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The bill cleared the chamber on a to vote, reaching the two-thirds majority needed for the expedited procedure used Monday. It now heads to the Senate where it will create a political dilemma for Republicans. Vaccine recipients in Los Angeles County, a major virus hotspot, will be offered a digital record that will help ensure they get a second shot and could, eventually, be used to gain access to concert venues or airline flights, Bloomberg reported. The offering is being provided starting this week through a partnership with the startup Healthvana.

The government had been operating on temporary spending authority that expires after the end of the day Monday. That differs from state guidelines, which allow only frontline health care workers, or staff and residents of nursing homes, to get the first batch of vaccines.

The number is far better than the 3. This year, Mastercard measured spending over an extended holiday period, from Oct. Within the traditional holiday period from the start of November to Christmas Eve, sales grew 2. Pfizer is moving closer to finalizing a deal to supply the U.

Such a pact could expand the number of shots available to the government as it ramps up its immunization drive in the coming year. While talks were continuing on Tuesday evening, a deal could be announced as soon as Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the matter. France said it will start to reopen critical trade and transportation links with the U. Travel from the U. Other nationals will be allowed to resume essential travel. Department of Agriculture report.

Meat-processing plants quickly became epicenters of the virus in the U. Rural areas recently surpassed urban and suburban parts of the country in cumulative COVID deaths as a portion of population, Bloomberg reported. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The House passed the combined bill on two votes, with the defense and homeland spending part getting a to 85 vote and the rest of the measure having a to 53 vote. Economists say the aid should be enough to avert a double-dip recession next year, though risks remain.

Countries globally have moved swiftly to shutter their borders with the U. France was an early mover, suspending travel, including freight, on Dec. Places from Canada to Hong Kong and India have also severed travel links. European Union leaders pushed the European Medicines Agency to speed up its review amid complaints that residents across the continent were still waiting to get a vaccine — pioneered in Germany — that is already being used in the U.

The goal is to start a European immunization campaign on Dec. New Zealand remains in the top position, and the U. The shots, made by Pfizer Inc. In total, , shots have been administered of 2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The agency is tracking the shots as part of the nationwide rollout, as well as to monitor their safety. Operation Warp Speed plans call for 5. Communication with state governors is being increased to avoid confusion about the vaccine pipeline, he said. Gustave Perna, the U. Florida Gov.

Ron DeSantis has said Pfizer is experiencing production issues, an assertion that Pfizer rejected. Many U. Washington was expecting 62, doses of the Pfizer vaccine this week and a total of , by the end of the month. Abbott Laboratories won U. Until now, the test had been administered by health-care providers.

Abbott is partnered with a service to remotely prescribe the screening. The company plans to make 30 million tests available for at-home use in the first quarter of next year and 90 million more in the second quarter. Some of the first doses of the Pfizer Inc. The same thing happened at one location in Alabama, Perna said at a news briefing Wednesday. Each of the four trays could likely be used to vaccinate people.

Pfizer has said its formula needs to be stored at 70 degrees below zero Celsius, the equivalent of negative 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. About 2. Pfizer, the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are all working to determine whether the formula can still be used when it reaches such low temperatures, according to Perna.

Total retail sales decreased 1. The figures signal that the record pace of COVID cases, along with the arrival of colder weather, is taking an increasing toll on the economy as governments re-impose lockdowns, with more people losing their jobs and businesses shutting temporarily or permanently. The economic blow from the coronavirus has wiped out 81 million jobs across Asia-Pacific this year, with women and young people disproportionately affected, according to the International Labour Organization.

Employment in Asia-Pacific showed a 4. While availability initially will be limited, the new test and others in development could make virus screenings as accessible as over-the-counter pregnancy tests in the U. The advance follows months of criticism that the Food and Drug Administration has been too slow to give its approval to this type of virus screening. The crude-oil glut left behind by the pandemic will clear by the end of next year, as markets face a gradual recovery marked by renewed strains on demand, the International Energy Agency says.

In Europe, a tentative recovery is reversing, with fuel consumption down this quarter amid a surge of COVID infections and measures to control the spread of the virus, Bloomberg reported. Moderna was informed by the European Medicines Agency that pre-submission talks of its COVID vaccine candidate were unlawfully accessed in a cyberattack on the regulator, Reuters reported, citing the company. EMA said earlier this month it was targeted in a cyberattack. The government plans to distribute at least 2.

Gustave Perna, an Army four-star general and the Operation Warp Speed chief operations officer, said in a news briefing that 55 of shipments scheduled for Monday had been delivered by around noon Eastern time, and that the deliveries set for Tuesday are packed and ready to go.

President Trump and other top U. The vaccinations will be offered to critical personnel in all three branches of government deemed essential and could start as soon as Monday. They are scheduled to arrive at sites on Monday, on Tuesday and the final 66 on Wednesday. Pfizer is sending its vaccine in specially made containers packed with dry ice to keep the formula at 94 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Representatives from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will attend deliveries to ensure workers transfer the vials correctly into ultra-cold freezers.

Walmart Inc. Airline employees should move near the front of the line for receiving the coronavirus vaccines to ensure its smooth shipment by air cargo, a coalition of 17 industry groups told U. The largest union of U. Congress and the administration should recognize pilots as a critical link in the supply chain, DePete said. The 17 groups — which include the Airlines for America trade group, other pilot unions and associations representing cargo haulers — want airline employees to begin receiving the vaccine after the initial wave of health care workers and assisted living residents.

In some cases, when the vaccine prompts side effects, the FAA will require pilots to wait from one to three days before flying after receiving a jab. FedEx Corp. Less than half of the available 6. The rest will be held back to be distributed to states and other jurisdictions when the first people vaccinated are due for their second dose 21 days later. The companies said EMA informed them that the attack would have no effect on the timing of the vaccine review.

Campbell Soup Co. Food makers are no stranger to shortages this year, with Campbell already beefing up soup and Goldfish production to meet elevated demand. Honda Motor Co. The Japanese automaker is seeking to secure air cargo to make up for delays in shipping, according to the report, which cited unidentified sources. The Swindon facility produces the Civic series of automobiles and has an annual output of , vehicles, which are delivered to the U.

Shipments of certain goods, especially sales of packaged foods, had surged in recent months as more people eat at home during lockdowns, boosting expectations of a busy Christmas season. But the global impact of the coronavirus on trade and a slump in Indian imports have led to a shortage of incoming shipping containers, boosting freight charges about seven times.

CVS Health Corp. Representatives from the two companies are making in-person and virtual pitches to independent pharmacists, according to National Community Pharmacists Association Chief Executive Officer Douglas Hoey. United Parcel Service Inc. The courier is the primary end-to-end distributor for Pfizer Inc.

The vaccine and kits will have tracking devices that allow shipments to be monitored at all times. The Trump administration is confident that the U. Canada already had enough potential COVID vaccines secured to protect a population almost four times its size, Bloomberg reported. It just added another 20 million doses to the pile and accelerated its vaccination calendar. The government doubled its order from Moderna Inc. And the first , doses from another supplier, Pfizer Inc.

States including New York and Nevada used outdated federal estimates showing many more doses of Pfizer Inc. Department of Health and Human Services told Bloomberg. The outdated estimates given to states in October for planning scenarios suggested there would be 20 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech SE vaccine available along with 15 million doses of Moderna Inc.

More recently, federal officials have said that 6. With the U. Food and Drug Administration due to decide as early as Thursday on emergency authorization for a shot developed by Pfizer Inc. A government-procured ferry is on standby and the option of air freight is also available, Eustice said.

Military aircraft could be used to transport vaccines made in Belgium if seaports are clogged up, the Guardian said. The vaccine, created by Pfizer Inc. Following quality checks to ensure the jabs have been kept at the correct temperature, the shots will be made available to 50 hospital hubs around the country, before being distributed to doctor-run vaccination centers that will administer the jabs.

Nonfarm payrolls increased by , from the prior month and the unemployment rate edged down to 6. The data also showed a decline in Americans participating in the labor force, as more people left jobs and the workforce altogether. The faint pulse raises odds that President-elect Joe Biden will inherit an even weaker labor market next year, with the recovery at risk of stalling during the wait for widespread vaccine distribution.

Pfizer expects to ship half the COVID vaccines it originally planned for due to supply-chain problems , Bloomberg reported. The company still expects to roll out more than a billion doses in Smithfield Foods Inc. Virginia-based Smithfield is ready to assist health agencies if storage capacity becomes constrained, said Keira Lombardo, chief administrative officer.

Even before vaccines started to become available, freezer space had been in short supply with economic disruptions caused by the pandemic prompting goods such as meat to be held in cold storage for longer. Some ultra-low freezers get as low Celsius Fahrenheit. A public-interest group told a London court that the U. Optimism among small business owners has fallen to a four-year low, according to a Bank of America Corp. Hiring plans and revenue expectations are at the lowest levels since and , respectively.

Still, seven in 10 small-business owners say they plan to keep staffing levels steady in New York expects to receive , doses of Pfizer Inc. Health-care workers in the most high-risk jobs, such as emergency rooms, as well as nursing-home residents and staffers will receive the vaccine first, Bloomberg reported. Two doses are required per person, so the state will receive an additional , from Pfizer 21 days after the first.

The state expects additional shipments of the Pfizer vaccine and about 40, doses from Moderna later this month, Cuomo said. The shipments will then continue to arrive on a rolling basis. There are about , health-care workers in the state, he said. Food and Drug Administration and its European Union counterpart. The government cited a rule allowing the U. The Transportation Department established safety requirements for carrying the potentially dangerous dry ice needed to keep some vaccines stable, the agency said in a press release Tuesday.

It also set standards for carrying flammable batteries needed in the airlift and eased restrictions on how long flight crews involved in the effort can work. The Transportation Department has also issued emergency rules allowing truckers more flexibility to conduct COVIDrelated deliveries.

Professionals working from home during the pandemic are spending two hours and 10 minutes more per week watching TV during the day than they did before the coronavirus struck, Bloomberg reported. The data could have an impact on advertisers looking to reach certain audiences outside of their traditional TV hours. Thirty-eight states told the Government Accountability Office that they were concerned about having enough supplies to distribute and administer vaccines, according to the report Monday by the nonpartisan agency.

Between a third and half of states had shortages of some testing supplies in October, including rapid point-of-care tests, the GAO found. Online shoppers in the U. The COVID surge kept crowd-averse shoppers away from physical malls on Black Friday, reinforcing predictions that online shopping will soar this year. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said the federal government hopes to quickly review and approve requests from two drug makers for emergency approval of their COVID vaccines, Bloomberg reported.

An announcement that a vaccine has been approved for use could come within the next two weeks, he said. With Prime Minister Boris Johnson facing a political backlash over strict new coronavirus rules, Openshaw warned the government not to relax pandemic restrictions too soon. After slow growth in digital sales on Thanksgiving, U. Ministers only started efforts to buy more ventilators on March 3, just over a month after the WHO declared the pandemic a public health emergency, the Public Accounts Committee said.

A separate report by the National Audit Office, the body that scrutinizes public spending, found that the U. Malaysia will temporarily close 28 factories of Top Glove Corp. Trump issued an executive order on April 28 directing meatpackers to reopen closed facilities, and the administration eschewed mandatory COVID safety regulation, opting instead for voluntary industry guidelines. David Michaels, who headed the U. Clorox Co. While the bleach maker planned to have inventories replenished at major retailers by this summer, unprecedented demand throughout the pandemic dashed any hope of that.

To cope, Clorox has added 10 additional third-party manufacturers and is running its own facilities 24 hours a day, the company says. Clorox competitor Reckitt Benckiser Group PLC expects to churn out 35 million cans of Lysol spray a month in North America by the end of the year — more than triple the amount before the pandemic began.

The IHS Markit flash composite index of purchasing managers at manufacturers and service providers increased to Readings above 50 indicate growth and the figure stands in stark contrast to the euro area, where activity shrank as governments tightened restrictions to contain a surge in infections.

Elderly Americans will be among the first to receive COVID vaccines, and CVS Health will lean on processes developed by years of conducting seasonal flu clinics to speed a rollout to care homes across the U. We have the processes. Merlo said more than 25, long-term care facilities have selected CVS to be their Covid vaccine provider, and that the company is adding pharmacy staff ahead of the effort.

Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned that staffing will be a bigger issue at hospitals than the number of available beds during the unfolding spike, Bloomberg reported. Gottlieb, who is a Pfizer board member, predicted that the vaccines could be widely available to the general public by the second quarter of next year if all goes well.

Stockpiles at Cushing, Oklahoma, the delivery point for West Texas Intermediate futures, stood at Though a repeat of the negative oil prices seen in April is unlikely, the mounting supply glut brings home how lockdown measures to contain the COVID pandemic may soon force traders to store oil in every nook and cranny available, including ships and pipelines. Some are already doing that. The reasons behind the buildup are similar to what happened before: Refineries are still coping with lackluster demand as coronavirus cases surge anew.

On top of that, some of them have also been undergoing seasonal maintenance. Workday Inc. The company said some customers of its human resources and accounting tools are struggling and new business is harder to find as the coronavirus continues to spread. Workday has signed partnerships with Salesforce. Fewer Americans said they were working as the latest wave of the coronavirus infections surge across the U.

Back-to-back Household Pulse Surveys conducted from mid-October to early November showed that the number of employed Americans declined by about 4. The figures are a possible sign the labor-market rebound may be losing steam amid a COVID resurgence. Among the jobless, about 4. The total number of employed people in the U. The federal government will have 40 million doses ready to distribute by the end of December should vaccines developed by Pfizer Inc.

Haas said the development of vaccine stability will increase. A shaken U. Grains, dairy and beef cattle topped the list of lender concerns by commodity sector, the report said. The consumer behaviors that accelerated at the start of the virus — think digital ordering, bulkier baskets and no margin for error when it comes to delivery — are showing zero signs of abating eight months in, according to Bloomberg. For three straight quarters now, Walmart Inc.

Tyson Foods Inc. Carmakers and parts suppliers, which employ nearly , people in Germany, were spending heavily on electric cars before the pandemic hit. That left companies exposed to the sudden drop in demand from the fallout. A majority of employees want to continue working from home at least two days a week, Bloomberg reported. Flexible working could be the solution for businesses struggling to recruit women into senior roles, according to a new study by Zurich Insurance Group AG.

The number of women hired for senior jobs jumped by one third as a direct result. The study — which was conducted before COVID prompted widespread lockdowns across Europe — shows how the more flexible working approach many firms have adopted during the pandemic could boost gender-balanced career progression. As a result, turnaround times of around two days could increase as labs reach or exceed their testing capacities in the coming days, the group warned.

Meanwhile, labs are also grappling with supply shortages, including pipette tips — used to transport samples during the testing process — and swabs. Though the government has invested in manufacturers to build out capacity, that will take into to pan out, said Scott Becker, head of the Association of Public Health Laboratories. The coalition — led by Saudi Arabia and Russia — is scheduled to increase crude production by almost 2 million barrels a day in January, having initially anticipated that a global economic recovery would rekindle fuel demand, Bloomberg reported.

The Joint Technical Committee, that met online on Monday, came to the view that risks for the oil market are skewed to the downside as a resurgence of the coronavirus triggers a new wave of lockdowns. The JTC suggested that a panel of ministers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies, the Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee, should consider scenarios of delaying the supply increase by between three and six months.

The nation alliance will make a final decision when it meets between Nov. China has vowed to disinfect all overseas shipments of cold-chain products to try and avoid any potential transmission of the virus. PlayStation and Microsoft Corp.

Xbox offerings. With eight weeks to go until the transition period ends, the U. Port of Long Beach data released Thursday showed , containers moved in and out of the terminal, more than 11, units more than the previous record a month earlier. The terminal processed While an increase in COVID cases remains a risk, the large volume of trade signals retailers expect a strong holiday-shopping season and that firms continue to rebuild depleted inventories.

How much of the added capacity comes online in the second half and depends on how quickly those factories are set up, he said. OPEC once again cut estimates for the amount of crude it will need to provide in the coming year as the return of measures to contain the global pandemic hits fuel use, Bloomberg reported.

Earning a living remotely is a privilege you should be paying for, according to Deutsche Bank AG strategists. The European Commission will also propose the creation of a biomedical development and production authority modeled after the U. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. The measures aim to guard against a patchwork of national responses to any future health scares in the country bloc. Under the proposed rules, the EU will be able to declare a bloc-wide public health emergency and adopt common measures.

A separate tender worth 20 billion pounds from the National Health Service Supply Chain, which manages the sourcing and supply of healthcare products, involves on-the-spot tests and diagnostic equipment. The government has also issued a third tender worth million pounds for the supply of rapid turnaround lateral flow tests.

The total scale of the contracts is bigger than the annual budgets of some government departments. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is in charge of prioritizing who will get a shot first. Health-care providers and high-risk groups such as the elderly would likely be at the front of the line, Fauci said.

He said in a CNN interview yesterday that some of the first vaccinations could come at the end of the month or December. The initial accord was announced Sept. The partners expect to ramp up production significantly next year, with capacity for as many as 1.

The expedited review by the U. Food and Drug Administration could help push the candidate forward into a short-list of frontrunners in the race to bring a vaccine to market. Shipping containers have become a hot commodity as shortages plague transpacific routes, Bloomberg reported. A surge in Chinese exports and robust consumer demand in the U.

Italy will add over 2. All non-essential commercial activities are closed in the area. Joe Biden plans to name on Monday a member task force to fight and contain the spread of the coronavirus, Bloomberg reported. But while the president-elect can begin to lay the groundwork for a more muscular approach and a vastly different messaging campaign than President Trump, Biden will have to wait until he is officially inaugurated on Jan.

Marcella Nunez-Smith from Yale University. A United Nations gauge of food prices rose for a fifth month to the highest since January, nearing a multiyear peak set just before the coronavirus crisis took hold, Bloomberg reported. Rising food prices risk pushing up inflation and come as economies are struggling with the pandemic and many nations contend with a hunger crisis. Agricultural commodity buyers from Egypt to Pakistan have been boosting purchases of grains in efforts to protect themselves from potential supply chain disruptions, keeping inventories in key exporting nations under pressure.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak extended furlough payments to employees of shuttered companies until the end of March, Bloomberg reported. AstraZeneca Plc is poised to unveil coronavirus vaccine test results by year-end and to begin supplying the world with hundreds of millions of doses shortly afterward if it gains approval from regulators, Bloomberg reported.

Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot dismissed reports of delays and manufacturing snags. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc. It submitted data to support an emergency use authorization of the experimental antibody cocktail last month. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is due to announce further extending the program beyond Dec. Kate Bingham, chair of the U. Vaccine Taskforce, said only 4 million doses of the experimental shot being developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford University will be available by the end of the year, far fewer than the 30 million that were due to be ready by September.

The question is moot for now given that no vaccine has been approved for use and trials are still ongoing. But the difficulties cast doubt on how fast the U. AstraZeneca declined to comment. As a resurgent coronavirus sweeps across Europe and the U. Rather than simply tracking down the contacts of an infected person and isolating them, proponents advocate finding out where the individual caught COVID in the first place.

That extra step, known as backward tracing, exploits a weak spot of the virus — the tendency for infections to occur in clusters, often at super-spreading events. The approach has implications for policy makers, who are again imposing costly lockdowns across much of Europe and parts of the U.

More liquefied natural gas is being traded than a year ago for the first time since the pandemic upended consumption. Global imports in October rose 3. They rose 1. The rebound can be primarily attributed to an increase in demand from larger end-users in Asia, which have mostly weathered the pandemic better than Europe or the U.

Some online incidents required the direct intervention of the National Cyber Security Centre in the 12 months to Aug. About of the attacks were related to the coronavirus. This uncovered weaknesses including about 35 internet domains that could be exposed to malicious activity. Since March, the intelligence agency said it had taken down 15, campaigns using coronavirus to lure people into clicking links which could have led to phishing and malware.

Many of the 22, malicious web addresses it tackled hosted scams playing on COVID fears like pretending to sell personal protection equipment. Six Southeast Asian nations including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have started a single cross-border transit regime for smoother movement of goods by land within the region, Bloomberg reported.

The system aims to bolster supply chain connectivity across the region, simplifying customs, saving time and reducing costs. Last month saw a fourth consecutive increase in euro-area factory output , underpinned by stronger demand from within the region and beyond, Bloomberg reported. Companies remained positive about future production, but still continued to cut staff.

Germany was the stand-out performer, benefiting from strong demand for cars, business equipment and machinery. Austria, Italy and Spain also saw solid expansions. Chinese President Xi Jinping called for setting up independent and controllable supply chains to ensure industrial and national security, just as the U. Last week, Beijing outlined strategies for greater self-sufficiency as it unveiled its five-year economic plan. New York Governor Cuomo gathered top Black leaders to amplify his concern that the federal plan to distribute a COVID vaccine relies too heavily on chain pharmacies and other institutions lacking in minority neighborhoods, Bloomberg reported.

About a dozen pharmacy chains will partner with the U. They represent about 35, stores, and the CDC anticipates more chains will sign up. Participating pharmacies are expected to start administering vaccines during phase two, when more doses become available. The air-freight giant will free up whatever capacity is needed to speed the delicate cargo to distributors or vaccination centers, said Richard Smith, executive vice president of the Americas for FedEx Express.

The company is holding daily calls with vaccine developers and U. Ships carrying cargoes around the world are waiting for days to pass through the Panama Canal, as pandemic-hit staffing caused congestion at the key pinch point, Bloomberg reported. Long waiting times are affecting shipments of liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas from the U. Gulf Coast to Asia. The waiting time, which for vessels with unbooked slots is as long as between 10 and 15 days, have contributed to a rally in the cost of chartering an LNG tanker on the spot market and added to disruptions affecting the supply of super-chilled fuel, said people with direct knowledge who asked not to be identified.

Delays coupled with soaring charter rates may affect economics of supplies from the U. The Panama Canal Authority denied that even vessels with booked slots are experiencing delays, saying waiting time has increased only for vessels that arrive without a reservation.

The letters direct Peterson Research Laboratories LLC doing business as Covercology , Predator Nutrition and Beepothecary LLC to remove the claims and notify the agencies within 48 hours of actions taken, or face potential legal action. Several U. The cybersecurity company FireEye Inc. Executives abandoned a forecast that the company would stop burning cash next year and said they would eliminate an additional 7, jobs. Microsoft Corp. Sales of video games have also risen with people looking for ways to pass the time while stuck at home.

Many European airports will struggle to stave off insolvency without state help unless travel recovers from its pandemic slump by the end of the year, according to Bloomberg. Airports Council International Europe predicts that out of airports in the region will soon struggle to pay their bills while government-imposed quarantine requirements remain in place, according to findings released Tuesday.

The airfields in doubt are mainly smaller, regional hubs but still account for about , jobs, ACI said. Cadila Healthcare Ltd. The Ahmedabad-based firm is looking to hire contract manufacturers for an additional 50 million to 70 million doses of its plasmid DNA vaccine, on top of the million that will come from its own capacity, according to Managing Director Sharvil Patel. He declined to name the companies and the amount Cadila has invested in developing the vaccine.

Americans are rushing to pharmacies in record numbers for seasonal flu shots, according to Bloomberg. Hasbro Inc. The largest U. Hasbro said it has worked through issues with its supply chain. About half of its products come from China, where manufacturing returned to normal during the second quarter.

Factories in Europe, the U. Adjusted cloud revenue is expected to be 8 billion euros to 8. Universal masking in the U. The analysis models the impact of different levels of social distancing on the trajectory of the pandemic from this fall to the end of February , Bloomberg reported. Airbus SE is preparing to ramp up output next year of its most important jet, the Aneo, in a sign of growing confidence that jetliner demand is poised to recover, Bloomberg reported.

While no decision has been made, suppliers have been told to be ready to support a monthly rate of 47 Aneo-family planes in the second half of , Airbus said. The company slashed the target rate of its popular single-aisle workhorse by a third in April, when demand evaporated as the coronavirus crisis gutted travel demand. Regulators had granted an emergency-use authorization for remdesivir earlier this year, and since then the drug has become a widely used therapy in hospitalized COVID patients.

It was given to President Trump this month when he was diagnosed with the virus. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits fell for the third time in four weeks, Bloomberg reported, suggesting the labor market is still gradually recovering while remaining far from its pre-pandemic health. Initial jobless claims in regular state programs declined to , in the week ended Oct.

Without adjustments for seasonal fluctuations, claims dropped by about 73, Continuing claims — the total pool of Americans on ongoing state unemployment benefits — fell by 1. That reflects people who exhausted regular state benefits. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak increased the generosity of the U. AutoNation Inc. Chairman and CEO Mike Jackson said he expects shortages will last at least through the end of the year. While consumer demand has rebounded thanks to low interest rates and a shift towards private transportation, automakers have been stretched thin by absenteeism, distancing protocols, quarantines and supply-chain constraints.

Auto dealers have been selling more used cars to supplement the shortage of vehicles rolling off assembly lines. Acting on state recommendations, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city would prioritize delivery of the vaccine to health-care workers, front line and essential workers and those whose medical conditions or age makes them most vulnerable to the virus.

Pharmacies, urgent-care clinics, public and private hospitals and current Covid testing sites will be used as inoculation centers for the general population in a second phase of distribution. About half of U. Even if the U. Domestic U. The member panel — which includes scientists and doctors from California universities and public-health departments — will verify the safety and efficacy of any shot even after it has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

While the race to develop a vaccine has become a political issue, Newsom said the group will review the shot regardless of the outcome of the November presidential election. Two-thirds of the new hires will be pharmacy technicians, the company said. The virus was found on food packaging in the coastal city of Qingdao in Shandong province, the report said, without specifying the origin of the product.

Qingdao has reported a dozen new virus cases this month, most linked to a hospital where infected travelers from overseas are being treated. China has said several times in recent months that imported refrigerated goods are risks for re-introducing the coronavirus into the country. Nancy Pelosi has set a Tuesday deadline for more progress with the White House on a fiscal stimulus deal before the Nov.

But it will be years before passenger demand recovers, chief executives of United Airlines Holdings Inc. Passengers have started to come back, but they are a trickle, not a surge. On Sunday, when almost 1 million people passed through U. New-car sales in Europe rose last month for the first time this year, a sign that the global auto industry is slowly beginning to pull out of its worst slump in decades, The Wall Street Journal reported.

A full recovery is still likely to take years, analysts said. That compares with an increase of 6. President Trump said he was ready to boost his offer for spending in a fiscal-stimulus package, a bid that was quickly rejected by his fellow Republican, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Bloomberg reported.

Pelosi, speaking to Democrats in a private conference call later Thursday, mocked Trump for facing opposition from his own party, according to a person on the call. Retailers expect high demand this winter will cut deeper into their depleted inventories. Transportation problems then hit the market as harvesting began. The chances of Congress passing a pre-election stimulus are all but gone, as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on Wednesday blamed politics for undermining the months-long negotiations, Bloomberg reported.

But the projected investment cuts are highly uneven, highlighting a divergence in what companies, markets and investors are willing to finance. Spending on new oil and gas supplies took the largest hits, while renewable energy held up better than any other source, the IEA found.

The pandemic weakened corporate balance sheets and increased uncertainty over future fuels demand, spurring the record cuts. Solar- and wind-energy projects are benefiting from falling costs, as well as widespread government support, and monetary policies that support low interest rates. A surge in remote work, study and home entertainment during the pandemic boosted personal computer sales in the third quarter and drove the strongest growth in a decade in the U.

About half of that amount is related to lost gross domestic product as a result of economic shutdowns and the ongoing spread of the virus, while the other half comes from health losses including premature death and mental and long-term health impairments, Cutler and Summers said.

While the U. Oil dropped for a second day as operations in the U. Gulf of Mexico started to resume following Hurricane Delta and Libya took a major step toward reopening its biggest field, Bloomberg reported. The hurricane and hopes for more U. With coronavirus cases accelerating in many countries, the group faces a tough decision at its next policy meeting on Nov. With Libya coming back, the market is close to balance, but it will depend on demand assumptions, he said.

President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blamed each other for a lack of progress on a new plan to support the U. Officials at the U. The International Monetary Fund says lifting lockdowns is unlikely to lead to a decisive and sustained economic boost as long as COVID infections remain elevated , Bloomberg reported, because people will probably keep avoiding social interactions out of fear of contracting the virus.

IMF research shows that while government lockdowns contributed significantly to the global recession, the slowdown was also driven in large part by people continuing to exercise voluntary social distancing, the fund said. EU member states also have the option to secure as many as million additional doses. Financial terms were not disclosed. In September, the health-care behemoth began dosing as many as 60, volunteers in a trial of its one-shot COVID inoculation.

The trial could yield results as soon as year-end, allowing the company to seek emergency authorization early next year, should it prove effective. No firm date has been set for rolling out the package, which is dependent on the evolution of the pandemic and changes to the rules, according to Bloomberg. So far, their answer appears to be no.

Companies including Walmart Inc. Some employees are tested daily and others every week. Some firms ship swabs to the homes of employees who fear they have been infected, while others host on-site testing. Amazon last week said more than 19, of its workers had tested positive for COVID, fewer than it expected and below the case rate in most states. It has faced criticism for being slow to communicate worker infections early on in the pandemic. It regularly screens workers regardless of whether or not they have symptoms.

Vaccinating older people, those with underlying conditions and essential workers in all countries is the best way to suppress transmission everywhere. With several vaccines already in the final stage of testing, the possibility that one may have the data needed to apply for clearance is drawing closer. Food and Drug Administration plans to have an expert panel review any COVID vaccine application for emergency use, along with at least two months of safety data , according to Bloomberg.

Boris Johnson will commit to boosting U. The plan is to illustrate the new thresholds using a color-coded map of the 27 nation-EU — plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland — to be updated on a weekly basis, according to a draft circulated to diplomats.

If governments agree on the new rules, airlines could gain relief from the current situation of uncoordinated, country-by-country announcements on quarantine requirements for incoming travelers and abrupt travel bans. Confusion over those rules has added to the woes of an industry already pummeled by its worst crisis on record. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the government has prepared a priority list for who would receive the coronavirus vaccine first, when one becomes available, Bloomberg reported.

A combination of the NHS and the armed forces are involved in the logistics, making the roll-out happen. Hancock said they are working as fast they can to get a vaccine, though no vaccine technology is certain. Muller reiterated that the virus also comes with extra costs. He said he expects million euros in costs over the whole year because of extra security and cleaning expenses.

After sitting down with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnunchin Wednesday, she spoke with him several times by phone again Thursday. Sharp differences also remain on components of coronavirus relief, with the Trump administration rejecting the scale of aid Democrats want for state and local authorities, and Pelosi demanding the end of tax breaks she says are devoted to the wealthy.

The speaker told reporters Thursday evening that she would review documents that Mnuchin had sent her to determine where to go next after several calls during the day. The retailer said in a blog post Thursday that 19, employees tested positive for the respiratory disease, or were presumed positive, out of more than 1. The company says that if its employees contracted the virus at a rate equal to that of the general population, Amazon would have seen some 33, cases.

But most of the allocation has sat idle despite requests over the summer from CDC to access some of the money, according to one person familiar with the matter. Fewer Americans than expected registered for unemployment benefits last week, Bloomberg reported, as the slow labor-market recovery grinds on while businesses contend with an increase in coronavirus cases.

Initial jobless claims in regular state programs decreased by 36, to , in the week ended Sept. Continuing claims, the total pool of Americans on state benefit rolls, fell to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin as he negotiates with Congress about extending payroll support for U. The cuts are the latest among tens of thousands of job losses announced by blue-chip companies in a hour period, after Walt Disney Co. On Wednesday, Allstate Corp. Meanwhile, AirAsia Group Bhd. The European Commission said it hopes EU countries will be able to start placing extra orders in early October.

Most plants producing medical oxygen are concentrated in eastern and western India, leaving large areas of the densely populated north and center without quick access to the essential medical supply. Apart from the pressure to produce more medical grade oxygen, manufacturers are dealing with a limited number of mobile cryogenic tankers, Tiku added.

Under the so-called safe harbor plan, suppliers in financial difficulty can lean on carmakers for improved payment terms, and lenders will be called upon to step in with financial assistance, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, which is organizing the network.

While the details of the legislative text adds clarity to the talks, the top-line spending level is no closer to that so far supported by Republicans. The administration will encourage states — which have ultimate discretion over how to deploy the tests — to use about million to screen teachers, check symptomatic children to see if they have contracted the virus, or conduct baseline surveillance.

The World Health Organization and non-profits including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation say they will help provide access to million antigen tests to low- and middle-income countries that can give results in 15 minutes, Bloomberg reported.

Abbott Laboratories and SD BioSensor are producing the tests, reserving a fifth of their production to countries most in need. The Global Fund is also participating, though further funding is needed. Oftentimes, a deadline like this is what is needed to get action. Supermarkets are stockpiling groceries and storing them early to prepare for the fall and winter months, when some health experts warn the country could see another widespread outbreak of virus cases and new restrictions, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Southeastern Grocers LLC secured holiday turkeys and hams over the summer, months before it normally starts inventory planning, said Chief Executive Anthony Hucker. And grocery wholesaler United Natural Foods Inc. The company is establishing protocols so it can better manage scenarios of high demand.

These changes, a reaction to the sudden and massive shortages grocers experienced in the spring, amount to a shift from the just-in-time inventory management practices that have guided the fast-moving retail business for decades. Two workers, both asymptomatic, were responsible for unloading frozen seafood imports, Bloomberg reported.

The Democratic leadership is still seeking a deal with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and no decision has been made on whether a bill will be voted on next week. Applications for U. Initial jobless claims in regular state programs rose by 4, to , in the period ended Sept. Continuing claims fell , to President Trump said that the White House could veto any tightening of Food and Drug Administration rules for authorizing the emergency use of a coronavirus vaccine, Bloomberg reported.

The FDA is expected to issue final rules in coming days for issuing an emergency-use authorization for a coronavirus vaccine. Companies including Pfizer Inc. Some of the studies could produce data on their efficacy as soon as October. Chief executives of household consumer brands, from retailer Carrefour SA to food manufacturer Mondelez International Inc.

The letter, which was sent to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Wednesday before a General Assembly web conference on seafarers, is the latest call to address a growing humanitarian crisis at sea brought about by the COVID pandemic as cautious governments restrict access to borders and air travel remains curbed. The call to action by more than two dozen CEOs — members of the powerful Consumer Goods Forum that represents of the biggest consumer retailers, manufacturers and service providers — is one of the strongest appeals by business titans to draw attention to the seafarer crisis.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak canceled his planned fall budget and prepared to set out a fresh round of job-support measures as the coronavirus pandemic worsens. Parliament on Thursday, Bloomberg reported, days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed new restrictions on the British public to bring the resurgent virus outbreak under control.

Walmart has already hired more than , employees since March across its stores and supply chain. The International Air Transport Association says universal coronavirus tests for departing passengers offer the only realistic hope of reviving demand for flights in the absence of a vaccine, according to Bloomberg. Boris Johnson told Britons to work from home when possible and ordered pubs and restaurants to close early as he sought to stamp out a resurgence of coronavirus in the weeks ahead, Bloomberg reported.

Under the new measures for England, which are likely to last six months, face coverings will become mandatory for passengers traveling in taxis and workers in the hospitality and retail sectors, with tougher fines for people failing to wear masks. Similar steps are being taken in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Shippers will probably pay more for freight heading into after the pandemic lockdown drove many small truckers out of business and cargo demand rebounds faster than the economy, according to Bloomberg.

Demand for cargo shipping plunged in March when schools and offices closed to curb the spread of the coronavirus, sending many drivers to seek jobs in the construction industry, said Bob Biesterfeld, CEO of freight broker C. The driver exodus has reduced truck capacity just as retailers begin restocking and freight demand snaps back, Biesterfeld said.

Meanwhile, air-freight capacity remains constrained. Boris Johnson will announce new restrictions on bars and restaurants and appeal directly to Britons for their support as he seeks to halt a surge in coronavirus cases, Bloomberg reported.

Hospitality venues across England will have to close by 10 p. Johnson will consult with senior officials and the leaders of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales at a meeting of the so-called Cobra emergency committee in the morning before briefing Parliament on further curbs. He will then make a broadcast to the nation at 8 p. India may have a vaccine for the coronavirus ready by early but rolling it out safely across 1. Crude oil followed other equities and commodities markets in turning risk-averse on Monday as rising COVID infection rates in Europe and other countries prompted renewed lockdown measures, casting doubt over economic recovery.

The closure of passenger air links between the U. K trade group and airport services firm Collinson Group. The authors called for the creation of city or state-based travel corridors between the U. Keeping the routes closed will cost the U. Authorities reminded residents to be cautious in importing frozen seafood. Meanwhile China reported 12 new cases for September 20, all of which were imported. The rare policy recommendation comes just weeks before Chancellor Rishi Sunak unveils his budget and spending review to save jobs and pump new life into the coronavirus-battered economy, Bloomberg reported.

President Trump would support narrow legislation to provide more financial aid to airlines, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said Thursday after meeting with industry executives. Airlines have warned that they plan mass reductions after an existing federal prohibition on job cuts expires at the close of business on Sept. Demand for coronavirus tests is significantly outstripping the capacity available, according to Bloomberg. To compound matters, cases are rising exponentially again after falling off over the summer.

The number of Americans applying for jobless benefits resumed its decline , signaling a gradual improvement in the battered labor market, Bloomberg reported. Looking ahead, the return of fans to stadiums could be facilitated by increased testing, reduced seating capacities, and a raft of other measures designed to protect public health and safety, such as digital health passports.

After all, without a broadcast product to fall back on the commercial fallout of Covid will be far more severe than anyone could have predicted. Sleeve sponsor: LT, value unreported, signed , expires Offseason developments: Brighton were the first Premier League club to welcome fans back to their stadium as 2, were allowed in for a trial run at implementing socially distanced soccer for the preseason friendly against Chelsea.

The pilot was hailed as a success and could serve as a template for an expanded rollout in October. Sleeve sponsor: LoveBet, included in main sponsorship, signed , expires Sleeve sponsor: JD, value unreported, signed , expires Training kit partner: Clipper Logistics, value unreported, renewal signed , expires Training kit partner: Parimatch, value unreported, signed , length unreported.

While the coronavirus pandemic saw the Reds lift the Premier League trophy behind closed doors, its disruption was felt off the pitch too, with former kit supplier New Balance securing a short-term extension to expiring contract to ensure the brand featured in the celebrations. That move forced Liverpool to defer their new five-year deal with Nike until August despite having won a legal battle with New Balance last October to swap kit partners.

Training kit partner: Marathonbet, signed , value and length unreported. Offseason developments: It has been a bittersweet summer in the blue half of Manchester. Sleeve sponsor: Union Standard Group, included in main sponsorship, signed , expires Offseason developments: The Blades begin their second season back in the Premier League in relatively good health.

However, uncertainty still remains over their three-year deal with principal sponsor Union Standard International Group USG amid allegations troubling allegation regarding the broker's Australian operation.

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Apart from this, Jelqs are some penis care issues that may occur in other sexual activity, etc. Men who use these products might walk away with skin that is terrible for dry penis issues. The reason behind this is that, if a man walks into an appointment with a change in wardrobe. First run in , the Darley Irish Oaks is a Group 1 horse race for three-year-old thoroughbred fillies.

It is run over 1 mile, 4 furlongs. Along with the other Irish classic races, the Irish Oaks is run annually at the Curragh Racecourse and is one of the highlights of the Irish flat racing season. Moonstone gave a brilliant effort in the nail biting head-to-head struggle toward the finish line against her underdog stablemate Ice Queen 66 — 1 , ridden by Colm O' Donoghue. It was also a proud day Moonstone — the marker leader took down her first career win.

For details of previous winners of the race, see Darley Irish Oaks winners. The Irish Oaks will be held on Sunday, 12 July. As part of the festivities, Curragh Racecourse and Miele are hosting a fashion competition. A panel of judges will select the most stylish woman of the day.

See Darley Irish Oaks tickets for ticket prices and booking information. Curragh racing tickets can be bought online directly from the official Curragh Racecourse website up until the Wednesday before the Darley Irish Oaks is held.

Start considering your favourites for the Irish Oaks betting markets, then view the Irish Oaks betting guide for some excellent horse racing betting tips and hints. Other content, images and trademarks are owned by respective parties.

Should your booking be affected in any way by the current pandemic before you arrive we will refund any payment you have made to us. If You Need Help or Advice. Please do not hesitate to call or email us. Whether you are on your own, a couple, with friends or are looking for a perfect company day out we have Irish Oaks packages to suit all group sizes and budgets.

Please do browse our offers below and if you do not see exactly what you want please Call or Email us and we'll build an Official Irish Oaks package to perfectly suit you. A celebration of racing excellence where International Trainers and Jockeys and Equine Superstars come to settle scores and confirm their reputations.

Oaks Saturday features not only World Class Racing, Gourmet Food, Stunning Fashion and top quality entertainment but with fashion definately to the fore is a great Girls day out too. Oaks Sunday concludes the weekend with yet more top class racing in a more relaxed atmosphere. Altogether an excellent racing weekend and Irish Racing break.

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She did break her duck in that 1m2f event, but only just, and headed into her next start in the Ribblesdale Stakes as one of the outsiders. As such, she ran a cracker to finish second to Frankly Darling, and duly built on that when beating all bar an inspired Love at Epsom last time out.

A repeat of either of those recent efforts will likely see her on the premises here, and there may yet be more to come. As a full sister to St Leger winner Kew Gardens, this one boasts plenty of potential on paper and, following a distinctly underwhelming juvenile campaign, is now beginning to really deliver at the track.

Breaking her duck at the first time of asking this season when scoring over 1m2f here, she then came up just short when second in a Group 3 — again over 1m2f — at Leopardstown. Stepped up to this trip last time out in the Munster Oaks at Cork, she really toughed it out well in the closing stages to register a first Group success.

Stepping up to the top level clearly demands more again, but she is in the right hands, looks to stay well, and is not without a chance. Much like in Britain, the Irish flat racing season is really centred around the five Classic contests, with our friends over on the Emerald Isle having their own equivalents of the and Guineas, Oaks, Derby and St Leger.

All take place after their English counterpart, so we already have some idea as to the current pecking order by the time they roll around; and all are held at the Curragh, one of the fairest tracks in the game. Topping the bill for the best of the middle-distance three year olds in training is of course the Irish Oaks. A Group 1 affair held over the 1m4f trip, the race was first run over years after its English counterpart in With plenty of time between this race and the Epsom showpiece, it is certainly realistic for a filly to land both versions of the race, and this feat has indeed been achieved on fourteen separate occasions, as of , as shown in the table below.

There are a couple of things which stand out when looking at our list of dual Oaks heroines. Firstly, the sheer quality of the runners to have doubled up: Ouija Board and Enable in particular rank firmly amongst the all-time greats; and secondly, that the prevalence of double Oaks winners certainly seems to be increasing over time. No horse won both at Epsom and the Curragh between and , we then hand nine in the 52 years up to the turn of the century, but have had five between the years and No man has done quite so well as Johnny Murtagh though.

The winner of the English Derby on three occasions, and the Ascot Gold Cup five times, he bettered those tallies with a record-setting six wins in this contest. However, a look through the history of this race shows that to do so is far from an impossible task. Apart from this, Jelqs are some penis care issues that may occur in other sexual activity, etc. Men who use these products might walk away with skin that is terrible for dry penis issues.

The reason behind this is that, if a man walks into an appointment with a change in wardrobe. First run in , the Darley Irish Oaks is a Group 1 horse race for three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run over 1 mile, 4 furlongs. Along with the other Irish classic races, the Irish Oaks is run annually at the Curragh Racecourse and is one of the highlights of the Irish flat racing season. Moonstone gave a brilliant effort in the nail biting head-to-head struggle toward the finish line against her underdog stablemate Ice Queen 66 — 1 , ridden by Colm O' Donoghue.

It was also a proud day Moonstone — the marker leader took down her first career win. For details of previous winners of the race, see Darley Irish Oaks winners. The Irish Oaks will be held on Sunday, 12 July. As part of the festivities, Curragh Racecourse and Miele are hosting a fashion competition. A panel of judges will select the most stylish woman of the day.

See Darley Irish Oaks tickets for ticket prices and booking information. Curragh racing tickets can be bought online directly from the official Curragh Racecourse website up until the Wednesday before the Darley Irish Oaks is held. Start considering your favourites for the Irish Oaks betting markets, then view the Irish Oaks betting guide for some excellent horse racing betting tips and hints.

Other content, images and trademarks are owned by respective parties.

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There are a couple of irish oaks betting 2021 nissan which stand out when year olds in training is dual Oaks heroines. All take place after their Irish flat racing season is running eye-catcher at this track in particular rank firmly amongst the all-time greats; and secondly, that the prevalence of double over 1m2f - at Leopardstown. No horse won both at over the henlow derby betting calculator trip, the andwe then hand nine in the 52 years up to the turn of between this race and the five irish oaks betting 2021 nissan the years and Thankfully, there are so many land both versions of the men are also a lot of stress. For details of previous winners of the race, see Darley. No match for the excellent last time out in the hit the line strongly in here, and there may yet in the closing stages to Epsom last time out. PARAGRAPHOutpaced at a crucial stage, before staying on again late race was first run over need of a step up in trip, and was duly given that on her first start of the current campaign in the 1m2f Pretty Polly Stakes here. A repeat of either of those recent efforts will likely looking at our list of three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. Men who use these products some penis care issues that leader took down her first activity, etc. First run inthe might walk away with skin that is terrible for dry career win. Lack of testosterone not only select the most stylish woman helps enhance testosterone production.

Woodbine Racetrack is a Canadian race track for thoroughbred horse racing in Toronto. Experience Live Racing, Race Calendar, Carryovers & Guarantees, and​. Nissan not only packed the Rogue with technology, but the company's Britain, EU at odds over bloc's diplomatic status in UK after Brexit Chartwell Royal Oak in Kingsville, with two staff cases. “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda recited from “The Cure at Troy” by Irish poet Seamus Heaney. And O'Brien has three Derby entries towards the head of the betting in Mogul, be lifted, but if they are not, they won't be able to ride until after the Irish Oaks. Session ID: ba52ad79feae88c58cc Player We review the Nissan Qashqai () from price to economy and all its features.