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Online betting the apprentice nudality

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As a matter of fact, it gets pretty gruesome in the driving levels, so be prepared. The blocky polygonal enemies move well. Shatter- ing glass, dripping water, a snow flurry - all are crystal clear. R will cause a rdiain-reacb'on explosion. Howlonjcan you so without sleep? Because if you even Wink, Baron Dark's diabolical dream will your world. But if you're defeated, it's a sure bet you'll be sleepins with the enemy. For eternity. All Rights Reserved. Developed for Plavmates Interactive Entertainment by hieversoft Entertainment.

Adjusting to games like I Defender and Robotron on a control pad takes time, and mastering the slippery control is the only real challenge in Bubbles. In wave 5, they all follow Mikey. I These six classic games I are perfect ports from the arcade. I Hie warbling blast of I your laser in Defender, I the sirenlike cry of the ptero- dactyl in Joust, and the staccato gunfire of Robotron; all arcade true, circa From Dawn to Disc Now with the power of 32 bits, Williams brings home flawless conversions of titles that speak for themselves.

Joust, Robotron, Defender, De- fender 2, and Sinistar make this disc worth every penny. You also get the unique but mundane Bubbles. Fans of these arcade clas- sics will enjoy the option of reading the story behind the making of each game, com- plete with full-motion video clips of the designers.

You can also peruse images of Williams memorabilia and view pic- PROnp: Use these Star- gates in Defender 2 to au- tomadcally warp to where a human. These classics return in pure form - never-ending and a real challenge to master. For old-school gamers, this is love. If you don't remember any game before Mortal Kombat, these antiques might scare you.

Answer any of the following 3 questions about Toshinden correctly, and you make it to the final round of the tournament, where you might win one of these excellent prize packages. One entry per person. Duplicate entries will be voided.

Infotainment World. All entries must be received by July 1. Only residents of the contiguous states are eligible. Void where prohibited. Eligibility: Employees of Infotainment World, Inc.. Playmates Interactive Entertainment. Entry: By entering this contest, contestants acknowledge that Infotainment World, Inc. All decisions on matters relating to this contest are final. Infotainment World, Inc. Odds of winning depend upon the number of all correct entries received. Winners will be notified by phone or mail.

Winner Is responsible for any and all federal, state, and local taxes. San Mateo. CA Prize Restrictions: Alternative prizes or cash will not be offered in lieu of prizes described above. No prize may be substituted, transferred, or exchanged. All prizes will be awarded by September 1, Playmates IMeractive Entertainment S. Manufactured and printed in U. The universe is in chaos, From your magic carpet, you must restore balance to 70 three-dimensional worlds by collecting mana, an energy that comes mostly from ene- mies that you destroy with spells.

Harris Richter. Along the way to the showdown with Daddy, you must solve mysteries, link clues, and decipher puzzles. Play it with the lights off. W your mana. The gameplay continually evolves, introducing new spells and more dangerous monsters. Exciting and addict- ing, this carpet is spotless. PROTIP: Get die spigot from the chest of drawers upstairs, dien walk to the door, turn, and grab the key from the fireplace.

PROW: Cast your on the remains of a wizard to claim his mana. PROW: Head down to the door in the dining room, use the key, and proceed to the right of this room. PROW: Use the spigot on the wine casket, go toward the spikes, and descend the stairs on die left. Use the ring on the door, and you should proceed to the next level.

No pixelization, few jaggies, and smooth rendering make this a true movie adventure. And all the gore is still here, too. Scary music and other minor technical sounds, The morphing terrain and 30 landscapes are beautiful, and the game scrolls smoothly. KSS in a day or three.

Huge, constantly changing levels with plenty of traps, enemies, and spells keep players engrossed for eons. Once you get used to switching spells on the fly, the sky is yours to command. Simply outstanding audio. KBS The symphonic soundtrack soars during battles. Magical sound effects and subtle background sounds enhance the worlds. Inc All Rignis Ftaseivvd. Inc Nunancki. Aadainus a division and idgwttriu trademark ol Accialn Eniudainmini.

Is it worth it? Sure, for nostalgic reasons or for Super Buster Brothers newcomers. One or two players run Though the sprites are Ksl small, the graphics are suitable for framing. I n Raven Project, you're rebelling against Earth's alien overlords.

The action runs the gamut from mechwarrior-like missions to air-to-ground sorties and outer-space dogfights. It might arc a little too cilte - they remind be too close to 1 6-bit gaming you of the ganA origins. I Despite the gorgeous ESI rendered cinematics and full-motion video, the backgrounds and ships look chunky and under- detailed. Target lock-ons and shooting locked-on missiles. Fun Factor LJ t. S Sound 1 4. We Can Get It! Call For More Info! Watch out for these: Landmines Star Graphics grounds and the best clouds on any system make this one a graphical piece of art on the Saturn.

Virtually no slow- down and little breakup enhance the fun. But the game lacks challenge. Worthy of an honored place on your dusty Saturn shelf, Panzer is a great game. It blows away anything re- sembling a shooter on the PlayStation thus far, in both graphics and imagination.

This game puts you right back in the dragon saddle, showcasing the great graphics, stunning scenery, and rich sound that made PD the shooter of last year. In a unique twist on standard shooting action, the game allows you to choose paths on the fly. Taking certain paths Increases corresponding abili- ties - for example, if your dragon runs through a whole episode as opposed to flying through it, he becomes a more mobile, but less flight-worthy, steed. Along with the screen-filling bosses and lush scenery brought to you by the mind of French illustrator and Heavy Metal magazine artist Moebius , the sound has been upgraded.

Heroic in spots, the score fades to eerie nothing- ness during intense battles. S fall and turn eas- ily, and move fluidly. You can even turn pieces albeit for a microsec- ond after they touch down. Mildly enjoyable at first, Worms soon wears out its ing your weapons effectively is the welcome. The many backgrounds are key to the game and its main point pretty much redundant, and you of interest. The worms have cute voices, but their words the tiny sprites and atom-size shots, are often unintelligible.

You control teams of worms that battle each other on thousands of areas. The worms are armed with grenades, bazookas, and bombs, which you strate- gically select and then fire at enemy teams. The battles aren't much fun.

Puny worms and weapons make for weak characterization. And the action is too repetitive and slow to generate any excitement. I The graphics could have I been funnier a banker chewing up money? Enough with the lunatic- asylum elevator music! This Tetris-like game has a plethora of options, but it really shines in two-player mode. Areno Ic sfiirjcteo E iji. While the Rungo are poorly Story mode is interesting, it done. With average music, it still was cheaply done with static lacks audio depth.

Pulling off combos and spe- cial moves feels amateurish. Fun Factor Toshinden was fairly im- EKfl pressive when it first ap- peared a year ago in Japan, but now it feels and looks plain. As Kabalo, you must collea as many diamonds as you can in the jungle, ruins, city, and catacombs of ZinJ.

Cheap sneak at- tacks and constant backtracking plague these levels. Tap your brain for the wildest NOMAD video gaming adven- ture you can think of and send It in to us in any form - as a short story, poem, drawing, photograph, pottery All entries will be carefully screened by tbe GamePro editorial staff for creativity and originality. You can't lose Send entries to: Nomad Contest P.

Paleni and Trademark Ollice. Sega Sports. Vidua Fighter 2. Redwood City. Captain Quazar is a fun-filled romp through 12 levels jam-packed with enemies, explosions, and puzzles. You have to track down and arrest four intergalactic criminals while also rescuing slaves, blowing up refineries, and escorting hostages to safety.

The weaponry includes a shotgun, a super shotgun, grenades, missiles, and ray guns. You get help along the way from power-ups like health, shields, and door passes. The captain is in charge! I You must get used to the bt-way directional shooting before you can really have any fun. Fun Factor I Captain Quazar is all I fun and plenty tough, 'eas, brutal enemies, and great humor make it worth every penny. Now how about this game on a more popular system?

Now find your way to the elevator that leads into the mines. Slaughter enemies by the thousands! Buy a fully-loaded monster machine or build an empire and still have bucKs to spare! Eternity is yours! PlavStatlon Controllers! Sega Saturn Controllers! It wasn't a gameplay breakthrough when it came out in , but it did approx- imate the great arcade shoot- ers pretty well. Here's how to get extra lives: At the title screen, hold Left, then tap A three times.

When you start the game, the number of ships at the top of the game screen will be Resume the game with your new firepower. Are they in the Genesis version of the game, or any version for that matter? However, Williams Enter- tainment changed its plans and released the game with- out Nudalities.

We asked Ed Boon, the lead programmer for MK 3, and he told us very specifically that Nudalities were not realities. We want your opinion! Consider those on the captain's list and any others you like, write down your top choice of the best bit outer- space shooter ever, and get it to the following address by June 7: Hall of Fame: Shooters GamePro Magazine P.

Yoi u Iwo Ci'MS. I just rented RIO. There are a lot of great games out there, so just rent older titles! You choose from six poorly il- lustrated warriors that fight with jerky, unpredictable spe- cial moves. Since Lobo is based on some of the best comic-book art of all time, this is a major disappointment.

The battles resound with smacks and groans aplenty but no trademark Lobo wise- cracks. Rent it, play it, return it. Although the gameplay is unique, it might make you queasy. Mo Hawk is a hip character PROTIP: Doni build up too much speed, or obstades appear too quickly for you to react who runs, leaps, flies, and swims through high-tech set- tings. The gimmick here is the fast-moving screen, which quickly rotates under Mo Hawk to create mind-numbing visu- als.

Hard-rock music adds to ByCroatyGus Are bit systems dead? Sega throws dirt on the coffin with Marsupilami. You play as the title charac- ter, a long-tailed jungle cat who escapes the circus, along with Bonelli the elephant.

The 25 seen-it-before stages would be easy to clear if it weren't for Bonelli. Differ- ent, yes; ftjn, no. You'd applaud louder if it were a great SNES game. The perky, comical ani- mations are pleasant enough,. In short, this cat confined at youoiear- est retailer. Here It Is! Great players fill this great game.

You get the full slate of teams with up-to-the-minute rosters including all trades made as of January. Shaq, and Barkley. On top of great players, you also get great features. But Jam fans can also set the game to Ar- cade mode, which has enough fantastic slam dunks and impossi- ble three-point shots to make any Jammer happy. Learning hoops the Hardaway.

Hit Steal at the right mo- ment, and you have an easy two. Otherwise, all else works fine. Long passes prone to interception seem to happen randomly, even when you've pressed the button for the short pass. But mastering this game is half the fun, and once the pad as- signments are learned, players will find themselves up for a good challenge in multiplayer contests. Shoot Out is the real thing, not just for b-ball fans, but for sports fans in general.

Take this one to the hoop. Penny from heaven one game, Dennis Rodman actually scored 38 points, hit six to seven shots from three- point land, and collected no rebounds. For a sports sim, this is a huge error. The dunks and layups are boring and, by bit stan- dards, outdated. Even worse, the camera jumps around so much you might get motion sickness. From hip-hop beats to an up-tempo, lively crowd. Live delivers audio amazement. Live may play well on its own, but for gamers deciding which b-ball title to buy, it fails to make the cut.

I Rodman for.. All the moves - pushing, al- ley-oop slams, and cross-over dribbles - are included, along with many play options like Season, Playoff, and Exhibition games. The rosters are updated through January 30, so although Kenny Anderson is al- ready on the Hornets, you'll have to manually trade the likes of Tim Hardaway and Christian Laettner to correct the rosters.

And although all the rookies are on their new respective teams, other play- ers like Magic, Jordan, and Barkley are now missing because of this oversight. I'hcn pres. Style action. Hen Gfiffeij Jr. With realistic, action-packed gameplay and superb graphics. Winning Run strolls easily over home plate. The other players sport gooly names like Slip Slyden, but their abilities and appearance are modeled after their major-league counterparts.

Trades, adjustable outfielder posi- tioning. Hit the Ball, Meat The tight controls respond smoothly at each position. Pitchers can chuck a fastball, curve, change-up, and one special pitch, such as a screwball or slider. Likewise, gamers can use the directional pad to pull their swing or intentionally hit a grounder - within the limits of the batter's ability. These refinements to the controls infuse the action with a realistic, strategic feel that nicely complements Griffey's traditional slamfest gameplay, resulting in a raucous blend of sim-style realism and arcade- PROTIP: Confuse batters by alter- nating your pitches between the in- side and outside, as well as mixing up the speed.

Snazzy sprites and sharply rendered stadiums replace the exaggerated, cartoony look of the first game. Graceful animations, from a hefty swing at the plate to an ump waving safe at first, make for engagingly realistic action. The ball and bat ef- fects, though cartoony, instantly tell you whether you whiffed or connected solidly.

B Ken Gilffey Jr. GameFan Magazine Feb. V-Tennis has all the power, speed and realism of clay, grass, carpet and hard court tennis Instant replay! In-depth stats from aces to net points! This supreme court comes to PlayStation! Virtual Open Tennis brings total tennis to adrenaline-pumping, baseline-clipping, virtual-volleying, tiebreaking life on Sega Saturn! In-depth stats from service speed to slices! One to four players! Three modes of play! Pump up your polygons for the net generation!

V-Tennis and Virtual Open Tennis. Two intense tennis challenges. Two high-powered sports games. Call for Game Rating Information. V 1en! While this version adds Kareem and Magic, the re. If you want above-average hoops, play here. Standard options like Season and Playoff games are included, along with a franchise feature that enables you to play as your favorite player the entire game.

Fantastic con- trol will have you setting up plays and driving to the basket in no time. PROTIP: Pass the ball inside to your center, and when the defense collapses, pass the ball back out for an open three. Huge sprites, along with a wild assortment of dunks, bail out the otherwise-cartoony look, while the sound captures all the sneaker squeaks and ball bouncing of an authentic game of hoops.

How a good Genesis and PC game could fall apart on the PlayStation is beyond comprehension, but somehow it happened. Fielders miss easy grounders, pop flies somehow drop for hits, and the placement of pitches is easy to judge because of the simplistic cur- sor. Steal whenever possible. Rock versions of stadium PA music are annoying, while A1 Michaels is often late on his announcing.

You win by outscoring others in a game of skill. Can you solve the puzzle below? Then you have what it takes. It looks simple, but it's only the start. Each of five more puzzles nets a little harder. But this time it's all up to you. Stay in to the end with the hignest score and the gear is yours. With whatever options you want.

Do you have what it takes? Then play to win! Com iiiter Contest. Win a blazina fast computer with Pentium Mhz processor, 16 meg. Video Game Contest. Get all five or trade the ones you don't want for CASH! Bonus options include: 33 inch monitor, SI , in games, cash, accessories and more!

This rig will blow you away! Fill in the Mystery Word Grid with words going across that spell out the Mystery Word down rtte side. Hint use the Mystery Word Clue. In the futiire. There will be four more puzzles at S2. You will have 3 weeks to solve each puzzle. The tie-breaker determines the winner.

If players are still tied they will split the value of the grand prize they are playing for. Judges decimons are finsl. Not responsible or losL delayed or satomsil. Open to residern of BieU. Eden Prsihe, MN Graphically, MVP showca. IMI After a strong showing on the Genesis last year. Gamers can also run drafts and create or trade players to set up custom teams. An enor- mous playbook designed by Tom Walsh, 3D stadi- ums, skills drills. Strategic infield and outfield positioning, trades, free agents, players that you can create, and eight views round out a full batting order of modes and stats.

NBA Action supplies real-life players and teams replete with offensive and defensive plays, a create-a-player option, signature moves for star players, alley-oops, tomahawk jams, and no-look, be- hind-the-back, and touch passes. Commentary by Marv Albert and snazzy camera angles keep you in the game. Sk Bectronic Entertainment Exp E3 will showcase these other unreleased spits game. No pictures were available at [xess time becau. Of particular interest. EA Sprts is working on a top-secret stock-car racer, Pen.

Mindseap : PlayStation. Maxim Ovenlrive Maxim is back fighting mon- sters again. You still basically build up your levels through combat, but now you can pur- chase spells, and any party member can equip them ex- The guanl Is sitting on cept Guy. The reason? If you acd- dentally bigger It, walk back to the white blocks and by again. IP powers are specific to a certain enemy some enemies are weaker against thunder weapons, for example , and armor also has certain healing IP powers.

In an interesting Zelda-like turn, Lufia II has an enormous amount of puzzles. Triggering switches, detonating bombs, and piecing together bridges are all part of the joy of this game. The control is menu based, and fans of Shining Force will immediately recognize the cross-shaped battle menu. Equipping your fighters is a lengthy process because of the IP fartor, but most ene- mies are easily done in. You can also escape from almost any scenario. The graphics are not the best for RPCs.

The sounds are efficient, but not memorable. Sword swinging, standard enemy sounds, and tepid battle mu- sic all chip in, but nothing stands out. Play Lufia II until something better comes along. Resident Evil heroine. Hot new PC game. Duke '. Gex's favorite delicacy. Contest Rules: No purchase necessary to enter.

Complete the crossword puzzle, cut it out and then mall, along with your name address and phone number to ; April Mail Order Contest, Funco, Inc. Mpis, MN All correct entries will be entered in a drawing. Then find the button with the large green exclama- tion point to drain the sewers.

Shyguys have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom! When you return after fighting Croc, you find that the town has been overrun. To fight the Shyguys, use the hammer and Mallow's lightning attack. Mal- low has little effect on them with his bare hands.

You can also go back to the vault in the palace and load on the items in the chests. From the palace vault, go to the main chamber for the show- down with Mack the Knife. Pure water takes Mm out. Take it and head to the Kero Sewers. Kero Sewers The button is on the way to the boss, Belome. Beware, his mouth will eat Mallow, and it won't spit him out until halfway through the battle. Keep plenty of pure water, honey syrup, and mushrooms handy. Now head into the next sec- tion and seek out Frogfucius!

This wise and warty guru has advice for your Journey, and some interesting things to say about Mallow. Play as the Rebel Alliance and battle the Galactic forces in an epic duel of good vs. Upsd tmder auttiortasiion by Decipher Iik. Add sales tax. Swim toward the coins the green coins are the most important , and if you see a cave, swim toward it. You can find power-ups here if you choose the right path. TAaf's all fm- this month!

Er, no, die Village of the Mole People! Stay timed! In Rose Town, stop off at the shop and get Mario some new clothes Mallow, tool. Also equip yourself with the True Form Pin, which prevents you from being turned into a scarecrow or a mushroom. Knock them out with regular hits. I Snapdragons go down with a few hits. Oxford, MS Patrick Hicks. Louis, MO Josh Long. From the small but riveting demo that I played. By Major Mike Chris Redfield To configure the game, simuitane- ousiy press Start and Seiect dur- ing play, not at the character inven- tory screen.

Audio Cues cues are crititiil - espe- cialh when you enler a room and canT see wlui's in ihe room witli you! Rebecca ft f Chambers. You briefly assume her identity twice. Wesker Another fellow S. Green Herbs Restore some health. Mix the Blue Herb with a Green Herb and you can also restore some health if you're poisoned.

Red Herbs When mixed with a Green Herb. Red Herbs can fully restore health. Weaiions Combat Knife Better than nothing, the knife slices through spiderwebs. Beretta M92FS Pistol Basically a pea- shooter, the pistol will knock down zombies temporarily, but they'll get up again. However, if you put several rounds into them, they go down and stay down.

This automatic pistol uses a clip of 1 5 9mm rounds. Con Pytbon. Can blow off heads with a single shot. Also ef-. The Colt uses a chamber of six Magnum rounds, and is the most powerful pistol in the game. Bazooka Can be loaded with acid, flame, or ex- ploding shells. Car- ries a maximum of six rounds.

Remington M Shotgun Another big-bang weapon. The pump shotgun carries a maximum of seven shells, and is ideal against zombies, because it can blow off their heads with one shot. Like the other weapons, it is most effective at close range. At close range, it fries enemies to a crisp.

However, it uses the flamethrower fuel rapidly anti takes a little time to reach full flame. Bazooka rounds also work. When you hi! Hunters Fast, powerful killers with sharp claws. Gremlins Small and annoying,. Flame bazooka - ' rounds at close range do the trick. Dogs Look like mutated Dobermans. Are quick and inflict moderate dam- age. The shot- gun at close range or explod- ing rounds work well. I I They can be used only once. You can get the Closet I Key only if you finish the game quickly.

You also see a different ending. Zombies Slow-moving, flesh-eating, walking dead. As Jill, you have the combat knife, Beretta pistol, 15 rounds, and a can of first-aid spray in your inventory. Arm Jill with the pistol, A typewriter's in this hall, with an ink ribbon on the table next to it.

Use typewriters to save your game. The first task is to explore the dining room MlF-2 with Barry. This puts you in a long hallway M1F Move to Jill's left to the dead end. Following the rendered sequence, the zombie chases you. Go back into the dining hall, where Barry takes care of the ghoul. Barry departs. Before he leaves, he gives you the lock pick. From the main hall, go back into the dining room. Grab the wooden emblem off the wall at the far end and go through the door to Jill's right.

This is the hallway where you found the first zombie Ml F Go back to where the zombie was eat- ing and get the Beretla clip. Then go to the other end of the hall where the double doors and the single door are. Use the lock pick to open the single red door. Inside M1F-5 is a piano. Go around the corner to the right of the piano, push the shelf aside, and get the music notes.

Go back to the piano and play the music. A door opens up, revealing a hidden room. Enter, and swap the wooden em- blem for the gold one. Go back to the dining hall and put the gold em- blem in the wall where the wooden one was. The grandfather clock moves and reveals the Red Shield Mansion Key. Move fast in this hallway M1F Run down the first stretch, then turn to Jill's left and make for the door. Two dogs crash through the windows, if you're bit- ten or mauled, get the Green Herb in the next room M1F In this next stretch forget about the red door to Jill's right.

The next door leads to a bathroom, but nothing's inside. At the end of this curving hallway are two doors. Go through them. Two zombies are lurking in this room M1F Avoid them and quickly go to the first door to Jill's right. From the main hall facing the staircase go to the first door on Jill's right. In this room M1F is a statue and some paintings.

Push the ladder against the statue, climb it, and get the map of the first floor. Go to the chest in the far left corner and push it away from the door concealed by curtains. A corpse is on the ground, but it has enough life left to grab you. Past the zombie is a shelf with an ink ribbon. This entrance puts you in another hallway M1F Only one zom- bie's hiding here. Shoot it, then go down to the room to the right. You enter a room M1F with a typewriter and a chest in the cor- ner, You can save your game here.

Two clips are inside the chest. Find the chemical bag and take it. Return to the room that has the statue and pick the lock on the door to the right. Two zombies are at the top M2F Blast them. Go to the right and through the door. When you enter this hallway, you'll encounter two zombies. Blast them, then go to Jill's right and through the door at the end of the hallway.

This leads to a library where you'll find the Botany Book. Get the book and exit the room through the door you came in. Turn to Jill's left and go down the hallway. When you turn the corner, you'll run into an- other zombie. Gun it down and go to the door at the end. You meet Barry here M2F-1 , After some chatter, he gives you acid rounds for the bazooka. After Barry leaves, go to the other door on the same wall as the one you entered the room through. By his side is a bazooka.

Go back to the main hall where you met Barry and go to the double doors on the other side. This is the balcony of the dining room M2F Blast the zombie near the statue and push the statue off the ledge to the dining room below.

Return to the din- ing room balcony and enter the door at the tar right. This room M2F-3 has two zombies in if and a staircase. Shoot the zombies and go down- stairs. There are two more zombies. To pass the first one, hug the wall to Jill's right. To pass the second one, hug the wall to Jill's left. Go through the door straight ahead.

Two more zombies are in this hall M1 F Open the door in the recess. Inside M1F is a statue of atiger. Put the blue jewel in the tiger's eye and take the Wind Crest. Turn the corner and go to the door at the end of the halt, inside Ml F-1 2 is a fountain and a mu- tant plant. Put the chemical bag in the water pump by the door - it kills the plant! Go behind the dead plant and get the Silver Armor Mansion Key.

There are also four Green Herbs and two Red ones. Backtrack to the room where you got the Wind Crest and go to the door across from the recess MlF Go to the desk, and have the bazooka handy. When you search the desk a zombie comes out of the closet behind you! There is also a box of shotgun shells in the closet and a clip on the bed. Goto the room M1F and get the broken shotgun off the shelf, along with a clip and the box of shotgun shells from inside the locked desk.

In the room, get the shotgun off the wall and swap it with the broken one. Now go to Ml F-T8. I Click the switches from youngest to oldest in this order; 1. If you fire, the crows will attack. Walk across the hall, down the narrow hall, and go through the door M1F A dog is outside. Go down the corridor until you reach the door at the end. Now you can open the door that leads to Ml F , There are two dogs here. There are also six Green Herbs here.

The second dog attacks as you leave, but if you run to the door, you can avoid it. Go back to the main hall and go up- stairs to the second floor. Head to M2F, then to M2F Inside are two statues, two floor vents, and a button in the middle of the floor. If you mess up while moving the statues for in- stance. When you press the button in the floor, the glass on the display case in the back of the room will drop. Inside the case is the Sun Crest.

Next, go to M2F Walk into M2F, get the lighter off the dresser and the clip in the corner. There is also a Red Herb in the room. Go across the hall to By the door is a bug chart. Press the switch on the chart and the fish tank in the corner drains. Then go to M2F and use the lighter to light the fireplace. A map of the second floor appears. Take the map. Also take the Green Herb in the room.

Richard and The Seruii! Your next conquest is the snake. The snake is in room M2F, but first you must get the serum for fel- low Bravo team member, Richard. The serum is on the shelf in Ml F Before he dies, he gives you his radio. Also in this room are two Green Herbs. Go into the next room M2F After getting the crest, get out of that comer! The best way to beat the snake is to avoid it. Get the box of shotgun shells sitting on top of the barrels in the comer.

Go to M2F and use the lighter to tight the candle on the table. If the snake bites you, but you get out of the room and are poisoned, you'll pass out and come to in M1F In either case, after the snake, head to M1F-9 or M1F, and get the shotgun and as many shells as you can.

Before going any further, go to Ml F-1 3 by the main hall. There is a clip on the table and shotgun shells in the desk around the comer. Push the shelf aside and go through the secret door. In the cabinet are acid rounds. You can also now see an ink ribbon on the table and a clip in the cabinet. Go toM1F and save the game. Take a can of first-aid spray with you and ditch the lighter. Take him out and get the two Green Herbs and the ink ribbon. The door unlocks, halfway in the room.

When it comes Go into Ml F and push the steps out of the hoie in the corner, lure it against the shelf mounted on the close to you by the door, then make wall. Climb up and get the crank, a dash for the far corner of the room. Have the shotgun out and ready. With the dogs gone, try the radio. Go through the gate to the pool C1 F Follow the walkway to the crank slot.

Turn the crank in the slot until the water drains from the pool. Cross to the other side. To Guardhouse 81 The next part C1F-3 is all running or shooting. Shoot the dogs if you can afford the ammo; otherwise, chance it and run down the twisting alley to the door at the end. After climbing the stairs on the other side of the drained pool, turn to the left and run quickly; vipers drop from above as you move. Get to the elevator and take it down to C1F When you enter. One of the spiders lets loose sev- eral little spiders when it dies.

Kill these little pests by walking over them or leave the room, then go back in. Go over to the pool table, read the numbers, and exit the room. You made it to the Guardhouse 61F Get the three Blue Herbs in the hall and enter G1F Put the herbs and the crank in the chest, then get the first-aid spray and exploding rounds off the shelf and put those into the chest.

Save the game. Go down to G1 F-8, and get the shotgun ready. Before going in. The PlayStation version developed by Avalanche software is the most fully-featured and serves as the basis for all other versions. The Nintendo 64 port is missing seven characters due to memory restrictions, though it features a unique female variant of Chameleon named Khameleon, a new stage called the Star Bridge, and 3-on-3 combat.

PC and Saturn versions maintain the overall quality and content of the PlayStation original, though the latter is missing some visual assets and sound effects. A monochromatic portable version produced for the Game. Sadly, Mortal Kombat Trilogy would never be re-released after Still, no programmers had been added to offset the heavy burden upon series co-creator Ed Boon.

This small operation would prove untenable as the franchise took its first major leap into the third dimension in While Midway had explored 3D visuals when developing Mortal Kombat 3 , the writing was on the wall by the mids: polygons were the way forward. Ed Boon and his team decided to abandon digitized actors in favor of entirely-digital characters based only loosely on motion capture.

Character animations were carefully hand-animated to ensure that the immediacy of 2D fighting mechanics was not lost in the transition to 3D. Environments are 3D but characters still move linearly along a 2D plane. The key mechanical update to Mortal Kombat in its fourth iteration, as suggested by a televised ad campaign, is the addition of melee weaponry. Each character can draw and wield a unique weapon, though these may be dropped if the character sustains an attack; after being dropped, weapons can be retrieved and used by either fighter in the arena.

Narratively, Mortal Kombat 4 represents an entirely distinctive chapter in the franchise. The controversial absence of any oversized boss characters permits players to control every character in the game — including Shinnok — for the first time in series history.

The roster differs slightly depending on which revision of the arcade cabinet players encounter. Fatalities return, but all other finishing moves have been cut in an effort to move the franchise back towards its comparatively serious origins. Early versions of Mortal Kombat 4 taken on a stop tour of the United States feature a playable Noob Saibot, but his absence in the more widely available Revision 3 cabinet sparked unfounded rumors that he was hidden somewhere in the game.

The only secret character available in Revision 3 is Meat, a joke fighter who originated as a fleshless generic character model used when other characters lose portions of their skin during fatalities. As ever, home console ports followed the arcade original. While the game did not look as good as its arcade counterpart, Eurocom successfully maintained 60 frames-per-second fps performance on all versions. A new Ice Pit stage was added alongside returning boss character Goro and hidden fighter Noob Saibot.

Two later ports differ significantly from earlier versions. Though developed by the same studio which had ported the game to other platforms a year earlier, Mortal Kombat Gold features six additional returning characters — Kitana, Mileena, Cyrax, Sector, Kung Lao, and Baraka — as well as new stages. While the critical response to Mortal Kombat 4 was positive, it would become the last franchise entry released in arcades. Fans would be kept waiting five long years between Mortal Kombat 4 and its successor as Midway explored how to keep its flagship property relevant in a rapidly changing video game landscape.

John Tobias left Midway in September The final project he had worked on for the studio, a spinoff called Mortal Kombat: Special Forces , was released after his departure to critical opprobrium. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance introduces the ability for dueling fighters to step into the background or foreground, establishing a new 2D plane on which to battle their opponents. Opening up the playfield allows characters to strategically knock one another into stage hazards like pillars or acid-spewing statues.

Each fighter also now has two barehanded combat styles, each bearing unique combo attacks, and a third style in which the character uses a melee weapon. Multiplayer, as ever, features the opportunity for two players to duel one another. The plot of Deadly Alliance , like Mortal Kombat 4 before it, represents the start of a new chapter for the series.

Quan Chi serves as the bridge, as he escapes Netherrealm imprisonment in an introductory cutscene and forms an alliance with long-time series antagonist Shang Tsung to reawaken a mummified army which once belonged to legendary Outworld Dragon King Onaga. The Krypt consists of over six hundred tombstones accessed through a menu system.

Koins are acquired by playing through the arcade mode. It was a commercial blockbuster as well, shattering the impression that Mortal Kombat would be forever subject to diminishing returns. Ed Boon had finally broken his series free from its s identity and established the template for a new generation of home console players. The next step, naturally, would be iteration. Having spent half a decade producing a game engine suitable for modern 3D fighting mechanics, Midway insisted upon a two year development cycle for the next series entry.

Boon found a way to do what he and John Tobias had always done with Mortal Kombat sequels — build on desires voiced by players while still managing to surprise — more directly than ever by combing online fan communities. Stage hazards are also more deadly than in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance , as characters can now be knocked into these for a fatality at any point during a match. For the first time, end of match fatalities can be prevented through the use of a hara-kiri command.

Quan Chi and Shang Tsung then turn on one another before being confronted by an ungrateful Onaga. Raiden attempts to kill the Dragon King but manages only to kill the two sorcerers and temporarily immolate himself. Faced with the prospect of a seemingly unstoppable new antagonist, the Thunder God returns to Earthrealm and hastily assembles a new group of fighters to prevent Onaga from conquering the Mortal Kombat universe.

These non-player characters NPCs provide world building and side quests in the manner of a role-playing game, though the gameplay mechanics outside of wandering the overworld are more or less identical to arcade mode. Completing quests and advancing the plot in Konquest rewards the player with koins used to unlock content in the Krypt. Two other new modes make their debut in Mortal Kombat: Deception , though they represent amusing diversions rather than narrative-oriented experiences.

The first of these is Chess Kombat, which initially appears to be a standard game of chess using Mortal Kombat -themed pieces. Characters enter into battle once their pieces overlap, however, while the type of piece determines combat modifiers or special techniques.

Puzzle Kombat, on the other hand, is a competitive falling block minigame in the style of Tetris. Mortal Kombat: Deception was another commercial blockbuster for Midway. Midway would next be faced with a critical choice: return to what had worked well since or advance to a new generation of hardware. For better and worse, Ed Boon and his team would make an uncharacteristically conservative move.

With regard to characters, the most substantial addition is Kreate-a-Character. This mode allows the player to visually and mechanically craft a fighter using a multitude of options. As suggested by the presence of customizable characters, fatalities are no longer character-specific. They are instead produced on the fly during a timed finishing move sequence from canned animations which can be strung together to graphically dismember an opponent.

Jumps take on more significance than ever due to a new aerial combat combo system, while parries now allow fighters to cancel attacks. Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat are eschewed in favor of a new, more robust bonus mode. Motor Kombat allows the player to select an adorable chibi version of their favorite Mortal Kombat fighter and race go-karts across obstacle-strewn tracks.

Motor Kombat can be played against AI rivals and with online or local friends. In contrast with his comparatively mythology-light appearance as a hidden fighter in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance , Blaze serves as the source of conflict in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. The fiery construct is the product of an ancient plan by Edenian King Argus and Queen Delia to bring balance to the realms through a prophesied Battle of Armageddon.

Since the Arcade mode no longer includes character-specific cutscenes, the details of this narrative are conveyed in detail though Konquest mode. In Konquest, players take on the role of Taven as he attempts to halt Daegon from conspiring with long-time series antagonists to defeat Blaze and become a god. Gameplay articulates as a brawler in the style of spinoff Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks more on this below rather than a combination of overworld exploration and standard one-on-one fighter mechanics.

A port for the Wii adds a handful of new elements. Motion controls make their series debut, while endurance mode returns to a home console series entry for the first time since Mortal Kombat 4 and Khameleon makes her first reappearance since the Nintendo 64 port of Mortal Kombat Trilogy. Happily, Ed Boon and his team were already looking ahead. Mortal Kombat 8 began development as a gritty reboot inspired by Gears of War Like Mortal Kombat 4 before it, Mortal Kombat vs.

DC Universe would serve as a bridge between two long-term series arcs. Fans speculated that the presence of DC intellectual property necessitated less gore, but the comics juggernaut provided surprisingly little guidance to Ed Boon and his team. They were instead left to experiment with how far they could push the envelope before incurring a Mature rating. Its leadership consisted largely of veterans from prior titles, including artist Carlos Pesina and writer John Vogel.

The former sees players choose one of the two universes — Mortal Kombat or DC — and view the conflict between the two sides from their preferred perspective. Boss characters from each side — Shao Kahn and Darkseid — can be unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Characters were selected from the two properties based on their general popularity with fans and the presence of a counterpart character in the opposing universe.

The story abandons the events of the preceding four Mortal Kombat games, returning to the conflict between Raiden and Shao Kahn. Raiden blasts Kahn through a portal at the same time that Superman is firing his heat vision at Darkseid in a parallel universe, resulting in the two villains physically merging into one super-powered being called Dark Kahn.

The Mortal Kombat and DC universes are likewise joined as their inhabitants begin suffering from supernatural rage. The two sides, each perceiving the other as an invader, battle to achieve supremacy. Raiden and Superman eventually set aside their differences and separate the two universes by defeating Dark Kahn.

Gameplay in Arcade and Versus modes is broadly the same as it had been in the preceding three Mortal Kombat tiles with a few key differences. Depth is de-emphasized in spite of the graphics and areas still being rendered in 3D, as characters exclusively battle one another along a 2D plane.

The exception to this occurs when a character is thrown to the lower level of a combat arena, as the two fighters grapple with one another in mid-air. Klose Kombat also interrupts the standard flow of battle when the screen enters a tighter perspective and fighters engage in a rapid series of blows at close range.

Konquest mode and the koin-based krypt marketplace have been stripped away. Minigames are generally absent, though a version of Test Your Might has now been integrated into one-on-one fights. Rather than trying to chop through blocks, the player must now mash buttons to drive their opponent through multiple walls within a combat arena.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe featured online play, like its predecessors, and it was planned to be the first series entry to include downloadable content DLC through the Xbox and PlayStation 3 digital distribution network. While the Mortal Kombat series had been evolving during the late s and early s, Midway had been experiencing its own ups and downs.

In spite of losing money every year following , Midway began acquiring independent game studios and rebranding them from ; these include Inevitable Entertainment, which became Midway Austin, and Ratbag Games, which became Midway Australia. This strategy proved unsuccessful, as each studio was shut down over the next three years. It filed for bankruptcy in February Interactive Entertainment.

DC Universe. Like its direct predecessor, Mortal Kombat is built on Unreal Engine 3. As the story progresses, though, key divergences lead Raiden and his chosen heroes to a very different conclusion than the one they had reached in the original Mortal Kombat 3. Narrative is conveyed through the new Story mode, which inserts heavily cinematic cutscenes between single-player battles. Cyber Sub-Zero and Quan Chi can be unlocked through gameplay. Goro, Kintaro, and Shao Kahn appear as boss characters in Story Mode but cannot be controlled by the player.

Skarlet, who was based on an outstanding rumor concerning Mortal Kombat II , wields bladed weapons and special attacks oriented around the manipulation of blood. The two concessions to more recent franchise entries are the presence of 3D combat arenas and the inclusion of dramatic camera angles for certain special attacks.

Still more graphic is the newest set of fatalities, rendered in high-definition for the first time in a Mature-rated series title. The Krypt makes its return alongside a variety of new multiplayer modes and minigames. With regard to the former, tag team matches now allow players to swap between multiple fighters mid-match. An online King of the Hill multiplayer variant also simulates the real-world arcade experience by allowing new challengers to take on a reigning champion one at a time.

A new Challenge mode offers long-term replayability by requiring the player to engage with very specific win conditions and humorous story scenarios. Warner Bros. Corporate vicissitudes amidst the Great Recession failed to seriously tarnish Mortal Kombat as it moved into its third decade delighting and disgusting audiences alike across the globe. Though again built on Unreal Engine 3, the tenth Mortal Kombat title was the first produced for eighth-generation home consoles.

This generational leap was reflected in a longer development period than had been the case for any other series entry since Happily, the eighth-generation home console version was celebrated as a meaningful iteration on its direct predecessor. Elder God Shinnok and sorcerer Quan Chi resurrect Earthrealm warriors slain during the preceding game to fight for them as undead revenants, including Liu Kang and Kitana.

Their invasion of Earthrealm is halted, however, by the newfound heroism of long-time Hollywood parody Johnny Cage. Raiden traps Shinnok in an amulet while Quan Chi escapes. A twenty year gap separates this breathless introduction from the body of the game. Two decades on, Johnny and Sonya Blade have had a child and grown estranged. When Outworld descends into a civil war between rival factions vying for power, Johnny Cage assembles a new group of fighters to broker peace and secure the amulet in which Shinnok is trapped.

Exceptions include the ability to wield environmental objects as weapons, the reintegration of three fighting styles per character, and the presence of quick-time events during cutscenes; the latter encourage the player to pay greater attention to story sequences but also prevent skipping cutscenes on repeated runs through the Story mode. Brutalities return as powered-up versions of standard special moves activated when that technique is used as the final attack in a fight. Finally, stage fatalities reappear after having been absent in Mortal Kombat Online multiplayer is likewise largely unchanged.

The most significant new feature is a mode called Faction Wars, in which players compete with one another while representing a selected faction from the in-game societies. Each faction persistently gains points during the ongoing competitions and the faction that acquires the most points at the end of a given week confers a new finishing move on each of its representatives.

Mortal Kombat X was a massive commercial success, selling better than any earlier series entry. Its critical reception was less consistent, as its fundamental combat and presentation were praised while elements of its economy — particularly the ability to pay real-world money to unlock secrets in the Krypt — began to grate.

The release of an expanded edition called Mortal Kombat XL in , which includes all DLC alongside a new Pit stage and a handful of enhancements, should preserve the most complete version of this game long after its servers and updates cease operation. Development of the eleventh Mortal Kombat game, like its direct predecessor, was led by a team comprised of series veterans.

In addition to its leadership, over other employees worked on the game. Writers Dominic Cianciolo and Shawn Kittelsen were crucial in this effort , ensuring that the increasingly byzantine plot did not contradict earlier events.

A gameplay engine built on Unreal Engine 3 resembles Mortal Kombat X but features a few new elements. The Mercy finishing move returns for the first time since Mortal Kombat 3 , allowing players to revive their opponent at the end of a match with a sliver of health.

Note: Cover sourced from Amazon. Over its nearly thirty years, Mortal Kombat has spawned a shocking amount of content in other media. Most notoriously, a live-action stage production toured the United States from to A web short called Mortal Kombat: Rebirth and an associated YouTube series called Mortal Kombat: Legacy , both spearheaded by Kevin Tanchareon, were more successful than earlier attempts to translate the IP out of its native medium.

This PlayStation and Nintendo 64 title was developed over 14 months by a team of five led by series co-creator John Tobias. Gameplay articulates as a side-scrolling brawler, as Sub-Zero navigates trap-filled 2. The game proved divisive, through, as it clumsily attempts to graft the Mortal Kombat fighting engine onto a game featuring extensive horizontal exploration.

The player must tap a button to turn Sub-Zero around when foes appear behind him and all special attacks make use of the same contextual direction inputs designed for its parent series. Jax battles Kano and the Black Dragon syndicate across five stages depicted in a 3D action-adventure style. According to John Tobias, the PlayStation title was rushed to completion in an unfinished state due to the approaching release of new hardware. Sales fell dramatically short of expectations and the critical response was uniformly negative.

Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks was developed by California-based studio Paradox Development following its acquisition and rebranding by Midway in

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Once again the odd couple of cartoonland comes to a home system. The graphics and ani- as Wile E. Yet, the game suffers from generic sound effects and other sub-par elements not to mention that goofy, mandatory introduction stage. Granted, there are several attacks and techniques to master, but the game never seems to come alive, despite a few cool not to mention huge Bosses and challenging levels.

One of the big problems is that the characters are too small on the screen, and there is little or no skill involved in defeating the Boss characters. They are more like wars of attrition than anything else.

On the plus side, there are plenty of weapons and moves to learn, but the whole game comes across as routine and bland. This one is pretty enjoyable you should use a six-button controller with this one , with the standard fare of menacing enemies and creative Boss characters. The best element is probably the gigantic area you cover, and the plot twists throughout the game. Uifl I have to if who likes!

I ally mindll 1 get the I there. Instead, it I uses unkno wn chara cters. This it, how- I movies, but there should be I more to this game. Okay, but not great. If FMV games are your 1 thing, then have fun. This ie choice. It's worth buying. A long and involving RPG with a humorous story. These types of games are all too rare. Pick this one up before they're gone.

It would have been better if you could use the mouse. It always seems le that theWeave out a lot of the I footage as pos- I sible. Live action fans may dig it, but I couldn't get into it. RPG and action fans should get into it.

This is one of the best Sega CD games in a while. Cool characters, great cinemas and an equal balance of action make it a terrific game. Oh, sorry. Psygnosis wagon agl er mindlep pretty bj Sound like! Hr games? Not my cup of tea but will appeal to some. It has no technique and no fun. This reminds me of Microcosm. However, it is great to look at. Go back to the end of the 18th century when fighting was for dignity and honor. When style and form was of importance.

Of course you don't have to play like that though. Cutting an opponent in half is half the fun. The seal- ing is a lot smoother, and the sound effects seem to have been punched-up somewhat. Typical of the point-the-gun-and-shoot types, I there are plenty of weapons to collect, lots of enemies to blow away and huge levels to explore. ThMrafcelf Isientertam- ouiVKhumorous approach welcome.

Overall, one of the most entertaining games. The talking bobcat is back. The levels are huge, the graphics are very detailed and the sound is equally impressive. Cannon 1 Fodder stands high above the 1 crowd of average Jaguar , games. I le staring at I attention soon after playing.

One of the best features of this game is being able to pick your combat area rather than starting at the same one and progressing from there. A mindless action game is 1 I just what we need. Anyway, BreakThru I disappoint puzzle fans. This is yet another decent GG cart. Another enjoy- 1 able Game Gear title. This makes a great com- p panion for some portable fun. NCAA tournament action! Lots of stats! Side shuffle on defense! Contact foul! Do you have what it takes? To order call: In Brandish, you stand accused of murder, being pursued by a fearless bounty hunter looking to collect the reward.

With the bounty hunter still hot on your trail, you must navigate your way out of the mazes and back to the surface ASAP. Our only advice: stay alert, well armed and always moving upwards! The Great Wall just opened to visitors, the writings of Confucius are moving up on the Best Sellers list and two great warriors are about to clash. Are you prepared to fulfill the myth now known as Rise of the Phoenix? KOEI Games are available in retail outlets , nationwide! So here they are, the 10 best we saw Samurai Shodown II barely holds— especially with a strong challenge from Toshinden!

Walk that puppy! A transparent user interface allows you to fully interact with the? Full- screen, full color video. Mind bending speed. Supersonic sound. It's all part of the baddest new game box on the block. And then, get ready to rumble. Flay The Future Today New Ultra Games Announced Virtual Boy Goes Color? The one-armed bandits of the gaming world were decked out in their Sunday best just weeks ago.

The Q-Mann made his rounds and lifted enough dirt on the movers-and-shakers of the gaming world to Rare is doing the programming as we speak, and it will also feature the new ACM technology used to make Donkey Kong Country Also at the Nintendo booth, execs released info on their upcoming Ultra 64 on a need-to-know basis only. Seems the release of other details is being held back so the big N can react to the rabbits that Sony and Sega have planned to pull out of their respective hats Yours truly has also discovered that they're trying to get Mark Hamill to play an older Luke Skywalker and use compressed full-motion video in the game The other game the Q finally laid his eyes on was the almighty Mortal Kombat III which the Mann viewed behind closed doors at the show.

As far as the other nine characters are concerned, Williams hired models instead of martial artists. So where did the people responsible for bringing many of the Mortal Kombatants to digital life end up? The Q-Mann hears that they are working on a new fighting game for the Jag with Atari. Philip Ahn, who played Shang Tsung. Also along for the ride is the actress who played the part of Kitana. The game should hit stores later this year The game will allow four people to compete at the same time!

Also look for Capcom to launch onto the next-generation platforms with Street Fighter II, complete with blood and guts. While this will help, Sony, who may not get MK3 as a pack-in after all, IS likely to get an exclusive distribution window instead, meaning that for a period of 30 days the PlayStation will be the only format that you can play MK3 on.

Virtual Boy was one of the wanna-be highlights of the show. Virtua Boy's future seems to lie in a future virtual-reality gaming application and insiders are suggesting a possible compatibility with the Ultra 64 and a virtual-reality arcade application is in the works in Japan. Seems that company has developed a blue and a green diode and they're lobbying to develop an adapter that could turn the Virtual Boy into the first full-color VR station for home use.

Also expect other companies to be getting games out for the one-color version of Virtual Boy as the secret to its real purpose begins to leak out Another peripheral that developers told the Q was not living up to its potential was Sega's 32X. So what was the hit of the show? Furthermore, the system will accomplish a first for the industry and actually launch with more than three pieces of software.

In fact, there are so many games in the queue or is that Q? In any event, the PlayStation is hot, Hot, HOT, and with the stellar lineup of talent supporting the product, the next generation of gaming could have Sony written all over it That wraps it up for this chapter of Gaming Gossip, the loi the show and keep you posted on the latest developments f down on 20 or stay on 7 like that sap at the end of the table sst-running video game gossip column on the face of the entire planet!

This high-impact unit transforms your favorite portable games into full-screen, multi-colored masterpieces! Instant color conversion! Get the big picture? Your Game Boy games will look better, play easier and take on a whole new level of graphic detail. In this case, bigger is definitely better. Instantly mutate Metroids to 10 times their original size! There is a secret about border. Try it! Some color combinations look better than others, and some might be fitting for one game but not another.

It all depends on what looks good to you. Super Game Boy has lots of palettes to choose from, 32, to be exact. Be creative. Select the Custom Border Icon and paint your own masterpiece. Using a border that complements your game screen can certainly enhance your gaming experience. Super Game Boy also allows you to edit the various colors of any given palette by increasing or decreasing the brightness of each color.

It will work kind of like Mario Paint? Just select a color from the color palette, click and hold the buttons, and paint away! Different levels of a game can access different color palettes, as well. And customized borders that surround the playfield can be built-in to create an exciting frame that complements the game. Keep an eye out for the happy face icon on the box. Send payment to: EGM, P. Be the first to get every action- packed page delivered to your door by subscribing today!

All the while, Apple Computer and Bandai, a leading Japanese toymaker and Nintendo licensee, have been working on a Bit CD-ROM player to be used not only to play games but also for educational and business purposes. Apple will manufacture the hardware and Bandai will develop the software plus handle the marketing for the unit.

It will go on sale in Japan this summer and in the U. The Macintosh compatible Ultra Bandai of to perform. Fifty to titles will be available at launch, including 30 games. This new union is expected to be a long-term venture uniting the strengths of both companies. This effort will occur at multiple levels, including the joint development and copublishing of FX Fighter.

FX Fighter is a polygon fighting game that features cutting-edge, motion- capture technology combined with real-time, polygon-based characters. The technology and the concept for the game was developed by U. To help them out on the project, Nintendo has invited GTE to utilize their programming facilities and their top programming talent, including fighting game guru Ken Lobb, the man who made and designed Killer Instinct on the Ultra 64 arcade system.

They not only have plen- y of new and innovative e titles coming out, but also have a promotion in the works that should entice avid gamers into prowling around the Jaguar camp. It uses a non- directional, infrared link to keep its contact with the computer.

It captures every attitude adopted by the player, providing freedom of movement that allows it to be used to control the game from anywhere in the room, even when the player is walking around. Imagine the possibilities with that! The technology was tested in IBM PC applications, but the technology is adaptable to other platforms. Players, pick your color! New, color Game Boys introduce another round of excitement to this great product line.

It will take some time and the New South Wales, Australia-based company is even thinking about setting up a U. Lower fares, better service and improved flight schedules fuel the war in the skies. As a young ambitious CEO, it's up to you to make sure your airline is a survivor and not just another casualty. To succeed, you will have to make some tough decisions including where to fly, what aircraft to purchase and how to attract visit!?

In Aerobiz Supersonic, fashion a powerful fleet of aircraft from more that 50 possible choices, organize routes to 89 global destinations and invest your profits in a variety of new services including amusement parks, ski resorts and airport shuttle services. And now that you're CEO, try doing something about the food!

Baggy shorts. T-shirts under jerseys. No time left, national championship on the line, and the only thing in your way is King Taunt and his merry band of chanting idiots. Dragonball Z is one of the most watched cartoon series in Japan. The story line is very intricate. Explaining a few supporting characters and their relation to each other will show you this intricacy. This is the basic story from the cartoon series. Gokou is the main character, who is from another planet and a race called the Saiyans.

Cell is the main bad guy, the strongest living thing in the galaxy, who is made up of cells from a number of super warriors. Gokou and Cell fought and nearly wiped out the entire planet. In this fight many people join in, and Gokou dies, only to return later. There are many reporters covering the fight, but only one piece of tape survives. This tape shows a man named Satan kicking Cell. He says he has a never-wielding body and the highest level of intelligence. Satan is hailed as a national hero, but in reality he is a coward.

Trunks is the son of Vegeta, who used to be bitter enemies with Gokou but they have made up. There are 10 characters to choose from in all. Each character has access to seven special moves. A slight twist is that these special moves were designed foMhe game, and the; characters cannot do them in the i show. The action voices for the game are done by the same voice-actors and actresses who do the TV series.

The same sound effects are used as well. Unfortunately, the series is not popular here, so this game will probably not show up on these shores. All characters have an array j of normal attacks as well. I This game definitely has its share of special attacks. Cell is the most powerful being in the galaxy and the game.

I to play! Soundtracks are now t available for all our hit F titles. I delivery. Pon't wait! Experience j the music of NE KE0. Call Today! A few years back, Tetris hit the States in a big way. Now Puyo Puyo has a sequel. Game play is simple. You choose either the 1P to compete against the computer enemy character, or Player Vs. Player Mode.

Select from the play levels: Beginner, Normal and Difficult. By moving the joystick, you move the Puyo Puyos which come down from above, to the left and right , and turn them around with the button. Press the joystick downward to make them fall quickly. The whole idea of the game is to line up four or more Puyo Puyos of the same color vertically or horizontally to erase them.

Erasing the Puyo Puyos will cause them to drop This game is not unlike Tetris. It tells you what Puyo Puyo is coming next. When your screen isTtlled all the way to the top with Puyo Puyos, you lose and the game is over. Almost exactly like Tetris, this puzzle game is insanely popular in the Land of the Rising Sun. Puyo Puyo and its sequel will most likely never make it to arcades and home units here.

The best way to win the game is by adding Puyo Puyos to the other side. Primal Rage is one of the many games you can play on Super Nova. A strange entry in the list of new arcade products this month includes a device that many a game enthusiasts would kill for. The device is called a super gun, and it allows you to play most arcade games in the comfort of your own home.

The result is a line of high-quality products for almost any video game need. The Super Nova If you decide to invest in a super gun, you might want to buy a cabinet, too! Imagine playing the new Mortal in the comfort of your own home! Quality is not the only thing to consider here.

MAS Systems also has some of the best customer service in the industry. J The Arcade system is apt absolutely perfect, however. In fairness, this could be due to user error. However, the problem does exist. Other than ttjat, I was fully satife- fied with the desigh.. Get ready for the most realistic game adventure ever. It means game sounds come alive all around you. You can also attach it to any computer equipped with a sound card.

Santa Ana, CA Telephone: , Fax: Nothing's worse than a mean dose of V6Xti J0 — except maybe a crushed kidney. Check out the extreme, bit On the way up, you gotta whup a couple'o tough mo'fo's. This gome's no exception. They're called Bosses. But don't H texture mapped, blltf -b smashing bother ass-kissing 'cause you'il lose more than your face. As a bounty hunter, your job's b to scrape up the SCQ,t S that 1 society's picked off and flicked your way.

Whatever it takes — cause given half a chance, they'll be thrilled to deep-fry your customized Monster Stomper into a Crispy mess you wouldn't serve in Hell's Kitchen. One last thing — buckle up. Because coming down's a bitch. Ditch the KC lights, cause this ain't no sausage-an-a-stick stadium show. Beef up your 4x4 with trick engines, air grabbing jump jets and carcass-carving pulse lasers.

Exorcise all that repressed juvenile behavior with our head-to-head, "woste-yer-buddy" 2 player mode. Freud'd be embarrassed. But Genghis Khan would totally approve. Well, bite us, we're doin' it onywoy. We've dropped in some smart-ossed punks sittin' up front talking smack.

Get this some clippers and a mint. All rights reserved. Nintendo did, however, unveil a new title called Virtual Lake, a fishing game used in combination with the new satellite downfeed. In a mystic, medieval land ruled by demons, bloody battles are waged as entertainment for the king of darkness. The combatants are horrifying denizens of the netherworld with skills far beyond the puny strengths of humankind.

Extensive use of digitized graphics lend this brawler an air of surrealism, including splashes of bloody gore for those so inclined. Go for it Morikawa 2 is a simulation game where you train a Morikawa 2 robot to do all sorts of things. Available for the PlayStation. Sporting a bizarre cast of digitized creatures and little humans, this is one tough fight! Lots of bodily fluids fly freely in this gothic and gruesome fighting game!

The number of courses have been upped to 18, including those in outer space. Here, you can see a column. The object is to line up falling playing pieces heads of Hebereke and his foe, yukko in rows or columns of four and pop them. Great, raving, techno-dance tunes liven up the already In this pic of the Saturn version, intense Tetris-style a two-player game is in progress, game play! The camera angle will be nearly right on the top of your heads!

A weird but cool angle. The round points can be set anywhere from first fall up to li a whopping seven points! Using the full 3-D effect, you can flip around any attack. Certain characters will flip to the side, while others will get in close! With the PlayStation recently released, there needs to be a title that can really show off what this wonder of a game systegi can do.

HS Toshinden does exactly that! I Takara has gone all out for this one! Featuring ] eight characters and two Bosses. Toh Shin Den direct translation spelling , however, is made as a just-for-fun game. Armed only with a laser gun, Ace must seek out and destroy the Infanto Ray, rescue Kimberly and save the Earth.

Featuring full screen animation and crisp, powerful sound from the original laser disc arcade classic, Space Ace plunges you into intense, non-stop action. The fate of Earth is in your hands. He possesses fireball attacks, slide kicks and a spinning up-slash. Run-Go can kick up dust for a vicious projectile attack! The Oh My move is the pic on the bottom left.

He is strong, fast and a worthy opponent! F rom overseas comes another great fighter for the Super Famicom, ' Chinese Fighter. Couple that with outstanding graphics and sound and you have one great-looking fighter. Ryu has a number of moves including variations on the ever-popular fireball and a flaming splits kick that packs a wallop.

RVU throwing opponent to the g The 12 with your hide. Sweepstakes, P. Box , Grand Rapids, MN It looks like our Trickman is never going to change the way he does things around here. Now, move up to a saved game and choose it. You can now start in the level you left off with 50 lives! If you send us an awesome trick, code, cheat, etc. Start the game at your last save point. Go to a stage. You've got one desperately slim chance to warn Earth.

These aliens are trying to unlock your secret of MetalMorphosis and cross through the interdimensional Hypergate into our galaxy. But they won't succeed An experiment in genetic engineering and space technology, your body and ship can instantly change shape and size. February February 4. January 1. Go to the Options Menu. In the One-player Mode, you can choose to fight the Supervisor in Training. To do this, just go into the Options and highlight the word, Exit.

Now, press buttons A, B, C and D simultaneously on the first controller. Go into your game and hit your opponent with a strong slash. Just before you finish the lap and you are in the enclosed area wall , turn hard to your right and you can go a totally different way. The route and field are best seen with the view that is farthest away from the car.

Both players can choose the secret character, Gulab Jamun! August 8. There are black-and-white versions of many characters. In the Alley, the life bar is a Tug-of-War versus fight. April The Horse Kick is powerful! Move: DOWN. I Now, enter the name, I month, day and year for I each character and special I stage.

Listed here and I underlined is the informa- I tion you need to know to I get these new characters I and stages for the game. When the match starts, join in with controller two and pick the player that the computer was using. Take the second player and kill off the first player. When the match starts, join in with controller one and again, pick the same character that the computer was using.

The computer and your character will now be the same color. Blood galore! Raymond Gardner; St. Louis, MO Perform gory fatalities such as this with a special move! This trick will allow you to listen to all of the music in the game. You will hear a confirming tone if it worked. To get a weird space game like Combat on the Atari in Way of the Warrior is kind of tricky. At Options, go to Versus Mode. When you select the tour, move the dancing arrow under the fifth track to the medal for which you are racing which will be silver or gold.

Pres the A or B button to cycle to the bronze medal. Then select a course to race. The Match Screen will show you, racing Bronzen, j the bronze unicycle. Continue to race against him. This will not work for the stunt tracks.

Kill off Diddy in the level and exit with only Donkey Kona. Move to Erase Game and do the code to hear the songs! This year it seems that the Sony people deflated Sonic and threw him into the pool. Company spokespeople made a short speech and showed off their PSX unit with Ridge Racer and Toshinden playing on big screens. With both companies ready to wage war, the key will be pack-ins. Rumor has it that the competition will be hot.

Together with our growing family of licensees, we will launch an extensive library of U. There are 19 titles already available PlayStation here in the U. Other popular Japanese licensees include Capcom and Bandai. The list for the Sega Saturn licensees promises to be at least as long.

A color change is expected when it comes to the U. The grey-colored Japanese Saturn will be black when it is released here. Sega also announced that they have a letter of intent from Microsoft Corp. Gone are the days when fighting games released by a particular company could assuredly draw huge crowds and large sums of money. For now, the undisputed king at the arcades is Killer Instinct, the latest fighting game from the unlikely duo of Nintendo and Midway.

Arcade fighting games have come a long way from the days of Ken and Ryu and the Dragon Punch: Video game graphics improved drastically as did techniques of the individual fighting characters themselves. These titles offered a different kind of fighting style, with a distinct method of game play and move execution. Street Fighter stayed at part II and never reached III-—despite four upgrades including n fighters, improved graphics and faster game play.

But is the challenge still there, or is it now simply a matter of playing the waiting game? Where is the fighting genre heading? The best way to look at the future of fighting games is to look at the present status. The same holds true for any medium: movies, books, television, etc. Take a successful idea and improve it, rework it, correct mistakes made the first time around. Mortal Kombat II is the best recent example of this phenomenon: This sequel took the first game to new heights and made its first outing look like an antique.

Besides the excellent technical aspects of the game, something else was also readily apparent: the violence factor. MK II also topped its predecessor in the blood and fatalities department. This game has several finishing, fatality moves, adding to the replay factor of the game. One other aspect was the hidden fighter. Where Mortal Kombat had one hidden fighter Reptile , the second one had three and the antique video game Pong also inside.

The game was loaded with hidden moves for each character, too. The same pattern is again present in Killer Instinct: The fighters are loaded with moves and there are other hidden aspects that should surface in the upcoming months. Using fully-rendered polygon graphics, Sega took the look of their popular racing game Virtua Racing and threw it into the fighting arena.

The layout and presentation was a bit different as well: Instead of a side-view of the fighters, the camera zoomed around them, from the sides, top, close-ups, long shots—the camera was everywhere but still allowed the player to be in complete control of his or her character. This game relied less if at all on the blood and fatality factors than on solid game play. Virtua Fighter 2 retains all the same qualities, but has better graphics and more fighters.

Another example of this type of virtua game is Toshinden for the Sony PlayStation. This in itself is revolutionary as it is the first of the Bit games to allow movement in the third dimension. Incredibly playable, Toshinden combines the best of the virtua world with the Street Fighter move configuration.

The next scheduled Street Fighter game will be based on the movie and will use live, digitized characters the way Mortal Kombat does. Will it count as a sequel, or will it simply be an upgrade to tide fans over until the next official entry? Another Capcom fighter, DarkStalkers, had several characters who had the same special moves as the SF characters, only a different look.

It remains to be seen whether the upcoming X-Men arcade fighting game will use the same old elements as Street Fighter with a different face, or if it will truly redefine the genre. Sequel Successes: Samurai Shodown II lined up patrons at the arcades with new graphics, fighters, more moves and hidden fighters. Video games making this leap have yet to make their mark— remember Super Mario Bros, the movie?

One of the problems with such a leap is the material available: Is it reasonable or even realistic to put the outlandish storyline of - a video game into a Hollywood screenplay? Moody and atmospheric, Mortal Kombat ] appears to have the dark theme of the popular game.

But will it be so violent that the ratings board will keep its target audience out of the movie theater? Did the producers take on the wrong subject? The graphics were very impressive, and the sound was excellent. Although it does run on six AA batteries for about seven hours , its large size and cumbersome weight will limit the number of people who will be willing to lug this thing around. At CES, there were some games on display, among them are the ones shown on these pages.

It showed some of the power the Virtual Boy has in terms of graphics in 3-D. Of course, on paper they are only 2-D, in actuality they are in very impressive 3-D. Nintendo displayed a demo that showed the power and realism of the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy is somewhat cumbersome to strap onto your head, so it is designed to rest on a tripod for you to lean into the visor and play.

Technically speaking, it is portable, but due to the odd shape and weight of the unit, it is yet to be seen how practical such a product is. Virtual Boy gets a 3-D remake of the original title involving Mario and his faithful brother Luigi. Who knows? Take a look at some of these screen grabs although only 2-D , and try to get a feel for the power this system has! From what we could see, this is one of the more impressive games scheduled to be released in the U.

Hmm, better than Virtual Fighter? This hot title has some cool depth effects, also from Nintendo. At the Acclaim booth, Larry Bird was signing autographs. However, Bird was too busy to speak with the press. We even had a chance to chat with him and ask him what he was doing at the show. They will be starring in their own WWF wrestling extravaganza from Acclaim. Talking to Sushi-X and the Q-Mann, there are also a number of excellent games coming out for the and Bit systems from some big-name companies.

Acclaim is going to put the Big Hurt Frank Thomas in his own game featuring motion-capture technology. The new game will be ready when the PlayStation and Saturn are released. Just think of it as the calm before the storm. Several companies are making sports games due out later this year. The only thing missing from this game is the smell of the hot dogs, kids crying and fans spilling beer on each other It has all of the fast-paced action that you would expect.

If you loved these games, get ready for the 32X version of QB Club plus a whole lot more. Stay tuned next issue when Team EGM brings you more sports information. Until then, stay warm and keep on playing, just not blackjack. But there will be plenty of practice as there are lots of roundball games coming down the handed tomahawk jam.

In this No one really knows when this baseball dilemma will end. World Series Baseball started players are back to play some serious hardball. Newcomers to the game include American and National league all-. Players can be drafted and traded, allowing you to build a dynasty team.

Multiplayer leagues enable friends o take part in a fantasy league. You can play out a season that may not even take place with the real Major Leaguers. Never- before-seen features like the Classic Home Run Derby. Ail 28 teams and the 28 stadiums. Games like this add fuel to the fire for this color portable.

Select from all official teams straight from the National Hockey League with their very own logos and colors. At the Option Screen you may change the number of minutes in each period to five, 10 or 20 minutes. Penalties can be turned on or off. Offsides can either be turned on or off if you prefer all-out action on the ice.

It does give some detail to the players—that is more than the cabbage-colored portables do. Despite the options, the eye-appealing nature of the game will be appreciated. Small as they are, you can feel the action whether being checked by your opponent or shooting a slapshot. Take a time-out and look at some Team Options. Before changing goalies, check out the Goalie Statistics and choose the right man for the job.

You can even run through the Game Statistics. See how you are doing against the opposition and measure your on-ice performance. Penalty and Scoring Summaries are self explanatory. These also can be accessed. Look through your roster to see who are the top players on your team. Ratings are on a scale of in a number of areas. Cheerleaders do the bump Lo-Riders cruise by the New York playground Rules R 4 fools!

Pick the coolest playgrounds Unbelievable graphics! Hear real music Rap beats 2 keep U loose Maple Drive. Play in a game and compete against other top QBs in the league. Animations in the game and the QB Challenge are quite exceptional. Top it off with cool soun d effects and you get an excellent football game where you can play up to five players at one time. I Challenging Al. In terms of the game play, it h as a ways to go. The players are blocky andl the receivers, despite the colored arrows, are hard to follow.

At first, the controls can get tricky. I enjoyed the play-by-play feature that the Japanese version had, but it was taken out over here due to cost. The game] play is good, the players are large and there are lots of options. Realistic plays and great animations from the NBA Live engine m ake this one as real as possible. Lace up those shoes! The large animations and the top 32 teams in college hoops are highlighted in this realistic- playing b-ball game.

The NBA Live engine may have been used to make this game. I still felt as though there w as some- thing missing when I took it to thel hoop. I laced up the shoes, but I found I felt one lace was untied. I am really picky on football games, but this one caught my attention.

Intelligent CPU makes th e game more challenging than oth- lers. In addition to the gridiron action you have the QB challenge. World Cup Golf has everything but the wind. A digitized voice will guide you through the game. The only downside of the game is the slo w access time.

It will definitely keep those 3DO users eager to try their skills on the course highly entertained. They can transform! The land walker is best on the ground, while the standard form is fast and maneuverable. StarFox 2 is an impressive shooter that goes beyond the original in the typical Nintendo fashion. I loved the first StarFox, and the sequel is even better. Everyone criticized the original for its inability to allow players to move freely.

StarFox 2 allows you this mobility and looks good, too. What more could you want? As you saw above, the planet can only take so much damage before your game ends. TfliTflnifl f Taitania is where Andross has his primary missile launch sites. They go down after a few shots, so hop to it StarFox Team! You will mostly come across strange walkers and lots of cannons built into the walls. Fly deep within his fortress and stop him. Can you find your way? You have to be light on your feet around these things.

Once touched, they count down to detonation! Your basic shot is small and not lethal, but fast and accurate. This has more than enough action for any gamer! This method of gaining extra power may work with other weapons found later in the game. By glitching the game in order to end up in a cordoned off room, which had a plaque with the name Chris Houlihan scrawled onto it—the name of the very patient contest winner.

Poor Chris may not even be aware that his name has become the stuff of video game secret lore. A link to the past indeed. The obscure platformer The Apprentice has you covered. Despite being aimed at children, The Apprentice certainly had some adult themes hidden within its labyrinth of code—namely, this explicit pixelation.

However, changed all that when the painstaking feat was finally accomplished. The near impossible to reach shiny object was picked up by a player, thanks to a tool-assisted run. For all of you who are curious to attempt the unenviable task for yourself, it can be found on Tiny-Huge Island next to a slope under the ground no surprise it was so difficult to collect. Yes, in the audience a camera flash goes off at certain times.

This is when you go for the knockout blow, and if timed correctly, will work every time. No more waiting for his third hop to go in for the kill, or getting smashed by his Bull Charge for the umpteenth time! During the rematch with the fighter on the World Circuit, pay close attention to the bearded man on the left of your screen. He nods at just the correct moment where you have to counter Honda, which should send the feisty opponent flying to the canvas.

He also makes an appearance during a rematch with Bald Bull, and inevitably, gives the same visual cues. Even longer hidden than our previous entry, this one went unspotted for 28 years. Thank goodness for the internet, or we may have been left in the dark for 28 more! Seriously, how good was Final Fantasy IX? Hidden for 13 years, the Nero Brothers secondary mission eluded players due to its very particular conditions.

Players would have to meet the troublesome brothers throughout different points of the game, before finally being schooled in the art of gambling. Talk about breaking the fourth wall. Paper Mario did that and then some with this recently uncovered Easter egg. Flagged up just last year by a player, the game has some very peculiar hidden dialogue that suggests you should get in contact with Nintendo to report a bug.

Credit goes to Strider7x for uncovering this one, and even doing as he was told by the game, by getting in touch with Nintendo. If you did, it's a bug, so please get in contact. Not only is Super Mario Bros. In , the magic beanstalk was one of them. This elaborate glitch grants players infinite lives or 1UPs in Mario language , through the peculiar means of a sprouting beanstalk.

In a mind-boggling turn of events, the player must beat the game, go through a set of painstaking conditions, and wait for the thing to shoot up out of the ground. Thirty years after its release, and this elaborate Super Mario Bros. Easter egg is proof that even retro games still have plenty of surprises in store. All of us gamers like extra levels, right?

Well, the developers of Marathon knew this all too well, which is why they decided to insert this cheeky secret level in the game. The influential shooter was made by Bungie—the same team that helmed the Halo series—and this Easter egg is the work of a team who take their craft seriously.

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The obscure platformer The Apprentice has you covered. in during the game over screen, gamers would get an eyeful of the game's 'Nudalities.' Thank goodness for the internet, or we may have been left in the dark for 28 more! points of the game, before finally being schooled in the art of gambling. There are several flash games around the internet based on this premise. secret in the tip of the nose – I bet it's boogers. Oh wait the apprentice season 2 – The Apprentice sucks. mortal kombat nudalities – These do not exist. FROM A TYPICAL RPG TO A SPRAWLING ONLINE BEHEMOTH. WHAT GAMES WERE (I bet though that the. Russian »Years after release an anonymous source released codes for these Nudalities in The Apprentice, which escaped the​.