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Din 18318 betting advice

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Every- body enjoyed the delightful tur- kev dinner served by the Cristo- bal Club chef. Next Saturday afternoon at two o clock, there will be a fare- well Skeet and Trap shoot in honor of the popular Sgt Brown of Fort Kobbe who is leaving for the Stales later this month. The program will consist of 50 registered yard targets and 50 skeet targets.

There will be an entry fee of one dollar on each 50 target event and one dollar on the overall scores. Purses will be divided via the Lewis System, two classes 40, 30, 20 and 10 per cent. There will be sterling silver trophies awarded to the winners of the Trap and Skeet events.

But no shooter may take both tro- phies. This shoot is to be known as the miserable" Brown shoot and will be run by Col. Christie and Pappy Norton who will be Only too glad to explain just why Sgt. Brown is called "miserable. Both were won by lop-sided scores. In the first game Albrook slaugh- tered Corozal This game was sparked by the outstanding play of "Frenchy" Coycault who netted 20 points to be the high pointer of the eve- ning.

Bliss Scholl of Coronal was his team s best with six points. Albrook again proved that it is the team to beat hi the race. The second game was won by Special Troops over th Signal by a score of The high- pointer was Andrade of Special Troops with Luft with 13 and Pendleton with nine points also distinguished them i ves. For th Signal. Kellywith seven pointsand Kennedy with six points were worth mentis i. Officials were Kectlm and Ma- grath. They did a good job.

This evening two games are scheduled. Rodman W. Albrook and UB. Hospital vs. Philadelphia at Boston. Chicago at Detroit. Lonis at Cleveland. New York. Detroit 60 Louis 48 Louis 32 Louis N. Cincinnati at Chicago. Boston at Philadelphia New York at Brooklyn 2. Claire; Roberts and Wilber. Admission is frep. In the first game, Fergus La Bocans will tangle with Monticel- lnGamboans for third and fourth place honors. A single game will decide the title. The main attraction will be staged at p.

Twin City has chosen Ramn Jimnez, fireball right hander, who during the sea- son scored eight successes against three defeats. When its Paint Army Caribbean an- nounced today. Last year's runner-up. Air Force Capt. Hugh W. Weldon Lal- che and Sgt. Joe Lockman. Last year's champion. Wllford Misner, has returned to the United States. The Navy's entries In the tournament are not yet certain. The Democratic senator from Colorado says he doubts the le- gality of baseball's reserve clause.

And Johnsonwho also is presi- dent of the Western League asked the House Committee in- vestigating baseball to remove all doubt about the clause by spon- soring legislation to make it le- gal. In New York, where the major league owners are meeting to de- cide on a new commissioner, Johnson's name was mentioned as a strong candidate. It was Johnson who Introduced the bill exempting baseball from the anti-trust laws and the bill touched off the Washington hearings.

If Johnson is the choice of the owners, It won't be an- nounced yet. Charles Segar, National League publicity di- rector and official spokesman for the owners, said, "There will he no commissioner elected to- day.

Chan- dler who resigned July An aide says General MacArthur was approached about the Job "several weeks ago. Senator Johnson, in address- ing the House Committee in Washington, said he is not a lawyer bat feels perhaps the reserve clause does violate the anli-trust laws as some critics charge. Three matches will be play- at p. The U. Army Caribbean, as host for the tournament. Is re- sponsible for the drawings, the conduct of the tourney, and the selection of officials, as well as the awards, which will be made to the champion and runner-up in singles and to the champion team and the runner-up team in doubles.

That some of these crlbbers are football players has been affirmed by Gen. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, whose first reaction to the holocaust encompassed abandonment of the grid- iron game at the Pofht for However, Lt. James B. Leer, the newly appointed publlo inofrmation officer at the Academy, Is authority for the assur- ance that there will be an Army football team this fall, and that it will go through with Its nine-game schedule, Including the much talked about meeting with Southern California in Yankee Stadium Nov.

Just how many football players are Involved has not been divulged at the Point. Who, among the indicted, are holdovers from the great squad of , which suffered only one defeat in the startling upset by Navy, the authorities will not reveal.

It is explained that they are re-checklng on each Cadet, so that no Innocent man will suffer. It certainly makes hot stuff for the holler guys on Pravda. Those who long have been Jealous of the success of Arm football and Red Biaik doubtless will take full advantage of ths opportunity, and indict the Academy's gridiron system. But, until names are named, and we find out more about this, I am inclined to repeat the advice of Commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis to Barney Dreyfuss.

Dreyfuss demanded cancellation of the classic! Landis replied, "Barney keep your shirt on! How much have we, the enthusiastic spectators and the writers of our sports pages, had to do with, the sad turn of affairs? What noxious gases are there in the air, and what is wrong with these times? Are too many of us hollering, "T'hell with everything today, for tomorrow comes a bomb? The brick throwers insist that, in its great zeal for the football star officer, the Academy blinked at a growing abuse in Its tremend- ous desire to help the service.

There is no question that a great Army football team is good for the Army, and so, good for the nation. It was this philosophy which prompted Gen. Robert L. Elchelberger, as Superintendent ol the Academy, to bring Red Biaik back from Dartmouth, and rehabilitate the West Point football system, which had gone completely shabby. In any event. Biaik himself is out in the clear. He worked with the material the authorities of the classroom passed on to him.

It was fine material In , lt was spectacular in and for some years before. If the bust-cut epidemic hits Army football as hard as reports say it will. Red will be right back where he started, as Bill Wood's successor. I am sorry for Biaik, and I am more sorry foe Army football. I doubted the report very much. I ex- pected the later announcement that West Point would carry on, just so long as lt had a single platoon to put on the field.

Football and West Point cannot be separated. Army first organized an eleven in , after a challenge from Annapolis, which had been playing football fpr a few years. The Cadets started under severe handicaps, but soon caught up with their service rivals.

In sixty years, West Point has had no break in Its gridiron representation. Back in , the last four games of Army's schedule were cancelled after the death of Cadet Dean from Injuries suffered in the Harvard contest. I There was a furore among anti-football forces, which had tried to have the game abolished in , but were frustrated by President Theodore Roosevelt.

Army refused to be stopped, and came out with a stronger eleven in There was a slight temblor at the Point In the early '30s when the late. Chris Cagle was dismissed for having married. There were minor shocks in subsequent years. Now the Academy has been rocked to its ancient foundations. A glass of sparkling ENO'S first thing in the morning is good lor the liver.

It clean the head in no tune. The wonderful effervescence is cleansing and refreshing to stale nasty snouth. The non habit- forming laxative action keeps the system regular. ENO'S is pleasant to take and in its action it is gentle yet quickly effective, A real family remedy. Only a competent jewaler hun Id replace cryetal or cloee eaaa to raetore waterproof quality.

Just dial your decorating problem. Nothing else like lt anywhere. Moist of Cocoll have announced the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter. The wedding will be solemniied on Sunday, at the ti. Kobbe Chapel at 3 p. John C. Wiley, Mr. George Capwell were hosts for a cocktail party last evening at their residence In Bella Vista.

Schneid- er of Balboa announce the ap- proaching marriage of their daughter, Eileen, to William J. Allen, son of Mr. Walter J. Allen of Balboa at the Fort Amador Chapel at p. Friends of the bridal couple and friends of their parents are Invited to the church ceremony and the reception, afterwards. In the Ballroom of the Hotel Tlyoll. Frank Harrington of Diablo Heights. Eva Wallace Mar- vin, a guest at the Hotel Tivoll, had a group of friends to dinner at the Tivoll last evening. Hull Move to New Address Mr.

Hull's friends on both sides of the Isth- mus will be interested to hear that they have moved Into their new home at 19th Street In St. Petersburg, Florida. The Hulls are former residents of Pedro Mi- guel and Balboa. Grefe is the new manager of Braniff Airways for Buenos Aires.

John Bates of Ancon is Mrs. Iowa, who arrived by plane on Monday night for a visit of about two weeks. Eduardo E. The program will consist of W. Llnwood R. Moist gave a party recently at their home in Cocoli. Hill, Mrs. William Bach Introduced Mrs P.

Wollaston, Mrs. Jacobs, and Mrs. Casper, Jr. Plans were discussed for the opening of a thrift shop at Fort Kobbe In the future. Frank Linnell has been chosen as chair- man for the project. Robert Douglas and Mrs. William Bradley presided at the coffee service. Hostesses for the party were Mrs. Rufus Daniel and Mrs. Gerard Wilson. Winners were: first, Mr.

Norrls; second. Gardner; third, Miss C. Drurv and Mrs. Mial; fourth, Mrs. Kelley and Sergeant O. Larabee; and fifth, Mr. The public Is invited to participate In the games. Wal- ter J. Francis of Ft. Orvllle of Corozal, a son, Aug.

GILL, Mr. Clalr of Colon, a son, Aug. Car- los of La Boca, a daughter, Aug. Ralph of Gamboa, a daughter, Aug. Ama- dor Post Chapel on August 3. Derrlco Is the former Shirley Anne Walsh. Uehllnger, officer In charge of the naval unit, said the foot-long needle thin missile reached a maximum speed of 4, miles per hour as lt threaded Its way through scat- tered white clouds. As witnessed from behind a concrete barrier outside the launching blockhouse, the rocket seemed to go straight up.

Actual- ly lt was leaning three degrees to the north and landed 40 miles a- way, almost in the center of the Army's huge testing grounds. It went more than miles Into the air. Secretary of the Army Frank Pace watched the shoot from a fiolnt three miles from the uunching platform. It newIt'a different. Here's all you do: SUr one teaspoon- ful in half a glass of hot water and drink If distressed after eating, take right after meals, and for good measure take another teaspoonful at bed-time and see what a difference it makes In the momlng.

Stomath sweetappetite keeneryou feel as if you really want to go to work. She was found out after four days when she asked for a commission. This wonder medicine makes you feel younger, stronger and leep without Interruption. Bates Wlemtn. Open S ee am. Ralhoa CreMseewe. Which way do you think!

In this case West was perfectly right. If he opens a trump In- stead of the king of diamonds. South manages to get only one spade ruff In dummybut he gets the trick back by bringing in his last spade. Let's run through the play. West leads a heart and South wins. South cashes the ace of spades and ruffs a spade In dum- my. Then he gives up a diamond trick. If the defenders lead anything but trumps. South can eventually ruff a second spade in the dum- my. Hence they must lead a sec- ond trump.

Then he leads a third round of spades. The defenders can take their two clubs and then force declarer to use up his fourth trump. South now leads a fourth round of spades. That leaves him with the last spade and the last trump. Hope you didn't lose any tea on this one. Today's hand, played in a du- plicate tournament, started an interesting argument. West be- gan the defense by leading the king of diamonds.

When that held he promptly shifted to a trump. South won. He then ruffed a dia- mond in his own hand and ruffed another spade In dummy. By this time South had won five tricks. Since he still had three high trumps in his hand, nothing could prevent him from making his contract. Then the fun began. Or maybe the eeny-meeny- miny-mo system would give you better results. We have the best Mahogany Furniture.

If you don't know our Club System visit us and you will be delighted. Me- tal Simmons bedroom, 2 mohogony porlor room set, kitchen set, plants, Westinghouse 7 ft. House No. I, Melendez Ave. Cristo- " bol Good appearance and performance. Phone Gomboo 6- SI West- -inghouse washing machine. Call One International 2 ton, , long chassis.

In- ternational 2 ton, One Mack 5 ton. Telephone 2- One Nash Ambassador 4-door sedan over- drive. Gatun Cristobal JJuntcl, 2 wall clocks, Cadillac va- auum cleaner. Gullck Diningroom suite naple. House , Pe-j flro Miguel.

Phone Call 3- House C. Las Cruces "3t.. Power Glide. Whftewall tires. Radio, 4, mile. Duty paid. Perfect condition. Call M. Ma- duro. Panama, rom to a. After Call Tel. Wntr Alcohlica Anonymous Bo. Phone Shrapnel, Balboa Notional cosh register. Freezer suitable for restaurant. Harfi alicer. Tele- phone Saturdays, any- time, other days after p. Williams Sonta Clore Beach Cottages. Two bedrooms, Frigidaires, Rock- gas ranges.

Balboa Beach cottages, Santo Clara. Box Phone Panama Cristobol Gromtich'j Sonta Cloro beach- cottages. Electric ice boxes, gas stoves, moderate rates. Contoct office No. New Cristobal Phone Chine, 25 cycle, used one 1 year. Phone Navy Kitchen, complete ond some Rjrniture, 2 car garage. Large po- tto and garden. Call J Call Balboa Two professionol wo- men desire well furnished apart- ment for indefinite period: 2 bed- rooms, ample closet space in Bello Visto distric:.

Call Miss Kerr, Ti- voli Hotel, 7 9 p. Three bedrooms, two boths, servant quarters in El Cangrejo. Golf Heights or Bello Visto. Must hove good garden space. Write P. Mink cope In perfect condition, worn one season. Inquire Via Espao Phone 3- Enlorger printer troys, etc, Cri'. Apply Rodio Shoo, Al- brook Bldg. Telephone Whv not save money buying the best? George Matthes, of the LSU faculty arrived this morning to assist the other two history professors, William Hlghsmlth and James Arm- strong who are at present con- ducting college credit history courses for armed services per- sonnel.

Matthes will be in the Pana- ma area for thirty days and will assist in the preparation of a full college study program tailored to the needs of the Caribbean Command. The basic idea in the LSU extension program is to bring college credit courses to the student rather than insist the student comes to the college. Bella Vista, Tel. Hopkins Apart- ments, 63, 4th of July Ave. Phone Panamo Carreras, or phone Balboa Bello Visto, from September 1st, for 4 months.

Apt 1 Offlct: Tel. Wednesday, Thursday fl te 8 p. Saturday 9 a. Co- lon's leading teen-age singing I group are all set for their grand I technicolor "Review' to be staged i at the Camp Bierd Theater Fri- day. I This club is well known for i their Sunday afternoon radio programs over the waves of Ra- [dio Atlntico.

Also acquired for the 'Review' are Clarissa Moore. Raymond Simpson. Marjorle Ambursley. Al- lan Bailey. Dorothy Scott. Ted Trotman. Beatrice Pomares and many others. As a special feature, a movie will be shown before and after the stage show. But the' strange fever may not be so strange, as the An- drocroggin la now returning to base with the doctor.

A' sketchy message from the Taurirya yesterday said one crew, member1 had died and three others were seriously sick as a result of the fever. Earlier reports said two men were dead. A doctor from the Grace Line passenger ship 8. Santa Rosa boarded the Italian vessel Sun- day. He said he believed the fever was-caused by contamin- ated water.

C, when the strange malady struck her crew. The ship Is expected to dock In Charleston today. The 4,ton vessel, owned by Bouring and Co.. The Santa Rosa doctor board- ed the vessel to administer aureomycln and 5. Coast Guard officials said no more medical drops would be made because the ship did not heed directions.

The plane directed the Taurl- nla 's skipper to head his ship into the wind which he. The plane dropped two bundles, both of which missed the deck, and the ship made "no effort to recover them. Its weekly luncheon meeting to- morrow, at the officers club in Coco Solo, as guests of Captain Lyle Keopke. The guest spealcer for the meet- ing will be Commander T.

White Jr.. Commander White and his squadron were re- cently awarded the U. The first show will be at p. The admission price will be 45 cents for adults and 20 cents for chil- dren. After opening night and until Sept. Friday and Sunday nights, with only one presentation of the mo- vie each night. The one nightly FOR. RENT: Chalet with 3.

All furnished.. Call phone after p. Commander White was born in attended the University of Iowa. Upon grad- uatlon he entered the Navy in After months of strenuous re- as an aviation cadet and re- akearsals the Choir Is fully gear-1 ceived hiseommission in Lewln i one and one-half years. After that time, one nightly movie will be shown starting at 7 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Betty Tarr. The Campfire wi;i begin at 7 p. Gatun lake. Newcomer, and George W. Westerman, journalist and civic worker, Aug. Scouts will be represented on this occasion by several troops of the organization. Burm SO Hours On 1 gal. All Parts Available.

Colon Ith St. Balboa Avt. Tel Panama S3 Central Ave. Dean W. Spalding of the University of Illinois college of education believes. Spalding said the course should include de- tails of eoonomlc, religious and social problems arising out of its use. Cocoli Children To Visit Bakery The West Bank summer recrea- tion program at Cocoli will have a special conducted trip to the Corozal Bakery tomorrow morn- ing for chiliren registered In arts and crafts classes who have not taken a trip during the summer.

A bus will leave from in front of the Cocoli School at 9 a. Children should have written slips from their parents indicat- ing permission to take the trip. The trip will be completed by noon. Teen-agers, both boys and? In ease of your failuro to so appear. J Hire. McCaranlek, Jr. All members have been urged by the chairman, H. Perkins, to at- tend as the meeting will deal principally with the selection of suitable candidates for the pro- posed Caripbean Jamboree to be held in Jamaica the early part of Installed In any length.

Transparent Fade Pro- tecting window shade. Cuba No. Sodium Oxide Potassium Oxide Niacln.. Thiaminr Riboflavin Calories 4. Pr qt. On ale In P. C Co Commissaries. If you enjoy driving a car that provides the thrill of racing performance with assured safety at speed this sensational new M.

It is a "plus" version of the previous M. Midget which has so long been recognised as the most famous sports car of it class in the world. See this new model with its advanced specification. If you prefer to try it on the road well gladly provide the facilities. On the basis of the nation- al average of one occupational fatality for every 3, workers employed, this was the equiva- lent of five lives saved during tha year.

The severity rate was. There were fewer accidents in the organization last year than in but more than the num- ber recorded in , the Canal best safety year. The frequency rate was The motor transportation acci- dent rate last year was 2. The Federal Employes' Com- pensation Act was amerided In October to provide increased benefiis in injury and death compensation rates, including certain retroactive features.

The severity rates recorded In, the same period were: 1. The priest arrived in Hong Kong two weeks ago under arm- ed Communist escort. He told tha corresponden, that he had been serving In a small town on the Yangtze River, 60 miles east of Hankow. Communists in that area had been stirring up anti- United States feeling with meet- ings, speeches, parades and ar- rests, he salo, and the people were encouraged to denounce in charges of criminal acti- vities.

Alter two weeks he was brought back to his parish town to face a gathering of 10, per- sons. His first denouncer, a male school teacher, first accused him of assaulting the teacher's aunt and then knocked him to his knees with an iron bar. Skillfully led by the Communists, the crowd demanded he remain on his knees. As he knelt, an old woman and another male teach- er hit him with their fists. The crowd demanded his death for acts whlc:.

After two and a half hours this ordeal was brought to a halt and Communist officials tried to make Father Sullivan confess to criminal acts He finally signed a document admitting to various routine activities that he carried on as a missionary. He was then banished for life from the people's Republic of China. Father Sullivan recalled that during recent months young men had twice burst into the chapel at his mission station, wrecked furniture and desecrated the al- tar.

On one occasion they had stolen a statue of the Virgin Mary and took It to the police, who threw it into the river. The dinner party wa linn M compliment to Mr. Eduardo Castao. Castao and their son Mr. Units Cartano. Cap- tain and Mrs. William S.

Parsons Mr. Herbert Toledano and Mr. Eduardo Cas- tao. Personal Shower Given for Mrs. Gllley Mrs. Waldo Qllley o Margari- ta, was the guest of honor at a personal shower which was given by a group of friends at the home of Mrs. Herbert A. Engelke of Margarita Monday afternoon.

Games were arranged for the af- ternoon entertainment. Those who attended Included Mrs. Ross Cunningham. Charles Bath, Mrs. John E. Erlcksort, Mr. Vincent Ridge, Mrs. Robert Rathgaber, Mrs. Bruce Sanders Jr.. Carl R. Newhard, Mrs. Joseph Gwlnn Mrs. Robert Xnox, Msr. George Waldron. Charles Stepp and Mrs.

Richard Evans. Election of officers will take place. Marsh Receiving Congratulation! Alfred T. Marsh of Coco Slito are receiving con- gratulations on the birth of a daughter. Marsh la the former Miss Marilyn Metzger, the daughter of Mr.

Metzger, who lived for ma- ny years on the Atlantic Side, have retired and are making their home in Florida. Hitchcock and her son Billy of ew Cristobal arrived here on he "Chlrlqui" Sunday morning. Schulti and Son Arrived Thursday Mr.

Schultz and her young son Robert arrived here by olane Thursday. They Joined Lt. Schultz of Fort Davis. Lemm Announce Birth of Daughter Mr. The baby has been named Germalne Yvonne Lemm. Smiths of Oatun are cordially in- vited to attend the covered dish at 6 p. Tho party will be farewell gesture to the family who will sail from the Isthmus Au- gust 17 to make their home In the States. Donald Humphrey was in charge. The bear badge was awarded Lester Bailey; the wolf badge and gold and sliver arrow was awarded Frank Mc- Glnnews and the Bear Badge and silver arrow was awarded to Rus- sel Weadt.

After the meeting im- promptu skits were presented. Returned Aboard 'Chlrlsui" on Sunday Mr. Robin Comer and Mrs. The marriage ceremony will take place on Friday hi Washington. The young couple will take a wedding trip to Bermuda. Thompson and Family Return from Vacation Dr.

Maurice B. The Thompson family left on vacation early in May and attended the graduation exercises of their son Philip Thomas. Thomas was graduated with the class of from Brown University at Provi- dence. Rhode Island.

Joseph F. Gormley of Fort Gullck gave a party at their home Friday to relebrato the birthdays of their children Joseph Francis, Jr. Blue and pink decorations were used on the refreshment table and to decorate the birthday cakes. Flags of the United States of America were given as favors.

Billy Beck. Janice and Judy Burkhead. Ralph Wood, Diana and Phil Godwin. Nancy Jean Mann, Michael Tulip. Jan- ice Martlndale. The adults who at- tended were Mrs. Edward B. Martin- dale Mrs. Joseph Coughlln. Joseph Flores. Russell Mann, Mrs. Austin Tulip, Mrs.

William Elllngsworth, Mrs. William God- win. Arthur Crandall. Citizens adjacent to Ralph's zoo home protested the animal's vigorous vocalizing, which be- gan when he was separated from his mate, Judy. City of- ficials moved Ralph to the municipal refuse pile to restore peace In the neighborhood.

But Ralph's human friends began to roar. Mayor Menard Peacock and the City Council were besieged with letters from zoo-goers. One ten-year-old believed the lion must be hun- gry. Another citizen wrote the mayor: "You should be ashamed putting Ralph at the dump. A lion's place, roars and all, is at the zoo. Mv kids are awfullv mad about this. City of- ficials wonder If they should move Ralph back to the zoo and let his roan fall where they may.

A Balnbridge resident thought a headgear, which would direct the roars back Into the animal's own ears, would solve the pro- blem. City officials vow they will do something. He announced also to a wide- ly-cheering Chamber of De- puties that Egypt will labrogate the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty of before the end of the year. These re dreams and Illu- sions. We warned the British that we will not participate with them In any military ef- fort as long as British troops remain on our soil.

He said the treaty, under which Britain maintains troops in Egypt and the Anglo-Egyp- tian Sudan was separated from Egypt, would be abrogated be- fore King Farouk delivers the next speech from the throne toward the end of From left to right are retired Oens. Robert M. Danford and Troy H. Mlddleton and re- tired Judge Learned Hand. The seaweed 1. Siaaaijiiini Bm 4. The meeting in this Scottish capital forms part of British sci- ence's contribution to the Festi- val of Britain.

The presidential address to be delivered by the Duke of Edin- burgh will survey Britain's con- tribution to world science and technology during the past years. This opening ceremony will al- so provide the first public demon- stration in Brit "In of television on a large aereen.

A big additional audience in a hall three quarters of a mile a- way from the ceremony will watch and bear the proceedings by TV. The theme of British contribu- tion to science during the past century will be taken up In re- views of scientific progress.

Many International problems of the day will also be discussed. The most powerful atom split- ting machine in Europe, weighing more than tons, will be dis- cussed at a special session. This new synchrdton is expect- ed to be ready to start work later this year at Glasgow University where lt is housed In a specially Insulated building and operated by remote control.

It will make it possible to produce electrons with energies of ,, volts. Briton Gives Army At Ft. Leadbltter explained humor- ously that an hour was an ex- tremely short time In which to compress a discussion of the "British Commonwealth of Na- tions," but his talk was very com- prehensive and the audience left the theater with a better know- ledge of the subject.

He discussed Independent Com- monwealth countries, self-gov- erning territories colonies, pro- tectorate, protected states, con- domlnlons. Colonel Henry F. Taylor, com- manding officer of the Atlantic Sector, welcomed Leadbltter. Braverman's arrest was part of a round up of Communist Party officials In the Washington-Bal- timore area. He and five lower-echelon Red leaders arrested In this area yes- terday were charged with con- spiring to teach and advocate the violent overthrow of the United States government.

The arrests brought to 38 the number of Red leaders Indicted on the same charges since June. Of the total, 34 have been arrest- ed and four still are being sought. He expressed astonishment that, with all the abuse that their elders the Russian Jews in their late 60's or early 70's have known, there are still Jews now, in their 20s and 30's, who are starting to subject themselves to the role of behaving as Jews, "knowing that they are going to be harassed and knowing that they are willing to "pop up and are willing to associate with and be involved with Jewish movement.

But they assume greater importance if viewed as a dramatic illustration of the declining sexual morality in America and its devastating human consequences. For much of American history, the Puritan moral code dominated with its stringent emphasis on sex as sinful leading to f "Pressive sexual behavior and inevitable Putt- Then in the counter-culture of the 7 s' a rebellion took place and the pen- roium swung in the opposite direction.

Now everything was permissible and self- mduigence became the new idolatry. If it reels good, do it. Never mind its moral or human consequences. Pre-mantal, extra- marital relations, menage-a-trota homosexuality, lesbianism, incest were all justified by the new narcissism as "recreational sex.

Jewish morality has always advocatodjthe ffolden mean, an avoidance of extremes. Tzniut modesty, self- rSJalnt mist characterize all healthy sexSdfty. Blum said, however, that it is expected that next year the Arabs will attempt again to suspend Israel from the Assembly. He added that the composition of the Security Council will be "worse" next year be- cause Pakistan will replace Japan, Nicaragua will replace Panama and Malta will replace Ireland as part of the rotation of seats.

The envoy noted that the Assembly, which concluded after being in session for three months, opened a few days after the massacre of Palestinian civilians in Beirut and marked the first time Israel had participated in an international forum since the "Peace for Galilee" operation was launched June 6. We knew that there would be a series of anti-Israel resolutions in the Assembly , as in previous years, but all in all Israel, at the conclusion of the Assembly, is more at ease than when the As- sembly opened.

He noted that when the session began it seemed that the Arabs were going to try to use their diplomatic muscles to make up for the military defeat in Lebanon and the lack of concerted Arab reaction to the Israeli operation. But the Arab delegations did not succeed, Blum said. As a result, he observed, the Arabs, in order to sweeten the bitter pill of defeat the PLO had to swallow, supported even more extreme resolutions in the Assembly dealing with Pales- tinian rights than they did in the past.

He noted that the division of interests became evident "with the struggle and sharp ex- changes" between the two sides. Dissappointed With Europeans Blum expressed disappointment about the attitude of the European countries toward the Mideast conflict. He said that while the Euro- pean countries voted against the extreme pro-Palestinian resolutions last year, they preferred to abstain this year.

This was clearly demon- strated Monday when the European countries abstained on a resolu- tion calling for the establishment of a Palestinian state under the leadership of the PLO. Blum said. He also expressed "disappoint- ment" that a number of Latin American countries supported this year the anti-Israeli resolution on the Mideast.

Blum said that Israel was successful in thwarting the Arab move to suspend Israel from the Assembly. He said that this was possible be- cause the United States took a very firm position against the Arab plan. As for the role of Egypt in this year's Assembly, Blum said that the Egyptians used the occasion as part of their campaign to return to the Arab fold.

The Egyptians suddenly started sharpening their rhetoric" against Israel, Blum said, noting that the Egyptian speeches at the UN during the Lebanon war were among the sharpest attacking Israel. Arthur Pearlman, left chairman of the board of trustees of Mt. Sinai Medical Center takes a moment to pose with Ted Baumritter. Philip Samet, chief of cardiology at Mt. Sinai Medical Center.

The college located iny University's medical school. Trade Ri Weiss, co-chairman of the Ac "It is gratifying to give the; so much to the welfare of! Duri his thanks to the board of l about the man for whom the a l As! Austin w Distinguished Achievement A accomplishments in the lie! Norman Lamm, president of Yeshiva University thanks Dr. Norman Lamm presents Sidney L. Florence Baumritter for Distinguished Achievement Award their generous contributions to the school. Norman Lamm joins University hands Mrs.

Florence Baumritter pledge cards Metro Commissioner Barry Schreiber and his wife Bunny to given to him by dinner dance attendees. University is a testament to the en; and their will to do what they i I, e impossible," said Austin. During the dinner progranAyt Electronics was invested to Itx Medicine's Board of Overseers ad the founder of the national el ron board of directors of both Mt.

Austin founder of Austin wa selected for the Einstein t A rd because of his superior ielr I communications and his 3 0 eJewish people," explained olio of Medicine and Yeshiva the tensity of the Jewish people, y n t, even when the task seems aril sydney L. We are extremely b irward to seeing these gifts E X and in turn the well being of S'W 0lsn on his award. Lawrence B. Austin, left former Governor Reubin O'D. Askew, and Sidney L. Olson, second from right received distinguished achievement awards for outstanding community service.

Austin shows his distinguished achievement award to Commissioner Barry Schreiber, right who is a Yeshiva graduate. Lawrence Austin receives a warm handshake of congratula- tions from Dr. Norman Lamm, left. Chaim H. Friend, right takes a moment to chat with Senator Claude Pepper, one of the special guests at the dinner dance. Mathew Zuckerman, chairman of Florida Friends of Yeshiva University and his wife Cookie take a moment to pose for a picture after a spin around the dance floor.

Charles Weiss, left , Mr. Gary Gerson and Ted Baumritter take a second to discuss Yeshiva's current fund- raising efforts. Reubin Askew takes a moment to show his distinguished achievement award to Sidney Olson, right who also received honors during the evening. Commissioner Barry Schreiber L shares a moment of laughter with Mr. Lawrence Austin. Pdiadv rrmwy, December The CJF undertook a fact- finding survey of 50 key Federa- tions.

They were a representative sample of all the organized Jewish communities. The study concentrated on establishing the extent to which lower income and middle income Jewish families have been affected by the econo- mic recession. The findings were discussed with representatives from national Jewish agencies engaged in social services and in education. The latter were ad- vised by the CJF to make similar studies in their own fields. The Federations contacted by the CJF all expressed concern.

They included communities with a Jewish population of 40, and over such as Baltimore, Detroit. Cleveland, Newark, Miami, Philadelphia as well as intermediate communities with populations ranging between Cincinnati, Houston, Rochester and others. They also included small intermediate com- munities numbering from 5, to 15, Jews, like Indianapolis. Nashville, Omaha.

Paul, Seattle, Syracuse, Richmond. Almost all of the respondents indicated that not only lower income groups who are often dependent on services provided by local Jewish agencies are being affected by the present economic conditions, but also significant numbers of middle income Jewish families and individuals.

Some reported unemployment in their com- munities; others emphasized the difficulty among Jewish college graduates in finding employment and the increasing numbers of Jewish married women entering the work force to supplement the family income. In general, the Jewish com- munal service agencies were concerned about growing case- loads and requests for services and the potential inability to meet these growing needs due to limitations in their budgets resulting from federal budget cuts.

The national Jewish Welfare Board, which was one of the national Jewish agencies that followed the advice of the CJF to conduct surveys of their own among their member agencies in order to gain additional factual information, established the following fact: 80 percent of the Jewish Centers affiliated with the JWB indicated that their members had difficulties in making fee payments; also that there was a 40 percent increase in member- ship defaults.

There was an increase in membership dropouts. There was an increase in the number of scholarships requested for both annual dues and camp fees. There is a declining enrol- lment in fee programs simultan- eously with an increased enrol- lment in free programs. There is an increased in- terest in programs and lectures dealing with economic issues.

Centers are serving more meals, with seniors having higher incomes "participating. Some see the Center day camp fee as so far beyond their means that they are not even bothering to inquire as to finan- cial aid or enrollment.

A picture also emerged from reports coming from 65 Jewish Centers showing that more middle class members are taking longer to pay memberships. In some cities Jewish middle class members, being hardest hit by economic difficulties and in- flation, are hesitant to apply for reduced membership fees and are foregoing Center services.

Middle class families in some com- munities can no longer afford full fees even for nursery schools. Senior adults are worried because of the high cost of living and the threat of Social Security cut- backs.

More middle class management husbands are losing their jobs. In the field of Jewish educa- tion, a survey conducted by the Jewish Educational Services of North America shows that there is a declining enrollment and participation in Jewish com- munal education; that unem- ployment and inflation increased the number of middle class Jew- ish families who cannot afford to pay now tuition for their children in Jewish schools; that staffs have been curtailed in the schools and lunch programs have been reduced there in quantity and quality; and that there are in- creasing numbers of requests for scholarships from non-eligible income groups.

As a result of the impact of the economic crisis on Jewish families, Jewish educa- tional institutions anticipate a further decline in enrollment in schools and in summer camps. The Council of Jewish Federa- tions advised local Federations to continue to monitor the impact of the present economic situation locally, as the numbers of indi- viduals affected are growing.

It suggests some short-term solu- tion for the communities to explore. They include develop- ment, or expanding, small loans to middle-income families for participation in Jewish programs, the expansion of scholarship fund dollars, and the financing of a revolving loan fund. It is the Gabriel Mark 3 sea-to- sea missile a new development based on the IAI-designed and produced Gabriel sea-to-sea mis- sile, which has had a great suc- cess in Israeli sea battles, with a very high hit rate.

The new missile can be luanch- You have the power to Will the future by leaving a legacy to Hadassah today! Your Will can continue Hadassahs achievements in Israel for a better tomorrow. Fitted with a radar target-seeking device, the missile drops to near sea level and can then continue to its target in either one of two ways. It can be sent in the general direction of the target with its course amended by the aircraft pilot, or it can be fired to use its radar to seek its target independ- ently of its launching aircraft which can then leave the area.

The range of the Gabriel Mark 3 is over 36 miles. It strikes its target just above the waterline. It is fitted with a kg war- head. Lewis portrays a Johnny Carson-like TV host who is being kidnapped, in a humor- ous vein.

Milchan's second U. Based on a novel, "The Hoods. Italian film director Sergio I. There is already enough anti-Semitic pro- paganda in the world and there is no need to over-accentuate the criminal element among the Jew- ish people. A few years ago, Menachem Golan, after the success of his Is- raeli pictures "Sallah" and "Kas- ablan," came to Hollywood not to make a film mirroring the positive aspects of the Jewish people but to castigate American Jewish gangsters.

Neither one understands what distorted ' films helped to create within the German mind 50 years ago. Mel Brooks, aside from his achievements as comedy producer, writer, director and performer, a few years ago created Brooksfilms Ltd.

The devastat- ingly tragic story of Frances Farmer's life deals with the vears between and It is an account of sur- vival against all odds of a rebelli- ous young woman who refused to compromise and achieved a measure of dignity, in spite of de- gradation Under Graeme Cliffords direc- tion.

Jessica l. We hope that the time for witchhunts, which caused the. Dixie Highway North Miami Beach ? Friday, December True he is willing to negotiate with the Jewish State- and was also willing to talk to a group of West European public relations experts working on behalf of the Israeli cause but only because he believes that this is the best course of action for the future of the West Bank. He does not endorse all the policies of the Begin Govern- ment, particularly with regard to the West Bank settlements.

He came back to the West Bank in after falling out with King Hussein and found "severe negligence" in the area. Millions of dol- lars were being given to mayors who were agents of the PLO but they passed none of it on to the villages. In July , we set up the first vil- lage league in Hebron. We had harassment from Arab and Jew alike. I saw for myself a couple of weeks ago one of the modern medical centers built in Tafouah, a village some four miles form Hebron.

In the coming months, we will hold a conference of all the village leagues to find a common lan- guage and a unified policy, and then we will call on Israel to start negotiations. We hope that Israe will com- promise on the national demands of the Palestinians. Dudein is bitter, not so much about his "puppet image in the western media, but rather be- cause neither the American con- sulate in East Jerusalem nor the consulates of Britain or France give him or the leagues any sem- blance of encouragement.

But Dudein is confident that the influence of the leagues will increase as that of the PLO dim- inishes in the wake of its defeat in Lebanon. The threat of the PLO has declined and in a short time will be no threat at all. Flagler federal's federally insured fund. Flagler Federals federally insured fund- FFfif-gives you die high rates of money market funds and the security of a savings account insured by an agency of the federal government.

The rate advantage of money market tunds is a thing of the past. FFfif gives you more. You can withdraw from FFfif any time with neither penalty nor waiting period YL may also deposit additional funds to FFf. With FFfif. You receive a detailed statement each month and when you require information on your FFfif, you speak to a friendly Flagler Federal financial professional, not a cold computer. FFfif, the account that gives you the best of two worlds is here. Get it now at Flagler Federal.

BHB7 in Bros. Great Savings! Donald Robinaon. Zes to talk about their work. Robinson had found a disturbing wit of knowledge among Ameli- as about the year-old JDC, which supports life-sustaining jocial welfare, community de- velopment, and disaster relief programs in 30 countries around [he world. To describe the JDC in a nut- shell or even a full-sized article is dose to impossible because it does so many things in so many places.

Primarily seeking to fill the void in the lives of Jews less fortunate than those in this coun- try, the JDC, Robinson says sim- ply, helps Jews around the world live as Jews. A high level of sophistication marks JDC projects in Israel. Af- ter all. While in the past the JDC helped newly arrived immigrants there, today it chamDions mental health plans, rehabilitation centers, and community development and manpower training programs.

Community centers with leader- ship training agendas as well as an institute studying problems of the aged are also JDC-sponsored. The organization supports Jewish day schools in France to meet the needs of a large Jewish population there, and emigrating Soviet Jews who go to places other than Israel are maintained by the JDC until they are settled.

The homeless and hungry were supplied with food, shelter, cloth- ing, and medicines, and JDC do- nated bulldozers to get recon- struction underway. Robinson ignores criticism that claims JDC efforts in Lebanon support propaganda of Israel as guilty for the problems there. The JDC's top priority, Robin- son says, "is watching those countries where we think there might be a Jewish crisis, where a lot of anti-Semitism exists.

If something happens to Hassan in Morrocco, for example," he ex- plains. If Hassan's moderation were removed, there would be peril for the Jewish community. With the PLO now headquar- tered there, Jews are in physical danger. South American Jews are also a top concern. The angular and easy- Donald Robinson going year-old has worked for more Jewish organizations than many could name.

He has served as a national chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, a board of governors member of the Jewish Agency, and a board of directors member of United Is- rael Appeal, to name a few. And his wife. Sylvia, fills the position of partner and confidente.

Surprisingly, communist coun- tries have not posed any obsta- cles to JDC operations in their countries. In Rumania, Robinson says, the organization operates openly and with the "govern- ment's blessing. While communist govern- ments might not openly accept official American groups, they are indeed glad for programs helping their poor, Robinson says.

A nine-year-old Jewish boy in Bom- bay, India is also helped by the organization. It pays for his school lunches as he attends an ORT school there. By working overseas with people on the grass roots level, local leaders are organized and trained to manage development projects using local resources.

While the group also responds to emergency situations, the Appeal is primarily committed to train- ing people of the Third World to develop their own agricultural re- sources. Robinson, who has been on the executive committee of the JDC since , gravitated towards the organization because of "its unique approach and great his- tory," he says. We can see results. In a telephone interview with Austria Radio, Kreisky said that both parties had requested that he mediate.

At a briefing session Wednesday, Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir and Defense Minister Ariel Sharon instructed the Israeli team to stand firm on this issue which has already become the main bone of contention after the opening session of the negotia- tions in Khalde near Beirut on Tuesday.

The Israeli, Lebanese and American delegations were to have convened Thursday morning at Kiryat Shmona, the northern border town, thus setting the pattern for twice weekly meetings alternating between Lebanon and Israel. Israeli sources said that they did not expect the wrangling over the agenda to be ironed out in Thursday's session, it would probably take longer than that, but presented an upbeat per- spective of the overall talks, stressing the historic aspect aspect of Israeli's sitting in direct dialogue with an Arab country, which they said, transcended the immediate and transient dif- ferences.

In the long run, the talks begun in Khalde this week should be seen as an important step along the long road of Is- rael's eventual integration into this area, they added. On Tuesday, the two sides exchanged draft agendas with Is- rael, as expected, proposing that the normalization be the first item of discussion and the Lebanese stressing the withdrawal is- sue. Some Israeli observers argued that the influence of Premier Shaffik Wazzan had perhaps been underestimated. Sharon had negotiated secretly with men close to Amin Gemayel, the presi- dent, but the prime minister and other Moslem circles in Beir t were apparently less eager than Sharon's interlocutors to pro- ceed toward a normalization of ties with Israel.

Henry Kissinger, 56th U. Weiner, chairmen of the series committee, announced. As the nation's first Jewish Secretary of State. He also served as assistant to the president for National Security Affairs. Upon leaving the Department of State, Kissinger accepted the positions of university professor of diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service and counselor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, both at Georgetown University.

Kissinger received the Nobel Peace Prize in and the Presidential Medal of Freedom, this nation's highest civilian award, in Lipoff, president of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, announced. Levy is immediate past presi- dent of the Federation and has served as Federation vice presi- dent, planning and budgeting chairman, and chairman of the Combined Jewish Appeal-Israel Emergency Fund Campaign.

Its offices are currently housed in the Federa- tion Building, but a new facility is expected to be constructed in the near future to provide a variety of Holocaust-related exhibits and educational forums. Organization and coordination of the center is being executed under the United States Holo- caust Memorial Council, which is chaired by author and scholar Elie Wiesel. Hap Levy crucial importance that this Jewish community provides a special memorial to those who perished in the Holocaust and a remembrance of Nazi genocide for generations to come.

A steering com- mittee is now being formed. A cooperative venture is also being organized by the center to provide Holocaust educational programs in the community, and a Holocaust Education Coordina- ting Council has been formed to be comprised of all groups within the community involved in Holo- caust education. There is not a single Jewish community in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America which has not been touched by his dynamic leadership and his forcefulness in behalf of Israel.

Every Israel Bond which has matured has been redeemed fully and on time, and all interest pay- ments have been made promptly. Anna Neiditz, honorary na- tional president, will speak, a dis- cussion will be held on a new project for Hebrew University and a second reading of a new WLI Constitution is planned. Aventura and LaMer Shalom chapters will co-host the event. Gerson, Greater Miami general campaign chairman, said. Erich Goldhagen, third from left, was the featured speaker at the opening lecture of Florida Friends of Yeshiva University's Issues of Our Times seminar series.

Joining Goldhagen were seminar series committee members, from left. The next lecture, "Jewish Medi- cal Ethics," will be given by Dr. Having a good cup of coffee after theater is almost as much a pan of the entertainment as the perform- ance itself. And Maxwell House Coffee is always right on cue to help get the good conversation going.

A lively discussion after is a big part of the enjoyment. For over fifty years, cof- fee lovers have applauded its full- pleasant aroma, and its great tasting, satisfying flavor. And, "May I have another cup, please',' is one of the most rewarding requests for an 'en- core' any hostess can hear.

So, no matter what your preference Instant or groundwhen you pour Maxwell House you pour enjoy- ment. At its warmest Meltzer is on the board of [factors of B'nai B'rith and Mrs. The Spitzes are equally active. Spitz is a member of Hadassah and a mem- ber of the executive committee of the Miami Region. She has served as president of her chapter. Special guest will be Emil Cohen, American Jewish humorist. Honorary chairmen of the event are Milton and Bert Samuels. North Dade-Broward Chapter will meet Jan.

Breath of Life Chapter will meet Monday, Jan. Serendipity Chapter will meet Tuesday, Jan. Lorber Chapter will meet Tuesday, Jan. The speaker will be Walter Dart- land, consumer advocate. Rabbi tabachnikoff will attend. Second trimester adult classes "gin Jan. Allan Ryan, Jr.

It will take some time, but I am hopeful it will not be an inor- dinate amount of time. Mary Soreanu stars in a Yid- dish production of Samuel Steinberg's "The Showgirl," which is part of a celebration of the th birthday of the Yiddish Theatre in America.

Jewish Federation has urged President Reagan to link any a. In a telegram to the president, Community Relations Committee Chairman David Fleeman expressed dismay about reports that arms talks with Jordan's King Hussein have not been tied to the status of regional negotia tions. We urge that there be no consideration of additional arms to Jordan until she enters the negotiating process.

The king has hesitated, thus far, to assume a leadership role urged upon him by the Reagan administration, although there have been indications that he would like to assume that role, he said. He added that the king is expected to assure U.

However, U. Her topic will be the Holocaust in Historial Perspective. President Francois Mitterrand and U. Secretary of State George Shultz, who met for close to three hours here, were reported to have been in near agreement on most of the concrete issues dealing with the Middle East. He said the task of the MNF must be to support the government of President Amin Gemayel "to restore Lebanon's sovereignty and enforce the government's authority. The center is continuing to collect archival material as well as documents and books for the establishment of a major Holo- caust library.

Together with Dr. Plans also have been discussed to establish a Mayors Advisory Council, which would be com- prised of local mayors and prominent community leaders. To be presented at Beth Torah Congregation on Jan. Fay Schweitzer and Ginsburg will entertain. Sports Medicine and Related Injuries Dr. David E. Only Richard Weiae of uami.

Eisenstat officiated. Flowergirls were Laura Cohen and Cheryl Lev- sithal. The bride s gown waa designed with silk organza ,! Jodi received a bachelor's degree in accounting bom University of Florida and is currently an accountant for Price Waterhouse. The groom received a bachelor's degree in finance from University of Florida and is currently continuing his studies in accounting at University of Miami. Kugene Labovitz, to Freddie Slomovic, son of Dr.

Bliezer Slomo- vic of Los Angeles, Ca. The U S. A native Boslonian who has lived and worked in Israel for 30 years. Alpert is an internation- ally syndicated columnist in the Anglo-Jewish press and the author of a book on the history of Technion. Alpert has served for 26 years as the university's direc- tor ot public affairs. Thompson will speak after a film, "The New Klan"' is shown.

She is pictured it a tiding in front of a intrtrait of Theodor Henl, founder of the Zionist movement. Galil Sets Agenda Gali! Henry Weisberger Sunday. Enclosed please find check. A founder of the Brith Milah ritual circumcision Board of America estimates that as many as 80 percent of the circumcision which virtually all American Jews arrange for their newborn sons are not done in accordance with Jewish religious law.

Rabbi Eugene Cohen, who is also coordinator of the Brith Milah Board of New York, said the figure was a "guesstimate" since he knew of no study on the subject. But, he added, his "guesstimate" was based on ob- servations of laymen, rabbis and mohelim ritual circumcisers throughout the United States. Cohen said the most common deviation from halacha is the ten- dency, which he said was growing since World War II, by parents to have their sons circumcised in the hospital before the mandated eighth day.

He said that while the rite must be postponed when it must not be done for medical reasons, a halachically-valid cir- cumcision may not be done before the eighth day. He pointed out that, before the war. Cohen declared, mothers usually go home on the third or fourth day after delivery.

Parents have to make a conscious choice to postpone the circumci- sion rite until a number of days after the mother and son have left the hospital. Their choice, the rabbi said. Cohen commented that "hav- ing just entrusted their lives and the lives of their newborn babies to their physicians, many moth- ers feel that a circumcision per- formed in the hospital by that same physician would be a safer one in the event that complica- tions arise.

He declared that the difference is that there is no difference be- tween a circumcision performed for religious reasons "before the eight day" and a purely medical circumcision" halachically, both are "not kosher. He said those parents need consicousness raising.

He stressed that few parents realize how rare complications are from circumcision. He quoted a finding by Dr. Elliott Leiter, a practicing pediatric urologist and chief of urology at New York City's Beth Israel Medical Center that ritual circumcision, "when expertly performed by a trained mohel, has a minor complication rate of less than 0. Even when the new mohel is ready. Cohen said that, in deviating from halacha. Jewish mothers may also allow non-medical, pragmatic considerations sur- rounding circumcision to affect their decisions.

He said they may feel that a hospital circumcision is preferable because the are in "too weakened a condition" to be hostess to a party in their home- so soon after delivery, and 1 cause their homes are too small for such festivities Since the tradition of holding a festive gathering after a brith milah is as old as the rite itself Abraham's party for Isaac. Cohen remarked, was the first catered affair in Jewish history the rabbi insited that concerns of mothers about such practical difficulties be taken seriously.

He suggested that "a prag- matic and desirable solution would be a return to the practice of having the circumcision per- formed in the synagogue. He said another advantage of synagogue circumcision is that a greater number of guests can be invited and a relationship be tween the family and the syna- gogue community is strength ened. The synagogue, he as serted.

The nationwide coordinating council expressed fear that the Decade's final conference, sched- uled for Nairobi in , might be marked by attempts "to mani- pulate the conference" by "forces indifferent and even inimical to women's programs" as were the Decade's two previous confer- ences.

THE NJCRAC position paper pointed out that the Decade ac- tivities, launched in Mexico City in to improve the status and condition of women, had become "deeply politicized," and 'despite its lofty ideals," have been "in large part subverted as yet another vehicle for the PLO and Soviet bloc propaganda at the expense of women. The Mexico City Conference marked the beginning of the in- tensive assaults against Israel and the democratic Western na- tions in United Nations confer- ences.

In fact, that conference be- came a forum for vituperative attacks by those governments which suppress women most against those countries whose freer atmosphere permits women to improve their status. The World Plan of Action was, therefore, used as a basis for a U.

Nation- al Plan of Action, supported by the women's movement and many in the Jewish community. From the outset of preparations for Copen- hagen, procedural rules were ignored and extraneous politial considerations were allowed to dominate.

Parliamentary Drocedure was disregarded when Irvin W. Aptitude Testing. Career Guidance. Test Preparation: S. Selected read- ings from their work will be recited by Rose Lusky. However, it continued, "des- pite the outrages perpetrated at Copenhagen and, for that matter, in many other United Nations agencies, critical participation remains a part of our own ap- proach to the Women's Decade. However, the Vienna planning conference once again adopted the proposed inclusion of Palestinian women as a major agenda item and included several anti-Zionist resolutions, thereby demonstrating that the planning process for remains under the control of the same anti-dem- ocratic forces.

The Jewish group called on the U. Temple to Have Revue Mr. All proceeds will benefit the Temple Endowment Fund. In contrast to the notorious involvement of many Jewish men with their mothers, Israeli male writers seem to be 'hung up' on their fathers. Portnoy, the ambitions and energies of Israeli women have out of necessity been less directed to their children's success and more to the general demands of survival under difficult con- ditions.

Kabakoff reported also that Volume 40 includes a cumulative index for volumes ; and seven bibliographies of works of Jewish interest in English, Yiddish and Hebrew published during in North America, Israel and Europe. He noted that Elias Canetti. Kabakoff declared that "Canetti affirms his Jewish background and views Jewish persecution as a symbol of the depravity to which the untram- meled use of power can lead mankind.

Scholars at the university will immediately begin work with the papers, said Prof. Reuven Yaron, who has overall charge of the archives. They were flown to Jerusalem a week ago. According to Yaron, the Hebrew University will undertake the preparation of a detailed catalogue of the contents of the archive which, he said, he hoped will be published by Princeton University Press.

Make a resolution! W ,5S. PACK 1. At the Checkout Counter, the Grocery Counter We have Special Prices This is a view that has been en- couraged by the statements of some Israeli and Ameri- can officials and of course, the press. But at a panel discussion on "U. He stressed that when the war in Lebanon ended "the American position in the Mideast was a good deal stronger than it had been before.

This "could have very serious consequences," Tucker warned, adding, "before that occurs the argument is largely in the ab- stract. He said that while the Arab states attach significance to the Palestinian issue they did not see it as "that significant" that they would en- danger American and European interests in the Persian Gulf. While saying that he agreed that the Arabs do not care about the Pal- estinians, Ajami said they do care about having their weakness "put on display.

Florida Tel or U. Insensitivity to the con- stituencies upon which govern- ments depend can undercut them and damage U. Saunders rejected this. He said that in dealing with democracies like Israel, any thing the U. But he said all governments have constituencies and this should be taken into account as a "fact of life.

Hubert L. The concert will be held Jan. A series of workshops for families with cult or missionary problems will be conducted under the sponsorship of the Jews for Jews Organization starting Jan. Gross Hebrew Academy of Greater Miami has adopted a policy for free and reduced price meals for children unable to pay the" full price of the meals served under the National School Lunch Program. Family size income criteria for determining eligibility has been adopted by the school.

The luncheon will be held at noon in the Sklar Auditorium, Essie Glickman, chairman, and Mollie Frankel, co-chairman, announced. She will review the book, "Egypt and Israel," written by Howard Sachar, professor of modern history at George Wash- ington University and author of a number of works on Zionism and Israel.

The book tells of political, diplomatic, and military events involving the two countries. Samuel Reiser, founder and consultant to the discussion group, noted that "the group seeks to bring to the attention books of topical interest that ex- plain the nature of the forces af- fecting Israel and the Jewish people throughout the world. This book probes the relation- i Si Harriet G reen ships of two countries that are seeking peace in the troubled Middle East.

Elsey was honored for national and international achievements during his tenure as president of the Red Cross for the past 12 years. Friday Wagutar Manu A. In that con- nection. Hughes said on Oct. But Hughes warned that the education tax which the Rumanian press published last recently "is not the nominal sum" referred to in the Jackson- Vanik Amendment to the For- eign Trade Act which links U.

Hughes said reading from a prepared statement. If that is the case, the Rumanian government has gravely jeo- pardized its ability to maintain its MFN status. Once we have further information from our Embassy, we should be in a position to decide how to respond to the Rumanian government action. Julius Berman. The report of the onerous education tax means that severe hardship will be imposed on Jews seeking to emigrate, sharply reducing the numbers able to leave.

The ef- fects of the lax on the Rumanian economy, by imperiling MFN trade status, would cause severe hardship on all the Rumanian people. A Young Judea Youth Activi- ties program is planned, and the movie. Synopsis of the Weekly Torah Portion "And it came to pass on the third day, when it was morning, that there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud upon the mount, and the voice of a horn exceeding loud Exod.

He went to meet Moses in the desert. Jethro advised Moses to ap- point judges, in order to ease the burden of his sole leadership: Moses should confine himself to the most difficult questions. God's voice declared: "I am the Lord thy 0d.. Thou shalt have no other gods before Me. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain Remember the sabbath oay, to keep it holy Honor they father and thy mother.

Tho volume If available t 75 Mo. A party for family and clas- smates will follow. Sara has been on the Hebrew and English honor rolls every year at the Hebrew Academy, where she is a seventh grade student. Last year she was presi- dent of the elementary school. Sara recently attended a com- puter course for gifted children at the University of Miami. In honor of the occasion, Sara and her family are making dona- tions to charities in Jerusalem which Sara personally visited.

David Reinhard. Felisa is a seventh grade student at the Rabbi Alexander S. Gross Hebrew Academy. Family and friends will help Felisa celebrate. Among the honored guests will be Felisa's grandmother. Marie Malman of Cincinnati. Ohio and her grand- parents. Seymour Reinhard and her great-grand- mother. Beckie Reinhard, all of Miami Beach. Leon Kronish offi- ciated. Jeffrey is a student of the Con- firmation Class of Masada Chapter will meet Wednesday at p.

Washington, Ave. Chava Kaplan of Montreal will speak on Z. Segalovitch, Jacob Gorelick will sing, and Helen Helfant will recite. Murial Schuchatowitz, organi- zation coordinator from National American Mizrachi Women, will conduct a leadership segment, and a luncheon will be served Monday and a dinner. Stanley Rosenblatt will be the guest speaker.

Sam and 5pm Mon. Miami, Fl. Herbert N. Kendall Dr. Baumgard S. Associate Rabbi Fit, 8 15 pm. Onag Stiabbat to follow. B'nal Mitzvah. Gorfinkel Daily services a. Sermon "Shabbat or Now rear'a Eva? Denial SarbOf. Men " Sat. Miami Beach Blvd. Max A. Brown, Exec. Director Irl. Sarv 9 pm Rabbi Ma.

Morn Sarv 9 em Of. Miami, N. Bernat Asst. Rabbi: Jell rev K. Downtown, Rabbi Salkln: "Jaw. Rabbi Frl. Cantor Frl.. Sabbath Services Sat.. Kirtgsley, Rabbi Julian I. Administrator Fri.. Worahtp Sarvlca Guest epeakir Collegian. Wayne Firestone Sat.. Norman N. Rabbi Mlnyan Sarvlcaa Mon. Sabbath Ee Sorvtcoa. Miami Baach Fl Harold Wishna. Franklin 0. Suite Rabbi Lewis C. Howard Zuckerman, COLPA president, said an advisory letter, containing a summary of the burial rules promulgated by the New York State Cemetery Board, phis a copy of the full text, was also sent to the counsel for the New York State Cemetery Asso- ciation, James Flynn; to the 40 directors of funeral homes, members of the cemetery associ- ation which serve the Jewish community: and to major Jewish organizations.

Rapps said that many Jews and even some directors of funeral homes serving Jews have turned out to be unaware of the fact that burials may, under law, be arranged on legal holidays which normally are contractually set up as non-working days for gravediggers and cemetery personnel. Rapps said the rules were de- veloped by the Cemetery Board in response to a COLPA effort prompted several years ago by bereaved families being unable to obtain burials on legal holidays, in compliance with Jewish reli- gious requirements for speedy burial after death.

Cramer said the new B'nai B'rith projects are to be built in Scranton. Edwardsville, a suburb of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. He said the three projects are among eight applications filed by B'nai B'rith and that each of the three will be the second such housing project in each of the three cities. He said HUD had approved projects nationally out of 1.

All of the apartments must be rented on a non-sectarian, first-come-first served basis, he said. He said the units in the three new projects will bring the total of B'nai B'rith sponsored units in the United States to 2. Cramer said B'nai B'rith has built or is build- ing similar residences in Canada. New Zealand and Israel. The three new projects, like those already in operation or under construction, are designed fr.. Cramer said. The apart- ments are fireproof. They have such facilities for the infirm as ramps, bathroom grab-bars, and low-control panels for elevators and lights.

Most of the apart- ment buildings also have recrea- tion rooms, lounges, common dining rooms, arts and crafts rooms, and laundry rooms. Cramer said all the apartment buildings are located in popu- lated areas to enable residents to participate in and contribute to their communities. He said B'nai B'rith exerts maximum efforts to avoid warehousing" the elderly, adding "we want them to enjoy their sunset years to the ut- most.

Cramer said In the l. Cramer said housing projects built under section include a commitment for rent subsidies for residents under section eight of the law. This enables elderly residents with severely limited incomes to have to pay no more than 25 percent of their income for rent.

Dated at Miami. Florida this 31st day of December, Florida 30B December Carlson, de- ceased, File Number The names and address of the per- sonal representaUve and the personal representative's at- torney are set forth below. Publication of this NoUce has begun on December 81, W 88th Street Miami. Suite Miami. Florida Telephone: Decembers! If the cemetery cannot comply with the request, it must so advise the family and funeral di- rector orally and by letter, ex- plaining why; and send a copy of that statement to the Cemetery Board.

In addition to the regular ap- proved burial charge, identifiable extra costs incurred in the burial may be charged if the total amount to be paid is stated in writing to the bereaved family at the time of its request for the burial, with a copy of that state- ment simultaneously filed with the Cemetery Board. This is a reference to the provisions for overtime pay in the contract be- tween the Cemetery Association and the Gravediggers Union.

Local TO: MR. Florida SSlSS. Florida on this 28 day of De- cember. Circuit Court Dade County. Florida ByC. First Street Miami. Florida Telephone Attorney for Petitioner December Miami, Florida 3S1S0. The names and addresses of the personal representaUve and the personal representa- tive's attorney are set froth below. PubllcaUon of this NoUce has begun on December34, The name and address of the personal representative's attorney are set forth below.

Each claim must be In writing and must Indicate the basis for the claim, the name and address of the creditor or his agent or attorney, and the amount claimed. If the claim la not yet due. If the claim la contin- gent or unliquidated, the na- ture of the uncertainty shall be stated. If the claim is secured, the security shall be described. The claimant shall deliver suf- ficient copies of the claim to the clerk to enable the clerk to mall one copy to each personal re- presentaUve.

Date of the first publication of this Notice of Admlnlstra- Uon: December Suite Miami Beach. Florida Telephone: December 24, TO: Mr. If any, to It on Bruce M. Singer, attorney for Petitioner, whose address Is Kane Concourse. Bay Har- bor Islands, Florida SS, and ftle the original with the clerk of the above styled court on or before February 4, other wise a default will be entered against you for the relief de- manded In the complaint or pe- Utlon.

Case'No n lutton of Marriage ha. CS for PeUtioner. Florida By M. Pro- bate Division, the address of which is Dade County Court- house. Ft I-auderdale. All persons having, claims or demands against :hc estate are required. Each claim must be m writing and must Indicate the basis for the claim, the name and address of the creditor or his agent or attorney, and the amount claimed If the claim is not yet due.

If the claim Is """"J the security shall be descrlhea The claimant shall deliver sur ficlent copies of the c laim to the clerk to enable the clerk to mall one copy to each personal re presentaUve. Lawrence Aeher fcsq. North Miami Beach. Blseayne 19 Went Flagler , "Miami. I done and oumn at Miami. Dade County. Circuit Court Clerk Dade County.

If any. Florida Ion this 16 dav of December. Florida By A. Cuarto No. Tth Avenue, Miami. Model IS FM a-a AMUtT, A Florida IMS, and file the original with the clerk of this court either before service on plaintiff's attorney or im- mediately thereafter: other- wise a default will be entered against you for the relief de- manded in the complaint or petition Dated December 18,1B82 RICHARD P. Wholesale, at NW 7 St.. Associated Plumbing Stores. Florida, on this day of December 8.

Florida by: M. Hamett Deputy Clerk B December IT; File Number 82 Probate Divi- sion, the address of which is 73 West Flagler Street. The personal representative of the estate la dare fabrttzky. Florida SUM. The name and address of the personal repre aentaUre's attorney are set forth bt low All persons having claims or demands against the estate are required.

Each claim must bt la writing and must Indicate the basts for the claim, the name and addreaa of the creditor or his agent or attorney, and the amount claimed. If the claim Is not yet due. If the claim Is contin- gent or unliquidated, the na- ture of the uncertainty shall be stated.

If the claim Is secured, the security shall be described.

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