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Gamesfreak demolisher betting

Derek Richardson, Restalrig Park, Edinburgh. Some fair points there Derek. Choosing software is never easy; but we try to help you out with our cover-mounted demo disks. Also, many publishers do distribute demo disks of the type that you describe - why not ask the chap behind the counter at your local specialist software shopI. I am sure that many other footballers will be eager to know what has happened to their masterpieces.

How dare you suggest that we'd sell your disks I We have far too many uses for them ourselves. If it's more Goal-den Goals you want though, why not check out the News section for details of an exciting new Public Domain developmentI It could be just what you're looking for. It also happened to be my first adventure game ever. I used to buy all the latest arcade conversions, but found that they quickly became boring and repetitive. I thought that people who played adventure games were funny, socially-rejected creatures that hid away in darkened rooms with a mouse in one hand and their glasses in the other.

I will await their next game with enthusiasm. This issue, mail order software and PD companies have attracted some more attention - strangely, most of it positive. Keep sending in your thoughts on these and anything else that captures the imagination to Speaker's Corner and we'll shove them in.

The same applies to PD suppliers. I chose Crazy Joe's and I received my order three days later. This shows that there are companies that can be trusted. This would help first-time buyers and possibly stop people from being ripped-off. Sometimes, though, you can't stop people using an opportunity like this to grab some free coverage.

Foord of Cheshire writes to tell us: "I expect that you, like me, have heard many horror stories of the 'cheap' PD companies. Goods not arriving, cheques cashed, weeks to wait, bad disks and so on, ad infinitum. I tried one company and I have to compliment them on their service.

They sent me a free disk with my first order, helped me solve my virus problems caused by a mistaken tangle with another 'cheapo firm' and even exchanged a disk which I didn't like! I have never had any trouble with the disks and have always found them to be a friendly, helpful bunch. They have well over disks, so range is not a problem, it sometimes is for 'ckeapos'. Phil Mulholland from Harrogate, Yorkshire has a good whinge at the standard of today's sticks.

Apparently they don't make them like the used to: "I don't mind paying out for a good joystick, but if it breaks after eight weeks it's a waste of money. Hie N. My first problem is that I can only buy a game every three to four months, because they are so expensive here in Finland EE40!

My second problem is: that my friend brought me back a copy of Kick Off 2 from Germany games are cheaper there. Unfortunately, the instructions are all German and the game is. So I send you the instructions. If you are a nice Sarge you can replace them with English ones.

Mikkeli, Finland. If I was a nice Sarge I would. Last summer, my family had a great day out at Windsor Safari Park. It was only when we got home that we found that a little lion cub had snuggled itself onto the roof-rack of our car. Fie became part of the family, and we named him 'Cuddles 7. That was almost 10 months ago, but last week, something terrible happened. Cuddles, rather than eating his usual tuna-flavoured Whiskas, decided to eat my brother.

This was a real disaster, particularly because my brother had my entire games collection in his pockets. Since then, my life has not been worth living. Paul Hudson, Staffs. When we got back we found that our house had been broken into and our television and video had been stolen. When our son went upstairs he found not only his computer and games gone, but also the money he had been saving to buy King's Quest V. He is totally devastated about this, so I thought Pd write to you and ask if you could send him a copy.

Nevertheless, I was so moved by your son's plight that I was just about to pop a copy of King's Quest in the post until I realised he didn't have a computer to play it on. Sorry, but that's life So, if you shun adventure games as I did, think again and buy one. S Gold is more, please. Funny you should ask Jorin, as we've revealed over the last couple of issues, there's a swashbuckling sequel to Monkey Island on the way called LeChuck's Revenge due next year.

I am a great fan of cricket and Pm also an Essex supporter, so I was particularly pleased to get a copy. It was with a great deal of trepidation that I loaded the demo and elected to bowl. I was impressed with the graphics, but I found a few bugs and inaccuracies that I hope can be corrected before the game's release. He often appeared to have the ball, but one, two, three and often four byes were given.

Secondly - and more seriously - there is a bug that could ruin what promises to be an excellent game. I have found a place just outside off stump, mid-way down where you can dismiss the batsman employing either spin or seam on one-third power.

Once I found this spot I managed to dismiss four batsmen in as many balls. This does not happen in cricket except maybe when Curtly Ambrose is bowling at Graham Hick and therefore doesn't represent a true simulation of the game. Also, when David Gower came to the wicket he proceeded to bat right- handed. Couldn't the sprite have been flipped to turn him into the left-handed player he is4- This would have made the game more accurate. I would dearly love Graham Gooch World Class Cricket to become the definitive simulation of this great sport, but these bugs are going to ruin any hope of this.

I'm not writing this to have a go at Audiogenic, but for the benefit of cricket fans everywhere who have waited a long time for a simulation like this. Alan Harding, Cringleford, Norwich. We put these criticisms to the powers that be at Audiogenic who received them with thanks and are now looking into them.

This was, after all, just an early demo version, so there were limitations, but by the time the finished version emerges, David Gower should eventually materialise as a left-hander. Beats us! Got something to get off your chest? All correspondence should be confined to one side of the paper and, where possible, confined to a single sheet. The editor reserves the right to edit any letters as he sees fit.

Please do not include an S. The latest version of the best-selling art program has been redesigned to incorporate the ability to paint and animate with all 4, colours in HAM mode. Other facilities include the ability to create 'inter-frames 7 for smooth animation, a VCR- style control interface which enables the user to point and click instead of working through menus and a 'metamorphosis 7 option which transforms the shape and image of one brush into another.

And that ; s not all. There are also enhanced gradients, a new colour mixer, tinting and translucency options for special effects and a 'stencil paints 7 mode which allows greater control when manipulating an image. Also included in the package are two further art disks as well as a utilities disk with Instant Slideshow and Player which allows the user to create standalone productions.

Further information is available from Electronic Arts on Delegate numbers are extremely limited, so tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Once again, places are available on a first come, first served basis. The simulation recreates the Bolivia of that period, forcing the player to manage troops, plan ambushes, ensure there is enough food for your troops and put together a realistic strategy to try and win the war.

More details on Oh dear, oh dear You see, the pictures were supposed to be photographs on the paper and the game names were supposed to be the headlines, and the It was all a bit of a miserable failure really. On the subject of weird licences, Core Design which hadn't yet begun to publish its own games had been given the task of trying to cobble a game out of the wealth of material that is Monty Python and Domark was attempting to follow up its Trivial Pursuit success with a version of Pictionary.

The only other licence worth mentioning was Ghostbusters II, which turned out to be a really frightening game - it was frightening to discover that games really could be that bad. At the same time some games were gaining a little more respect, namely Populous, which was in the running for a British Design Award. Populous creator Bullfrog came under further scrutiny in our Work In Progress section. The Guildford boys allowed us a sneak peak at secret projects W, F, and X, which turned out to be respectively: Powermonger, Flood, and the yet to be released Bob.

We care about the environment as much as anybody else. The result - the best software money can buy. The gameplay involves the brothers testing the security system of a huge corporation, collecting evidence of robbery along the way. We'll bring you more details as we get them. Its answer to this "problem 77 is the Freedom Connection, a peripheral which transforms your favourite joystick into a free-moving infra-red affair.

For further information, call Spectravideo on Once again designed and executed by Paul Woakes, the game will feature the same blend of exploration and futuristic flight simulation, only this time with the added attraction of an enemy to fight. Novagen is keeping quiet about the plot, price and release date as yet. We ; ll let you know as soon as this situation changes.

TEL: The picture above shows an early version of the game, featuring the match between Cameroon and England in last year's World Cup a game which cost the Sensible boys big money, as they had a huge bet on Cameroon to win the contest. Watch out for further news over the next few months. Featuring huge digitised characters fighting it out against real industrial backdrops rumoured to be Atari's warehouse!

Now, Domark is pitching it as its candidate for this year's coveted Christmas Number 1 spot. Programmed by the London- based Teque team, the conversion features the original sprites and graphics from the arcade machine along with, the publisher claims, the same pan and zoom effects as the original.

The following six games are not only worth a place in anyone's software scorers in The One magazine over the last three months Virgin Games may just have published the most realistic sports simulation of all time. The usual high quality that you'd expect from Lucasfilm. Definitely the Kick Off of baseball games. Tons of heroic adventure for both the novice and experienced warrior.

ELF Nirvana's first effort has an impish sense of humour. The gripping gameplay and gorgeous graphics are a welcome change from Ocean's usual licensed fare. Play world class football with Europe's most talented player. Gazza brings the game alive in this thrilling action packed sports simulation. Pro Tennis Tour. Travel around the world, S in four of the top International naments, feel the excitement as you make your way to the top in the World Champion of Tennis Games.

Continental Circus. Taito's smash coin-op stretches your driving skills to the limit as you battle your way around the World's top eight Grana Prix Circuits. World Class Leaderboard. Play on the same courses that have challenged the Greatest names in golf. The look and feel are so life-like it's no wonder this has become the Greatest Golf Game ever.

Falcon - The Classic Collection is a compilation which brings together the original sim and its two mission disks. The game, due out in November, comprises six events: swimming, cycling, show jumping, diving, shooting, and marathon. Magitech is also responsible for another forthcoming Gremlin release, Suspicious Cargo, a graphic sci-fi adventure.

This cyberpunk-style plot centres around Jonah Hayes, the captain of a spacefreighter who's blackmailed into smuggling a genetically-engineered weapon back to earth. Suspicious Cargo is a mixture of text, animated graphics and arcade sequences, which should find its way onto your screens by October.

Two arcade titles are also scheduled to appear this side of Christmas in the shape of VideoKid and Harlequin. VideoKid has one of the most hackneyed plot lines ever, in which a child who watches too much TV is dragged into his video recorder, but don't let that put you off what is an excuse for a trusty multi-directional shoot 'em up from the relatively new Harrogate-based development house, Twilight.

The action takes place across five classic film genres including westerns, space, gangsters and horror, but the main attraction is the arcade-speed scrolling and colour parallax which Twilight claims gives it the look and feel of a console game. Harlequin meanwhile, exploits that other favourite arcade medium - the platform game. Programmed by relative newcomers Warp Factory, the game has an added dimension of fast eight-way scrolling as you swing, jump, swim, crawl and run through 20 levels of action.

Flag should be the last of Gremlin's latest batch to see release. To celebrate this momentous occasion, the company announced five new titles for the winter. Possibly the most impressive in terms of scope and scale is Daemonsgate I, an RPG based around the siege of a town which, Gremlin claims, will be the largest and since size isn't everything most in-depth game of its type.

The story revolves around the city of Tormis which is suddenly, and inexplicably, besieged by a large army. In the time- honoured role- playing fashion you command an expedition which has to find a way out of the city and gather information about the army outside to help end the siege before the city collapses. Dewsbury-based Magitech, the development team which is currently putting the finishing touches to the game, claims to have created one of the most rational fantasy environments ever seen - and with that environment including some , playing screens, eight fully-interactive team members and a further 32 other characters, it's difficult to disbelieve this.

Simon Cook. Here, two villages divided by a river with one bridge are forced to battle for the possession of a flag every 20 years by a bored wizard. Basically this transplants the idea of paintball fighting to a more involved fantasy setting, allowing you to set defensive or offensive strategies with the added facility to build fortifications and employ magic in the struggle for the other village's flag.

Here's to the next seven years! The reason for this speedy appearance is, according to Gremlin, that the original attracted more letters than any of the company's other games in many of these demanded a sequel or suggested improvements. The duo decided straight away that they wouldn't just recreate Lotus with a new set of tracks. One of the most major alterations means that up to four players can now take part by linking two machines. Speed fans will also appreciate the newly- included choice of two cars: the Lotus Esprit has been joined by the Lotus Elan.

But probably the most notable difference beween the two games won't become apparent until you're in the thick of the action: Lotus II will feature eight courses divided into timed checkpoints, each with its own graphics, weather conditions, trackside obstacles and sound effects.

One consolation is that objects grow brighter as they approach you. Veer to the left or right and you'll slide like Torville and Dean. Visibility is severely limited by a constant fall of snow. Daredevil drivers will no doubt cross the central reservation, skilfully dodging the oncoming vehicles.

Look out for the broken wooden bridges - they could allow you to leap over many of the hazards. Nice if you're the poetic type, but not so good for driving in. Once again. The One's chirpiest cub reporter gets on the blower to quiz the big names of software development on what's been tickling their particular fancies over the last month MacLean has got plenty of free games playing time on his hands.

Lemmings and Tetris have been the favourites for him this month, but when the computer fails to impress. Archer makes for the arcades and a good old blast on the Defender sequel. Battle Squadron is one of his computer favourites, with Exile and Tetris coming in close behind. Just like Archer, Ned likes to visit the local arcade - and by some kind of weird coincidence, he too likes Robotron and other old classics.

Because: "Everyone these days just tries to impress people with 3D stuff," he explains. Speedball 2 has, of course, enjoyed its fair share of joystick waggling - but not too much mind, because Eric is busy rattling his brain for new games, which will include creatures with "the intelligence of Gods monsters" he says.

Anyhow, the man in the know is spending his spare time with Sword of Vermillion, a role-playing game on his MegaDrive. Apart from the fact that "the graphics are really ace," it's apparently also "one of those games that you just want to keep playing.

He managed to complete the arcade version of Strider in no time along with R-Type, Nemesis and Trilogy, he says modestly , but one arcade great that's still causing him problems is Street Fighter 2. But now he's been given the task of working on a new "arcade style" game secretive, huh? Having defeated the evil Dr. Cod knows, the mission is a ruffe one. Salmon-chanted evening, Dr.

Not one to carp on about the dangers or mullet over for too long, Pond accepts the mission. The factories are no plaice for molly-cod-dling wimps: each one is split into a number of sections, from four to 12, according to difficulty. All are based on a theme, from board games to computers, and Pond has to destroy the afflicted toys on every level.

Brave as he is, eel flounder without your help. Irish-based Kick Off 2 enthusiast Derek Doran is putting together a series of 'Goal-den Disks 7 to be distributed on PD through all of the usual channels. So, if you reckon that you 7 ve scored a goal so great that the whole world will want to see it, then save it on disk and send it to: Derek Doran, 3 Glenaulin Park, Chapelizod, Dublin 20, Eire.

Readers who want their disks returned should also include a padded envelope and 50p to cover the costs of postage and handling. Money will be refunded to all the people who have already booked their tickets for the consumer event. Roll up, roll up for the greatest competition on Earth.

One more month to go, just one more month, so get those entries rolling in. Well you've now had three months to devise, create and send in your very own 3D masterpiece and this is your last chance. Here's a couple of the latest entries. Mark has put a lot of detail into his rooms, the waterfall is animated, most of the doors have elaborate archways etc..

Drapes, tapestries and paintings adorn the halls of the castle and very impressive they look too. After an illicit affair while her husband was away at war, Lady Elizabeth Bathory developed a strange craving for human blood. Not surprising when you learn that her lover had a pale face, pointed fangs and dressed in black.

After going through her stock of servants, the local peasantry and her long line of lovers, Elizabeth has taken to kidnapping her victims, the latest of which happened to be your sister. Not one just to stand by and watch, you set out to the rescue. The game starts with you approaching Elizabeth's castle. According to Mark, the plot for Dark Carpathian is based on a true story that ends with Elizabeth being walled up in her castle as punishment for her crimes.

As far as the game is concerned, you just have to find your sister and escape. Entries will only be accepted from registers users of the 3D Construction Kit, so don't forget to return your registration card to Domark not to us thanks! The game data must be K or less. Full instructions must be included, typed or neatly written on one side of the paper.

Include your name, address, telephone number including area code and age on the disk label and a separate sheet of paper. Entries must be received by Friday September 6th. Soon after, tne government received reports of U. You have been sent in to find out what happened to the crew, what state the ship is in and whether or not to destroy it. To find out what happened you must locate the ship's 'red box' recorder before making your way to the rescue dinghy and safety.

Unfortunately, the ship's security defences are still in operation, so take care. Paul Timson of Nuneaton is responsible for Ghost Ship and has managed to create an atmospheric setting, combining it with a good sense of humour, a reasonably difficult selection of puzzles and strong presentation.

This is a good example of how different shapes can be combined to create interesting objects. Unfortunately the U. Set up by Stealey and Sid 'Railroad Tycoon' Meier to develop authentic simulations, allegedly as a result of a bet: Meier reckoned he could write a top game in a week, Stealey called his bluff, Meier delivered Hellcat Ace somewhat longer than a week later. Infocom Cambridge, Massachusetts The legendary team of text adventure publishers were graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dominated the text adventure genre in the mids with the Zork trilogy, Suspended and Leather Goddesses of Phobos, along with many other classics. Ill- fated attempts at diversification led to acquisition by Activision at a time when Activision itself was in financial trouble: the label was closed down in Distributed in the UK by Electronic Arts. Published by EA in Europe.

Disney Hollywood 1. Distinctive Software Inc. Affiliated to Sierra. Still very much a family business albeit a multi-million dollar one , set up by husband and wife team Ken and Roberta Williams in with Roberta's first adventure game, Mystery House. It then went on to write Links and knocked itself off the number one slot. In a different vein, also released Countdown and Mean Streets. Houston, Texas Nine-year-old entertainment and simulation developer.

Its design has also worked on NASA projects such as the space shuttle station and advanced aircraft projects. Products reach the UK through Electronic Arts. Nice tax benefits. Peru Proved inspirational for veteran programmer Jeff Minter, who made a tidy living out of metagalactic llama: Silicon Valley A. First titles, Rescue on Fractalus and Ballblazer were arcade-style games; the company also produced naval simulations which were published by Electronic Arts. Set up in by former Apple director Trip Hawkins, with one title, the Pinball Construction Set, there are now some 15 million units of EA software around the world.

Grew steadily until it won the licence to produce computer games based on TSR's Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, which moved them up several divisions. A deal with Domark licenses these titles for conversion to computer formats. Look out for an unusual gameplay tie-up with Bullfrog: Sim City scenarios loadable into Populous Z, and hopefully vice versa.

Sullivan Bluth Studios Dublin The studios which create the super-animated cartoons were moved here in Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, and John Pomeroy were animators at Disney before resigning to set up their own company in Gameplay doesn't always live up to its promises. Holds the European rights to Disney Software. Lankhor Paris Not as well known as its compatriots, Infogrames and Ubi Soft, Lankhor's chief claim to fame is its 'grand classique', Morteville Manor , which picked up a wad of French games awards.

Founded in , Lankhor has a roster of adventure and educational titles, with Maupiti Island and Vroom, a driving game, scheduled for release this year. Ubi Soft Paris Another French company pumping out titles on a regular basis, with around programmers, both in- house and freelance, on tap for games development; probably best known for Pro Tennis Tour and its sequel.

Started in by two chemical engineers, Bruno Bonnell and Christophe Sapet, and one of the first French companies to cross the Channel and sell in the UK. Expect plenty more to come. Now one of Germany's leading games producers, it also develops coin-op machines through Rainbow Games. Most famous for Turrican. Latest release is 'ower FRA, with the flight sim irbus still in the pipeline. Starbyte Bochum Part of the Softgold group.

Reline Hanover Part of the Softgold group. Best known for Oil Imperium and Dyter 7. Dinamic Madrid Horizontal scrollers are Dinamic's speciality. Began as a programming team, became a publisher in and later a group of companies - Microdigital Soft - overseeing all production, duplication, distribution, etc, plus a chain of entertainment stores in Spain.

Current games include Narco Police. Undeterred, has shown staying power this year with I Play 3D Soccer. Italy Virgin got the official rights to produce the World Cup computer game. Italy Soccer see above. Andromeda Hungary Hardy veterans of the games scene, Andromeda's Hungarian programmers were producing games such as Eureka Domark's debut release and others for Mirrorsoft way back in Followed up with Wiris and Welltris; consequently everyone thinks the Russians are whizzo at puzzle games.

Vietnam Computer games based on the Vietnam conflict have inevitably followed the undying interest in this subject in Hollywood. Commodore Hong Kong Large manufacturing facility for the Amiga. China Heart Of Dynamix' latest cinematic game is set in China in the s, with you running a business in Hong Kong and setting off to rescue the girl in true movie-style tradition. Video games market leader in the UK.

Sony Tokyo International corporation with holdings in most areas of the entertainment industry. The last two both used Capcom's own arcade 'super-chip', intended to enhance graphic resolution on the screen. Computer game versions come courtesy of US Gold. In , set up a US division in Sunnyvale, ialifornia, to produce Nintendo console titles - both Capcom originals and licensed from Lucasfilm and Disney.

Nintendo Kyoto Undisputed number one in consoles. The name Nintendo has come to be used in the US to mean any video game, two million people ordered the Super FamiCom in Japan before it even went on sale, and Mario is apparently now more recognisable to American kids than Mickey Mouse. Nintendo still has a way to go in the UK before it catches up with Sega - which had a year's head start with the Master System, but one suspects it can only be a matter of time Currently working on Nintendo projects.

For all repairs to your computer, one low payment covers diagnosis, repair including parts and labour and delivery back to you. The experience and expertise of our technicians ensures that your computer is repaired to a high standard at a low cost. And each repair will be carried out within 12 working days! To schedule a repair, simply call Michelle or Julie on Please be ready to give your name, address, computer type, serial number and the type of fault.

Payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit card. When we arrived, I immediately knew that there would be a heated ambiance A very heated ambiance After writing a couple of unpublished games on the Beeb, Dino took a break to study for an electronics degree at the University of Kent at Canterbury.

When he graduated, he worked in the fault diagnosis and repairs department at Silica Distribution, before re-emerging with Kick Off. Just 24 years old, Dino has recently married, and now lives in Cambridge. When not hard at work on Player Manaaer 2, he returns to his first love, music: he plays the guitar and has been in several bands.

James Pond, underwater agent, has a number of fishy missions to complete without depleting his energy and within a time limit. Large graphics, smooth scrolling and accessible gameplay gives James Pond huge Lute 7 appeal. Besides all this, Pond himself is a very ' sympathetic character. I have great respect for programmer Chris Sorrell. Your mission is to build up your power, wealth and status by trading with inhabitants of various planets and defeating them in battle, working your way up from novice to Elite status.

The depth and breadth of the strategy elements turned ordinary games players into addicts overnight. Later versions added finishing touches such as a rendering of The Blue Danube during docking sequences. It broke a lot of new ground then and remains a classic to this day. The original versions were played directly from the command prompts and were entirely character-based.

Dino first started playing it as a student on the Unix system at the University of Kent. Programmer Geoff Crammond worked hard to make flying the plane as realistic as possible - a strategy he later developed further in Revs next. The large-scale driver's seat view was an innovation, and the sheer size and detail t in the graphics were previously unheard of.

Crammond placed the emphasis on controlling the car authentically, rather than simply casting the player as a dot whizzing round the track. The convincing sound effects as the cars revved and roared added enormously to the atmosphere. It's a complete simulation and very realistic, whereas other racing games cheat on the maths.

This one feels like the real thing. You had to build up your plumbing network, while various characters came along to try to knock holes in it, causing the fluid in them to leak out. Maintenance generally involved dashing back and forth to make running repairs. There are also some very nice touches like the facility to recruit people to help you build the pipeline. Agents are often unseen and unthanked, but they are just as necessary in the dog-eat-dog world of computer games software as they are in the equally rough worlds of acting and writing.

Marjacq Micro, the first and now the biggest agency for games developers is run from an unassuming flat near Marble Arch by its co-founder Jacqui Lyons. So how did Marjacq come about in the first place? Prior to having my own agency I worked for Fraser and Dunlop scripts, a major literary agency which looked after the Monty Python team, Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke Taylor among others. I put an advertisement - a sort of tick list - in Popular Computing Weekly.

I got a reasonable response from the advert and I started the software side. Then a friend rang up and told me about Ian Bell and David Braben. Elite had just happened and Ian and David had retained all rights other than for the BBC, which was extremely bright of them. They wanted me to represent the rest of those rights.

Against all that criticism we held the auction and were helped by Channel Four News suddenly picking up on Elite and doing a whole item about it. It excited a lot of interest. We sold the rights for a very substantial sum to British Telecom, because BT had just started its software division and it needed a big game to establish itself. We require a high standard of programmers, with a high standard of professional behaviour.

I will not be involved with people who are involved in piracy, ripping off or plagiarism. Contracts are there to be observed and conformed to by both parties, the publisher and the developer. Two programmers who cut their teeth, to great acclaim, on the BBC Micro before moving on to bit. This kind of all- embracing contract - you signed over the software therefore we get all the console rights, all the arcade game rights, all the CD rights - is unfair on the developer. Any developer who still thinks that Marjacq Micro is waiting in the wings ready to exploit them at the slightest excuse might have a long wait.

If you write big games it takes a long time. You have a problem with 3D - keeping up with the current state of the art is a very hard process. He had left school without any particular qualifications, he was on the jobless scrapheap, but he was very keen on computers.

He read an article in one of the magazines in which David Braben had been quoted as saying that Virus could never be written on the Spectrum, and he took it as a personal challenge. The team is also working on a Strategy game for MicroProse which is to include flying, rather than a full-blown flight simulator - sounds intriguing. This kind of all-embracing contract - you signed over the software therefore we get all the console rights, all the arcade game rights, all the CD rights - is unfair on the developer.

The reason that licensed games work so well is partially because the licence is so widely advertised in other areas, so people are very aware of it, where they are not going to be that aware of Warhead, for example. Your game is going to get seriously lost and indeed probably fail to perform at all.

So you have to bring out unlicensed products at a less commercial time of year. And the question of where CD or CD-I fits in the overall mix and match of things is very interesting. Is it going to sit with the film industry and the producer, or with the owner of the rights to exploit them as a computer game?

All of these people are going to jump on it. And people have learnt that if they want to know anything about these obscure areas it actually pays to have a conversation, just to find out how one can go about exploiting them. T k So I see the role of the agency ON actually growing into that.

Help Hiro, the last of the Bladeknights defeat the evil Havoc. Supercars 2 promises to be an even greater smash than the original Supercars! Quick reactions and driving skill are a must for this stormer! Place your order by completing the coupon, or send your details on a postcard, or ring our special 24 Hour Orderline Service on T wenty years AGO a games system was a fancy name for a cardboard box containing a chequered board and a bag full of chess pieces.

These days the term covers everything from the hand-held you can stick in your lunch box to dedicated Virtual Reality consoles complete with headset, glove and a processor the size of a small fridge. If you could design the ideal games system, regardless of technical realism, availability and price, would it look like anything like your current machine?

So if you could incorporate speech recognition iinto a games system that would be fabulous. Embedded in the ear-pieces are tiny electrodes capable of a vast array of sensory stimulation. These enable the characteristics of a virtual reality to be transmitted directly to the brain and dispense with the need for complex LCD screens, 3D television or all-over body suits. The game experience is physical as well as mental - you can feel pain and motion - but your body need never move.

The electrodes feed in the relevant information and relay your mental responses for evaluation. To perform an action all you need to do is think about it. Any commands which need to be issued to the system are uttered verbally and decoded by an advanced speech recognition system capable of receiving and understanding any human voice. Extra software for alternative languages, including Japanese, is available. You choose from a selection of pre-set male and female registers or feed in a sample voice of your own.

If you really want it to, your system can speak to you as John Wayne, Madonna or your mum. There is a palette of around 16 million colours, a relatively large selection of custom chips or equivalent for performing a variety of routine tasks - holographic image and 3D object generation among them.

By issuing spoken commands you can move freely about various aspects of the program and alter the parameters of the game. In addition to simple game playing, holographic software has obvious educational advantages. It can be used as a multimedia aid in the teaching of anything from history to French. Speak the number, and the telephone gives instant link-up with other players all over the globe. Using it, you can share a game of space invaders with Heike in Dusseldorf and Bruno in Milan, or download data from any other on-line system.

The hardware would be adapted so the software could accommodate your intelligence and translate instinctive actions, like running for a ball or dodging, automatically onto the screen. What you really need is a strong enough CPU to be able to perform any calculations you might need.

I like the Roger Dean idea of a total environment centre, something a bit like a giant egg with a hi-fi and TV as well. Since then, bright sparks everywhere have been working to produce bigger, better, and faster machines. Now, there are plenty of modern systems trying to expand and develop the current state of the art The source of all the excitement is some rather sexy hardware scaling and rotation.

According to Virtuality, one of the first companies to develop VR, the future is helmet-shaped. All you have to do is put a bucket on your head, relax and lose yourself in a polygon-constructed virtual reality. At the moment the technology is still in its infancy, but if it takes off, the potential gaming possibilities are endless. It combines the processing power of an Amiga with the storage capacity of CD.

Could this be -— A:—-. Complete with RISC technology, 12Mhz custom chip and a revolutionary design that meant you could transform the control device from steering wheel to handlebar to joystick yoke and hook the whole caboodle up to a hydraulic chair Despite glowing hype, and several half-finished games, the Multisystem never even made it to the shops.

Extra headsets allow others to participate in the virtual reality with you. Energy Sources Wrist-watch version enables you to select things just by looking at them. Well, read on and all will be revealed CD-ROM A laser-read disk similar to the kind you stick into your hi-fi which can hold a thousand times more information than a disk.

CD-I Interactive compact disk. A computer system which stores interactive programs animated images and texts. Basically, it lets you access a whole range of different programs via simple. CPU design that makes program writing more complex, but increases speed. As gods can only walk on Earth in human form, Heimdail, divine guardian of the bridge that links Valhalla to Earth, must be reborn as the human son of hapless village virgin, Ingrid. During a night of thunder and lightning, she gives birth to a strong and healthy son and the quest to return the heavenly artefacts begins.

The first stage in the process was some serious group discussion. First we designed the world, then the number of days it takes to get from island to island. Your longboat can accommodate a party of five, though you can only take two on land. Each of your potential companions has a specific profession and skills, so it pays to take a good mix.

Navigators, for example, advise on the advisability of journeys, while warriors come in handy for pounding flesh. In the interests of user-friendliness all the controls you need are on screen. H H JjVI Core continues its policy of diversification by following its first flight simulator with a Viking-style arcade adventure. Kati Hamza treks to Derby to investigate.

Time passed and Jerr met school-leaver Ged pronounced Jed Keaveney during a spell working for Gremlin. He took the bait. We had an idea for this big world which you could walk round. At first you could actually explore the whole of England, but we decided that was a bit too big. The trick is to keep those jewels and items which may be useful on other islands and use up or throw all the useless objects away.

I Beware! If your strength is low, that may be enough to kill. In this early demo, a bad miss triggers a nasty exploding head effect: in the interests of good taste, the final version will feature an ingenious alternative Sub-game two is a simple matter of playing tag with a greased pig.

Will the hog knock Heimdall flying or has he got the strength to save his bacon? Note the vicious sabre-toothed bear depicted on the longboat shield. Heimdall alone has the option to call for divine intervention in battle. What makes this particularly unusual is the angle of the isometric 3D. If I start drawing something serious I get lost sometimes. Basically anything we think of we just plonk him in.

A warrior is usually a good bet, although a priest may prove more useful in specific situations. In fact, at certain points the path may fork into a separate way for warrior or priest. You can switch between party members at will - a useful feature if one of your group becomes weak or badly injured. The plan is to create six monster types per level, although this may cause memory problems. Jerr draws the image on paper first, then digitises it, inserts it into the combat box outline and adds the background and shading.

In this case only half the frames are complete. Should they engage in battle, the screen automatically switches into combat display. Here above we have the DPaint-created animation frames of the same goblin. Obviously changes have to be made to make sure the sprite works within the game but generally they are kept true to the original artwork.

The enlarged view shows exactly how much detail ODE has put into even the smallest of sprites. Oxford-based ODE has gone soul-searching. Paul Presley joins the crew to see what he can find. As well as Deathbringer, the team is also currently working on the conversion of Volfeed- a Qix inspired coin-op and Team Yankee 2, the follow-up to the original tank-based simulation. The sword has a soul-meter running along the top of it which constantly needs to be topped up I by taking another life.

Along the way he has to battle against such adversaries as Stirges birds that get their beaks stuck in the ground , goblins and wild boars. Amongst others, Karn has to deal with Snakes and their tails, Dragons and their breath and Barbarian and their fists. C urrently, the sound effects used in Deathbringer are sampled straight from the mouths of ODE the mangled scream that can be heard on our cover disk is actually Rik Yapp in one of his more eloquent moments.

The real sound effects are being produced by a professional company called Skinnybone Productions, which has so far sampled over different effects. The samples are taken at around 57Khz, which basically means ODE can play around with them as they see fit to create some interesting sounds.

Like the sprites, the music has been done out of house by a new name to the music scene, Angus Murray. Angus was discovered after sending a demo tape to ODE which was good enough to make the boys think twice about him. Deathbringer will only have one tune - a good old heavy metal thrash - due to the amount of sound effects being used. There are 36 levels of parallax in the backdrops to each level, more than has ever been seen before. This is achieved by using wedge-shaped tiles instead of the usual square ones.

As the player moves left or right, the wedge swings in the appropriate direction, giving the parallax effect. For one of the later levels - the caves - the tiles are taken a step further. This makes the entire level appear tubular, adding to the atmosphere of being in a cave. As the character moves, the wedge swings in the appropriate direction.

This grid allows movement in six directions from any single location. Rather than being identical in every respect, each hex has a particular terra in type, like mountains or grasslands, and this affects the rate of movement through them. Trying to push a unit through hex after hex of mountains will be slow work, while units fairly zip along when they stick to the roads.

But terrain is also important when attacking. While movement through the mountains may be slow, they do provide important strategic strongholds. Simply pushing units forward to attack whatever they meet will soon result in a depleted and defenceless force.

The player must try to capture and hold strategic positions while defending land that he or she already controls. This is where the factories come in. Dotted around the islands are a number of factories, some of which are aligned to either player, and some of which are initially neutral and can be captured.

These are capable of rejuvenating depleted units and of constructing new units. In addition to the factories that already exist, construction units are capable of constructing new warehouses if a large enough area of suitable terrain is found. So while most of your force will be engaged with the enemy, a portion of it will always be busy keeping the supply lines open and active. Your opponent is trying to get information on your Crusader units and is quite rightly told where to get off!

The mosquito aircraft shown is one of the few units relatively untroubled by terrain. No thank you! Not only does the superb presentation put this game far above most others of its genre, it has been designed with the general gamesplayer in mind, and is very accessible and highly playable. Like many strategy games, Battle Isle is designed to be played by either two human players or one person versus the computer. Both players begin with a headquarters, which is given a coastal position so that it can double as both a port and an airport, and a small fighting force and arsenal comprising aircraft, carriers, cruisers, mines, mine destroyers, patrol boats, submarines, lifeboats, and other more exotic units.

Each unit in the force is designed to perform a specific task ranging from attacking the enemy through to transporting friendly units around the map. A lthough the first game is still unfinished, there are already plenty of plans for expanding Battle Isle. As might be expected, Scenario Disks with new graphics and maps are amongst the first things on the cards.

These may include whole campaigns in which the accumulated wins and losses are carried over from one game to the next. More immediately though, the intention is to provide compatibility with turbo cards to improve calculation speeds. T he presentation currently worked into Battle Isle is slick and attractive, with clear, colourful symbols representing individual units, against suitably realistic looking terrain.

When combat is being resolved the player is shown an animation in which the vehicles in each unit roll towards each other and then fire volleys of shots. Other impressive animations are used when a building is captured - a heavy steel door is seen being cut through with a laser and it then clangs to the ground revealing the silhouetted figure of one of your troops.

Most of the sound has still to be implemented, but what there is at present sounds promising. There are suitably metallic effects as tanks trundle forwards to do battle, and missiles are released with a frighteningly realistic whoosh. B attle Isle is played in two phases, a movement phase and an attack phase.

While one side is executing its movement phase the other side is executing its attack phase. Units that have already been instructed to engage the enemy will continue to fight, if necessary , even during a movement phase. Experience points are gained for successful combat, and shield points for successful defence, so over a period of time the player can develop crack units which are more likely to inflict heavy losses on green units.

There are 32 maps, 16 of which can be played against the computer, and two special, large scale maps, based on Europe and, almost topically, Iraq. The ordinary maps present a progressively more difficult challenge, allowing the player to slowly adapt to the necessary strategic elements.

In this case its movement is unobstructed because it is in deep water. As well as being useful for the planning of general strategies it also shows you which units are still to receive orders. The tanks in either unit trundle menacingly towards each other and then begin to take pot shots at each other. Points are scored depending on how many enemy units are destroyed in each round.

B: neutral army of savages can optionally be included. At first the magicians can only create the lesser characters, but as they grow in power, more powerful creatures can be incarnated. Individual armies can be split or merged and then go off in search of the opposing magician in an effort to destroy him before he becomes too powerful. Yes, Celtic Legends is similar to Battle Isle insofar as it is a hex-based strategy game, but there the similarity ends.

In plain English, the evil magician Daimog Brulmer has been alarming people by reincarnating the dead. Rather than concede to demands to put an end to his practice, he challenges the great wizard Eskel Noc Ventu to a duel. This battle takes place in the Celtic Land, a parallel world linked to the real world through pentacles. Through these pentacles the magicians are able to call forth other creatures to assist them in their duel. The smaller image shows an overall picture of the whole isle.

The system is ;. This is also the only time that he accumulates magical power, which is used for everything from character creation to spell casting, and the more power he has the more he can do. When battle is joined the view switches to a close up of the hex that the two armies are on with both of them lined up at either side. Each character type has different movement characteristics and strengths. So while Cyclops, for instance, are slow and heavy they do a lot of damage when they finally meet their opponents.

Some characters, like the minor magicians, are comparatively weak but can use magic at range, giving them an advantage. As each character gains success in combat they become more proficient and harder to beat. Magicians also increase the range of spells they can cast. He is also the only character able to create new creatures.

J ust in case you thought Ubi Soft had gone completely strategy mad, take a look at these shots from Lightquest, a graphical extravaganza containing an arcade game and adventure game all rolled into one. Lightquest is set in a fairy tale land featuring everything from Goblins to Unicorns.

Ubi Soft also plans to continue its range of excellent compilations. This peculiar twist has come about for two reasons. Sound effects are a different matter entirely. Kingsley seems to be intent on breaking new ground in every area of the game, in this case by having enveloped effects.

An example of this in real life is a police siren. Using a Roland bit sampler, Kingsley set about sampling a host of noises, then tried fiddling around with them to see what he came up with. A sampled section of real whale song, when sped up, sounded just like bird song, whereas sampled bird song, when played slowly, sounded like whale song. The small yellow balls are in fact the dust particles that make up Jupiter's rings. Paul Presley discovers how a legend is born. It becomes a milestone in computer entertainment, a legend that is remembered years after its release.

Recent examples have included Midwinter and KickOff you must still appreciate their worth , and who could forget such ground-breaking classics as Manic Miner, Mercenary or Elite? Initially, Eye Of The Storm looks set to join them. Throughout the project, Kingsley has deliberately kept the scenario sketchy, not wanting to restrict his designs.

How you play the game is up to you. But most of all - get a load of those graphics! Your ship needs to be modified to be able to travel in the highest and lowest PS zones, as air pressure would crush the hull when deep and the engines mm would cut out when high.

Safe Natural wildlife plays a large part in the game. Another species of plant spits pods up through several levels of atmosphere. The pods then float gently down until they settle and start to grow into new plants. Fish eat plants, sharks eat fish, man hunts sharks and so on. Possibly the biggest influence on your activities in the Eye are the patrons. Situated in huge, impenetrable fortresses, these are bored, rich folk with names like Duke Lash the Unexpected and The Ultimately Impressive Baron van Noir with nothing better to do than use you for entertainment.

Another way of making money is by trading. The only major difference being a lack of water, forcing whales top left , sharks, fish, birds top right , dragonflies and yourself to live together in peaeful or not-so-peaceful harmony. An alien version of Stonehenge above is a popular tourist spot, but what Fred and Ena Bloggs don't realise is, each of the artifacts is an ancient puzzle, offering riches and glory.

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Quickly, I used to be hailed as a math whiz who spent my spare time glued to the sadistic pleasure of numbers and statistics as a substitute of chasing women or practising free throws. It might quickly repay fast. By eighth grade I went on to develop quite a lot of beforehand undiscovered mathematical discoveries.

Probably the most vital of my discoveries turned the invention of the common guidelines of divisibility for all identified integers that was finally requested to be printed by a outstanding math journal. Positive, the bullies in class would poke enjoyable at my thick glasses and provides me wedgies at gymnasium class each time that they had their arms on me.

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