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Uk fantasy sports betting

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Challenge your friends or play with managers from around the world. Buying a particular plan means you get between 15 or 50 tickets to play our competitions for a fixed price: 1 ticket for each competition. It doesn't matter the official entry fee when using one of our plans. Know more.

Choose a contest you would like to enter, remember — You can choose to play with your friends too. Each contest has a different entry fee and prize. Some are free with cash or merchandise prizes. Enter as many competitions as you want in lots of different sports. Pick the players you want; on Sportito, there are no salary cap restrictions so you could put together a complete all-star line-up.

Remember, you are the manager! And experience tells us, it takes more than all-star individuals to make an all-star team! Some prizes go up to 5th place! Rangers can enjoy the ultimate QPR fan experiences with Sportito. Draft your favourite players to win real cash, meet the QPR players, win signed shirts, win stadium tours, match day experiences and many more.

You can challenge your friends in head-to-head contests, 5 or man contests, or within those open to all players on Sportito.


Do be aware that the rules involved with fantasy football can differ between operator to operator, but we will now try to explain them as broadly as we can. Take a look at our guide below to get an initial overview. Players are given a price based on how good they are. Additionally, the squad is usually between players and you can only pick three to four players from each team.

There are many ways to go about picking a fantasy football team. Our first recommendation is to be dispassionate. Instead, read deeply about the Premier League and look for those special players who are cheap to buy but could yield great results. It is always worth thinking outside of the crowd in order to get ahead of everyone else.

As a broad rule, if you follow the steps we have laid out for you above, you should be in a really good position to succeed when it comes to betting on fantasy football. The next step however, is figuring out how to pick a team! Getting points on fantasy football is rather simple. Basically put, the players you pick for your team are given points based on their performance in a given match. Everyone gets points for goals and assists, while defenders, midfielders and goalkeepers get points for clean sheets.

Points can get deducted for penalty misses, yellow cards and for conceding goals. The points you have can be improved if you captain your favourite player, or make use of specific bonus chips. The trick is to study past form and make a prediction on how you think these players will act in the future. There are many different thoughts and guidelines on how to manage your budget. It is essentially a personal choice, yet there are schools of thought where you should pay a premium for a couple of big stars and fill the rest of your team with bargain players of value.

You can always find good value with mid-tier strikers , whereas a solid goal-scoring defender is always a bonus. There are many reasons to bet on fantasy football. Firstly, for certain types of football fans it can be seen as a much more fun alternative to traditional betting.

This is because it relies on even deeper knowledge than just a traditional bet — pooling resources across the entire league — something much different from a traditional and much more speculative weekend accumulator. Additionally, there are prizes available without deposits , big prizes from small stakes and leaderboards. Take a look below to see our complete guide as to why you should sign up and get an account and bet on fantasy football.

Fantasy football sites are pretty generous and do allow you to take part in certain events without having to make an initial deposit. Remarkably enough, some of these competitions will also take place with quite sizable cash prizes. This means that some competitions have thousands of people all competing for the same prize, meaning you can make a lot of money from just a small amount.

This is brilliant for people who just want to spend a little bit of money when they are gambling online. Rewards Skill and Deep Analysis When it comes to picking your team and getting points via fantasy football, only the best and smartest users will get ahead. This is where great analysis can really benefit people, making it more of a skill game then just putting a traditional bet on.

Here you can see your fantasy team ascend every week up the leaderboards, with the potential to get to the very top. Massive rewards await the person who can top the leaderboard week upon week. Do note however, it is very crowded up there. The Different Markets and Tournaments Available What we really rate about fantasy football is the different types of tournaments available when you use the service.

There is a wide selection here that rivals any traditional bookmaker. Markets can be offered by the operator or even created by fellow players with people given the choice to opt-in. There are free games as well as games with huge entry fees, making it perfect for every type of bettor.

You can bet with eleven players on weekly tournaments and season tournaments, and can also bet on five-a-side matches too. Additionally, there are star club markets too, in which you can punt that one team will make the most points in the league, as well as star players, where you can bet on specific players to make the most points through their performances.

Please keep on reading below as we write about these different tournaments that are available in more detail. Weekly tournaments are one of the best ways to make money in a short amount of time. These are competitions where you can pick the fantasy team from a series of fixtures over just one or two matchdays. This is great because it allows you to make a new team each week without having to be bogged down with more or less the same team you pick each week.

This can also be done with head to head five-a-side games. Season Tournaments Season tournaments might take a long time but can yield massive results. This is where you can pick a team and see how it does over the year of a football season.

Here one has to think much more deeply in order to make sure that they do well. From one week to the next, you are only given a few transfers each week, and if you go over a limit you will be docked points. Player Tournaments Player tournaments are when you bet on a certain player to be the most successful over any week.

Here they are awarded points depending on how many goals, assists, and clean sheets they have. This is a great tournament to take part in as when certain players have great form they can seem almost bankable, and players who you believe might surprise on the weekend can return huge amounts of money for just a small stake.

The kind of bonuses you can expect are numerous. The first thing that makes it such an enticing thing to bet with is the ability to take part in certain tournaments without needing to put in a stake. In addition to that, when you sign up with certain bookmakers they are privy to give you bonuses that match your first deposit or reward your first bet.

Always keep your eyes peeled to see what is on offer. Some also have referral schemes, whereby you are given bonus funds for referring a friend. As everyone knows, the only thing better than betting online is being able to bet while being on the go. Thankfully for users of fantasy football betting sites, they can take part in this service on their mobile.

These sites have created their own apps which can allow you to check your teams and update them — something which is especially useful if you are watching the football in the pub. If a site does not have a specially optimised iOS or Android app, you can still access the fantasy football page on the mobile webpage.

Just as when you use a traditional bookmaker, fantasy football betting sites do impose limits on how much you can bet on their site. What is interesting about the way that some of these sites work is that the amount you should bet in some pools is determined by the requirements pool itself.

As a generic rule of thumb, as these sites are naturally smaller than traditional betting sites, the amount you can bet on any given market will be generally less. As with all betting sites, there will be a wide variety of different deposit limits available across fantasy football betting sites. It is also worth considering that the deposit limits can be less on any given day. Take a look at the table we made for you below! One thing you should be particularly concerned about when you are betting online is your own safety.

Therefore you can be sure your money is secure is absolutely paramount. Thankfully, when you sign up for a fantasy football betting site, you can be definitively sure of doing everything with the utmost safety. To make sure that your money will be secure, simply follow a few steps. The first step is to make sure that your password is very complex and never give it away to anyone.

Secondly, use a respected payment method, such as PayPal, in order to encrypt the details of your bank account. Then the third step is to only log in to your account from a private computer. If you follow these steps then you should be pretty safe. On a surface level, there are many similarities between fantasy football sites and traditional betting sites. They both require you to wager money on an outcome or series of outcomes in order to make money.

But the way that they go about it does diverge quite significantly. What is also an interesting thing for you to consider is that some fantasy football betting sites also offer you the chance to punt on traditional events. Fantasy football is a vast and difficult topic, and as a result, it can be hard to win at it. There are many people out there who will tell you the exact way to win at fantasy football, but there is no hard and fast way to get ahead.

It is a hard and laborious process in order to succeed. Take a look at all the different ways to win that we have laid out for you below. To predict exactly how a player does when it comes to game-time, do a lot of research on their past form. How many goals do they get a game? What is their expected goals average?

How many assists did they have last season? These are all questions you should ask yourself before you pick them so you have the best team possible before going into your season. This means, before a game-week starts, asking yourself which players in your team are most likely to get points during a fixture.

Things worth considering is how well they do at home, and how well do they play against the opponents they have in the next game. Once you figure this out you can optimise your team for the best results. You have to be ahead of fantasy football sites. Check respected physio sites in order to find out who is fit before a game to avoid an easy mistake. We would also recommend seeing who is recently coming out of an injury as they may not have reached full fitness. Once I had the whole format clear in my mind, I decided to rally together funds and build an all-star team of people who could help get this up and running.

So, that just shows that there is a huge market ahead in the US alone. Internationally, the market is wide open. Fantasy sports are growing at an even faster rate in the UK than in the US. All over Europe, people have grown up with newspaper versions of fantasy sports, where fans would mail in their team of the week and the newspaper would publish where the fans finished in the standings. Today, that model has moved online in different countries throughout Europe. Anyone in the US with a half-decent website and a half-decent staff can build a daily fantasy sports site.

This is part of the reason why we are seeing so many new entrants into daily fantasy sports marketplace. When we were building Mondogoal, of course we were focusing on soccer, and realised the importance of being based in Europe. We made a strategic decision very early on to base our company the Isle of Man. Our servers are housed there, our banking and accounting operations are based there, and two of our directors are based there as well. Because we made the strategic decision to base Mondogoal in a European territory, that allowed us to pursue a gaming license in the Great Britain includes England, Wales and Scotland, but not Northern Ireland , and it eventually sets us up to tackle the European market.

A US or any non-European entity will have great difficulty going after the same license, as it would have to set up an entirely new company in the Great Britain before even thinking about applying for a gaming license. Given the way the European Union is structured, one might think that you could go and get a gaming license that would allow a company do business all over the EU, but gaming licenses are a matter of domestic law and we have to take a country-by-country approach.

Italy, Spain, France, and Germany, amongst others are pretty tightly regulated. So, in Italy for example, rather than pursuing our own costly and time-consuming gaming license, we have decided to partner with a company that already has a license.

The biggest problem in Brazil right now is that the market is not as developed as far as people using the Internet in general and credit card penetration is a lot lower as well. In order to get a gaming license, there is a rigorous vetting process from reporting processes to setting up player protection features where our users can set monthly limits for themselves. Before entering the British market, we first needed to get a license in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission does such a rigorous job of vetting applications, and we submitted a page business plan as part of the process.

When we built our platform, our time to market was initially slowed by an intense focus on becoming operational in Europe. That said, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission told us that we were the fastest-approved new gaming license in the history of the island. The Isle of Man license was recognised in the Great Britain until very recently, but a new law went into effect on 1 November called the Gambling Licensing and Advertising Act , which requires companies wanting to remain in the British market to secure a license from the Gambling Commission.

The Gambling Commission told us they were extremely pleased with our diligence and thoroughness in the Isle of Man, and as a result, they were quickly able to grant our British license. Thus, we are focused on making sure we do things by the book and adhere to our licensing requirements. Daniel also has twenty years of experience working in international law throughout Europe, and he has been our point person in working with the commissions in both Great Britain and in the Isle of Man.

First, the US market is very different than the Great Britain in this respect. When you do a deal in the US, there are typically revenue sharing arrangements where the individual team is required to share the net proceeds with the rest of the clubs in the league.

With regards to image rights specifically, each league has its own regulations. While, in Italy and Spain, we have been asked to show a minimum of five players not just three. One of the great things about working with multiple teams from our perspective is that in some cases, what works well in one market or for one team, may not work well in another market. In general, though, what works with one club usually works with all clubs.

Right now, our focus is on the top tier of the English Premier League. It takes us the same amount of time to produce landing pages, banners, and all kinds of other marketing assets for a big team as it does for a small team. We have found that the smaller clubs can move faster and still activate large fan bases.

The key for us is to educate the British audience.

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