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Surf ironman series betting trends

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The pace actually got a little more sane out there. We made the turn. My legs are killing me. I got this blisters that have popped. Finally, it was so hard to stay with him that my mind just went quiet. It was an advertisement for a workshop in this magazine that I was flipping through.

I would also learn that the Huichol Indians actually work and value the ability to get their minds quiet. They say, when you can be quiet, then you can tune in and get the real answers to life, or you can get the real insights into life, or you can feel connected to life. Anyway, in this ad were photos of the two shamans, medicine men that were going to be leading it.

It was like life force just coming into my body. All of a sudden, everything just relaxed and loosened up, and I could feel that flow come back. All of a sudden, I was just in this amazing moment of space where I was just part of everything, and it was moving.

I looked around. This is amazing. This lava is so beautiful. This is awesome. Here I am, and there he is, and look at this. Who knows how this is going to turn out? It just shows you that so many realities can coexist in the same place, right? Stop, take that breath. There was this huge entourage of motorcycles and cars and camera vans and people on bikes and mopeds following us.

Everybody was silent because nobody had ever seen a race like this before. Both Dave and I knew that with about a mile and a half to go there was one last long uphill that would take you down into the town of Kona and the last finishing little stretch to go to the finish line, and that was really the only course feature that both of us knew was going to break the race up. Leading into it, it was just gentle rolling hills.

I could see that he was actually a little weaker than me on the uphills, and so I would play dumb. We got to the bottom of that last hill. It was about three-quarters of a mile long, and there was an aid station. We both knew. We both had the same thought.

Grab some stuff, and then go. He actually accelerated a little bit just before we got to the aid station, and he came in in front of me. He grabbed one last glass of whatever he was drinking. It was like I was shot out of a cannon. I pulled my hand back, and I took off. This was intuition saying, no, do it differently. All of sudden, you can see it in the footage.

Somebody is pulling away from him in this last bit of the marathon which had been his territory for years. All of sudden, you can see him get tight. I got to the top of the hill before him. I got down to the bottom of the hill before him, and then I knew I had it. The quieting the mind experience from that race; how were you able to channel that later in life and future races? Then you have to bring yourself back to it. There is really some kind of energy, or power, or strength that I was touched by in that race that was the switching point.

Anyway, I started studying with Brant, and a lot of what he helped me to develop over the years was that ability to just get quiet in a very quick moment and to focus on practicing that over and over and over. I tell the athletes that I coach, you can do this in any workout.

I got so much to do. Whatever it is, get yourself to be quiet. They swim. They bike. They run. They do their functional strength. If you have a bad training day, you have another training day tomorrow. Figuring out how to pull yourself together in training will enable you to do that in the race. There are specific practices you can do that come from the Huichol tradition that help you develop the ability to get into that quiet space and to, if nothing else, experience it.

So much of getting there is having the experience of it. Taking that next step even if things look impossible for you and trusting in life itself. Back to that race, you set a marathon record that stood for many years, right? I did my best time up to that point by almost 30 minutes. The difference in our times at the end was a very, very small 58 seconds.

The marathon split that year which actually included the transition from bike to run was , and that record stood for 27 years. The funny thing is a couple years ago I was on a hotel treadmill in February in Boston. I wanted to get a little run in, but the weather was terrible. I went and jumped on the treadmill running along, and thought, hmm, I wonder what a mile feels like. I keep having to hit the up button to get it to go faster and faster. Finally, I got up to a , and I was able to hold it for about a minute.

Everyone talks about Ironman, but what about your results in Olympic distance? I won the Nice International Triathlon ten times in ten starts, which is more mindboggling to me than anything I did in Ironman because I never lost in ten starts. Next lifetime.

I had 12 years as a swimmer, 15 years competing as a triathlete. I knew going into it this was going to be the last one. I had this overarching goal from the early years of my career that I wanted to retire healthy, uninjured, and not burned out. Early on I had seen a lot of runners and cyclist and world-class people exiting the sport because they pushed too hard, their body breaks down, and then they leave frustrated.

That was one of the things in the back of my mind the entire 15 years I raced. When I finished competing, all of those things were in place. I was healthy. I still am. Peak performance is getting everything you can out of your genetics, and the closer you get to maximizing that, the closer you are to being injured, or burned out, or just exhausted. Some people love competing. The competition is just the excuse to train. Some people use their sport more like a practice to just help develop themselves.

There is a certain thrill to just giving everything you have. A race has a beginning and an ending to it. You go into it, and this is the amount of time to be giving everything that I have. When I cross that line, then that is done. It just goes and goes and goes. You are a regular surfer now. Do you channel that former competitive spirit into surfing or are you a pretty relaxed guy out in the lineup?

I use surfing as one of the things I do over and over, and I try to get a little better at some aspect of it each time I go out. What I try and do on those days is to at some point reach a better level of that lousiness than I start with. The first thing is to be a little bit realistic about your time and your health and your family and your job and your sport and your passion and all these kinds of things.

Have the best experience you can with the time you do have. If you do that, all of a sudden it takes the pressure off. You do, and those things have value too. Once people kind of go, phew, then they can really have fun with it.

What have you learned about nutrition over the years that allowed you to perform well as an athlete that you turn to now for longevity, energy and health? I never did anything extreme with my diet. I saw a lot of athletes try to do things that were extreme. Maybe they would get a benefit for a very short period of time, but then there would be a cost. It just never made sense to try to go to an extreme with my diet. Our bodies are set up the way they have been for thousands of years.

I try to tune into how food was affecting my energy levels and my performance and my recovery. If I tried something popular and my energy levels went down, I would go back to the basics. When you finish a big workout or were training really intensely, what do you turn to for recovery?

I made sure my meals had some carbs and some good fat and some protein. If any one of those was short-changed, I could tell that not everything was getting replenished. The ratio depended day-to-day. Sometimes I could tell I needed more oils, some days more protein, some days more carbohydrates. One thing that I eat very little of is anything with sugar in it.

On the longevity side of things, are people pushing themselves too hard? What are the things you recommend to the people you coach? For me that was part of the secret longevity was just training smart instead of training hard all the time. We can go farther, faster than any other animal on the planet.

Trying to tweak those genetics and do hard interval workouts every day is going to kill you. Usually you can pinpoint the one or two things that got them to that point. Sleep was one of my keys. I got a lot of good sleep, and I would take naps. Of course all I did was train, so I had that luxury.

Finding the time to get enough sleep so that they can absorb the workouts is one of the biggest challenges for a lot of folks who have jobs and families. Make sure you get that sleep. You get injured, whatever it is. Talk about the entrepreneurship and coaching side of things. We integrate those two themes together. Brant and I started with a workshop. Go to Upcoming Programs. We will have running up pretty soon. We integrated with a company called Final Surge.

What would you recommend for people who are looking for hiring their first coach? One is basically the informational side, which is what I provide online. I can communicate with you, and we can have dialogue. Some people need that kind of a coach. Mine is all delivered online.

If people need me to look, they post videos and I can check it out. The main thing is to find the coach that has gotten results from other athletes and to find a coach who has athletes who have had a good experience with that coach. My son, Mats is 24 and raced in Hawaii for the first time this year after qualifying last September in Ironman South Korea.

It was just amazing to be at the finish line and to greet him coming across. His swim and his bike were super fast. He struggled on the run. It took me years. He finished, which is the main thing there. Part of the marathon was hard for him, harder than anticipated.

He had this mix of raw emotions that was elation and some disappointment and just the rawness of knowing that he put himself through something that was very intense. There will be things that will come back to you in the years to come. It will enhance other things in your life going into the future. He played water polo. He grew up surfing here in Santa Cruz. He ran cross-country a couple of years.

He swam. He got into rock climbing. A couple of summers ago he hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and went from Canada to Mexico, did it the harder way. He went to South Korea and his mom actually raced with him. She also raced with him in Kona this year. What do you think about how kids and sports and getting kids outside, how has that evolved from your time of being involved in the industry?

When I grew up people usually had their sport that they were into, if you were into sports at all. Now it seems like a lot of the millennials love sampling things, which is fine too. Then rock climbing, or whatever it is. Maybe somewhere some will filter off and really focus on one particular thing. I wore a lot of goofy hats and endlessly annoyed my older brother. When did you get your first surfboard? I must have been about 10 or I put this together off-forum a few weeks ago for SurferO using a Lis Fish Kinstle, to illustrate.

Let us see what happens. So we have it on bottom and in a small dot on the ash wood deck. Group-sailing 2. After 15 months of research Nobile have now produced one of the best aluminumcarbon hydrofoil on the market. Nobile also wanted it to be user-friendly, safe and full disassembly, so you can pack it. Fitting big hobbies—the type that require a board, a helmet, and maybe even a wetsuit—into a teeny-tiny home can be a tall order. Your best bets for storing this space-hogging gear are to work them into your decor plan or place them in often-overlooked spots aka hide them in plain sight.

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