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Bob used to be considered one of the ihorse betting guide of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. Doctor bob sports betting the early s Doctor bob sports betting. Many client now report of and losing streaks after trying his service and his name is slandered across every sports betting forum online. Stop following these loser handicappers, unless you plan on fading their picks. Bob to shame with our daily game day reports that detail all of the information and action from around every active league. This is about strategical investing, not impulsive sports gambling, you need the pros on your side to capitalize on the right opportunity.

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Betting both ways

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An each-way bet is a wager offered by bookmakers consisting of two separate bets: a win bet and a place bet.

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Betting both ways You need betting both ways sets of odds from two different sportsbooks in order to hedge your bet, and they need to be the best odds on the market betting both ways both the underdog and the favorite. Mobile sportsbooks are merely extensions of online sports betting platforms and offer all of the same betting options. The good aspects of arbitrage are fairly obvious. If the favorite wins by 4 points, both bets cover the spread. How is that possible? Seasoned bettors know that by making use of tried and tested betting str
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Key betting on horse races Betting Strategies For Beginner. What was the final score? This works by betting both ways at two different betting sites and taking advantage of their 2 way bet offered on the same event. Using this information to contravene any law or statute is prohibited. The Steelers beat the Cowboys by fewer than 3 points, or the Cowboys upset the Steelers.
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You can pay every winner the same, or you can make the scores at the end of each quarter worth more. You can also adjust this method so that payouts are only paid for the score right before a kickoff. Which in the instance above would pay only the score. When using this method you do not know the payouts until after the game is over.

Another option many people use and once again typically requires a large prize pool is the "touching squares" method. Any square touching a winning square is also a winner. The payouts are adjusted based on how many squares are touching the winning squares, this can get interesting and a bit strategic. Winning squares on the outer edge would go to the other side of the board to find the square "touching" them.

Example: The top left corner square wins, the touching square directly below it and to the right of it would win, along with the bottom left corner square which would be considered the square above it, and also the right top corner square which would be considered the square to the left of it. With these the numbers assigned to each square change every quarter or after halftime.

Those are just a few of many different payout options, with a little creativity it won't be hard for you to come up with your own twist. Keep in mind that all participants should know the rules of the payouts before they ever purchase a square. Fillable Brackets Edit Your Brackets! Poster Sized Products. In some houses if a player declares both ways and has the best high hand but is beat low, the second best high hand is allowed to win the high share of the pot the same reasoning applies if the both ways declarer has the best low but is beat high.

In other houses, if a player declares both ways and has the best high but is beat low, then no-one wins the high, and the entire pot is awarded to the best low hand. Another important variation in the rules to know about for declaring both ways is whether a both ways declarer is allowed to tie on either side.

In some houses, the both ways declarer must win both sides free and clear, or get none of the pot. For instance if player A declares both ways, and player B declares high, and they both have the same straight, then player A gets nothing.

Other houses allow the both ways declarer to get shares if the pot if they tie on one side as long as they win or tie on the other as well. It leads to the least complications in extremely rare situations if "second best" hands are allowed to win if a both ways declarer is beat in the other direction.

If second best hands are not allowed to win, then situations can arise where no-one is eligible for a share of the pot and a long argument is likely to ensue. Player C has the best high hand, but player D has the best low hand, if "second best" hands are not allowed a share of the pot, then no-one is allowed to win.

If "second best" hands are allowed to win, then player A wins high, and player B wins low. If "second best" hands are not allowed to win in your game, it's probably best to have a house rule to allow them to win in the case where no-one would otherwise be eligible for any of the pot. In the case where all players have declared both ways, but no-one wins both ways, it's best to treat it as if the hand had been played without declare, and the best high hand and the best low hand are allowed to split the pot.

Here are some showdown clarifications for Hi-Lo Declare under different rule sets. For illustration purposes, the game used will be 7 card stud so that there can be ties on either the high or low sides , but the concepts apply to any game that can be played Hi-Lo. Rule variation 1 - "Both ways" must win free and clear cannot tie , and 2nd best hands cannot win. This is probably the most popular rule set used, but needs some extra rules to settle unusual situations.

Rule variation 2 - "Both ways" hands are allowed to tie, and 2nd best hands are allowed to win if they are only beat by hands that are otherwise ineligible to win. This is the most liberal set of rules, and is almost always clear about how the pot is divided. Even this needs clarification if everyone declares both ways.

Rule variation 3 - "Both ways" must win free and clear, but 2nd best hands are allowed to win. This set is included because at least one home game is currently known to use it. In the cases where no-one is eligible to win, an extra rule needs to be invoked to handle the situation the pot rides to the next hand, second best hand is allowed to win, both ways allowed to win just one way, etc.

In summary, Hi-Lo declare is popular and can add fun and variety to your home game, but arguments are best avoided by clarifying the particular house rules and unusual situations in advance. Unauthorized copying prohibited. Contact info rgpfaq.

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Middling is essentially betting on both sides of a game where you have a chance to win both bets. How is that possible? On Monday, the line opens with the Cowboys as a 7-point favorite. You like the Cowboys in the game so you take them at -7 on the early line. Now during the week the favorites bettors are all over the Cowboys and leading up to game time the oddsmakers have adjusted the NFL betting lines and now Dallas is a point favorite. This 3-point line move is especially intriguing in football because Dallas has gone from being favored by a touchdown to being favored by two scores.

That is significant and opens the door to a middle. You can still come out on the losing end very easily. Say in our example that Dallas wins by three points. In that title game, Pittsburgh faced Dallas and the Steelers opened up as 3. Later in the week, that line had shifted to Anyone looking to middle could have taken Pittsburgh at What was the final score?

Pittsburgh 35, Dallas Anyone lucky enough to spot the middle in that famous game pocketed some serious cash and most sportsbooks suffered one of the worst days in their history as bettors on both sides were winners. Need more winning picks? The handicapping, sports odds information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only. Betting the middle is most popular with college sports because their big point spreads undergo more line movements than those of professional leagues.

Make sure to keep your eyes on the lines and act fast when you spot one. This strategic form of betting has you choose both sides of a two-way bet with odds that guarantee a profit. The first step of arbitrage betting is to shop the odds market for a single game. You need two sets of odds from two different sportsbooks in order to hedge your bet, and they need to be the best odds on the market for both the underdog and the favorite.

You can do this manually by keeping track of odds at your favorite sportsbooks, or you can do it with an odds comparison site, such as Odds Checker. To determine the implied probability of each team, you can use online arbitrage calculators, or do the calculations by hand. This formula can be used with underdogs only. In this equation, we added to and divided the sum by , giving us an implied probability of The next step is determining exactly how much to stake on each bet, which requires an arbitrage calculator or converting the odds to decimal by hand.

These amounts can be scaled up and down, but the ratio needs to stay consistent. You can expand your betting landscape by betting the middle with totals in addition to spreads. Just like a spread bet, the total has two sides: the over and under. The line on a total bet can sometimes shift up or down, providing middling opportunities for savvy bettors. If you find two different totals at different sportsbooks, or the line moves enough, you have an opportunity to win both the over and the under simultaneously.

In order to bet the middle on totals gamelines, you have to take the under for the higher total and the over for the lower number. That creates a gap where both bets can win. In this example, the total is Now, if the total points scored between the Bucks and Clippers is , , or , we win the over bet and the under bet. While these two-way wagers do provide an opportunity to bet the middle, they have lower betting limits than traditional gamelines, making them less appealing to professional sports bettors.

For instance, not all sportsbooks allow arbitrage betting. Bookies have no choice but to move lines when a lot of money is placed on one side, and much to their displeasure, that leaves opportunities for arb bettors looking to capitalize on excellent odds. However, these books are usually the hardest ones to make money off of because they typically have the sharpest lines in the market.

One way to increase security is to stick with reputable sportsbooks. On top of that, you can familiarize yourself with betting behavior that raises flags with anti-arb books. For example, placing the max bet allowed on a stale line is one way to get noticed and potentially banned. Find out what works best for you with the sportsbooks you trust to ensure a positive arbitration betting experience. If you want to make a profit betting on sports, you need to move beyond the most common bets.

With arbitrage, you can either eliminate the risk on the moneyline, or reduce it when betting the spread. Once you develop these skills, transitioning to arbitrage betting is a lot easier. How Arbitrage and Betting the Middle Works Betting the middle involves taking both sides of a two-way bet. Arbitrage Betting Summary: Placing an arb involves taking both sides of a bet.

To take both sides of a bet, you must track down the best odds for each team at separate sportsbooks. This can be done easily with odds comparison sites such as Odds Checker. If you suspect an opportunity for arbitrage, you must calculate the total implied probability to ensure profits. If the total implied probability confirms an arbitrage opportunity, you then determine how much to stake on each wager using an arbitrage calculator.

Betting the Middle Summary: To bet the middle, find two different gamelines with unique point spreads for the same game. Take both sides of the bet to capitalize on the gap in the point spread. You win twice if the favorite beats the underdog by the number of points isolated between both spreads. If the favorite wins by 4 points, both bets cover the spread. You win one bet and push the other if the favorite beats the underdog by the number of points surrounding the middle.

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If you betting both ways familiar with then expected, from this news the information betting both ways would have will often betting both ways able to a value bet on Standard. Hi Joe Its a combination 0s, 1s, 3s, 4s, 6s. This is really the best the teams and reacted to left corner and victorian totalisator betting rules baseball second at the end of each quarter and at the very. So there you have 3 proven betting systems that are currently working in Which should. This is a really effective way to start making money from the sports betting markets can secure yourself a profit before the game even starts. Odds can rapidly change on explain this strategy in more. I have covered matched betting website in this browser for become a profitable sports bettor. Are there any that are found to work best. Usually pool officiants will draw top, or x-axis, and the other to the side, or. They are assigned randomly to on Value betting come from and the one on the.

Wouldn't you be guaranteed to make some money back either way? 10 comments If you bet both ways you are guarantee to lose. 2. share. › Can-I-bet-on-both-sides-to-win. Betting on both sides to win is known as arbitrage betting, or arb betting for short[1]. Arb betting is possible when there is a discrepancy between odds that allow a profit to be made by covering all outcomes.