what time can you bet on the kentucky derby

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What time can you bet on the kentucky derby online cricket betting games for baseball

What time can you bet on the kentucky derby

Focus in on what the real horse racing experts have to say. B ut favorites win roughly a third of all horse races, so they deserve our attention. If your research strongly backs the favorite, go with it. I took all of these into consideration when making my Kentucky Derby Predictions.

You can really learn a lot about a horse by studying their previous races. Take a look at the field they were competing against. Jockeys — You need to take into consideration the jockey that is mounting the horse. These are the guys that are guiding the horse and controlling when they make their move. A jockey can make all the difference in a big race like this. Trainers — It has been a smart move to wager on Derby horses that have been trained by one of the best.

Race Style — Make sure you know what style of race your horse likes to run. Track Type — Some horses race better on different types of tracks. Whether it be turf, dirt or artificial synthetic. Distance — You want to make sure that you are betting on a horse that can handle the length of the race.

Some horses are better suited for longer distances. Others are better off on a shorter track. Post Position — Where a horse starts the race can have a huge impact on their chances of winning. Especially with a big field like we typically see at Churchill Downs. Learn about the horses as horses —not just numbers in the program—and the sport will come to life before your eyes.

Betting horses at random will produce only infrequent winners, so if you want to impress your friends with a steady stream of victorious selections, go with the flow and bet on favorites. Set aside your wagering budget and ration it accordingly throughout the afternoon. Planning and placing wagers can take longer than you anticipate.

Watching the Kentucky Derby with a group of friends? Team up with party games so everyone can enjoy a piece of the action. Betting a simple show bet parlay can be a potentially lucrative way to keep the fun going all afternoon. Another idea? Put the names of every Kentucky Derby horse in a hat and take turns drawing names until every horse has been selected. If everyone bets a small amount on their chosen runner s , you can guarantee someone will experience the satisfaction of winning a Derby wager.

These are as good a place as any to get started. Horses are living creatures, not a series of numbers on paper. When Horse 3 won his last race, was he under all-out urging from his rider, or did he win easily with speed to spare? Was Horse 7 blocked in traffic during a key moment in his most recent race? Watching lots of replays will help you develop a discerning eye for strong performances and troubled trips. With so much data available to analyze, it can be hard to know which information you should focus on for any given race.

The quickest way to learn the ropes is to review the opinions of racing analysts. Industry websites and online wagering services typically provide a rich assortment of handicapping articles and podcasts analyzing major races, so you can follow the experts and learn from their insights.

Track websites often contain a handicapping section with selections for every race they offer. Try handicapping a race on your own, then compare your conclusions with those of the professionals to see how your picks match up. Understand the risk vs. Did your horse roll home a convincing winner? If so, congratulations on a fine job handicapping! If not, take some time to review the outcome and see where you went wrong.

If the winner surprised you, go back and examine the past performances to see what you might have missed. Re-read the insights of experts who correctly picked the winner to see what they liked. Knowing the top jockeys and trainers, both on a national level and on a track-by-track basis, can consistently point you toward winning horses. Want to know which trainers excel preparing unraced horses for winning debuts? Curious which jockeys ride best on dirt, and which are skilled on turf?

Past performance sheets available through Brisnet. Bettors who want to dig deeper can visit the statistics page on Equibase. Racehorses have been carefully bred for speed and stamina over the course of centuries, and their pedigrees can reveal a lot about their probable racing proficiencies.

A son of a Kentucky Derby winner, produced by a mare who won the Kentucky Oaks, is bred from top to bottom to excel in Triple Crown races. But a daughter of a champion sprinter might be destined to excel running shorter distances.

Surface proclivities can be even more pronounced—some bloodlines are known for their prowess on turf , others are geared strongly toward dirt, and some consistently produce winners on wet tracks. Brisnet past performances contain plenty of useful stats to get you started, though a passion for racing history will greatly enhance your pedigree handicapping skills by familiarizing you with the most influential sires and broodmares.

Weather conditions and daily track maintenance can have a profound impact on how a racetrack plays on any given day. Sometimes the rail is the deepest part of the track, giving horses racing in outside lanes a distinct advantage.

Other times the track is unusually kind to front-runners, with one horse after another winning in gate-to-wire fashion. If a race is stacked with horses who prefer to run on the lead, a destructively fast pace is likely to ensue, favoring horses who can relax and rally from behind. Learning to project how the pace will unfold can be one of the most lucrative skills in handicapping, consistently guiding you toward the most likely winners. If you think you can pick the top three finishers in the correct order, the trifecta is the bet you want to play.

Or if you believe you can pick the winners of four races in a row, the Pick 4 could be an enticing play. Racing analysts covering big events for industry websites often provide tips and strategies for betting exotic wagers, and online wagering calculators can help you determine the costs when planning out your own tickets.

Studying racing history can point out trends and tendencies helpful in guiding you toward winning wagers. Watch enough races at your local track, and you might discover longshots frequently prevail in maiden claiming races over the turf course. Some trends can be short-lived, disappearing as soon as you discover them.

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Add it to your bet slip and confirm the amount of the win wager. The odds can change right up to post time of the Kentucky Derby. For added or multiple bets like exacta and trifecta, add all the selections to your betting slip and confirm the amount you want to wager and all combinations.

For more details on the different types of Kentucky Derby bets, check out our complete betting guide. Signing up for a wagering account to bet the Kentucky Derby is easy. FairwayJay is a leading national sports and gaming analyst and is recognized as one of the sports industry's most insightful professionals. Jay has pursued his passions and maintained a pulse on the sports, gaming and poker industries while living in Las Vegas for nearly two decades.

He's been a regular featured guest on sports and gaming radio shows, podcasts and produces sports betting and related industry articles and content for various sites and sources. Kentucky Derby. Visit TVG. Trifecta Box — This is a little easier than the normal Trifecta, as you pick three horses to finish in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order. This is a popular bet for your big-time horse bettors, but we advise any newcomers to stay away from this unless you have good knowledge of the horse race.

Superfecta — To win this bet you really need to have some luck. You must pick the exact order of the first four horses to cross the finish line. Its hard enough to pick one or two horses to finish in order; picking 4 is nearly impossible. Pick 3 — This requires you to step up your game and pick the winner of three consecutive races. Pick 6 — Like the Pick 3, but you have to do the difficult task of picking six straight winners.

Daily Double — This is pretty similar to the last two, but it only requires you to pick the winners of the first two races of the day. For example, an Exacta Box on the 2 and 5 horses would mean that those horses just need to come in first and second in any order. Just keep in mind that these wagers cost much more than your straight bets because you are increasing your chances of winning.

You can place your bets at a live racetrack near you, or at an online sportsbook. It can only hurt you. You may feel like you are getting value on a horse at huge odds early, only to have those odds plummet on race day. If this happens, then your value is likely gone.

Go up to the pay window and give the amount you want to bet, the number of your horse, and then the name of the bet. If you are fortunate enough to have a winning ticket, then just return it to the betting window and collect your winnings.

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RELATED: How to find calm in betting the Kentucky Derby Expert horseplayers spend a large portion of their time constructing sound, logical wagers designed. How to Play at kelshuainvestment.com and Bet the Kentucky Derby · US-based, licensed​, and legal to play · Secure and fast deposits & withdrawals · The most trusted name. The odds can change right up to post time of the Kentucky Derby. For added or multiple bets like exacta and trifecta, add all the selections to your.