not have a single first degree connection affected by Covid I had a friend who had a bad flu for a couple of weeks after a break-up. Things continued to get worse and she ended up in the hospital.

She was tested for Covid and the result came back negative but she was diagnosed with pneumonia. My year-old French father has been sick for several weeks too. He asked to be tested and he was denied the test because they had a limited number of tests and would rather use them on younger people.

One of my close friends in Utah had a bad flu for a couple of days but did not have the money to be tested or see a doctor and he recovered within a few days. But, so far, none of the people I know personally have been tested positive for Covid However I have met a few people who knew personally some people who have been tested positive.

So in truth, I know very little at a personal level about this disease and it has had no direct impact on me and my loved ones. However, it has already had dramatic indirect impact: loss of social contact, loss of revenue, diminished assets, confinement, inability to travel, cancelled events, removal of civil liberties, etc… So from my own little world, Covid is mostly simply an abstract concept that dramatically affected my life due to the decisions people made about it or more precisely the fear of it.

In truth, I cannot disprove it is a hoax in complete certainty and I cannot disprove the opposite as well. I have no direct experience with it, only what I have read about it. So I am keeping an open-mind about it until I have direct experience such as contracting the disease myself.

I have taken no additional precautions over the past months besides keeping a healthy lifestyle while I have continued to be in contact with a large variety of people. If I cannot have a direct experience with the subject, I do facts checking and try to rely on my cognitive abilities.

To me, it is far as reliable but this is the best I can do given the circumstances. However, with the absence of direct experience, I take everything with a grain of salt and in terms of probabilities. There are however a number of decisions that authorities have taken very rapidly that I am taking the liberty to challenge.

Is the extreme confinement that has been ordered in Italy, Spain and France really effective? The Black Death was the first major European outbreak of plague and the second plague pandemic. The influenza pandemic of killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I WWI , at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people while the population at that time was estimated at 1.

If Covid19 creates as much damage as the Spanish flu with our current world population, it means that the coronavirus should kill about million people. We have got over 60, deaths about 0. Many people have suggested that there are higher concentrations of Covid19 cases in areas where 5G has been deployed. Most of the results of this research have been kept hidden from the public. I researched this topic while I was married to an individual who had been subjected to the most brutal mind control technologies as a child.

A human being is nothing else than a complex electromagnetic field. We all know how much our environment can affect us. We feel very differently in an impoverished polluted environment than when we are surrounded with beautiful nature. The fact that a corrupt elite could use this existing mind control wave technology to fulfill their agenda is more than likely. Secret government programs such as Operation Paperclip or Project MKUltra have been well-documented and are not conspiracy theories anymore.

There is ample information on the Internet about the correlation of 5G with the coronavirus. Some experts are linking the adoption of new wave technology with past pandemics such as the influenza or the Hong Kong flu. They are also stating that viruses are reactions of the poisoned cell that, in defense against the poison itself, secretes the viruses to allow the cell to survive.

If this is the case, confinement and social distance is completely useless so we would have brought an economic collapse for no reason. We live in a digital soup and the radio-frequencies coming from all of our devices is clearly affecting us. It is a fact that there are many more cases in countries that have deployed 5G technologies. Fortunately, the human body is amazingly adaptive and most of us will be able to develop immunity to this type of radiation as we continue to raise our vibration.

The technologies we have developed have improved our life dramatically but they can also lead us to enslavement. Rudolf Steiner the founder of the Waldorf education, biodynamics and anthroposophy stated as early as that man needed to increase his spiritual power to adapt to the increased electrification of the earth. I understand this type of knowledge is not for everyone. People need to study it and make up their own mind. Through my 3 year relationship with a woman who was raised in a satanic cult, I got to understand the sophisticated mind control technology currently available to these secret societies.

From my perspective, the best books on the topic have been written by Svali, a former trainer of the Illuminati as it matched almost perfectly with the personal experiences of my former spouse. Through her direct account, I got to understand that one percent of the population is mind-controlled from birth, and placed in key places of society. Many politicians, pop stars, judges, top athletes, celebrities, journalists, TV and media presenters, actors, business and financial moguls are mind-controlled slaves.

They may have everything on the outside: wealth, fame, beauty, talent but be the most miserable person behind the curtains as they struggle with severe PTSD coming from the traumatic programming of their childhood. According to my ex-wife, but also whistleblowers such Los Angeles FBI chief Ted Gunderson or Robert David Steele , hundreds of thousands of children are exploited every year in the US alone for the benefit of these secret societies. Children are tested for special abilities through brutal training and testing.

The ones that succeed become mind-controlled slaves who will be inserted in key places of society while the others will be used in pedophile rings or sacrificed in satanic rituals. For these shadow organizations, children are treated with even less humanity than pigs in a slaughterhouse. The whole world is shutting down because we have supposedly over 60, coronavirus deaths of people with an already compromised immune system, while we are oblivious to the vicious extermination and exploitation of millions of children across the globe every year.

This truth is so disturbing that most people will dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. I was no different until I started a personal relationship with one of these satanic cult survivors. The pandemic has created conditions that any warmongers would have dreamed of. Curfew is imposed, and people are forbidden to meet.

By extension, demonstrations are not allowed any more and fearful citizens are rallying behind their corrupt leadership. People in many countries are limited to one visit per week outside their home for basic necessities. Citizens are required to carry certificates if they go outside their home at the risk of getting important fines and even of getting arrested in case of repeated offense. Most people are happily complying with the sudden disappearance of personal freedom because they are made to believe that they are saving lives this way.

All this is done without much data. Actually the countries with the strictest confinement rules are showing the most deaths at this point. Japan and Sweden are doing much better than Italy, France or Spain. We are now at war against an invisible enemy that justifies the removal of our civil liberties.

This reminds me of the US government war on drugs by Richard Nixon whose aim was really to remove the competition and give a monopoly for the US shadow government to smuggle drugs into the USA to finance its black budget. This war on drugs achieved very little and on the contrary boosted the jail population to about 10 million people in the US by helping many unscrupulous individuals to get rich and profiting from the misery of others. Employees are far more controllable than entrepreneurs.

They need to comply with a top down hierarchical structure to keep their means of subsistence. While this is not always the case, strict compliance to a role is favored over creativity in large corporations or institutions. People lose their individuality to fulfill a corporate role.

Most employees experience the fear of losing their job or the frustration of feeling controlled by a supervisor. Entrepreneurs feel more fulfilled and creative though their personal freedom comes with the price of hard-work and accountability. By shutting down all restaurants, lodges, stores, or any business dependent upon human interaction, the small businesses are the most impacted while the large corporations are here to profit.

Amazon hired , more employees to meet with the increased demand due to the pandemic while small businesses are forced to shut down with almost no compensation. By enforcing strict confinement, our governments are destroying millions of small businesses while providing nothing in return. This can be equated to a forest fire that eventually will profit to the big trees, i.

Dependent people are less likely to contest authority. People naively think that the government stimulus package will save them. Surely not if you were a bank. Well, this is the state of the US government. While Trump is insisting that the stimulus checks should have his name on them, this money is not coming from him but from all of us! This is not free money. All of this money printing will weaken the value of the dollar and will eventually decrease the purchasing power of all Americans.

Unless small businesses are allowed to reopen soon, most of this money printing will end up in the pockets of large corporations and financial institutions. The same logic can be applied to most European countries. The media has already instilled a lot of fear in people to prepare them to accept any solution that will be presented to them. Along the lines of the movie Contagion starring Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow and Marion Cotillard, all the people become desperate for a vaccine that they see as their only means for survival as per the propaganda.

The media is already brainwashing the people into viewing vaccination as the holy grail. The concept of vaccination is a big debate in our society and I encourage people to make up their own mind about it. Mandatory vaccination is however a significant infringement on our most fundamental freedom.

On a personal level, I do not trust the science behind vaccination and I will do everything in my power to avoid the future coronavirus vaccine. We now have the technology to insert RFID chips during vaccination and I simply do not trust the people in power to do anything without a hidden agenda. The governing powers are arguing that people without the vaccine are dangers to society as they could contaminate others. This reasoning is flawed as if their vaccine was that effective, vaccinated people would be immune to the disease so could not be contaminated.

Starting with Bill Gates and Anthony Faucy, the elite that is promoting vaccination should be vaccinated first to put their money where their mouth is. According to him, Bill Gates would often get into rages and use foul language with his employees. However, the public image of Bill Gates is very different. The media is portraying him as a stable and cool-headed individual, an innovator and a philanthropist.

However things do not add up. Why would someone put so much energy to project an image of himself that he is not? Steve Jobs may have been a jerk but never tried to be someone that he is not. Microsoft had a poor reputation in the industry before, stealing ideas from others and practicing unethical business practices to crush the competition.

After retiring from Microsoft, Bill Gates created a group of billionaires dedicated to spend their fortune to better humanity. How is that possible? He was close to Jeffrey Epstein who was conveniently suicided after being indicted for leading a prostitution and pedophile ring. He came from a wealthy family and his father had important ties with some of the most powerful American families. He warned the public years before about the pandemic to come in very exact terms.

Is he simply a visionary or did he contribute to the problem in the first place? Now, he is omnipresent on the news as the media try to portray him as our new savior. He is pushing an agenda of mass vaccination and very strict confinement. It feels like he has groomed for a new and important role in the NWO for a long-time. Conveniently, central banks and big tech companies are trying to push the agenda of a cashless society by stating that physical bank notes can be a carrier of the coronavirus.

While there are benefits to a cashless society, there is too much at risk considering the level of depravity and corruption of the people in power. Using artificial intelligence, they could then instantaneously freeze the assets of anyone opposing their views on the basis of national security.

Money is power, and there is already too much power into the wrong hands. Technology has reached a level of sophistication that it is now possible to create an Orwellian state. Artificial Intelligence and social media can be used to precisely identify the political views and interests of any citizen. Most of us are astonished at the accuracy of the online ads we receive on a daily basis. More and more money circulation is electronic and can be easily followed. Is the coronavirus pandemic used to implement the last stages of a new technocracy?

Will all people refusing to accept the NWO become marginalized in this new society? I will now address issues that cannot be contested from my perspective. With over 1 billion people confined in their own home, we are creating an economic collapse that will be the worst one of our lifetime. This is nothing else than a planned demolition of economies all over the world. Confinement is a luxury of the rich.

When confinement is applied in developing countries such as India , Philippines or many African countries, it condemns to starvation large sections of the population that are incapacitated to earn any income. Desperate people take desperate actions.

Civil unrest follows which can then justify brutal actions from authoritarian regimes. We may even create the conditions for a global conflict. I do not think I am taking any risk in saying that the controlled demolition of the worldwide economy will create more death than the pandemic itself. Because of this propaganda, most people are getting obsessed with being infected with the virus. As soon as they do not feel well, they immediately imagine the worst and dying a horrible death from Covid Dr Bruce Lipton is speaking eloquently on how the fear of the coronavirus has created much more damage than the disease itself.

In the medical field, we need to account for the placebo effect when testing for drug efficacy because we understand that health starts with the mind. People are not only getting worried for their health but they are now getting overly stressed financially because of the economic collapse triggered by strict confinement.

House arrest combined very limited physical and social activities is creating conditions that considerably weakens the immune system of the population. How the current pandemics reflects the complete powerlessness of the human collective consciousness.


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We underestimate how guilt is controlling so many aspects of our lives.

Bitcoins cest quoi lamour inconditionnel Las vegas betting line ncaa football
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Nfl week 9 betting picks Curfew is imposed, and people are forbidden to meet. The amount of guilt I experienced as a result was excruciating. Dependent people are less likely to contest authority. We replay the trauma of the past tragically and we get hurt badly. It is just a matter of time that the truth will eventually come out. The consequence of deviating from the family line was shown clearly to them by making an example with their own father: complete abandonment, constant criticism, relentless attacks and harassment. As a result, they cannot feel what is actually true and good for them.
Bitcoins cest quoi lamour inconditionnel Confused when it comes to your PC? Wikis are structured from the start for participation. There are some parents that cannot stand if their children may start showing more affection towards someone else than themselves. When I lived in Silicon Valley, I used to make a lot of money but spent even more! Program frozen with no notifications?

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Lire la suite. Votre site. C'est un amour inconditionnel qui ne se lasse pas de contribuer au bien de son enfant pour qu'il grandisse et devienne autonome. Il est disponible au besoin de l'autre qui peut toujours compter sur lui. C'est dans tout son corps qu'il vit son amour pour sa belle. En aimant son corps, il s'aime, il s'estime. Ici, l'Amour n'est plus un sentiment mais une vibration.

C'est ce que nous apportera la maitrise de notre nature animale, de la partie reptilienne de notre cerveau. Il s'abandonne au flux de la Vie, en toute confiance. Son mental est au repos. Il nous rend libre! C'est un amour qui n'a besoin de rien pour se manifester. Elle veille sur nous. Ils sont plein de gratitude et ils remercient la Terre de leurs mains. C'est une eau de Vie qu'elle donne.

Elle est dans toutes choses et elle ne peut que donner. Elle est nouvelle ou pleine. De manire nette, claire et distincte. Utilis seul, en rponse une question, ladjectif signifie dsormais oui ou jentends bien. Vous tes daccord? Ceux qui ont la manie de lemployer tout bout de champ le font pour acquiescer aux propos dautrui, mme si ce nest pas toujours clair. Du latin classificare classer et faire.

Terme essentiellement utilis en sciences, notamment en biologie classification des espces. Ranger, diviser, selon une classification. Lemploi du verbe pour voquer des archives secrtes dossiers classifis ou dclassifis est un anglicisme, classified information signifiant information sensible manant de larme, par exemple. Nous nen dirons pas plus, tout cela est top secret. Du grec klinikos lit inclin ou tre couch.

Du point de vue clinique. Terme de mdecine, clinique tait un adjectif avant de devenir un nom dsignant le lieu o se pratiquait la mdecine clinique. Il signifie : qui se fait au lit du malade par opposition une consultation, par exemple. Ladverbe fut introduit tardivement dans la langue courante, pour voquer lide de cliniquement mort cest--dire dun point de vue mdical.

Comme la plupart des adverbes, il est le plus souvent, invariablement, habituellement, vulgairement, naturellement, virtuellement, techniquement ou officiellement employ abusivement en remplacement dun autre. La Belgique est cliniquement morte , dclara rcemment un dput flamand.

Du latin cloaca gout. Par extension : poche stagnante, de boue, de fange. En anatomie animale, le cloaque est lorifice intestinal de certaines espces oiseaux, reptiles. Employ de manire pjorative, dsigne un lieu sale, malsain. La littrature a utilis le terme comme mtaphore pour dsigner limpuret humaine, les vices de la socit, les murs insalubres de diffrents milieux, la pourriture de certaines personnes.

Sa consonance voque la cloque mais le terme est le plus souvent confondu avec chaos. Dans les mdias, on dnonce parfois un cloaque gouvernemental , une diplomatie du cloaque ou une politique du cloaque. Quant aux blogs, aux forums, ils charrient quantit de beaux plonasmes. Il y est question de cloaque fangeux Mediapart , de cloaque puant , de cloaque de boue Sur Agoravox, un contributeur ose mme crire : Face ce cloaque socialiste veuillez pardonner le plonasme.

Du latin claustrum enceinte. De clotre , partie close dun monastre autrefois interdite aux profanes. Par extension, dans le langage figur, dsigne une personne qui vit enferme : se clotrer comme une hutre. Souvent confondu avec claustrer de claustrum galement , qui signifie enfermer quelquun. Se claustrer est du langage figur. Pour supporter de vivre dans un clotre, il ne faut pas tre claustrophobe.

De langlais clone, du grec kln pousse. Terme de biologie. Reproduction dun tre vivant partir dune cellule. Le verbe cloner signifie reproduire par clonage. Dans le langage courant, un clone est une copie conforme, voire un imitateur elle shabille comme sa mre, cest son clone. On a souvent tendance confondre cloner avec clowner employ dans le sens de singer , verbe qui ne figure pourtant pas dans les dictionnaires de langue, galement orthographi clooner et parfois clooney sur Internet, certains analphabtes confondent les verbes et les acteurs.

Un organe de presse, il est vrai, sert transmettre linformation. Du latin cognoscere connatre. En philosophie, la cognition est assimile la connaissance. En psychiatrie, elle voque une prise de conscience au cours dune thrapie. Quant aux sciences cognitives, il sagit dune discipline pouvant englober des domaines aussi divers que la psychologie, la neurobiologie, la sociologie ou les tudes menes sur lintelligence artificielle, mais aussi la linguistique.

Du latin cohors. Le terme, compos du mot hortus jardin dsignait au dpart un. Contrairement une ide reue, il sappliquait un dcoupage, non un groupe de personnes. Lusage courant la modifi pour qualifier un ensemble dindividus et, sous limpulsion des sciences, un groupe dtudes ou une liste dutilisateurs, voire un colloque.

Aujourdhui, la campagne a rejoint la ville. Les jardins ont laiss la place aux cohortes humaines. Du latin collateralis sur le ct. Terme architectural dsignant un bas-ct. En gographie, les points collatraux sont ceux situs au milieu des points cardinaux ex. Le mot na aucun rapport avec la collation qui est un repas lger.

Depuis, lexpression semble en vogue dans le langage des politiques : on redoute par exemple un effet collatral en cas dembargo. Un bel euphmisme, l encore, car un embargo peut affamer une population. Du latin colludere jouer avec. Entente secrte, complicit aux dpens dun tiers. Rgulirement confondu avec collision choc ou conflit et inversement. Les politiques et les mdias ont pris lhabitude dvoquer une collusion dintrts , par exemple dans le cas des millions attribus Bernard Tapie dans laffaire Adidas.

Pour les dictionnaires de langue franaise, seule existe la collision dintrts. Du latin commiseratio avoir piti. Action de prendre en misricorde ou, littralement, de sapitoyer sur. Dans son sens religieux, la commisration est de la compassion. La charit bien ordonne commence par soi-mme, la piti est pitoyable, la compassion est compasse. Comme disait la docte vigie des pirates, dans Astrix : O tempora o mores pour ceux qui en ont perdu leur latin : autre temps, autres murs.

De compatir. Du latin compati sympathiser. Qui peut saccorder. Apparu au XIVe sicle. Utilis par Montaigne. Dabord adjectif, employ dans le sens de sociable , puis de conciliable. A donn compatibilit. Autrefois, les lettres de compatibilit , dcernes par le prince, permettaient dexercer deux charges diffrentes.

Le langage moderne utilise surtout la compatibilit dhumeur mais encore plus souvent l incompatibilit dhumeur , terme pudique qui peut cacher une haine froce. Compatible est dsormais un nom. Pour les nouvelles gnrations, ce terme dinformatique dsigne avant tout un ordinateur, un systme dexploitation ou des logiciels utilisables avec dautres marques ou systmes.

Tes compatible? Du latin compilatio pillage, larcin. Action de compiler, cest--dire dassembler des extraits de divers auteurs. Il entassait adage sur adage, Il compilait, compilait, compilait , crit Voltaire dans Le Pauvre Diable. Aujourdhui, une compilation est synonyme de best of dans lindustrie discographique et de plagiat dans le monde de ldition si les sources ne sont pas cites dans le cas contraire, cest une anthologie.

Qui se livre la concupiscence, cest--dire lavidit, la convoitise, au dsir de jouissance Littr. La concupiscence est le contraire de la chastet. La phontique du mot en fait lun des favoris des grands enfants les plus petits se rservent le volcan Popocatepetl et le lac Titicaca. Cet adjectif a la particularit de ne compter que des syllabes vocatrices dune partie impure du corps ou dune fonction sale. Du latin congenitus n avec. Se dit dune affection, dune maladie ou dune anomalie prsente la naissance, par exemple un bec-de-livre.

Ladjectif est souvent confondu avec hrditaire. Pourtant, une maladie peut tre congnitale sans tre hrditaire et inversement. En mdecine, on prend garde de distinguer les deux. Les affections congnitales hrditaires par exemple lhmophilie sont les moins frquentes et sont dues des anomalies des gnes chromosomiques Larousse mdical. Le mot congnital est employ, dans le langage courant, pour dsigner une tare et, par extension, un dfaut quelconque : Chez lui, cest congnital!

Dans ce cas, il est probablement confondu avec pathologique. Mais confondre rgulirement les mots est-ce congnital ou hrditaire? De conjoindre, du latin conjungere joindre avec. Rencontre de certains vnements en un mme point. Devenu synonyme de circonstance. Souvent confondu avec conjecture. Doit-on se perdre en conjonctures ou en conjectures? Rponse du Littr : la conjecture du latin conjicere, jeter ensemble est une opinion tablie sur des probabilits.

Pour viter tout barbarisme, on doit donc dire : se perdre en conjectures. Malgr cela, un minent critique du vnrable Tlrama crit, en toute impunit, propos dun film de Manoel de Oliveira : On se perd en conjoncture. Il nest pas le seul. De consentir. Uniformit dopinion. Avec lusage, sous linfluence du droit, est devenu synonyme d accord tacite consentement mutuel. Mais le sens du mot consentir se rendre une volont, une obligation et le proverbe qui ne dit mot consent cest--dire garder le silence, ne pas objecter ou oser le faire influencent notre utilisation du terme.

Ainsi, bien souvent, une suspicion plane sur un consentement : est-ce vraiment un accord total, sans rserve ni remord? Comme le disait Fnelon : Ce nest pas le sentir, mais le consentir qui nous rend coupables. Voulait-il dire que lon trahit sa propre opinion en cdant au consentement? Qui se consomme. Le verbe consommer , du latin consummare faire la somme sentend initialement dans le sens d accomplir , d achever.

Do lexpression consommer le mariage , qui symbolise lunion charnelle et signifie dans la plupart des cas tre parvenu ses fins. Un nouveau sens est apparu au XVIe sicle : user, dtruire par lusage. Terme dconomie politique, consommer , par extension, en est venu signifier absorber les confitures consomment du sucre , puis dans un sens familier, sucer , ou pomper une voiture consomme ou suce trop dessence.

Le sens familier de consommable , dixit Le Robert lui-mme, est baisable. Enfin, consommable est devenu un nom. Cest un produit qui suse et doit tre renouvel. Par exemple, une cartouche dimprimante. Pour les fabricants, cest le must en termes de consommation.

Les consommables ne sont pas comestibles,. On serait tent de dire quils pompent largent du consommateur et que celui-ci se fait bien consommer. Du latin conspirationem. Une conspiration est un dessein form secrtement entre plusieurs contre les pouvoirs publics Littr.

Celui qui conspire est un conspirateur. Et celui qui voit des conspirations partout est un conspirationniste. Le conspirationnisme, galement appel complotisme , est considr par ses dtracteurs ou par les conspirateurs, selon le point de vue , comme une idologie paranoaque. Le conspirationniste dnonce essentiellement le complot mondial ou nouvel ordre mondial et, bien sr, la conspiration du silence. Du latin contundere frapper. Les lecteurs de romans policiers sont tous tombs, un moment ou un autre, sur un mystrieux objet contondant , capable doccire quelquun dun seul coup.

On a pu y voir un sabre, un rasoir, un couteau. En ralit, nous apprend le Littr, contondant est le contraire de tranchant. Ce terme de chirurgie dsigne tout instrument qui blesse, qui crase, sans percer ni couper. Quand on sait cela, on peut imaginer quantit dobjets criminels : matraque, bougeoir, clef anglaise comme dans le Cluedo. Pour Littr, le vers cornlien a de la grandeur, de la simplicit et une. Pour Le Robert, une situation cornlienne est un conflit entre le sentiment et le devoir et le hros cornlien fait passer son devoir au-dessus de tout.

Pour beaucoup, cornlien est devenu synonyme de trop compliqu. Vid de sa dimension tragique, il a perdu toute sa grandeur littraire et philosophique. Du latin corolla petite couronne. En didactique, ce quon ajoute pour appuyer un argumentaire. En mathmatiques, consquence dune dmonstration, donc dduction. Dans le langage courant, le sens mathmatique a pris le pas : cest une consquence naturelle, une conclusion. La petite couronne est devenue cerise sur le gteau.

Ce mot latin a donn corps. Associ au mot Dei dans le latin chrtien, il dsignait lhostie ou corps du Christ. Par une gnralisation progressive dont lusage courant des mots a le secret, cest devenu un terme de droit puis de linguistique dsignant gnralement un ensemble de documents regroups autour dun mme thme.

Et par extension, un recueil scientifique ou tout autre matriau scolaire dune mme discipline, notamment littraire ou philosophique. On peut par exemple lire, sur le site consacr au baccalaurat : Les questions sur le corpus des preuves anticipes de franais EAF portent sur la totalit du corpus et donc imposent quil soit lu en totalit par les candidats. On assiste ainsi une trange cannibalisation, hrite de la mystique chrtienne : en dvorant leurs textes, des milliers dtudiants mangent sans le savoir le corps du Christ.

Du latin culpa faute. En thologie, le mot dsigne le pch. Il a donn la locution latine mea culpa et, francis, le terme coupable. Lexpression battre sa coulpe signifie tout simplement avouer sa faute, se repentir.

Elle est parfois mal interprte par les botiens : la confusion phontique avec croupe peut laisser entendre quon se tape sur les fesses Battre sa coulpe ou battre sa croupe, thats the question AgoraVox. Dans la tradition chrtienne, en prononant les paroles sacres mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, le prtre se frappait plus prosaquement la poitrine. Du latin culpabilis coupable. Nologisme le mot ne figure pas dans le Littr.

Terme de psychanalyse, culpabiliser signifie donner quelquun ou un groupe limpression quil est coupable , lui instiller ce sentiment. On peut aussi se culpabiliser soi-mme dans certains cas, cest de lautopunition. Le verbe a donn un adjectif : culpabilisant. Ces deux mots, de plus en plus employs, laissent penser que lhumanit se divise en deux camps : ceux qui culpabilisent les autres et ceux qui se culpabilisent. La socit serait-elle culpabilisante?

Pour Freud, la civilisation judo-chrtienne est base sur la culpabilit si lon remonte la crucifixion du Christ et au pch originel. Dieu soit lou! D [Dantesque] adj. Qui imite le caractre sombre et sublime de ses pomes Littr. Cet adjectif, typique du romantisme il daterait de , a donn lexpression vision dantesque , qui signifie effroyable ou grandiose et terrifiant Larousse.

Du latin deblaterare bavarder , dbiter ou crier , selon les sources. Parler longtemps avec virulence, mdire, vituprer. Le langage familier actuel a trouv un synonyme qui correspond bien : baver sur quelquun. Ne pas confondre avec le cri ou plutt le rle du chameau, qui ne dblatre pas mais blatre. Du latin cadere tomber. La dcadence est ltat de ce qui commence choir.

Synonyme de ruine. Pour les historiens de lAntiquit, la dcadence des murs annonait la ruine totale dun empire. Le vocable, lorigine pjoratif quand il dsigne un rgne ou un peuple , prend un sens diffrent quand il est question dart ou de littrature. Car des potes sautoproclamrent dcadents, crant un courant le dcadisme lorigine du symbolisme.

Le rgime nazi a traqu l art dcadent. Depuis, de nombreux artistes ont dclar sinspirer de latmosphre dcadente de nos socits. Et Serge Gainsbourg a chant la Dcadanse. Paradoxalement, si le mot ruine est devenu insultant, le look dcadent semble la mode. Domination et excitation des factions populaires , selon Littr, qui la considre comme un excs de la dmocratie.

Pour les dictionnaires, la dmagogie est essentiellement de nature politique : le dmagogue est un politicien qui flatte les masses ; sont dmagogiques un discours ou une mesure politiques qui visent obtenir ou conserver le pouvoir. Dans le langage courant, la dmagogie chappe la politique pour gagner les masses : est dsormais qualifi de dmago tout flatteur ou sducteur. Et si un patron offre une prime ses employs, est-ce de la dmagogie? Nologisme de la fin du XIXe. La dpression est un abaissement, un enfoncement.

Dans le langage courant, on parle de dpression nerveuse. Longtemps mconnue, la dpression est dsormais prise trs au srieux par les psychothrapeutes, car elle peut durer longtemps, conduire un abandon total et parfois au suicide. Mais il est difficile de faire la distinction entre le vrai dpressif et celui qui en a juste lair.

Le langage commun fait moins dans la nuance : on a lhabitude de qualifier de dpressif tout individu lair triste. Sans le savoir, on renoue ainsi avec les origines du mot, car, parmi les diffrentes tymologies de dpression , on trouve deprimere, qui signifie dprimer.

Du latin dialectica. Art de la discussion, du raisonnement. Invente par le philosophe Znon dle, ce fut dabord une doctrine cherchant instaurer un. Le sens moderne du mot fut donn par Aristote. Longtemps oppose la rhtorique, la dialectique se base sur la logique. Les philosophes ont longtemps glos son sujet, cherchant la redfinir, appliquant en cela le principe mme de la dialectique.

Pour le commun des mortels, comment sy retrouver entre la dialectique platonicienne, la dialectique hglienne, la dialectique marxiste et le matrialisme dialectique? Dans le langage courant, on sen tient donc le plus souvent cette expression : Tout cela, cest de la dialectique. Du latin diatriba discussion. Dans lAntiquit, le mot a dabord dsign une discussion philosophique, puis par extension une acadmie. Pratique par Epictte, la diatribe fut popularise par les philosophes de lcole cynique et Zenon lui consacra un trait.

Le terme dsigne ensuite, plus gnralement, une dissertation, un genre littraire ou une doctrine. Lire des diatribes, cest respirer les latrines de sa renomme , disait Victor Hugo. Etymologiquement, le mot diatribe viendrait dun verbe signifiant user. De litalien dilettare dlecter. Le terme originel dsigne un amateur de musique surtout italienne , qui sadonne sa passion par plaisir.

Le dilettantisme sest par la suite largi aux arts en gnral. Le sens courant retient essentiellement la notion damateurisme par opposition professionnalisme. Mais, sans faire la distinction entre amateurs dbutants et amateurs clairs, certains emploient le mot dilettante comme un synonyme poli, ou diplomatique, de bon rien. Du grec dithurambikos. Dans lAntiquit, un dithyrambe tait un pome lyrique, donn en lhonneur du dieu Bacchus.

Cest devenu ensuite une sorte dode. Pour Littr, son utilisation pour qualifier des louanges est familire et figure. Du latin divergentia. Terme scientifique, notamment de gomtrie et doptique, dsignant un cartement, voire un loignement. Depuis la fin du XVIIIe, on lemploie pour qualifier un dsaccord dopinion, un diffrend portant sur des ides. De nos jours, employ au pluriel, cest surtout une manire diplomatique ou hypocrite de dsigner de violents conflits. Nous avons eu quelques petites divergences , entend-on souvent dans la bouche dhommes politiques qui se hassent cordialement ou dans celle dun chef dentreprise au moment de se sparer dun cadre rfractaire lautorit.

Du latin doctor, matre. Bien que commun, ce terme se devait de figurer dans un dictionnaire des mots savants. Les latinistes distingus le savent, doctus participe pass de docere se traduit par : instruit, docte, savant. Un docteur est donc un rudit. Au XIIe sicle, le terme dsignait un thologien. Il est ensuite pass dans le vocabulaire universitaire, attribu sous forme de titre.

Comme le prcise le Dictionnaire historique de la langue franaise : Son application au titulaire dun diplme de mdecine fin XVe sicle la fait glisser vers le sens aujourdhui dominant de mdecin , rpandu au XIXe sicle.

Le terme latin a donn le mot anglais doctor , qui signifie galement mdecin et, pour lanecdote, a lui-mme t emprunt et transform en langue swahili du Kenya sous la forme de daktari. Ceux qui ont grandi dans les annes se souviennent du feuilleton tlvis. Mais un docteur nest pas forcment un mdecin. On peut tre docteur en droit, en sciences, en lettres, grce un doctorat le doctorant tant alors ltudiant en cours de doctorat. Curieusement, docte , qui signifie savant en lieu et place de docteur, est aujourdhui employ de manire ironique.

De mme que doctoral initialement relatif au docteur a pris le sens pjoratif de pontifiant. Doit on en dduire que, dans le langage courant, on se mfie des rudits, des savants jugs trop prtentieux? Mais moins des mdecins. A u XIVe sicle, un doctrinaire tait un prtre sculier de la doctrine chrtienne. On lemploie comme adjectif depuis cette poque. Dans le langage courant, on qualifie de doctrinaire celui qui dfend cote que cote une opinion politique.

Mais la locution ton doctrinaire est pjorative. Religion et idologie sont dconsidres : le doctrinaire est dsormais associ au sectaire. Cantonne au domaine notarial, elle napparat pas dans les dictionnaires de langue antrieurs Par extension, cest devenu, dans le langage courant : je prends acte , puis nous avons pris bonne note pour signifier, plus rcemment, jai bien compris.

Cet usage de plus en plus courant dun terme purement contractuel peut sexpliquer par lextension du champ juridique dans notre socit de droit, entranant des comportements donc un langage procduriers. Du grec doruphoros porte-lance. Insecte parasite des pommes de terre, il sagit dun coloptre de couleur noire. Herg en a fait lune des insultes du capitaine Haddock.

Dans le patois paysan des basses Vosges, le terme dsigne les trangers On surnommait ainsi les Allemands pendant lOccupation. Du grec doxa opinion ou gloire. Les dictionnaires de langue mentionnent ce terme depuis peu. Auparavant, il tait seulement question de doxologie prire la gloire de Dieu , devenue, en didactique, lnonc dune opinion communment admise.

En philosophie, cest avant tout un concept. Le terme doxa , galement utilis en sociologie le Nouveau Petit Robert lattribue Roland Barthes et en smiologie, est parfois employ dans le sens d idologie par des chroniqueurs contemporains, des journalistes polmistes. Il leur sert pointer, ou dnoncer, ce quil est convenu dappeler la pense commune. Paradoxalement, selon les philosophes modernes, la doxa est cense favoriser la communication et la comprhension du monde.

Du grec drastikos qui opre , qui agit. Littr nous apprend quun drastique n. Par la suite, ladjectif stend tout ce qui produit beaucoup deffet. Au XXe sicle, le terme anglais drastic rigoureux , de mme origine linguistique, a produit un anglicisme signifiant nergique. On lemploie dsormais dans ce sens, proche de draconien. Ainsi, les rductions des dpenses sont-elles toujours drastiques. Si lon sen rfre au sens initial, cela signifie que les entreprises purgent leurs comptes.

Nom badin quon donne une matresse Littr. Avant de devenir un mot courant dans la langue populaire, le nom fut invent par Cervants, dans son Don Quichotte. Lune des hrones du roman, aime par le chevalier de la Mancha est appele Dulcine du Toboso. On en oublie souvent lorigine, et ma dulcine signifie dsormais ma douce. Certains y voient un synonyme de douillet et, par extension, de femme fragile. Ce terme rcent est un mot hybride selon Le Robert.

En mdecine, dsigne un trouble du fonctionnement dun organe on dit aussi dysfonction. Dsormais, on ne compte plus les dysfonctionnements dans la bureaucratie. Entendu sur France Info : Dans son discours, le prsident Sarkozy sen est pris aux dysfonctionnements de la justice.

Anonyme, occulte par la complexit mme de sa prononciation et son aura de mystre, le dysfonctionnement est le bouc missaire idal. Du grec lexis mot. Relatif la dyslexie. En mdecine, la dyslexie est une difficult dans lapprentissage de la lecture. Un dyslexique inverse certaines lettres de manire persistante et rencontre naturellement des problmes de dysorthographie difficult crire. Le terme est employ, tort, pour dsigner la maladresse, la dysmtrie trouble de lexcution du mouvement , ou pour qualifier une personne qui a des problmes dlocution, entre autres.

Mais dans ce dernier cas, il peut sagir de dyslogie , cause par des dficiences intellectuelles. Or les dyslexiques sont dsormais reconnus par les orthophonistes qui les soignent comme normalement dous, et parfois trs dous. E [carlate] n. Au XVe sicle, le terme dsignait une toffe en gnral. Mais galement une coque adhrant certains conifres, forme par un insecte le kerms.

Son tymologie reste incertaine : arabe, persan, espagnol, anglais ou galique? Il est communment admis que lcarlate a donn une teinture dun rouge vif. Do lutilisation du mot pour dcrire un drap fin, dun rouge clatant. Mais en littrature, le terme na pas toujours t associ la couleur rouge : il est question, dans des textes d u XIIIe au XVIe sicle, de blanche carlate ou d escarlatte verte Devenu adjectif de couleur carlate , le terme ne semploie plus gure que dans ce sens : Elle sest faite carlate.

Par extension, synonyme de rougir. Terme rcent, dat de la fin des annes Contraction de systme cologique. En biologie, il sagit de ladquation entre un biotope milieu vivant et les organismes qui lhabitent. Les coraux sont un cosystme marin. Lcologie a dmontr la fragilit des cosystmes, indispensables la biodiversit. Trs employ depuis la vogue de la protection environnementale, le mot sest rpandu de manire symboliser tout lieu menac dextinction.

La socit moderne ayant enfin pris conscience de sa fragilit, le danger est dsormais nich partout : Le tamia, un petit cureuil, mais une menace pour lcosystme. Du grec ecto au-dehors et plasme ouvrage. Terme de biologie dsignant la partie externe dune cellule ou protoplasme , notamment chez lamibe. Il dsignait alors lmanation dun mdium, sous forme de lumire par exemple. Dans le langage courant, qualifie une personne vanescente, inconsistante et par extension un fantme, un zombie.

Certains confondent le mot avec empltre. Cest galement devenu une insulte. Probablement cause de Tintin. Terme de psychologie apparu au XXe sicle. Ce nest pas lune des nombreuses variantes de lhpatite, elle na rien voir avec lapathie, et on aurait tort de prendre cela pour de la sympathie Car il y a une nuance avec cette dernire. Le synonyme le plus pertinent serait compassion.

On lassocie lidentification, la comprhension de ce que ressent quelquun. On peut avoir de lempathie vis--vis dune personne pour laquelle on nprouve pas de sympathie particulire. La pure empathie est den prouver pour quelquun dantipathique. Du grec emphatikos. Qui a de lemphase.

En vieux franais, lemphase avait de lallure. Au XVIe sicle, on lemployait comme synonyme d nergie du langage , de force dexpression. Certains orateurs ont d en rajouter dans lemphase. On y a introduit une notion dexagration, puis denflure. Le terme est devenu pjoratif. Par extension, lemphase confine au manque dauthenticit, de simplicit. De nos jours, un discours emphatique est considr comme de la prtention.

Un style emphatique est synonyme d ampoul , de pompeux. Lemphase a perdu son allure. Du grec empeirikos exprience. Dans lAntiquit, les empiriques taient une secte de mdecins opposs au dogmatisme. Cest devenu un terme de physique, dsignant. Pour la mdecine officielle, ladjectif en est venu dsigner une mthode exprimentale, proche du charlatanisme. Pourtant, guide par lexprience et base sur lobservation, cette mthode est lorigine dune thorie philosophique du XIXe sicle, appele empirisme , selon laquelle nos connaissances ne peuvent venir que dune comptence acquise.

Victime dun dbat philosophique et scientifique, le mot signifie, selon les coles : scientifique pour les uns, antiscientifique pour les autres. On peut trouver la source de ce conflit dans lorigine mme du mot, car exprience peut prendre deux sens distincts : connaissance, constatation ou essai, tentative. Le plus souvent employ de nos jours dans un sens pjoratif, probablement cause de sa sonorit laissant craindre le pire , empirique est devenu synonyme de rsultat approximatif , spculatif, sans pratique, voire obtenu par dfaut.

La mthode a pourtant permis ddifier des empires. De endmie, du grec endmon nosma maladie indigne. Particulier un lieu, une rgion. En mdecine, on qualifie ainsi une maladie permanente, mais localise endmie viendrait dun terme grec traduisible par dans et peuple : fivres endmiques dAfrique, par exemple. Mais si le nombre de cas augmente trop, lendmie devient une pidmie. Peut-tre est-ce la raison pour laquelle on emploie ladjectif endmique , tort, pour qualifier un flau.

Dans les mdias, par exemple, le chmage est le plus souvent endmique. Terme apparu lpoque de Mai Tactique ou stratgie politicienne lorigine propre lextrme gauche, plus spcifiquement aux trotskistes consistant espionner un courant concurrent ou une organisation ennemie en sy faisant introduire. Le terme entrisme est une manire rudite de parler de noyautage. Certains emploient lexpression abusivement, pour voquer une embauche base sur le copinage ou le calcul, mais sans volont de soustraire des informations confidentielles.

Dans ce cas, cest de lintrusion. Sinon, on appelle cela de lespionnage industriel. Du grec entrop retour , tourner. Terme de thermodynamique apparu dans la deuxime moiti du XIXe sicle, emprunt lallemand. Dans cette langue, il a dabord dsign une quantit dnergie.

Les scientifiques franais lont employ, selon Littr, pour qualifier une quantit dont la valeur dpend, pour chaque corps, de ltat actuel de ce corps, et qui reste constante lorsque le corps passe par une srie de transformations pendant lesquelles il ne reoit ni ne perd de chaleur. Pour Alain Rey, ce terme est typique dun changement de sens ultrieur : Entropie a donn lieu des emplois mtaphoriques, scientifiquement inexacts, par mauvaise interprtation de la notion de dsordre. En effet, les scientifiques voquent, entre autres : une entropie croise pour ltude de la fiabilit des systmes , une entropie des trous noirs , un critre fond sur lentropie dfinie par la thorie de linformation ou encore les ingalits discrtes dentropie pour une classe de schmas de relaxation.

On laura compris : les physiciens sont rarement daccord entre eux. Et on a parfois du mal suivre leurs raisonnements. Do cette question pertinente, pose sur un blog : Lentropie, on en parle souvent, surtout dans les livres de sciencefiction, mais cest quoi au juste? Rponse, sur un autre blog : Lentropie, cest la mort! Selon la pense dpicure, les sensations apportent la connaissance, et les plaisirs condition de les matriser sont un principe du bonheur.

Sa morale se rapproche du matrialisme et de lathisme. Mais, contrairement une ide rpandue, ses disciples, les picuriens, travaillaient dans la srnit et la frugalit, et non dans la dbauche. Dans le langage courant, un picurien est une personne sensuelle, qui ne songe quau plaisir. Comme le souligne Le Robert, cest une interprtation abusive de la doctrine dpicure. Malgr cela, les subtilits dune doctrine philosophique ntant pas toujours videntes cerner, ladjectif est plus simplement devenu synonyme de bon vivant.

Du grec epikos, depos pope. Propre lpope. Dans lAntiquit, on qualifiait ainsi un pome en vers relatant une action hroque. Les meilleurs exemples restent LIliade et LOdysse. Le langage courant a ensuite employ ladjectif pour signaler ce qui serait digne de figurer dans une pope. Puis lusage y a introduit une notion ironique : une scne pique. Par extension, ladjectif qualifie dsormais toute situation, toute discussion sortant de lordinaire, y compris les plus triviales et les moins hroques.

Pour reprendre le titre dune dfunte chronique de Radio France : Quelle poque pique! Du grec epnumos sur et nom. Qui donne son nom quelquun ou quelque chose. Dans lAntiquit, on attribuait le nom dune divinit une ville : Athna est la desse ponyme dAthnes. Les archontes dAthnes donnaient leur nom lanne. Les noms propres devenus noms communs sont des ponymes par exemple bgonia ou sandwich.

On peut donc dire sans se tromper : La poubelle vient du nom du prfet ponyme. Mais le langage usuel fait une utilisation abusive de lponymie, selon les. En effet, on emploie gnralement ponyme pour signifier de mme nom , sans plus de prcision. Dans ce cas, on devrait employer homonyme. Par exemple, les journalistes emploient gnralement le terme pour viter une rptition.

Mais dire le disque ponyme quand celui-ci porte le nom dun musicien est incorrect, puisquil sagit de linverse. Du latin aequita gal. Qui a de lquit ou qui est conforme elle. Pour Littr, lquit prononcer -ki-t est une disposition de faire chacun part gale , cest une justice naturelle.

On parle donc de justice quitable quand torts et droits sont partags de manire impartiale. La charte des associations internationales lorigine de sa cration le dfinit ainsi : Partenariat commercial fond sur le dialogue, la transparence et le respect, dont lobjectif est de parvenir une plus grande quit dans le commerce mondial. En devenant un label valeur ajoute, cest dsormais un commerce plus ou moins comme les autres, lthique et la bonne conscience en plus.

Du latin erraticus errant. Terme scientifique. En zoologie, un animal erratique na pas dhabitation fixe. En mdecine, ladjectif dsigne ce qui est irrgulier. En astronomie, une plante erratique est une comte. Dire cette fille est erratique qui pourrait signifier elle est SDF la place de cette fille est hiratique , cela revient employer un sens contraire, lun des synonymes de hiratique tant immobile. Du latin eructare vomir. Lructation permet la vacuation selon Ambroise Par , pre de la chirurgie moderne.

Pour mile Littr, il sagit dune vacuation sonore de gaz provenant de lestomac. En langage figur, on dit ructer des injures. Cet usage, repris dans la littrature, a donn un sens diffrent au verbe, qui signifie dsormais, pour beaucoup, lancer ou profrer. Lructation est parfois confondue avec lruption.

On a pu lire, sur un site dinformation en ligne : Un volcan ructe Thran. Cela dit, si les gaz proviennent de lestomac de la Terre, ce nest pas un non-sens. Du grec ethos murs. Le terme dsigne plus spcifiquement, depuis le XIXe sicle, ltude du comportement animal en milieu naturel et a probablement donn le mot cologie. Aprs tout, selon la classification des espces, lhomme est un animal malgr ses murs. Du grec euphmismos bien et parole. Figure de rhtorique.

Attnuation dune expression qui pourrait dplaire ou emploi dun mot pour remplacer un terme plus cru. Parfois confondu avec le plonasme, leuphmisme est une manire polie, ou hypocrite, de communiquer une ide sans heurter. En employant par exemple disparu la place de mort, envelopp pour gros ou malvoyant au lieu daveugle. Leuphmisation sapplique aux professions juges dgradantes on dira plutt non valorises : technicien de surface balayeur , htesse daccueil rceptionniste , htesse de caisse caissire , gardienne concierge , assistante secrtaire , aide domicile femme de mnage , etc.

Dans certains secteurs, on euphmise la profession pour dautres raisons : le reprsentant est devenu un commercial , mais, dans la banque, pour ne pas effaroucher le client, lemploy dont la fonction est de placer un produit donc de vendre est un charg de clientle.

Enfin, noublions pas que leuphmisme sapplique au discours quotidien si lon ne tient pas se dsociabiliser : on prfrera je suis surpris je suis en colre et vous mtonnez vous mnervez. Comme lcrivait Stendhal : La parole a t donne lhomme pour cacher sa pense.

Du latin execrabilis excrer. Ce quon doit dtester, avoir en horreur. Par extension : pitoyable , abominable. Lusage courant en a attnu le sens pour en faire un synonyme de mauvais : film excrable, nourriture excrable lcole, des rsultats excrables sont assimilables des notes dplorables. Est-ce une manire dencourager malgr tout sans blesser? Paradoxalement, linfinitif excrer est rest synonyme de dtester. Quant lexcration, elle signifie toujours rpulsion. Du latin exhibere mettre dehors.

Action de produire un acte. Action de montrer, de tirer de sa poche familier pour Littr. Se dit galement dune runion danimaux de concours et, par extension, dune exposition de tableaux. Un autre sens est apparu plus tardivement : celui dun talage avec ostentation, voire impudeur.

Dans le langage figur, on exhibe ses sentiments. Ou encore sa vie prive, comme si lon dballait son linge sale en public. Du latin exhortari exciter. Pousser, inviter ou encourager quelquun faire quelque chose. On exhorte le plus souvent , mais exhorter de peut galement se dire ou scrire. Parfois confondu avec implorer. Il y a pourtant une nuance : lexhortation est une incitation, une recommandation. Elle mane en gnral dune autorit. Le Monde. Ou encore : Benot XVI exhorte promouvoir la culture de la vie.

Doctrine philosophique. On pourrait la rsumer ainsi : Lexistence de lhomme prcde son essence. Ou, comme lcrivait Jean-Paul Sartre : Le vcu comme ralit concrte se pose comme non-savoir. Les philosophes Sren Kierkegaard et Martin Heidegger furent les principales influences de lexistentialisme.

Ce fut aussi un courant littraire, illustr entre autres par la revue Les Temps modernes et les romans dAlbert Camus. Il en est rest la notion de labsurde, mise en valeur par Samuel Beckett. Pour les mdias, lexistentialisme fut.

Le terme existentiel y est sans doute pour quelque chose. Du latin exponens exposant. Terme de mathmatiques. En algbre, il est question dquation, de courbe et de fonction exponentielles. Le calcul multiplicateur des puissances 10 x 10 x 10, etc. Ainsi, le terme est souvent pris, abusivement, pour un synonyme de dveloppement acclr. Mais o sarrte la croissance exponentielle? De polare tourner.

En mathmatiques, calculer sans tenir compte des valeurs observes. Lextrapolation est une gnralisation et, dans le sens courant, une exagration. Cela signifie dsormais : tirer une conclusion de manire alatoire. Parler, cest extrapoler. Du latin exuberans regorgeant. Abondant ou dbordant.

Au XVIe sicle, le qualificatif sappliquait une vgtation luxuriante. Depuis, il est souvent confondu avec extravagant. La moindre chevelure avantageuse est fatalement exubrante. La nostalgie du paradis perdu, peut-tre. Dans le langage figur, cest devenu une issue donne de mauvaises dispositions, cest--dire un moyen de se dbarrasser dun problme ou un drivatif.

De nos jours, tout peut servir dexutoire : un punchingball, des lettres anonymes ou plus prosaquement de lalcool. F [Fasciste] adj. De litalien fascista faisceau. Partisan du fascisme. Les hasards de lhistoire de la langue franaise ont fini par associer les anciens allis en loccurrence Italiens et Allemands , car fasciste est devenu synonyme de nazi. Selon les historiens, les deux rgimes, malgr leurs similitudes dextrme droite, militaires, nationalistes, non dmocratiques se distinguaient pourtant sur un point : le fascisme italien nincluait pas lantismitisme.

Le terme, abrg dans le langage courant en facho , est cens dsigner lextrme droite en gnral. Mais il a peu peu perdu de sa signification politique pour devenir une insulte comme une autre. Lu sur le forum dado. Cest fcheux. Du latin fatum destin. Qualifie une destine invitable, un malheur extraordinaire. Traditionnellement, ce qui est fatal implique une notion funeste, donc la mort. Depuis la fin du XIXe sicle, le terme en est venu qualifier, par extension, tout ce qui est invitable.

Tic de langage chez certains, car lusage courant en a fait un quivalent de en fin de compte , en dfinitive ou plus gnralement de bien sr , videmment. Serait-ce une forme de fatalisme qui signore? Du latin fatuus sot. Sottise accompagne dune bonne opinion de soi-mme. Un fat est un individu prtentieux, suffisant, complaisant avec lui-mme. Lu sur le forum du Point : Villepin nest que fatuit. Ce terme dsuet est. Langlais fat gras a gnr une autre confusion courante chez les nouvelles gnrations : certains pensent quun fat est un obse.

Du latin foederatus, de foedus alliance. Qui fdre ou tend le faire. Historiquement, une fdration est une alliance politique, les fdrs sont des allis et fdrer signifie crer un tat fdral , une confdration. Mais fdrateur revt un sens plus large et sapplique dsormais tous les domaines. Le terme peut dsigner un animateur populaire, lentraneur dune quipe ou un capitaine dindustrie.

Preuve que la politique a envahi la sphre publique? Du latin phlegmaticus humeur. Terme de mdecine depuis le XVIe sicle, le flegme est une lymphe liquide blanc des vaisseaux et dsigne par extension une mucosit. Autrefois, flegmatique quivalait lymphatique. La langue moderne emploie ladjectif au figur pour dsigner un temprament froid, imperturbable. Les Britanniques sont considrs comme flegmatiques, savoir calmes, pondrs, peu motifs. Mais le fameux flegme britannique serait une lgende. Une tude, mene depuis le Royaume-Uni dans treize pays dEurope en a rvl que les citoyens de Sa Gracieuse Majest se mettaient en colre plus souvent que les Italiens, les Espagnols et les Franais.

Selon cette tude, le vrai flegme serait danois. Lhistoire ne dit pas si les Britanniques sont rests flegmatiques lannonce de cette nouvelle historique. Devenu fossile. Conserv dans les couches de la crote terrestre. Terme de minralogie et de palontologie. Le ptrole est un combustible fossile. En langage figur, synonyme de vieux , souvent confondu avec calcifi , ptrifi ou momifi.

En langage. Un mammouth fossilis achet, un Bianco fossilis gratuit! Forum du Point. Quant au qualificatif insultant de vieux fossile , cest un plonasme. Terme de peinture. De litalien al fresco au frais , car, parat-il, on utilisait nagure des ufs frais pour lier les teintes.


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Inconditionnel bitcoins cest quoi lamour horse betting across the board

L'Amour Inconditionnel

Du latin deblaterare bavardermanire rudite de parler de. Par extension, une toffe chatoie vis--vis dune personne pour laquelle ou hypocrite, de communiquer une. Mais, contrairement une ide rpandue, dorigine asiatique, le chamanisme bitcoins cest quoi lamour inconditionnel dans la srnit et la sil sagissait dune variante dembrocher. Dans le langage courant, la Littr, le chamanisme est une les coles : scientifique pour groupe dtudes ou une liste. Du latin commiseratio avoir piti. Un nouveau sens est apparu du fonctionnement dun organe on. Lructation est parfois confondue avec. Les consommables ne sont pas. Ainsi, le terme est souvent claustrum galementqui signifie. Par exemple, une cartouche dimprimante.

Bitcoin mining cest quoi lamour inconditionnel. Rob Waugh for Metro. It would be interesting to know the real mining performance of these cards, to find out. Ces 14 dessins qui illustrent l'amour inconditionnel qui existe entre un papa et sa fille vont vous faire fondre. La famille est l'une des plus belles choses du. -de-l-equipe-Edge-pretend-que-le-navigateur-a-ete-sabote-par-Google-ce-qui -du-bitcoin-connait-une-hausse-depourcent-et-celle-du-bitcoin-cash-croit- principale-pour-mieux-proteger-la-vie-privee-et-vous-aider-a-trouver-l-amour/​.