what band did i bet you look good on the dance floor

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What band did i bet you look good on the dance floor premier betting ghana home

What band did i bet you look good on the dance floor

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But in those days, no one went to a gig and knew the words to the songs unless the band were huge. So there was a massive story bubbling under about this band. They had a tour booked and a potential promo launch on Radio One and various things really building up for them.

Can we still make this record? As such, from the word go, the pressure was on. Then a day or two after that, we went to the studio and started recording. We had 15 days to make the record. Everything Arctic Monkeys had done up to this point had been at a hurtling pace. Inspired by the Strokes and the Libertines, the quartet started playing together in the music room at Stocksbridge High School during their lunch hours.

It was only six months since both Turner and Cook had first picked up their guitars. Secretly, the apparently bashful Turner began writing his own songs, featuring perceptive and withering lyrics that looked at everyday life in Sheffield, matched to angular guitar rhythms. But at the same time as Arctic Monkeys were busy honing their sound, Turner met the older Jon McClure, later the singer in Reverend and the Makers, joining his band Judan Suki as guitarist. I never knew he could write like that.

Every day he was just writing bangers back then. When Judan Suki entered a Sheffield Studio, 2fly, run by engineer Alan Smyth, to record demos in autumn , Turner pulled the owner aside to ask him if he would like to come to see his other band play a gig at local venue The Boardwalk. There was no drop in quality. Alex kind of shambled around on stage, but there was something there.

From here Arctic Monkeys went into 2fly to record in their own right and their sound began to quickly develop. Are you meaning to? Jim Abbiss in It just went daft. Alex knew he was onto something. It reaffirmed for him that writing songs about those things touched people.

Playing keyboards and bass in local bands in the Peterborough area from the age of 14, he first became interested in recording when he started assisting a friend of his father who ran a mobile studio taping live shows. I did a few recordings in a little tiny studio and I just fell in love with it. It was a really simple analogue setup with a track Tascam tape machine. That really sort of ignited my first interest.

Then I found out about a college course that you could do which combined a bit of music and recording. I always felt way more comfortable doing the recording than I did being on stage. And the more I found out about the fact that you could just sort of work with musicians and make records, I just got more interested in that idea. I was doing this college course where I was learning the supposed correct theory about how you do stuff, and then I went to work with him. I had I guess a formal way of learning about stuff and he had a completely informal way of doing it.

And I just learned loads from him because he used equipment however he felt like using it. In , Abbiss left Spaceward and moved to London where he got a job engineering at The Power Plant in Willesden, just as dance music was beginning to explode. I worked on various kinds of things in a couple of years there that were more dancefloor orientated and learnt a lot more about sequencing and the computer side of things.

It was an intensive education, which then allowed Abbiss to step out as a producer in his own right, capable of working with both electronic outfits and live-band setups. People were just borrowing technology and ideas from everywhere. You could mix stuff up and mess around with sounds and whatever. If you do it well and people like it, then they just like you for experimenting really.

When it came to recording Arctic Monkeys, however, the plan was to nail the power and dynamics of their live sound. It seemed as though, for this first record, it wanted to be raw and as live as possible. It was meant to be as live-ish as possible and as near as we could get to a gig without being messy, really.

They do anything to help you make your record. And that place, they still kept the standards up. So the idea of a relatively local studio, which they could drive to in, like, an hour and a half, was really appealing to them. They had to go to a cutting room the day after that. They were still kind of their little closed gang One of the key features of the setup at Chapel that appealed to Abbiss was their Amek console.

It was designed to record stuff. So we used the desk for over half of the sounds. Also, you're really a joke if you expect every band's songs to deal with politics and the like. That's not really what music is about. Music is about writing and recording songs that people will enjoy. People clearly enjoy the Arctic Monkeys' music, or else they wouldn't be gaining so much popularity so quickly.

Did the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, U2, or the Clash gain their immense level of popularity by writing preachy anti-war songs? Even the Beatles were very good at keeping their politics separate from their music. And they were better for it.

Blah, I'm done arguing for now. Nearly all of those bands you mentioned did write anti-war songs and the Clash wrote some of their songs with a political message. Not all the time. Apart from that, you're spot on with everything else. Flag feminist92 on August 06, General Comment Do people not read the comments before posting their own? The line "Dancing like a robot to a electro pop like a robot from " definitely references this and not the book by the same name by George Orwell.

As for anyone saying that Arctic Monkeys are over-hyped, well here we are 4 years on and guess what, they're still one of the biggest bands in Britain. They've done what a lot of bands don't do and that is matured and changed their musical style as a result of that. Personally I think this is one of their weakest tracks both lyrically and musically but it's by no means bad, it's better than the majority of rubbish being churned out by the same old same old with a new name year upon year.

There are very few bands whose music can make shivers run through me, this is one of those bands. I wonder if any of the people complaining about Arctic Monkeys being another generic indie band would say the same thing now they've released a second album that was musically different to their first and are about to release a third which is already available on the internet which is so much darker and the lyrics are so much more complex? My Opinion He's a young guy and he sees a milf.

She catches his eye, and he's looking back despite himself, but he's not sure about an older woman, it gets him offbalance that she wants him. He's not looking to have a thing with an older woman and he's surprised she's interested in him.

He doesn't want to start something with an older woman, but now he's wondering what it is she wants, does she just want him for sex? He is imagining her in a more sexual way. He's down with that, and he's attracted, he wont deny, But now she's passed him over, and he's even more interested in her. She's looking at him and it ignites his attraction. He's like, You want to start something with me? If you do, I'll bang you, even despite myself.

There is no love , no. He'll tap that. Dreams of naughtiness, theyre both thinking of banging the other. General Comment wow Oh there ain't no love no, Montagues or Capulets Just banging tunes 'n' DJ sets 'n' Dirty dancefloors and dreams of naughtiness! General Comment "Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from " what a fucking line! General Comment aclockworktomato, i half agree with you.

I agree I shouldnt have put Oasis in cos i dont like them much myself, however there is no denying that they did change things and I still think music in the 90's was reasonably good compared to the crap we get nowadays. However, I do think Oasis were more about the kind of attitude they brought to music and I dont know why I put them in.

Elvis was the first big superstar, John Lennon himself said that if you had no Elvis there'd be no Beatles. I dont see how he ripped off black musicians, he might have been influenced by them but as for ripping them off, i dont see your point. Anyway, I still stand by the general point I made about music today in my original comment nomatter how 'queer' steveosteve thought it was. Music has never been in a worse condition than it is at the moment. But it surely can only be a matter of time before a band comes along and changes things again, I hope so anyway.

After that happens, the Arctic Monkeys and all the other indie dross thats kicking about these days like the frasmellis and the view and so on will be finished.

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