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Kittie citas world on bet

I didn't really have much of a journey in business prior to see the I was a student. I went to Clark Atlanta University and after my first year, My mom said. Oh, said, Oh, you're playing with money. Oh you think it's like, Oh is that is that what we're cuz I don't have any like scholarships grants. I didn't I mean unemploy.

What is it is it called? I don't think that my mother was going really well financially at the time, so so she was like I can afford to pay for your College, but you're not about to play with my money like that's not happening. So yeah, she said. If I call it, that's one more again and your roommates told me that you across the Street and Morehouse. The point is that that I had come home. Wow, I was there, though I I made the most of my time by interning.

You know I don't know. I didn't really get how the business work and and I didn't really know I wanted to do exactly I just want Journal. I love to write and that I like to entertain and like be in front camera or whatever so I can myself a host, but I didn't really know really know what meant. I was like, alright. Well, this ain't working out ain't nobody hiring I gotta eat you know what am I talking about my thoughts?

Honestly the day that I decided to walk to were if this doesn't work out. I'm gonna go back back to I get a degree and I don't know Feng shui making of you know something didn't you know fashion whatever the day that. In is the day that a lady saw me was like you like you know cuz you your name tag when when you walk in your and you know we traci's looking for you.

Gave her the job and so the day that walked in just like you know when my stack of resumes like what's what what's sticks on the Wall? I didn't know how it work. Yeah Allan up. So they hired her the producer. I told her find she literally been on the phone the phone looking and yeah, I showed up so to me. That's God all day like oh, let me just put you in the position to make this happen and that's exactly how I went down like literally within hours, I was signing contract nice, I yeah.

It was such a good look. So what or who or who was the for the character? Well, there one person it was of like an amalgamation of all the girls. You know that just we would play play jacks and double and go to Chile practice not not cheer leading mind crafting and we were competitions and just whole environment. Growing up in up in DC is distinct accent.

That's yeah. Looking at the comments when doing a research and there was like, Oh, can tell you can tell you where from her accent. Yeah and farming too because a a people I remember when I was still you know when the show was still in the air, I remember this woman who tried to argue me down that accent was from New Orleans.

That's where she was from and it reminded her home and ended up and I was don't understand why this is an argument. I respect what you're saying and I wanna create your own character. I kinda think I know. Up, I don't even what accent sounds like like it's real.

I'm like why are we talking this? It's funny cuz she was was adamant she well, Why would I lie about that? I'm not sure if the person I'm person that okay. You know I grew up in all for for Rockwell three quadrants. I grew up in that area or area.

We say, but yeah, all that's all homies. That's all the you know just drawing on that and remembering coming to Mount Pleasant and just hanging hanging out with my girlfriend whatever nice so I've noticed is that black people think just because can relate to a character it's on TV or in movie that no skills or training went into it.

So Tupac was a trained. Before he in Brian henrys paper boy on Atlanta, but he also went to Yale School of drama you have your degrees before playing Sida. So how were you able to combine your training with your culture to do the job and see and what was the the process writing?

The main critique that we had always gotten and continue to get was and not obviously we've got an outpouring of support and I cannot begin to tell you you how all heart is from that. There's gonna be for that and they're allowed not like like I when it becomes. If you don't like something you're a hater. Can I just not about I like so.

There's some haters. That's just be like to throw it away because they're inclination is to assume that. Not articulate or that well-marked well read or that doesn't have a degree. She undergrad right she did She studied journalism. This is what she want to do is to get into what it is that she does, which is to host the show now. The high school junior high, Maybe even elementary so if we're trying to reach children that talk like this right walking a room talking about, Hey guys, my name is and today we will be you know what what I nobody's listening to that, but we have to be relatable in way that they wanna continue to tune in.

Back and forth that they used to or jay-z with the camel camel face lips and whatever that's dumb ass. In order have an opinion fact, you know oftentimes as I'm sure you know you get into get into arguments with people and they just get louder and louder. That doesn't mean argument. That's so easy easy to do right now.

Oh, this It's can we have an adult conversation. I don't know right now. I'm gonna go this this way way way and and and maybe maybe maybe we we. And with the subject matter that was relatable to the we would argue that was our only goal and then it turned into that. As I shared, it started a jamz on one -hour introduction to videos it turned two hour video show renamed it's world.

I just knew that I knew A room full of people I can make people laugh. I when put the parties, I know the sound I hope this doesn't sound like some Bragg Doss cuz that's not who I but just identify just being honest like people look forward to me showing up. I know you're I'm the light of the party, but there's people that really are and always dope because felt always encouraged to crack a joke or be one of of the kids cool kids or or you you know know, you know.

Play my decision to they offered me the job because it was unfounded like we hadn't this before and right, I can tell it hasn't done since in other capacities, not a level right well. I I did it wasn't a direct correlation. It's my point. It wasn't Oh, I have a me seek out this and just kept in my life as I shared with you, but I'm Super glad I do have that desire to continue to write and I mean I just I absorbed.

Written like I I remember my baby when son was a baby boy. He always says that when we were he'd be like mommy, why you have you have to everything and I'd be I'm the worst thing like thank God. I'm absorbing books and not crack nigga like be happy. I'm not a crack baby your mama. Hey, what's wrong with that? Read it. It serves me well.

I'm really grateful that I decided to go that route and it's funny too because I it's almost I when people like I don't know what I wanna do you know my son, my son, not my son. I love him 20 - two he is 22 and he's still like. I'm trying figure this thing thing out and have to like keep praying about about taking a step because I'm gonna push as broad and I can't relate to that.

What do do you you you mean right? What's happening? What are doing? Let's get your ideas? We're doing a gap here Are we studying Are we what's what's happening? Are we are we volunteering with this Organization? You yeah, I get a little frustrated, but that's not my flights. That's not my life to live. I gotta let yeah you do whatever he feels. I'm an example for him. I him. If that's what you then hopefully it's not just a gas gas your mom or you really do feel that way not to let him live his his life that's the hardest thing.

I think as parents we really believe in like we them because we're responsible for them. So it's hard not like even if don't mean to create you thought process in your mind. That's all of a sudden, not only do they belong to to you, but must control them and irony for me with that is that his name is Khalili, which in Arabic. Best friend but it also I don't know if you're familiar with Lebron is one of my one of my authors, and he wrote a book I kinda tied how I mean.

I didn't name him after the book, it just kinda help and in the book. It's all these lessons and poems and that just about people to be who they they are. You the time you know they're of you but they but they're not yours to and just help me to really shift that paradigm and be like and it's so hard like.

Yeah, you know he's like I made this decision and I'm like what do you call me? That's the right It's like cuz I'm 22 and right you do and it it just takes deep breaths on my part. You know I want very much to like be instrumental now and in the process and all and all that so gotta learn to let it go. I hope I answered I turn around.

Yeah you but so something I black need to realize is that in thought of respectability politics of you. People in the comments of the YouTube videos, we're saying, Oh, ghetto. This is not a good but they, don't know if black black people realize that is how that White supremacy and so I'm always defending people. I feel like see the walk so run and Tiffany Haddish.

I hope I hope you're comfortable but I come up. I mean I'm always sending. I mean you cuz B on politics and I was like she was to College for to study for a little People think people just because she talks like that she's not intelligent and in regards to Tiffany Haddish if you listen to her story, you can tell that her the way she acts is the defense mechanisms all the trauma and that's why people people keep her for and and I I I didn't didn't didn't understand.

Understand why there's so much easier relate or to relate or associate yourself with a character or a personality or a celebrity that you may aspire to or you would like like to be more like you don't even realize that this is what subconsciously makes you attracted to them. You don't wanna align yourself with see because in your mind mind and this has told us that that's ghetto. That's ratchet. That's not how you speak. You know the King's language and so forth and at the end of the day we were represent.

To the guilt what we saw Shena indicative of the surroundings, that's how I was able come up with with of see because this because this is what I saw on a daily basis. I frankly it and these are real people like all people should be represented and you know what's so funny.

What's up you're coming over here What What you do right there. That's a that's the guy that like I see you all Ila. I guess now that I'm here. I'm I'm I'm I'm. I'm at at home. Don't Don't sound country at all We We associate associate country country country like like like twang twang twang twang but but but. To so turned on by his intelligence like that's a huge turn-on for me, but I feel so sexy, but I think for my like my extra Uber with him because he did speak that way.

Nigga is an idiot when, in fact he's like sending these articles and Princeton and what's this what we were dating when whole thing happen where I don't remember what his crime was, but the guy. Arrested and they couldn't get his cellphone and his iPhone. It's the whole thing and so and so I remember literally standing up on the phone with this cat till like three in the in the morning going back and forth and girl I was like like you can come and get now you feel me like come help us sister up you're about to get some like that's my thing like I love debates and intelligent It's just so so visceral.

That said, if you you talk like this, know how you get down, you know you know what I'm saying he's in cuz he do for a few things. Yeah, you have a twang on it. My God, you can't possibly be be ridiculous.

You know she was was from from when she was a it was it the pageant one or no. That's that's poop like no reason. Little one that said that she she became a became a doctor. Oh yeah. And I mean, obviously a feel like goofy ramm, whatever you wanna call it. You can't make the functions about who people are based on their outside and I think that we try really hard to impart that people you know and still a good message that was relatable and that people could feel like they walked away by being entertained but also.

Given some type of knowledge as well, goal so how did it from your perspective? All right right, who knows all the technical he'll get into the funky breakdown of it all but the the the the reality is since was literally girl 20 years ago. I'm still I can't believe how long ago ago I'm wow. Yeah, so say it was 20 years ago and the technology at that time had not even scratch the surface of where it is today, so I had to to put on a suit which I believe is still the case for for now now but.

Itty bitty balls different stuff, and they wonder about that. Yeah, they can track your facial expressions like down to to you know your toe, lifting right worries specialized and definitive, but then it was the suit with like this clips on my arms all over my legs and nothing on my face.

That's why I see the never-never you never saw her mouth open and close. It wasn't but then they would have these long ass wires wires that would that come would come from from a a. Of will tell you he hooked on so I literally couldn't go. I can do. The Street interviews, I can you know go to Africa. I can't I'm just the sky is the limit. I don't have it. There's no Tess. I'm holding so that's how back behind the scene thing work.

I was one of writers I was in a writer, but it's kinda hard to write a script person the show is based on them and yeah the voice without being involved in in some so yeah, one of the writers and so we will come up with Topics and we would just brainstorming myself Mony is what what was one writers Tracey again, our producer and just and just a-team of us think we had another another writer that come on and off like off like some We call them sometimes to help but it was always the the we decided what to say and topics to write about that We what based based on just like guess what comedians do or what?

Together right number one of our most popular shows, which is so random kids in the summer time, you know, you know, it's a know the kids when you hit the the ice cream cream shop. You know White folks ain't got no ice cream truck in the neighborhood. I'll wanting me joy pop or Right, so that's we decided pretty much unless as said, we try our best to intersperse that with that affected the entire entire nation things thought were way bigger than just see neighborhood right encompass us all and she will put her spin on it And she she would give opinion that we hoped was well received and as delivered in such a way that they would be willing to hear us out.

What did they think the day like you feedback or like tell you that they enjoyed it or cuz I know it was different back, then where a lot of people didn't know who you really were right and you know know they work really hard at the the the The gentleman that is now he's gone. He used to be the VP programming. He's no longer at BET, but was he was very very adamant adamant adamant that that that the the world world world the.

And I mean you know in the world is so different now. Oh yeah different. She was born in Washington, D. She studied broadcast journalism at Clark Atlanta University. She has a degree in print journalism from the University of the District of Columbia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. A major contributor to this article appears to have a close connection with its subject. It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia's content policies, particularly neutral point of view. Please discuss further on the talk page. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.


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Alternate Versions. Rate This. Episode Guide. Star: kittie KaBoom. Added to Watchlist. Black Animation Shows. Share this Rating Title: Cita's World — 6. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Episodes Seasons. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Series cast summary: kittie KaBoom Edit Storyline Cita's World is a television series that showcases the latest and greatest music videos, with opinionated commentary from Cita an animated character voiced by kittie KaBoom.

Certificate: TV-PG. Edit Did You Know? Add the first question. Language: English. Runtime: min. Sound Mix: Stereo. Color: Color. Edit page. Add episode. Clear your history. Cita 1 episode, They should say sorry to Black women for portraying them like this. And then apologize to everyone else for lying to them. Are they a majority? And the fact that two Black men came up with her is just a mess.

I really wonder how this show lasted as long as it did. For 3. And I probably was entertained by it. Many of us did. Luvvie, I forgot all about this horror. I watched 3 seconds and was reminded how terrible this was. Chile I was waiting on her three kids to come out the back asking for cereal. That would have completed the stereotype perfectly. BET needs to be thrashed thoroughly. I used to watch this when I was in high school. I mean, SOMEbody had to have been watching it for her to have stayed on the air as long as she did.

I used to try and sneak videos when I worked the front desk at a college gym. I was so embarrassed when Cita was on the screen that I would mute it or just turn the dang thang off! Come on BET!! Unfortunately I used to watch this Tom foolery as a teenager and loved every second of it. BET owes a huge apology because Cita broke my little brother lol.

I know the woman who played Cita IRL from college. She went to Sidwell Friends for High School, where the Obama girls and Chelsea Clinton attend, so you know she was an excellent actress to pull off this buffoonery. I think I may have everyone beat. I only made it to the mark,I truly forgot just how bad that show was. She is terrible. The voice of Cita! Straight hood.

No manners. I actually liked this show — of course, I was only 12 yes, I know when this show came out. All she needed was to be pregnant, sipping on a 40 with a few kids at her feet. Cita was sheer embarrassing ratchetness. But could Cita exist now? Sadly yes. Just turn on reality TV. Or look at World Wide Hip- Hop. Needless to say, I turned it down. I was pretty surprised they contacted me in the first place I have an animated show that, basically, calls out ratchetness and makes fun of it.

My mind was poisoned from the start. Cita embodied the word ratchet and we owe her credit… lol. Good post. Oh BET…. Somebody get my tennis shoes and my vaseline. I thought it was a bad joke like a segment to a show. I imagine BET recieved plenty letters…they just had more viewers. They do owe us an apology. Unfortunately it was Taraji P. And that. Maybe it was a way to offset some of my bougie?

I think BET owes me money. I hated Cita with every uppity bone in my body and watching that made the hate real all over again, lol! Luvvie got me having Vietnam flashbacks, rocking like Huck in the corner, lol! Obama and the girls just to get my mind right. Sigh, you aint have to slay us like this Luvvie, lol! And to whomever told Luvvie she sounds like that should be skin stripped and remade to look just like Cita, because she does NOT sound anything like that.

I was in high school when it was on and I thought it was terrible.