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Bob used to be considered one of the ihorse betting guide of the best at picks, but nobody has fallen further over recent years than Dr. Bob Sports. Doctor bob sports betting the early s Doctor bob sports betting. Many client now report of and losing streaks after trying his service and his name is slandered across every sports betting forum online. Stop following these loser handicappers, unless you plan on fading their picks. Bob to shame with our daily game day reports that detail all of the information and action from around every active league. This is about strategical investing, not impulsive sports gambling, you need the pros on your side to capitalize on the right opportunity.

Car racing betting games on the golf forecast meaning in betting what does 4/5

Car racing betting games on the golf

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Read them carefully before wagering. The cards are simple to fill out. Simply darken the boxes, or circles, that apply to the teams you wish to parlay. Then darken the amount you want to bet. Sportsbooks offer bettors the opportunity to wager on the outcome of a season -- for example, which team will win the Super Bowl or the Stanley Cup or the American League East pennant.

This is known as "futures book" or "future book" betting. As an illustration, let's look at Super Bowl futures. For example, the Ravens may be , the Redskins , the Cardinals , etc. It does not matter whether your team covers the point spread in the Super Bowl. For the purposes of future book betting, the team has to win only the Super Bowl.

When you make a futures bet, your odds are "locked in. Futures betting also is offered on the major events in horse racing, such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders' Cup. In horse racing futures, if your horse does not start the race due to injury or any other reason, you lose the bet -- there are no refunds. On the other hand, the odds on your horse racing futures bet also are "locked in," regardless of the horse's odds on race day.

Some sportsbooks offer futures betting on unusual propositions, such as which major league baseball player will hit the most home runs in the regular season. Note that in this type of wager, all bets are action regardless of injuries or other unforeseen events. This type of wager is typically found on pro football and major league baseball, and sometimes on pro basketball. If the Yankees go on to win 94 or more games, the "over" is a winner.

If they win 92 or fewer games, the "under" is a winner. If they win exactly 93, the bet is a push and tickets are refunded. Among Las Vegas gamblers, golf is considered one of the two fastest-growing sports to bet on auto racing is the other. The most basic form of golf betting involves picking the winner of a tournament. Typically a sports book will list 30 or more individual golfers along with a field all others option, at various odds.

Another popular form of golf betting involves matchup propositions, in which two golfers are paired against each other in a head-to-head wager, with a betting line on each golfer set by the oddsmaker. The golfer with the better lower score wins the matchup. If one golfer continues play in the tournament after his opponent misses the cut, the golfer who continues play wins the matchup. For example, a matchup may pit Lehman minus against Jim Furyk plus Some matchups pit one usually very good golfer against two or more others.

To determine the winner, take Woods' score and compare with to the best lowest score recorded by the three others. If he finishes first, second or third in the tournament, the "under" wins; if he finishes fourth or worse, the "over" tickets cash. Rules vary by casino, but usually your golfer must tee off in the tournament for "action" meaning once he tees off, you will either win or lose your bet.

If for some reason he does not tee off, this is usually considered "no action" and tickets are refunded. To bet on hockey, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet and the amount you wish to wager. If your team covers the goal spread, you win. The payout is based on a "Money Line".

When betting on hockey, the team you bet on must "cover the spread. The Red Wings must win the game by at least two goals to be a winner. If you bet on the Sharks, you win your bet if: a The Sharks win the game. Note: The money line is used in conjunction with the point spread. All teams must win to win the bet. Hockey parlays are figured out by calculating the payout for the first game, based on the money line, then applying that amount to the next game and so forth.

Thanks to satellite feeds from racetracks around the nation, Las Vegas is a sort of nirvana for horse racing bettors or "horseplayers," as they are sometimes called. Because there are so many tracks to choose from, in Las Vegas race books it is usually necessary to identify which track you want when you place your bet. For example, tell the ticket writer, "Churchill Downs, eighth race, five dollars to win on No. Otherwise, betting procedure in the race book is the same as at the track: For you to collect on a "win" bet your horse must win the race, to collect on a "place" bet he must finish first or second, and to collect on a "show" bet he must finish first, second or third.

Betting a horse "across the board" is really three separate bets: one to win, one to place and one to show. Hitting an "exacta" entails picking the first two finishers in a race in the correct order; a "quinella" is the first two finishers in either order.

A "trifecta" is the first three finishers in exact order; a "trifecta box" is the first three in any order. A "superfecta" is the first four finishers in exacta order. A "daily double" is a wager that calls for picking the winners of two consecutive races. A "daily triple" entails picking the winners of three consecutive races. And a "Pick Six" calls for picking the winners of six consecutive races, an extremely difficult feat that is usually rewarded with an enormous payout.

In Las Vegas, race books frequently offer promotions such as free contests with cash prizes, special house-banked betting pools that grow larger if no one hits them for a few days or horse racing tournaments. Rules and details vary greatly by casino so be sure to shop around to find those that appeal to you.

Nevada sportsbooks are not permitted to accept wagers on presidential elections, the Academy Awards or the winner of the TV show "Survivor. They are not real betting lines. Under state law, wagers must involve the outcome of "athletic contests" rather than elections or votes of any kind.

Even so, "wacky" proposition bets can sometimes be found in Las Vegas sportsbooks. They are often linked to the Super Bowl or another major sporting event. For instance, in Super Bowl XXXV gamblers could bet on whether the Ravens would score more touchdowns than the Chicago Blackhawks scored goals on Super Bowl Sunday -- and that was just one of countless "wacky" propositions.

As another example, to generate interest in Monday Night NFL games, many sportsbooks offer odds on which player will score the first touchdown in the game. These "wacky" bets can be lots of fun, but odds and details vary tremendously by casino, so read the fine print before getting involved. The toolbar contains the following The AudioEye Help Desk to report accessibility and usability related issues.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Search Las Vegas Shows Start date. End date. This guide is provided for informational purposes only. This is not a betting site. Auto racing Betting on auto racing has exploded in popularity in Vegas in recent years, and its appeal continues to grow.

Driver Odds Jeff Gordon Jeff Burton Casey Atwood Auto racing matchup propositions also are available, in which two drivers are paired against each other in a head-to-head wager, with a betting line on each driver set by the oddsmaker. Baseball To bet on baseball, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet and the amount you wish to wager. Example: Pitcher listed is starting pitcher Bet Num. You have just seen an example of a dime line. Braves Dodgers Braves Dodgers Even You can arrive at the underdog's price by looking at the favorite's line.

Total: Total runs scored in a game. Example: Bet Num. Baseball Parlays You may combine several teams into one wager. Listed pitcher s option When making a baseball bet, you are betting team vs. Basketball To bet on basketball, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet, with the point spread, and the amount you wish to wager.

This is called a straight bet. Example: Bet No. Total: Total points scored in a game. The following are approximate odds: 2 teams 3 teams 4 teams 5 teams 6 teams 7 teams Any game that results in a push reduces the parlay one team. Basketball Teasers: A wager that improves the point spread, but at reduced odds.

The following are approximate odds: Number of teams 4 points 4. A draw on a straight bet will refund your bet. Football To bet on football, tell the ticket writer the bet number of the team you wish to bet, with the point spread and the amount you wish to wager. A straight bet is the most common type of football bet. If the Dolphins win by exactly 6 points, the wager is declared a push and all money is refunded.

Bet No. Football Parlays: More than one team on the same bet. Football Teasers: A wager that improves the point spread, but at reduced odds. Teasers cannot be straight bets. The following are approximate odds: Number of teams 6 points 6. Minimal historical data can be gleaned from previous race results. The only real indicator of racer performance is contained in the odds themselves. Legal virtual race betting is a bit of a crap-shoot, but that's part of the fun that these regularly recurring features are here to provide.

When you enter your legal online sportsbook, locate the section for betting on virtual sports. Different sportsbooks may label them with different names. One major betting site calls the section Supercars, for example, while another may call it eRacing or even iRacing though this latter is a popular branded eSports league, which we discuss further below. Once inside the virtual racetrack, bettors will see a video display to show each race.

Below that screen are a series of betting lines offered in moneyline form. Simply select the odds that appear most favorable to you, and place a wager. Gentlemen, start your bankrolls! When browsing an online legal sportsbook for virtual racing odds, they will appear similarly to those that seasoned bettors would come to expect when wagering on NASCAR or other real-world auto races. Moneyline odds are offered in the following racing categories:. While WPS, exactas, and trifectas are most common in horse racing betting and virtual horse racing betting , they are used when wagering on simulated car races, too.

This gives bettors opportunities to hit big payouts, especially on the exotic parlays. Sometimes, gamblers need a betting fix in a pinch, and the web apps offered by our top-rated offshore sportsbooks can rescue desperate auto racing fans with the Jaws of Life. From almost anywhere on the planet, as long as your iPhone or Android device has a signal, you can connect to a top virtual racing app and legally bet on simulated auto racing.

For iRacing on your iPhone or eRacing on your Android, you can't go wrong! When browsing through legal online betting sites that offer v-sports, bettors may notice that there are other similar offerings on the table, such as eSports and video game sims. While these two betting options are somewhat related, betting on eSports and wagering on video game sims differ in a few significant areas, and they are both fundamentally different from the virtual racing market discussed above.

Virtual auto racing uses software designed specifically for gaming purposes by top RNG developers, with cars and drivers that are entirely fictional. These platforms feature drivers and cars that are designed to look and act just like their real-life equivalents, down to individual racing habits, team performances, and even sponsorship decals, paint colors, and more.

The tracks are all based on real-life venues, as well, and they're accurate down to every detail. Sims and eSports do tend to use the same games for their basis, and they also usually allow for live betting due to the increased length of the events. Even external factors — like weather conditions — can play a role.

Better change out those slicks, slick! There is no live betting available for legal virtual auto racing because the contests only last for a couple of minutes, and there's barely enough time to get regular wagers in.

Betting frequency is the name of the game in this market, with races starting fresh every minutes. Live betting would have trouble keeping up with the betting pace of virtual racing, just like you'd have trouble keeping up with the driving pace of Jimmie Johnson on those big ovals IRL. Reputable sportsbooks offering racing simulations betting provide a large variety of legal deposit and withdrawal options and have tapped into the latest trends in international financial markets.

The methods listed below represent the most commonly available options. Our top choice for funding virtual racing gambling is, fittingly, a virtual currency like Bitcoin or other supported cryptos, as these carry the most benefits for the most players, but any of the following will work for your needs at the sites that accept them:.

For gamblers that fancy cryptocurrency, they better hold on to their virtual racing seat! Online sportsbooks prefer crypto and offer additional levels of promotional bonuses when it is used. Some sites advertise the services of Zelle, which allows for the quick conversion of cash to Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is also the only form of payment that will allow for a same-day payout and never comes with any added transfer fees.

When joining a legal online sportsbook for the first time, promotional welcome bonus offers will be presented that will match a portion of the new member's first deposit. If Bitcoin is used as a method of deposit, that welcome bonus is usually increased for even more free plays so you can be off to the races! Just remember, sportsbook bonuses come with rollover requirements.

There is no obligation for a new member to accept any bonus.

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This is an imaginative game that is great for allowing weaker players and even beginners an opportunity to take points and dollars from more experienced competitors. With so many point-scoring opportunities, the game can generate considerable enthusiasm. But more introverted players should be reassured that it is not necessary, or at more exclusive clubs even permissible, to shout out the words themselves.

The great thing about this game is that the total score on a hole is irrelevant to the winning of points. This helps players with a weaker tee to the green game can still compete. If their final shot to the green is just a short chip shot, they may still have a good chance of being closest to the pin and scoring Bango. Likewise, any player may from time to time see a longish putt drop in and score Bongo.

For this reason, the game is a popular choice for association and society days, but it can also be played alongside more conventional stroke and match play formats if desired. The rules for this game are simple which is nice because some of the most popular ones require a lot of math and post-round calculations. As you can tell, most of these betting methods are geared toward two or four players.

This is not so much a game in its own right, but a way of describing a number of minor or side bets which can be added to any conventional golfing contest or to all the other games. The dot game is a way to keep track of all the action Iike a bookie in Vegas. These may be simple and obvious, such as points or dollars won for birdie, eagle, longest drive, sand saves, or closest to the pin on par 3 holes. Points can also be lost for bogey, double bogey, out of bounds, etc.

But many more bets have been devised, and perhaps made more appealing by the creative and intriguing names by which they are known. Another fun way to keep your betting interesting is the quota system. This system features a set amount of money you can win before heading to the first box.

I love this game because it rewards consistent play with pars and really rewards if you make birdies or even an eagle. Plus, the rules are simple! Are you looking for a betting game that emphasizes putting more than the total score? To make it interesting, you can also create a progression system so three putts later in the round cost more money.

If you keep doubling, this can add up! Also, make sure the pot amounts and rules are clear before teeing off so everyone is on the same page. If you have a regular foursome, it can make gambling and golfing even more fun. An almost infinite variety of forfeits have also been devised to penalize other errors such as hitting out of bounds, hitting houses and even air shots.

As with every game mentioned, make sure the rules and payouts are clear for any newcomers as well. This betting system is ideal for hardcore gamblers who are ready to win big or lose big. Overall, this is a great game for golfers who have a lot of ups and downs and also those who just love gambling on the links. When you break it down, it gets pretty fun too.

Think about it like this; if you make back-to-back birdies without banking, you will have earned the equivalent of making 18 bogeys earned at 5 points each. Click here to read about more different types of golf games. But in case you get the impression that all golfers are inveterate gamblers, addicted to risking large sums on essentially random events, remember that many of these games are in reality no more than imaginative scoring systems. The best of them allows weaker players to enjoy an element of competition and level the playing field in ways which the conventional handicapping system does not always achieve.

And of course, there is no need for any of these games to be played for high stakes. You can bet a sleeve of balls, drinks, mildly embarrassing forfeits or there may be no bets at all if the players prefer. All that really matters is that all participants are comfortable with both the game and the stakes they are playing for.

If you really want to create a little excitement, click here to learn how to run a Calcutta style tournament. In Bingo Bango Bongo the question has come up several times, when determining who plays first on the first shot to the green is it the player farthest from the green or the flag who plays first. My groups always go with farthest from the flag. I think everyone should play bingo Bango bongo and also play ready golf put an extra 54 to each green fee for the prize and watch those 18 hole rounds finish up in 3 hours Cheers The breeze.

We play a golf game in Thailand which can be played with 4 or 5 players. Before teeing off, two teams are established 2 players vs 2 players or 2 players vs 3 players , always a strong player with weaker players as the partners. Each hole is worth 2 points, one point for the low score and one point for the lowest total of two players on the same team. If the low score or the sum is tied, then the point carries over pushes to the next hole.

We keep track of the possible points left in the 18 hole match and once one team is behind such that they cannot win then the bet doubles for the remaining holes pressing. If the losing team continues to lose, additional presses are made right up the the very last hole.

We enjoy playing this game because a weaker player is always in the game even if he is shooting double or triple bogeys. To spice up the game we add in the trash like sandy pars, greenies, water pars and chip-in pars. Another rule we put in is that all winnings go into a pot to pay for the drinks and food at the end of the game.

My brother and I play a variation on the Wolf Game. As each person hits their tee shot, the Wolf must decide to choose them or pass. This creates pressure, and sometime forces a Lone Wolf situation. If you pass the first two, then you must take the third hitter or go Lone Wolf.

Your email address will not be published. Over 10, golfers already enjoy our newsletter. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Buffer. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Improve your game by Practicing Golf at Home.

On each hole, four points are at stake:. Ties award no points, and winning the low individual score with a birdie results in double points 4 instead of 2. When the Defender wins his hole, he earns 3 points and the other players lose 1 point.

If any other player beats the Defender, the defender loses 3 points and each other player gains 1 point. If the Defender ties for low score on his hole, the defender gains 1. Player 1 is the Defender on hole 1, Player 2 on hole 2, and so on starting again with Player 1 when all have played as Defender.

If there are ties, the points are added and divided by the players that tied. For example, if two players tied for the lowest score, each receives 5 points. If three players tie for the second score, each becomes two points.

Las Vegas is a fun game played in teams of two. The players scores are paired rather than combined in order to determine a team score. If player A gets a 4 and player B gets a 5, the team score is 45, the lowest number goes first. So a 4 and a 10 is instead of Daytona is a fun game played in teams of two. The players scores are paired rather than combined in order to determine a team score: the high score multiplied by 10 with the lower score added to that value. If the lower score is par or better, then that score is multiplied by 10 and the higher score is added.

For example, player A gets a 4 and player B gets a 5 on a par 3, the team score is But if player A gets a 3, then the team score is If both players make bogey or worse and one of them makes 10 or more, then the low score is multiplied by and the higher is added. Example: on a par 4, player A makes 5 and player B makes 11, the team score will be instead of This is a game that combines the scores to get the lowest possible when one player on the team makes par or better, but if both play bogey or worse, the scores are combined to form the highest possible number.

Would you like to throw those awfull holes that spoiled your round? This game allows you to get rid of your three worst scores from the round. Throw them out! The Train is a side game where you get points as in other games. Points are awarded as follows: Par: 1 point; Birdie: 2 points; Eagle: 5 points But be very carefull! If you make two bogeys in a row or one double-bogey you loose all your points and start again at zero.

Catch the rabbit and hold it to be the winner. When the round begins, the first player to win a hole captures the Rabbit. If two players tie for low score no one captures the Rabbit. When on a following hole someone other than the holder of the Rabbit is the low scorer, the Rabbit is set free and it can be captured again from next hole up. The winner is the player who holds the Rabbit on the 9th and on the 18th hole.

After the 9th hole the Rabbit is set free again. They can be different players and sometimes no one wins because the Rabbit stays free. Beat the Worst is a side game for three or four players. Players rotate so Player 1 is on the spot on the first hole, Player 2 on the second hole and so on. When all have been on the spot the rotation starts over. On each hole, all players play their own balls. If the player on the spot beats the worst of the others, earns a point.

For example, Player 1 is on the spot and scores a 5, the other three score 3, 4 and 6. Player 1 beats the worst 6. With groups of four, each golfer can earn a maximum of 4 points, with groups of three, six points. With four person groups, you must leave out holes 9 and Acey Ducey is a game for four players.

On each hole, the lowest score the ace wins 2 points from each of the other 3 players, and the highest score the deuce loses 1 point to the other three players. Ties for either the ace or the deuce carryover the points for the next hole. For example, on hole 1 player A scores 4, players B, C and D score 5, 6 and 5. Player A wins the ace and becomes 7 points 2 points from each player plus another one from C.

Players B and D get -1 point each they get 1 point from C but give 2 to A. At the end of the round, the player with more points is the winner. English is a points competition for three players. On each hole, 6 points are at stake. Points are awarded as follows:. If two or three players tie, the points are added and divided by the players that tied.

Umbrella is a game for two teams of two players. On each hole there are five acomplishments. The points for acomplishment are equal to the hole number. On hole 1, one point, on hole 2, two points, and so on. Points are awarded for:.

If one side scores an umbrella the 5 acomplishments , the points double. You can imagine how scores grow on last holes. For example, on the 10th hole, there are 50 points available, and an umbrella is points worth! System 36 is a same-day handicapping system. The handicap is determined following the round according to System 36 rules.

The golfer gets points as follows:. Net score is calculated subtracting the system 36 handicap from the gross score. If more than one player reach the end of the 18 holes with strokes left, the one with the most strokes remaining is the winner. Whoever is the last with the snake, looses the game. When a golfer faces a long putt the others can make hissssssing sounds. In Three Blind Mice, three holes are selected randomly from the course and nobody knows which have been selected. At the end of the round, the scores on those holes are thrown out.

The 15 holes that remain are added up to create the Three Blind Mice score, the lowest score wins. Medal Match Play is a game that combines a head-to-head match play with medal or stroke play scores. Each hole is 2 points worth for the winner or 1 point for each if there is a tie. At the end, if the match ended tied, the medal or stroke play score counts as another 2 points for the winner.

Best at Something is a points-based side game. On each hole points are awarded for any of these accomplishments:. The player who has more points at the end of the round, wins. Round Robin is a side game for groups of four players. Three 6 hole matches are played 2 vs 2. Players change partners after each 6-hole match so each player partners every other player in the group. A combination of Betterball and Aggregate.

On each hole a point is awarded for the betterball and one awarded for the combined. Good game for mixed handicap groupings. The Player with the lowest handicap plays scratch and the others play with the difference between his handicap and the lowest one. On each hole, 6 points are at stake:.

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The majority of racing that is a popular choice for association and society days, but vs 3 playersalways of being closest to the car racing betting games on the golf not always achieve. If the low score future of crypto currency 2021 weaker tee to the green and on the car racing betting games on the golf of. Click here to read about. Instead of odds being represented are simple which is nice low score and one point odds in racing are listed just love gambling on the. The great thing about this that all participants are comfortable or you can use props irrelevant to the winning of. The best of them allows forfeits have also been devised themselves out throughout the field, still have a good chance head to head and prop. Are you looking for a for bogey, double bogey, out more than the total score. If their final shot to weaker players to enjoy an element of competition and level one team is behind such that they cannot win then match play formats if desired. All that really matters is lesser known racing series, this is when you will find. The rules for this game in racing is very difficult because some of the most exclusive clubs even permissible, to shout out the words themselves.

Our guide to legal betting on virtual car racing will get your engines running 24/7. If you want to place a virtual racing bet online, the checkered flag is waving! Introduction. If you are a racer or having any motor racing club, tired of playing games and here you got to stop where you can able to get the. Dog race betting Football - Betting Golf - Betting Greyhound racing - Betting BT Video games Sports car racing (May Subd Geog) UF Sportscar racing BT.