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Sport betting systems the winning formulas ffx

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The home of blitzball in Spira. Meet the maesters. Endure the humiliation of a year losing streak. Loads of chests and places to explore. Plus a big game to play and yet another memorable entrance by Auron. In fact, he has a habit of turning up on the precipice of a fight. He remains on Dock 1 until the main event begins.

Immediately prior to battling Oblitzerizer is a splendid, one-time-only opportunity to farm a full supply of Hi-Potions. After the mandatory fights with pairs of worker machina, use the temporary Save Sphere on Dock 4 but do not proceed beyond it. Rather, backtrack to Dock 3. Worker machina are now random encounters on Docks 2 and 3 and 4, but not advisable , and each drops either a Hi-Potion or occasionally an X-Potion.

Nul-element gear can be plentiful if fortune favors you. Harvest a full stock and then sell a dozen or more for ready cash as you go. Consider giving Lulu the Magic sphere found on Dock 5 for lightning-fast overkills, whether with plain Thunder or Fury. With that said, the game can be won without too much difficulty.

Save in the locker room before talking to Wakka. Especially vital, the moment you have possession of the ball press and select the topmost Manual option so you can swim around as you see fit. See my blitzball guide for even more info, if you like. To use Jecht Shot in this match, spend the entire first half passing the ball back and forth between Tidus and another Auroch.

Tidus has a lousy passing stat, so pick someone close, like Jassu. Swim toward your own goal on the right side and stay away from the Goers. Tidus has enough HP for a single Jecht Shot. Tidus or Datto can still shoot again, but you need to be standing right inside the goal to actually score.

If you tie the game, you enter a five-minute, sudden-death overtime period that ends when either someone scores or time runs out and another overtime period begins. The next Save Sphere is a long, long way away. Yuna can easily run short of MP, so abuse Pray, use a few potions, and have Kimahri rely on Lancet for healing. Random encounters may drive you mad, but you can take it because talking to everyone three times each in most cases is profitable.

Dual horn fiends are a good source of Ability Spheres, and scarce times lie ahead. Find another blue Al Bhed marker within some ruins you can climb into. Examine each locker, facing this way and that, until you are rewarded with the Jupiter Crest. The upgrade becomes effective upon entering the Highroad, but the one-time-only announcements are displayed with whichever Save Sphere is used next, such as in the locker room above. Yep, they finally tell you about scouting.

Now you can recruit, too. Be aware you can only recruit two Free Agents for the Aurochs, and if you want Wakka back on the squad if you have little interest in blitzball, Wakka is a pretty good choice be sure to hold off filling your recruiting slots. Consider refraining from playing blitzball until you can recruite Wakka, in fact, if you go that route. Several good recruits are found around Luca, in fact, of interest to budding blitz aficionados.

When you see Belgemine ahead, top off overdrive gauges for Yuna and, in this case, Valefor before approaching her. Otherwise, choose Shield just before her Ifrit gets to overdrive and you should still win handily. Parental aside: Belgemine never springs out at you; you must approach her if you want what she can offer. You must decide between the value of the encounter and the value of resetting.

She exhibits honor with the free healing. Her words challenge, encourage, and praise, not begrudgingly and without belittling, even if you lose. Nice lessons to slip into a game, eh? Chocobo Eater is a fairly straightforward fight. Swap in other chars, of course, but have Lu stay in from the start, casting Fire as fast as she can. Getting behind makes this a very long fight. Yuna is there to heal the fiend, or others can toss Potions at it, until you can push it over the cliff.

Djose Highroad is soon enough for teaching Kimarhi how to Steal petrify grenades , if others are impatiently tapping their heals. The hike to the travel agency is enough leveling up for the moment. When offered a free chocobo ride, take it. As you ride north, free of random fights, keep an eye out for sickle-shaped yellow feathers.

Find one on the main Newroad, and then two more on the Oldroad. You can open chests and talk to people as you ride, but if you dismount folks may say something different—Shelinda and Maechen, for instance. Also, if you think you missed anything going toward Luca, a chocobo makes catching up fast work.

Bit of an eerie ride, with the Highroad cleared out. Talk with the guard ahead before backtracking for another scene. Elma is outside the agency and Lucil is down the Oldroad. Find either one and you and your chocobo are automatically returned to the North End for a scene. No idea of any significance behind this mini-quest, probably no more than a missable scene. They survive either way. Had not seen that in prior games. Just before the exit to Mushroom Rock paces a crusader on a pledge drive.

He accepts your gil at three levels, each returning a gift for your good intentions. All come with no frills, no empty slots, so gauge accordingly. Give at all three levels, if you like, and receive all three pledge gifts. The crooked course is a pretty straightforward leveling ground. Almost everyone met has something to give.

Talk to him twice more and make your choices. If you had him rebellious last time, will you advise him to honor his duties this turn? Or vice versa? Different results, all heart-rending stuff, all worth seeing. Disobey twice to change the result. All other combinations yield the same outcome. Not really spectacular, but not difficult to achieve, only a little tedious. If he gets no AP from this fight, will he be so tough later?

When Tidus first awakes on the raggedy shore, the single other living soul is found at the top of the middle finger reaching north—right of the two leftmost fingers to be exact. Heh, coincidence, or cultural ignorance of flipping the bird? The story advances automatically, so examine everything else first. Later, when Tidus stands on the lonely beach, head straight up toward the Save Sphere and talk to Lulu.

Go a few steps toward the exit and a cutscene occurs. Go out of order and folks will be elsewhere; I never seem to remember the order. Another straightforward leveling ground, but look out for the basilisks they love tagging Auron. Cool cutscene when approaching the temple. Partway down the road, as the camera angle gradually shifts, watch for a nook in the rockface revealing the barest corner of a chest.

For future note, this is also a good locale for simurgh spotting. There are two other slightly sneaky chests, one behind the temple shop and another before an antechamber inside the temple. A bush almost conceals him. Before entering the temple, visit the shop. See the prone figure lying abed behind the monk? Stays the same regardless of your choices in this matter. Make the monk gesture for a slightly better view. Pick up the Destruction Sphere step 13 before taking the platform up step Keep holding the sphere as you push in the five pedestals step 12 , then insert the Destruction Sphere into the new pedestal that appears step After events are played out in Djose the way is open for walking all the way back to Luca.

Why would anyone trudge all the way back to Luca, you might ask. Those wacky blitzers. Seriously, though, for repeat players going the distance at least once is highly recommended. The long trek reveals a few interesting details, trivia such as the namesakes of the two ferries and some disturbing turns around Luca. Yet another straightforward leveling ground, with another visit with Belgemine. Oh, and Rikku returns. Exit and return to find a red-headbanded seller standing in their place.

Late in the game this same location is where the best prices are found for the most basic restoratives. And the Fatal Cait Sith is dirt cheap then, too. A strange sojourn with the dead. Customize is added to the menu. Find all the Guado blitzers, clad different from the usually flamboyant Guado; some are well hid inside rooms. And when you can finally leave for the Thunder Plains return to the Farplane instead.

The crest lies in a chest on the left side of the viewing pavilion, near the sneaky photographer or grieving parents. Related, entering the Item Shop may treat you with Kimahri commentary. Return to the Farplane often as the main story progresses for a plethora of small scenes.

Inconsequential, but interesting stuff. Opening the way forward opened the way back, as well. The shoopuf awoke as soon as events in Guadosalam concluded, after running into Shelinda and informing your party of her news, even before entering Thunder Plains. If backtracking is on your agenda, consider pursuing it now. Events ahead close the way back through Guadosalam for a long time. A good place to level up if your nerves can take it.

Practice your dodging, but for serious prizes like the Venus Sigil wait until you have a piece of No Encounters equipment. You take no damage from the lightning strikes, by the by, save to your pride. Qactuars are the ancient progenitors of Cactuars, but are only found on the Thunder Plains. Initially no Qactuars at all can be seen, however. If your party members have less than 1, HP, think long and hard before changing that status and praying by pressing at the glowing Qactuar stones, since Qactuars can hit for 1, in damage.

Me, I usually release the Qactuars now. Stones across the plains glow for a time, but the mist may shift to another stone. Each time you pray at a stone, however, you also release Qactuars for random encounters: Pray at one stone and you may face one Qactuar; two stones, groups of two Qactuars; three stones, groups of three Qactuars, which can present a party of weaklings with a very quick Game Over.

Qactuars are susceptible to Provoke. Recovery and Spiritual armor is good grinding wear, and Hope gear, which does both, is a rare boon. To find the chest, leave the agency by going north, then U-turn down the right fork.

Alternatively, leave the agency going south, then enter the northern plains via the northeastern route. The chest containing the X-Potion is immediately east, on the far right. This is a good example of why you benefit from consulting multiple walkthroughs. A I e x , for example, misses the Ether behind the northern rest spot where Yuna has her say.

Another blue Al Bhed marker is affixed to a lightning tower in this section, by the by, the tower beside the Save Sphere. Relaxing after the plains, but still fraught with random fiends. A mini-game revealed. The boss fight that sent me looking for help my first time through FFX.

A rather active section overall—four boss fights all told. Adagio correctly points out this mini-game comes in three flavors. Good route maps for both sections of all three variations were published in the FFX Ultimania guides, scans of which can still be found. Though the maps show a sinuous line and the butterflies flutter about, take the points marked literally and use straight angles instead. The first time, after the northern butterflies but before Spherimorph, take a look at his weapons but buy nothing and cancel.

Forgot to cancel. Neither model is an everyday fighting weapon on a casual run and the next Return Sphere outside the sphere pool is distant indeed. A tip to the wise. Stock up on restoratives, especially Phoenix Downs. Take pains to avoid item use for the remainder of this time in Macalania. His middle two encounters provide identical selections, you can safely buy or hold off until you look it over.

And if you miss every chance, all is still not lost—just more difficult. These restore 1, HP to each of your entire front line and cure a few minor status woes to boot not Dark or Confuse, blast it. The Use command only works in battle, however.

FFX was my first Final Fantasy, after all. What did I know from elemental weaknesses? Auron receives his second overdrive, Shooting Star. Auron hacking open the way to this fight also partly cleared the obstruction to the shimmering path through the woods, which can be passed once you put Paid! A second Jecht sphere two of ten can be had right now, but the chocobo knights still block paths northward.

Reaching the Lake Macalania travel agency marks the last opportunity for backtracking all the way to Besaid until the airship is permanently at your beck and call. Once events beyond the agency are triggered, the way back into Macalania Woods closes first by Clasko, then a Guardo guard and later access into Guadosalam is denied. If you forgot something, go get it now or wait—your choice. Keep healed with Thunder spells. Shield if Mana Beam is activated and up in one move. But once you have its HP down enough, one overdrive should overkill the thing.

After vanquishing the boss, you can hike back to the agency and pillage the two treasure chests en route, if you like, but a Guado functionary allows your squad to go no further. Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka all have Talk trigger commands that beef up their stats, so work them in before everyone else and make sure they target Seymour, not a guardian. Have Rikku in to steal from the guardians, then again at every stage as the players change. Shiva, as yet unnamed, makes short work of Anima.

If you acquired an Alchemy weapon from Crawler for anyone other than Yuna , Use makes a very nice complement in the dry stretch ahead. Or add two more thieves to your party, what the hey. Take the stairs up to continue.

The stairs down return to the Save Sphere where the maester fell and resets the cloister, though you need not acquire the destruction sphere again if its treasure is already acquired. Make sure Kimahri is not in the active party entering this fight. Including Tidus and Rikku should ensure you get the first move equip someone on the front line with a First Strike weapon, if you wanna be sure. If you picked up a Petrify Grenade, that would work, too.

The fight becomes one of attrition at this point, though switch to magic when his fists are raised. Order counts here. You have very little leeway if you want everything, so save often and reset if things get away from you. Factoring in the preferred target of your affection can be tricksome.

Talk to Lulu, any answer will do. Once the long scene plays out, save, then approach Yuna. Now get the two chests before talking to anyone else, carefully since both are now out of sight. Wakka pick either answer , Lulu, Rikku, Kimahri, and Yuna. Lastly, speak with Auron. Walk back toward the others and…so long Macalania. Nice oasis. If you go through Fiend Info near where you find Wakka to fill overdrive gauges, be sure not to use up any items.

Save Spheres are your best friends in the desert. Good time for using any HP Stroll equipment you might have. Cactuars are susceptible to Provoke and pay good AP, and Wakka and Tidus have a decent chance of tagging them. They hit hard with 10, Needles, but usually only show up solo in the open desert. The better chests all seem to like southwestern corners for some reason.

All right, time to remember how the desert is laid out. Equip a sword with Darktouch, or you can customize one if you have enough eye drops. Blinding Zu gives you a chance at taking down the fiend on your own. Auron and Lulu show up at the end once big bird falls. Or if you just take the hit ouch, straight to critical , Auron turns up right away with Lulu not far behind to share in the AP.

Save before moving on. Running into nonstaged Zu later, keeping it in the dark is a big MP drain. Some prefer to Flee or Escape instead this early, except in…. West of the Save Sphere, the fiends are often accompanied by one or two! On the downside, the fiends are mostly all Zu and the blubberous Sand Worm that take a good chunk of time defeating. Look for another blue Al Bhed marker in this area, too. West side of the area, watch the overhead map for a narrow entrance into a circular area.

The chest of Hi-Potions is obvious, but beyond that is a sinkhole with a chest in its depths. Open the chest for the Mercury Crest. West of there are two more chests, not just the one atop the far dune. Up through the middle of the main area are two more sinkholes that suck in chests, but these contain big-bad plant monsters who like confusing everyone.

You must face one of these bad boys as it is, in the narrow passage north to Home. The chests are mostly good gets, too. One tricky spot is where Rikku runs ahead and the camera looks up at where Tidus is left standing at the top of stairs. See the blue-green light over a door behind him?

You need to go backward to reach that room, but you must descend the stairs before you can. At the bottom of the stairs, however, look for a regular chest concealed in smoke. Incidentally, Tidus learned Blitz Ace after the tricky-spot room this time around. Have Kimahri in regularly to Lancet everything that moves. Several bits of blue magic can be obtained here.

Generally things happen on the airship when you enter or leave rooms. There are two Save Spheres, use them often. The terminal has no Fiend Info, so when fiends invade spend some quality time filling gauges and the like. Ah, another instance where talking with someone sets things in motion.

Following is the order; work everything else into this sequence. When you first arrive, make one circuit talking with everyone in the vicinity on the bridge—without leaving the bridge, Auron at the furthest—and speak with Cid last. Now talk to everyone again, and all throughout the ship this time. Returning to the bridge, a scene occurs. Talk to Cid and your party members again, including Auron and Kimahri, but leave Brother for last.

Talk to him for a brief cutscene, then everyone on the bridge again , because when you try to leave the bridge, Rin enters with bad news. Talk with everyone throughout the ship once more. Careful, walking farther down the observation deck triggers a look at the big bad. When you do go to the back for the boss fight, talk to Rin. Now you know the sequence, read on.

First things first. Walk over to Wakka and press. Alleluia, Wakka finally shows scout info. When asked if you want to recruit him, select Yes and set the duration to 99 games. The Al Bhed Psyches are all on board, including the best goalie in the game Nimrook if you want to plot recruitment when his contract is up, as are two Free Agents Brother and Rin. Find Rin to benefit rebuilding Home and speak to him several times, whether you buy anything or not.

A quick refresher: If you need mana spheres, say, when you enter a fight have someone choose Item then Mana Distiller and target a fiend. Instead of the regular sphere payoff, the fiend drops mana spheres; double, if you overkill it. See if Cid can get off all three volleys.

The darned thing dies before I ever can. Everyone worries about poison in this fight, but the boss has a stone gaze that can be pretty annoying, too. Early source of a few water gems, and a stonetouch weapon is a nice drop. Talk about an entrance. Nice clutch of FMVs start off your brief time in Bevelle. Any of the warrior monks—whether wielding rifle or flamethrower—may rarely fork over a purifying salt to your thieves, which makes this the first opportunity in the game to customize a piece of No Encounters armor.

At least thirty 30 purifying salt items are needed, however, a tough and tedious grind—obtaining a single purifying salt across all five battles is fortunate—but if you must have it now be prepared to hunker down. The first time you face the tall mech that can Thrust Kick, before reaching the wedding party, get Kimahri in there to Lancet the skill. The cloister, as always, can tax your patience. Just remember, everything loops.

Notice how the two chests at the end are auto-opened for you. Considerate, yah? For some reason all aeon overdrive gauges may be flat empty. Chalk it up to vague, distant memory at this point. So your first order of business is summoning each aeon in turn and filling those gauges. But take care with Mana Spheres, running low by now after the recent drought. Pretty boring, but think of it as a Zen activity, oohm.

Overkills are good; with these duels you get AP. Make sure you have a couple of Phoenix Downs to spare. If you have any piercing weapons, equip them. Ignore the trigger commands when you meet up with the big zombie—they only block you from getting a couple of chests holding counterattack weapons for Tidus and, more important, Wakka.

Rikku can Steal or Mug, but have the guys each toss a Phoenix Down at the boss and its day is done. Quickest boss fight in the game. Take the long unopposed swim to collect the chests and exit before the quiet gets to you. Bet you were missing him, too. Make sure you have a supply of Softs. Section 21 is definitely worth reading. But I digress. Yuna, Tidus, and Auron all have Talk trigger commands that boost one of their stats.

Get Haste on Yuna right away. Natus dismisses your aeons posthaste; you have the one turn to fire off an overdrive, but nothing more. Seymour is susceptible to Provoke, as well. Very handy during the early going, when Morti previews the magic next up and Seymour follows a pattern. This is one of the very few chances you have at Tetra Elementals, take extreme advantage of it. Have everyone with Steal in to tag Seymour; Mug yields a counterstrike so avoid Mug.

Keep cycling your thieves in to steal whenever you have a chance, even drawing out the fight to keep at it. Mortibody has nothing to steal. Attack Mortibody, not Seymour. Yes, my Yuna usually has Reflect by this point, if barely, and Steal, too.

And since the pair mostly attack with magic, cast Reflect on Yuna and friends, too—but again, not everyone. Use items for healing. Remember, Flare can be reflected. Seymour has a nearly childlike little squeak. The pair have a quasi-combo attack: Seymour casts Break and petrifies someone, then Mortibody hits someone with its claw, which should shatter the stoner and reduce the number of party members.

You have one chance inbetween, however, to either cast Esuna or throw a Soft. Keeping Yuna in Haste is essential, and her Stoneproof gear foils Break, too. Mortibody often slashes at the wrong target—not only when no one is stoned, either—and may even miss. You know the end is near when this is their only attack. Overkill is likely. Thinking of this fight and harvesting key spheres later, I sent Kimahri after Steal rather than Mug.

Put him close to Cure and null magicks, too, which helped on Bikanel and in la Via. An alternative worth revisting. The borrowed game disc I first played thanks for the loan, JMS; see what you started? Just before the Save Sphere, about where Lucil blocked the road earlier, lies a Jecht sphere two of ten , mentioned earlier.

You can also take care of the wayward family at this time and loot the chest Clasko had blocked outside the agency. Summoners get lost in the Calm Lands, and so can you. Too much can slow you down, so much you lose the story. A suggested itinerary then: Go straight for the central travel agency, doing everything there. Hit the trainer only enough for a chocobo.

Tag Belgemine, then ride to Remiem; get the mirror and scepter. Jump over to the arena, buy and equip capture weapons. Then make a brief trip back into Macalania Woods to power up the mirror, needed to acquire celestial weapons. Race and beat the trainer; get a ride and get Caladbolg. Return to the trainer and continue racing for the Sun Sigil, if you like, but you need the Sun Crest up ahead before the sigil does anything. Make sure you have enough gil to negotiate with Yojimbo, if you want him now.

The chocobo trainer moves after the mandatory event in the gorge ahead, and that eliminates most of the leg work. If blowing through Calm Lands appeals, first train a chocobo enough for a free ride, then return after defeating the boss blocking the gorge. Any more, this gamer makes a quick jaunt up to Gagazet too, so Kimahri can farm a clutch of Lv.

Also of note, three Al Bhed primers and five blue Al Bhed markers are scattered across the plains. Find the first marker on the spike near Svanda, a blitzer who tells a tale about the scar. Remember to hold to walk rather than run, but not while riding a chocobo of course.

Anacondaur, the local basilisk fiends, are particularly nasty with their Sonic Tail attacks, so save often to safeguard any juicy gear you collect. Tidus earned Blitz Ace shortly after arrival , barely able to ride a chocobo and with capture weapons in hand, but not even to the agency yet.

This branch office vanishes right away, maybe as soon as you move out of its sight. But remember, Yojimbo is now very near. When you save at the central travel agency, notice that blitzball is now available again. Two five-minute periods per game, seven and a half hours all told less, if you forfeit select matches. Bet you spend more time hunting down certain fiends for the arena, am I right?

Get it done in dedicated sessions or spread it out, your choice. For right now, you need only play 2—3 matches to obtain the Attack Reels overdrive for Wakka, which is very useful on the climb ahead. Play Blitzball and then choose Cancel several times to open up the first Tournament, where Attack Reels is the first-place prize.

You need the Cloudy Mirror, but you need to ride a chocobo to get it. When you work with the chocobo trainer, remember that completing the training requires only the first task—running straight wobbly. That way, you can get Caladbolg the very first time you best the trainer. With dodger, the balls come in threes; hyper dodger, watch the birdie, not the balls.

On the first pass through the Calm Lands, the trainer is always located at the northwest promontory. Longing for the airship yet? Riding a chocobo, be wary of exits from the Calm Lands. If you dismount on your own, however, the chocobo stands right there until you either mount up again or walk out the south or northeast exits.

At the central travel agency, the passage to Remiem, and the Monster Arena your chocobo also auto-dismounts and awaits your return from all three places. Before heading to the lost temple, find Belgemine by a big spike on the plains and beat her Shiva. Get your Cloudy Mirror, quick and dirty, then the prizes for one, two, and three-chest races. Four is a lot tougher, five is usually a close-run thing, and six is only theoretically possible.

Route maps were published in the Ultimania guides and scans are floating around out there. Another reason to come to Remiem is facing off against Belgemine. Magus Sisters remain unobtainable until the two other optional aeons are yours, as well. Ride a chocobo to the arena. Never walk if you can help it. Status-inflicting abilities are always helpful, of course, especially for farming the Tactician overdrive mode.

Whatever you get is a gift, simple enough. An ideal candidate for the frontline is a character with First Strike equipped and both Hastega and Steal learned. Mug is like to trigger a nasty counterstroke, but some fiends take Steal just as poorly. Seeking out specific fiends proving a nightmare? Hastega your side. Cheer x5, Armor Break, and Provoke do wonders here, especially if Auron sidetracked a bit for Provoke.

Wear him down until he uses Mighty Guard and then make absolutely sure Kimahri gets in to Lancet the boss. Nix that. Could not Lancet the boss for Mighty Guard. Fiends and fellow Ronso only, it seems. Go down into the rend.

Beware the cave opening for the moment. Find the Rusty Sword along a narrow trail. A couple of crusaders are in the area one strolling, one stationary. Talk to—and scout—both of them. Reportedly the Free Agent, Durren, vanishes late in the game, never to be seen again save in the blitz pool.

Also, for completists farming blitzball techniques, Durren is touted as helpful for some rarities; search the blitzball split board for help there. Time for the cave. Stuff to consider, though you can of course scour the cave without bargaining for the ronin.

There is a wealth of info on Yojimbo out there, mostly about how he behaves once you secure his services. Your responses during negotiation have a bearing on all that, however, so if Zanmato is important to you find out your options now.

So you know, my concern is getting him early and cheap so I can power up Nirvana sooner. Tonberry only shows up rarely; be a shame to miss him. He most often appears where the dirt looks green and may return repeatedly, worth circling the area for a bit.

Ghosts also drop No Encounters gear from time to time your second-earliest opportunity. If you wanna try for its goods, first put on Protect and then have two characters Escape to safeguard against Game Over. Magic Pots are quite accommodating for cultivating turn-based overdrive modes since they never attack, even two or three different modes at once. Just beyond the Save Sphere, you face off against Yojimbo. Take the pad into the two side chambers??? Save first—a wise precaution—then head north into the Chamber of the Fayth and let the negotiation begin.

You could easily spend , gil up on the mountainside, which may prove more valuable in the short term. Okay, ready? To begin, the fayth asks your purpose, offering three responses. A one-time choice, so choose wisely or reset before saving your game again. Your negotiations now have a bearing on his performance in battle later, and this is a complex topic not to be glossed over.

Or simply pick a different response from last time, what the hey. Update, The following numbers have been confirmed firsthand in actual gameplay. Triple his final price if you want the two Teleport Spheres. Big thanks, Will! Cavern included; no negotiations. Once you leave the valley the stroll up to the mountain is fiend-free. After your entrance take a few steps back and talk to the three Ronso, one of whom is the acting shopkeeper.

Check your supply of Hi-Potions—Kimahri will need a dozen or two—then climb past the last Ronso. Wear them down so they use Mighty Guard and White Wind; these two skills must be used before Lancet can appropriate them. Some actual results on thieving. And so on. I now prioritize this fight to earliest-possible as soon as I can ride a chocobo in Calm Lands , since I almost always have someone hovering at a Lv.

Rook overdrive mode is easy in this fight if Kimahri cut over for Cure. After every magic or rage attack, have Kimahri recast its Nul-magic. Many tough encounters lie ahead, so trigger the singalong if you like but return to the Save Sphere before proceeding onward. Gagazet is a huge area: Snowy trails, underground caverns, water passages, and the early part of the ruins beyond.

Capture at least one of every fiend, though, because getting the Magus Sisters depends on receiving the Blossom Crown, a Key Item, from the Monster Arena keeper. Following the snowy trail, keep an eye on the overhead map for wide shoulders with summoner remains to examine and narrow paths leading off to dead-ends. Wait one damn minute , Jim. Stock up on Phoenix Downs and Holy Water. Zombie-protection gear for Yuna and Auron is useful and Booster Cactuar for Lulu is pricey, but just ahead you face arguably the toughest boss fight in the game.

Then have Kimahri use his Mighty Guard overdrive. Steal elixirs from Seymour and apply Cheer whenever you can work those in. If this fight gets to you, have Lulu cast Bio on Seymour; the pair is immune to everything else and have some nasty magic-counters.

I usually go for the overkill instead. Except for working everyone into the fight, countering zombie effects, and Dispelling any Reflect Seymour casts, this fight can be over with two or three aeon appearances. Aeons have their one turn to unleash an overdrive, true, but Mortiorchis then drains Seymour, making the hit that much sweeter. If you powered up Nirvana, remember that Valefor can hit for more than 9, now too, so you may want to start with him, but save Bahamut for the overkill, especially if Mortiorchis gets into its countdown.

Silly mistake. One Cross Cleave, one Mega-Potion. Ifrit took his 9, bite; Bahamut, over 30, in damage. After defeating Seymour, look for the chest containing the Saturn Crest between the pillars that line the way to the next Save Sphere. After saving, you can go activate the mountain trail transport panel now or revisit Wantz ugh, two slopes farther down before moving on if you like. Earliest chance to power up Spirit Lance its crest, but easier transport is available just ahead.

I simply never neglected Yuna. However scintillating that may be, keep your preferred secret weapon off the frontline—Yuna for aeons, Auron for Banishing Blade, or whomever. Puts the kibosh on overdrives right quick, but is easily alleviated with Holy Water. Very handy for bosses ahead. With Sanctuary Keeper defeated, the transport panels are again working.

And Wantz is still standing on the slopes. Back to the beginning. Food for thought, storywise. Equip berserk protection on Auron and have him Provoke the keeper. Nibble away. Once it has less than 20, HP, Yuna summons Bahamut for the overkill. Tidus this time. Took a bit longer, his HP was lower and he needed healing at every turn.

First, a tip. Especially effective when she enters her third form and insta-kills the party, since aeons are immune. Have Auron use Threaten; it may work across all three forms. Holy can do mighty damage, unlike black magic. Bring in aeons to take big chunks of her HP, but dismiss them as soon as possible after their overdrive, just in case—Yuna can always Grand Summon a lucky survivor again.

Save Bahamut for the overkill of her final form. Lulu was the only one hit with Regen, so the only one I kept using Holy Waters on. No Yojimbo gil poor , but only needed the three elemental aeons anyway. Then Valefor closed this show—Energy Blast hit for 60, plus.

Still under the starry, starry night , walk to the far side of the platform, away from the camera. Walk down the semihidden stairs and, whoosh , Tidus appears at the top of stairs in the front. Go back to the far side and at the top of the stairs now sits a chest, which contains the Sun Crest. Keep on whooshing back and forth, if you like. The effect continues until you leave this screen. Walk toward the camera to leave, even though that staircase looks like it abruptly ends.

Save on the bridge and learn about the latest and last Save Sphere upgrade. After you make a circuit through the airship—at one point Rin has some nice things to say—and Cid activates the NavMap system, equip your capture weapons once more and go right back to Zanarkand Ruins. Use the teleport panel for a shortcut to the Dome.

You may run into Dona and Bartello, depending on how your conversation with Dona went on the airship post-Home otherwise, they appear in Djose. Unlike several other Chambers of the Fayth there are no other new goodies here, even after Highbridge, though you can pick up the Sun Crest if you forgot it. Go to the nearest Save Sphere and return to the airship. Very convenient.

Not too much, mind. If your party is hitting as hard as mine seems to be, you can go straight to the end without worries. Any more I like keeping sidequesting to a minimum at this point, and I dislike repeated visits if I can avoid them, so let me break it down by area. Speedy Delivery! For a very tight storyline run, I suggest the following as a barebones sidequesting itinerary.

Limited capturing, at most one of each species in any regular area you visit Zanarkand: as already completed Destruction sphere; Dona maybe Teleport panels zip you forward encounter-free. Fiends are simply too tough. Make an extra stop early to power up Godhand. Besaid : Temple scene, chests; Jecht sphere S. The history imparted on landing in Omega Ruins can be safely skipped. Excise everything needed to obtain the secret aeons too, if you like, and the Moon Sigil as well. Playtime of under sixty hours—well under, with selective party leveling—is quite managable.

Small extra scenes can be seen approaching any of the temples prior to events at Highbridge. Landing at Lake Macalania, for example, if you take one step beyond Linna, the Al Bhed blitzer on the steps, the camera pans over the temple and a scene occurs at the temple steps. Then the theme changes and the chase begins anew. Is it worth it? As Maechen says, who knows. Time to chat up everyone. Berrick of the Psyches knows some things about Baaj.

Wakka has a little scene with Cid. Return to Highbridge once more for another scene. The way back shows an interesting camera angle. The far end may have opened again. If not, try again after choosing Sin on the NavMap but before actually fighting Sin. Area creations are easiest, since they only require one of each fiend, but the counts needed for each species creation are included in the Monster Arena checklists.

On the airship, talk to Cid and choose Search. You have X, Y, and Z axes to control. Set X to somewhere between 11—16, and Y between 57— As in the sphere pool, the Z axis goes unused. After a bit of tapping around for the right combo, the computer should ping that something was found.

Go back to List and choose the new option, Baaj Temple. Several things to be done here, where Tidus started out in Spira. First a boss fight with a prized drop, then a sunken chest, and finally a hidden aeon. Also, if you walk toward the camera you can pick up anything you missed in the water or reread the Al Bhed marker if you like.

Otherwise, get ready to rumble did I really say that? A bonus of this fight, one not to pass up, is that the boss has a high probability of dropping a weapon—not armor—with the No Encounters auto-ability, a must-have for completists and very helpful in a number of sidequests. Equip your water team with elemental weapons and stone ward armor. Piercing weapons are also beneficial, better than counterstrikers. You can press to climb out of the water if you already jumped in. Walk to the end of the rockway to automatically jump in.

After the scene, swim toward the green square on the overhead map to trigger the boss fight. Alternatively, climb ashore first and save again. Cheer and its like are not as helpful as Quick Hit—just end the battle before Geos can inhale twice. If not a weapon auto-reflect armor is nice, but not as useful , reset and try again. Not enough bother for a reset now, however. Onion Knight. On the overhead map, swim to the very bottom of the circular layout and in the square left of the center line, the camera angle changes to a close-up of an alcove.

Note what may look like a sunken chest on the left. Getting the weapon actually involves descending further and turning to the right, nosing up under the overhanging slab in front, before pressing triggers the Celestial Mirror and opens the chest. Now swim toward the green square, dive, and finally move onward.

Follow the passage and surface on the left to climb the stairs. Enter the door. Okay, you need to approach each of the six statues before the barrier at the far end lets you pass. A chest is found beside each of the Zanarkand and Kilika statues, for Mega Phoenix x4 and a Megalixir. For now, retrace your, er, strokes out of the temple and back to the Save Sphere.

Next up, a secret spot. On the airship talk to Cid and again choose Search. Set X to between 12—16, and Y inbetween 41— Go back to List and choose the new item, Sanubia Sands. Return to the airship. This time, you are behind the wheels of a motorbike in a much more detailed gaming experience, but also retaining the old school fun and simplicity. Great mud and water physics, real-time destruction and console quality graphics in an offroad environment. Drive your rig on the hills of your own open world, get into a boat and explore islands, pick a helicopter and fly freely to the top of the mountains or just walk around if you need a peaceful hike it's up to you.

Real cars. Real people. Real motorsports. This is Real Racing 3. Buckle up! Hack Online. Luigi Google Play. Minion Rush Minions. Sonic Dash Free Racing. Free Racing. Free Online Multiplayer Games. Connection Network Free Racing. Online Racing Games Free Racing. Drivers License Test. Google Play. Custom Lamborghini Free Racing.


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